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Chapter 11: Betrayal

Taking a look at their situation Dean and Ivan were trapped in a semi circle by their friends.

Ayesha stood off to the side and stared with confusion before changing it to a chill coldness. The abrupt change in attitude was not an unusual part of Ayesha but Dean and Ivan thought they knew her well.

Actually, they thought they knew their friends well.

Anne, Pierre, Christian and even Rose pointed their broken blades towards their fellow allies.

Dean stared into Rose yet their was not a hint of emotion on her face. Heartless and emotionless she did not even blink at the direct eye contact Dean gave.

Ivan felt fear.

'This was it. That odd feeling. They were the reasons for this.'

Looking next to him, Dean held a pained expression watching his friends point blades at him.

A fool he was but an idiot he was not, coming to the conclusion that more than half his friends sold him out he didn't shed a single tear.

Crudely he smiled at an ironic thought

'A golem that is said to be nothing more than a puppet seems to be more human than what I thought were friends. Sacrificing himself at the end with dignity was something to be prideful to compared these friends'

Ivan also didn't shed a single tear but disciplined himself for the rude thought.

How could Dean be involved in this sellout scheme?

His pained expression had no way to be faked and with how emotionless Rose acted at the last few moments everything made sense.


At the brink of despair Dean ripped apart a path for everyone in order to live but after that roller coaster of climax they arrived back to despair.

Pure disappointment was what Ivan understood.

The path behind them would not lead us to hope and there was no exit Ivan could see.

An ending that is unsightly.

A fight to the death had a possibility to live yet betrayal was a snake.

It hid very carefully and attacks at the right time.

The natural skill a snakes use has one purpose.

To reap profit.

Thinking of every possibility to escape they always came up with dead ends. Ivan's face paled at his hopeless demise and still couldn't think of anything

Dean on the other hand was back to the state he was in during the fight against the golem.

It felt as if the hues of the world turned grey when looking at his friends.

Looking down he felt the his emotions started to become numb once more

Why should I feel pain?

I trusted these people yet they betrayed me?

All these treasures they were supposed to be shared upon yet in the end got stolen from me.

Trust broken, what should I do now?

Looking closer at the area around his stomach there was a red and black aura getting brighter. The two colors welded with each other that engulfed him slowly but everything turned back to the normal

The sensation he was numb to promptly came back as his heart began to ache.

Ivan whispered to Dean

"In this one life I, Ivan have lived through. I have gone through hell just for living. My brothers without hesitation would behead me. Dean you were willing to risk your life for me."

"To me you are a brother that has surpassed blood relationships. I can only thank you in these last moments"

Christian sneered at the last words of Ivan and commanded "Pierre, kill him now"

Pierre silently nodded as he stabbed Ivan's heart with the blade.

The cruel image painted Dean's mind with regret. The golem would only use brute force but at least it meant one wouldn't die immediately

Compared to this Dean couldn't react.

Staring he saw Pierre lift Ivan's body and threw it to the side.

Did Ivan just die?

Everything felt slow yet Dean purposely tried to remain ignorant to what he saw but the truth will never always be covered.

Dean stood still and despite his reformed muscles he didn't feel weak. Standing there defenselessly Christian took it as his time to assert dominance

Sending a sneer to the pitiful sight of Dean he inflated his ego.

Christian was only 12 and desired to feel superior to everyone so he imparted his elaborate plan to Dean

"You may be asking, when did we join each other. It was a long time ago before you even knew us. To be a mighty elite I need an army. Without subordinates how will I reach my goals? I first made Pierre join my group and because of him Anne also joined."

Dean didn't even bother asking any follow up questions as he felt a very...intense emotion. It was something he never felt before but it made him want to act on impulse.

Christian followed up

"My father already told me that Rose was designated to me as my concubine as soon as she was born. Did you honestly not notice? Ayesha... she'll eventually be my concubine."

Letting out a chuckle Christian spoke "As a man destined for greatness why should I be limited to a wife? Though, I do have to thank you. Let it be known that Dean fund-raised my future."

"Originally you two could have joined but I realized you were threats more than pawns. Blame this on being born too great."

Wishing to take a look at all the treasures in this cove he flicked his wrist "Pierre, deal with him"

Dean accepted fate and without wanting to see what would happened next he knocked himself out.

Without hesitation, Pierre ran up and prepared to take away another friend's life but there was a plea

"Pierre stop! He was once our friend... Just let him ago"

Christian glared at Rose with hostility but grinned at her abrupt manner

"Just cripple him."

Rose's sentiment disappeared as this was the only thing she could do to Dean

'Although the memories were fake. They were still enjoyable'

Pierre nodded to gesture his understanding and punched the area above the stomach where the dantian was located.

A large crack appeared and Dean's cultivation went down to the peak of Body Tempering 9. Qi was completely erased from Dean's dantian and his talent slowly turned to waste.

This was a deadly move as Dean could die from the impact but this acted as a trigger for a demon in the future.

A scratched voice that peaked between a deep and high-pitched tone echoed in Dean's mind

"Good, good, good. It seems no matter who it happens to there will always be betrayal. People see us as subject for pity. Pffh, who needs your sympathy. Sympathy are for the weak while we shall rise to the top."

"The traitor before you is a stepping stone. He ambitiously declares that he wants to rule the heavens and take everything below him. HAAHHAAHHA. The last person who swore that got killed by Hermes."

"To hide ones ambition is ambition that is just hidden. It exists but is not clear. He robbed you. It is now your job to rob everything from him. Jealous of him? Oh please, this is just revenge."

Dean felt an indescribable agreement with the voice. He just wants revenge.

"Come my disciple. We will ruin his parade and take back what is rightfully yours. Do you agree? Take your position as the protagonist of the world."

"Using whatever means it takes. I'll take you out alive. If necessary that corpse can also be brought along. Let this be my present to you my disciple."


Christian running up to the throne he picked up the book.

[Soul Withering Technique]

Quickly flipping the pages he was immensely amazed by how profound this book was. Hiding it into his space ring he looked at the throne in glory.

'This is what I will one day sit upon. Second to none with millions below me. Who would dare to go against me?'

Wanting to take a seat Christian pushed the skull off the seat and pressed his but onto the throne.


The roof of the cove creaked as Christian investigated what it was

A few rocks dropped on top of his head before boulders started to drop.

A light flashed transporting everyone away.

Christian felt immense regret

'My fortune'

Despite his misfortune in losing most of the items he grabbed a few herbs and precious metals as well as the manual [Soul Withering Technique].

Upset at the substantial loss he replaced his expression with one that seemed content to conceal his disappointment.

Opening his eyes they were greeted with the elder's confused look.

Stabilizing himself he tried to retain his casual look but fear crept up to him.

A deadly aura erupted causing everyone to shiver and shake while the kids dropped to the ground out of the pressure.


A cold chilly voice muttered a name, in a blink of an eye he rushed towards Dean's body and lifting him up.

Slowly he spoke


Unknownguy Unknownguy

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