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Read 8 Lives of Sins; DO NOT CLICK! GONE SEXUAL DUE TO OBSCENE LEWDNESS - Chapter 9 online

Chapter 9: Fight to the Death

Either I die or you die.

This was the one conclusion that these kids came up with.

Even the youngest, Dean knew that this was only realization he could come to. Ignoring it was what a coward will do.

A coward is fine but a coward that drags other people to hell is a scum.

Looking at this from a distant view, Dean tried to justify his potential actions.

7 lives are altogether greater than a single life.

but this single life is still a life.

Life is important and shouldn't be treated as something that can be calculated.

Naive and unwise choices were the end to many people's lives but for Dean he still understood the consequences.

'Why couldn't we have settled this peacefully.'

Walking up to the golem he challenged him in desperation

"Golem, give us five minutes and we will fight to the death. The weak can't be targeted and as soon as a person is incapacitated you must not harm them. Once all challengers are deprived of their strength can you execute all of them."

Ivan stared at him in confusion.

'What insanity has gotten to him'

The reason he came to this point is that realistically who would do this. To an enemy that held the most power, how would you be in a situation to create conditions.

Those with power can just ignore that. This was a rule that was taught long ago. Those with the bigger fists are the breadwinners.

Winners are left to be praised and showered in glory while the losers will be left with contempt and disdain.

"Golem, do you accept?"

Dean's words were simply a gamble.

This provocation could rush up the process to their death but with the golem's actions he believed he wouldn't be that imprudent.

Living for an unknown amount of years he must have created some sort of serenity. This was already proven when he kindly explained the array stopping the activation of runes.

On the other hand if the golem didn't agree then Dean prayed for Ivan to think up of some other way. The clay and rocks covering his chest made him out to be very skinny after all the removal of the rocks.

It seemed so close to victory but bleak. If he ignored the conditions then Christian would be a target that held everyone back.

The thought of just abandoning him was impossible for Dean to process so he could only await the golem's answers.

The golem stood still as Ivan, Pierre and Anne stopped their barrage for the sentence that could control their lives.

"I... I accept. when you have rested enough I shall fight all of you. I shall not aim for the weak, that wasn't my style in the first case. However I will set up my own conditions. Once debilitated you shan't heal using any medications. "

Black lines ran through Ivan's head as he thought 'He really is a scoundrel but why did he agree? He has such an advantage yet he is giving up on it? He's not an almighty power that has no chance of losing but just a powerful foe.'

'He can still lose so why does he agree to those conditions?'

The golem saw the utterly confused look on Ivan's face and immediately knew what he was thinking 'He is definitely a charismatic leader but his schemes are too far-fetched. He only thinks of his own perspectives and does not think of others. Are kids nowadays not empathetic anymore?'

'With how merciless the world is i'm not surprised. And because of that I need to treasure that child even more.'

Glad that the golem agreed Dean instantly fell towards the ground.

His mentality had a change. It was the mental pressure of potential death and being a murderer altogether with the physical fatigue he has been going through it just came all at once.

The original idea in Dean's head was to get to golem's core and once the core was found the golem would forfeit. As stupid as the thought was it was actually pretty reasonable.

The challenge didn't say you needed to kill anyone but just show your strength. If you have enough strength to threaten the golem then you should've passed.

Another reason for the 5 minutes was that he saw Ayesha already tired. She was forced to go above her limits and become more aware as she could be at risk of being targeted and killed.

One blink would be enough of a decision to decide whether she would be alive or dead.

For Ivan, Pierre and Anne they were fighting and needed to rest. Dean relying on Ivan's intelligence he hoped that there might be some strategy that he could think of.

Asking Ivan he responded "For now we'll use the same tactic. If there any new changes we can change our tactics. If not then make sure to stay cautious and not end up like Christian."

Once hearing this Pierre and Anne sat together and rested their back on each other so that they could relax a little.

They held each other hands as they closed their eyes and steadied their breaths.

Rose was still tending to Christian by changing his bandages every time the old bandages were soaked in blood.


Just like that 5 minutes passed

It was a very short harmonious moment for the children but the grim thought of death was much more foggier after their rest.

This was the urge of survival

Coming into a battle and expecting to lose is an already lost battle.

Only with the mindset of those that succeed will a person be a winner. Some may jest that they are going to lose but inwardly they know they are not telling the truth.

The golem let out a war cry to begin the fight "Now children, it's time to fight to the death."

Ganging up on the golem all at once Ivan, Pierre, Anne, Dean, Ayesha and Rose surrounded him.

Swinging punches were what they knew the golem best for but suddenly he started to kick towards them.

With the 2 extra limbs added to the battle safety was something impossible to keep at all times.

Blades were broken at an incredible rate with the kids sent flying in multiple directions from the destructive force the golem was hiding.

Dean lent out all of his blades with only a saber in hand.

Anne, Rose and Pierre were on the brink of collapsing and it was too dangerous for them to continue.

Ivan forcefully held down Pierre from continuing even at the need to knock him out. The three were heavily injured just like Christian and could only rest in quiet peace.

Taking the time to move them out of the way the fight still must go on.

Ivan immediately got back to his position but remained imposed by a fist. It got bigger and bigger until it finally hit him.

A light flashed before his eyes yet he was still alive.

His left arm had been dislocated and bruised heavily. Fixing it to continue the fight he looked to hid right.

Dean had pulled him out of danger.

Dean placed a finger towards his lips to gesture silence as he threw him to the side.

Ayesha took this chance to commit to a sneak attack and stabbed the back of the golem.

A blue aura radiated from the surroundings as everyone saw a blue gem.

A core that held the power to support a living being had such innumerable amounts of energy that it couldn't help but shine so brightly.

Winning was in sight!

Ayesha took a sigh of relief as she was sent flying.

A spinning kick maneuvered towards her shoulder as she rested along side her friends.

2 were left

The golem was still alive yet his weakness was exposed.

Ivan glanced to Dean to look for co-operation but something was off with Dean.

A sense of emptiness. It was as if Dean's very existence was very blurry to Ivan.

'Was this the golem's trump card?'

The thought passed but was immediately rejected. If the golem held back his trump card why would he allow himself to be injured so badly?

The state of Dean was very weird as he was about to grab him but was besought by Dean

"Don't interfere."

It was a stern tone that he had never heard from Dean.

This was similar to what his father sounded like.

A person that bore the responsibilities of people lives rested on that person's shoulder.

A single word will erase or create a person's existence.

This was the tone of Dean

The golem laughed "Good. This is the challenger I needed. This'll be the real death fight. Only one of us will survive while that young boy will reap the harvest."

Ivan screamed "No, Dean don't eve-"

A flash of resentment passed through his eyes as Dean sighed, carrying his body next to his friends.

And so the fight will have truly started

Was this the golem's plan?

Thinning out his friends to fight him?

If it's a fight he wants then it's a fight he'll get.

Dean felt it was a weird state.

Everything felt cold and slow.

Something was 'off'...

I feel something missing...

I feel numb.

Those words were a lie as a black eye reflected excruciating pain on his face.

His emotions were not usual and his reactions were very ruthless.

A metallic taste ruptured from his mouth before staining the mat.

The robes around him slowly ripped apart as the thread created loud tears.

Breathing was slowly becoming difficult and thoughts were nothing more than fleeting memories.

A stab to the core was the finisher

As a tear stained face covered half with blood looked towards the golem he saw a smile as he was patted on the head.

Why are you smiling?

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