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Chapter 18: He Slipped

Many of the students just watched this flamboyant battle and either cheered or kept quiet.

The bloody sight may have been an introduction for those that were not used to seeing a mess. It was nothing more than a lesson for those that were new while for others it was something to discuss about.

The young man's fighting could be summed up in one word:


The sloppy punches and kicks were not effective and were only useful because they took advantage of a low level cultivator's weakness in strength.

What was even more shameful was the fact that the man seemed to take pride in bullying the weak. His inferiority was in full show for everyone to see and his false elegance was of a scammer's quality.

Barely considered good but cheap.

Overall this person was considered trash for most of the nobles while those that were new to fighting found this person to be powerful.

The only redeeming factor that caused interest in this fight was Dean!

The pure tenacious capabilities of Dean that allowed him to stand up after every blow that was sent to him was purely amazing.

Dean mentioned he was somewhere in the Qi condensation realm while this young man flaunted his cultivation to be around the Foundation Establishment realm.

Dean never thrown down the towel and called for a forfeit but instead continued to act as a punching bag waiting silently.

If this subordinate still had the capabilities of being strong willed then he would be considered to be a hidden deadly weapon.

A weapon that no one would ever suspect until the last moment before they die.

The nobles thought that if Dean was able to become a fairly intelligent scholar then in theory he could also become a good actor.

Imagine sending a genius to your enemy's kingdom, creating a good reputation and controlling a strong army before backstabbing them with their civilization collapsing just because of that one man.

Those with goodwill had the idea to stop the fight however that would be disrespectful to both parties that are currently fighting as well as the teacher's thought about such students.

Because they didn't know Dean that well, an interruption could be treated as being rude if Dean was prideful.

The majority had a different idea.

If they waited the fight out until Dean passed out then they could bring him to the infirmary and establish a good relationship with Dean.

People were getting ready to save Dean so that they would have a good bond with him before anyone else however the fight wouldn't always be so predictable.

Dean's thoughts became more developed as the young man continued to flaunt.

'Wouldn't Christian have an army like this? Surrounding me and cheering for my downfall. Shall I just follow their expectations?'

'The others continue to fight, ignorant of my pain. I am just a small figure that has no effect in the grand scheme of life.'

'Even so. I refuse to be affected by an outsider's view. Am I jsut supposed to throw away my hard work because a person tells me that.'

'I refuse!'

It seemed similar to Ivan's charismatic speech yet mixed with a clown's grammar.

The thoughts slowly began to lack logic and was devoid of reasoning while Dean failed to function as his usual self.

The young man began his final attack, hoping to put Dean to rest from this fight.

The built up pride made him blinded to Dean unusual behavior but it was already too late.

Dean accepted the punch by grasping it with his left hand and staring the young man down with green eyes.

It was the powerful aura that radiated from those green eyes that threatened the young man to stop.

Dean used his right hand, pressing his index finger against the young man's forehead.

Dean held his stance but once realizing what he was doing there was a surging amount of regret.

He pressed his index finger even more into the young man's head, pushing him away from Dean while his body was lifted halfway through the air.

Being too rash, Dean accidentally released Battle Intent.

It may not seem to obvious to most people but Dean knew the full effects of what he has done.

Battle Intent could be said to be similar to poison.

Like a snake it slithered around the body until it finds multiple weak points. Its favorite treat would have to be the heart with the brain at second place.

After finding the weak point the snake coils around it until its hungry and decides to eat that weak point by stabbing through the organ.

It will usually cause the person to feel an immense pain before dying.

Another effect is the destruction of meridians.

It was lucky for Dean that he retained his sanity otherwise this side effect would have completely given him away.

The Battle intent will transform into a bull, ramming against the meridians of a person until it is completely crushed.

Once this job is finished the bull will rush towards the dantian, completely destroying any qi within the person similar to what Dean had experienced.

If the school officials found out about this then he was a dead man.

The final form of this poison was the leeches.

The Battle Intent would force the person's blood into a hyper state of circulation.

Once this effect was done, the Battle intent would destroy parts of the skin until the blood would eventually flow out.

Similar to a leech's saliva, the blood wouldn't be able to coagulate to stop the bleeding.

The person would then die either from the destruction internally, loss of blood or become a normal person to later be killed.

Dean tried using this to hunt however found the results to be very inefficient.

Why wait for a couple of days when you could just kill the beast before you.

The terrifying side effects could only be noticed if there was an extensive research of the body but it was very unlikely for anybody to notice.

The battle ended with Dean winning.

A passed out young man and a bloodied Dean.

If no one were to see the battle then people would jump to the conclusion that this must have been a fight that was very close.

The teacher finished his business and finally saw Dean's predicament. Although Dean was in a bloody mess he wasn't passed out compared to his opponent.

He ran pass Dean to examine the young man before propping him into a certain position.

If the young man coughed blood, he wouldn't drown in his own blood and in the end there was no visually serious injuries.

"Someone, grab a teacher from our class and send this student to the infirmary"

The situation was not as dire as it looked however the teacher didn't want his students to have to study in a sickbed.

"What happened!?Why did no one stop this?!"

The teacher was slightly furious to see a simple spar to turn into an all out brawl.

Inspecting his students' faces there was a clear sight of guilt that caused the teacher to be disappointed.

Scolding his students he yelled "If this happens again, all of you will be expelled"

Attending to Dean's injuries he was worried and realized that Dean was targeted.

He thought that at least some people in his class would be responsible and mature enough to stop something like bullying happening but this promoted more disappointment for the teacher.

"He slipped"


The teacher was initially confused but Dean whisper to clarify

"He slipped during our fight"

Trying to reply to Dean's statement the teacher was interrupted.

"Dean, I challenge you!"

Leonard brought forth his request for a duel but the teacher rebuked.

"Child, this student is injured. How dare you take advantage of you peer in front of me"

Preparing to scold Leonard once more, Dean tugged on his shirt.

This was a signal to tell the teacher to just stop before Dean passed out.

Dean wasn't ready to face this nightmare that'll immediately get out of hand so he left it to the teacher to solve by passing out.

Finally, two students brought two stretchers with another two students willing to help.

It would be unfortunate first day for the two as they would miss out on their subjects which was when most social groups would start to form.

Th teacher sighed and just treated this event as something to learn form in the future.


"I've given you both your prescriptions. Please take them everyday for a week."

The two were both excused, exiting out of the infirmary with the young man sending a nervous glance to Dean.

Dean greeted his glance by glaring back.

This frightened the young man as he ran away.

"Do you accept my challenge? Your injuries can fool anybody except for me."

Seeing Leonard, Dean grinned

"Oh? I accept your challenge."

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