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Chapter 78: Laws of Cultivation

"The main point is that they follow the main laws set by the Higher Worlds. One can have dozens or even hundreds of realms but they are worth the equivalent of trash. There are only 12 realms in total."

This news broke the conditions that he remembered, especially what was written inside the [Battle Instinct Manual].

It rambled something about an outsider's point of view but it was not the time to start reading it with Christian in front of him.

"In this world we only have 9 realms which skimp out on at least 4 realms. Middle Worlds are only able to hold cultivators up to Spiritual Transformation 1. Whatever realm higher than that is nothing more than small breakthroughs or foundation reinforcement"

"Any higher than that realm and you will feel the World's Pressure. If you are to reach the peak of that realm, you must seek asylum in a Higher World, destroy the world and in the process kill yourself or die because of the pressure." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-gone-sexual-due-to-obscene-lewdness_10907220306203905/laws-of-cultivation_34088804935589940">!-gone-sexual-due-to-obscene-lewdness_10907220306203905/laws-of-cultivation_34088804935589940</a> for visiting.

"Live on to become a legend or die a miserable death with a guilty conscious."

The sudden allegory Christian told was very difficult to accept as it shattered the knowledge Dean had grown up with.

Even if it was lies, Dean would find interest about such mystical objects and possibility of infinite resources.

Monsters call Xuan Beasts sounded interesting however he had never met one which caused him to be skeptical of Christian's liability.

Sipping more tea out of his cup, Christian was satisfied in the taste and spoke

"Okay, now confess who betrayed me."

Christian stood up like a drunkard and made small movements incing closer to a bookshelf.

His steps were unsteady with each movement making it seem that he would collapse if a breeze of wind were to circulate in the house.

Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, Christian asked

"Can you write the names of the people who betrayed me?"

Dean felt troubled by this fact as the person who communicated the most with the Autarch Society was mainly Anne and Pierre.

He didn't know the names of the people who betrayed Christian during the time he was fighting against the Horned Viper Murderer but he did now the names of the girls who were framed.

Taking the paper and pen, Dean soon scribbled down some names.





He wrote down 10 names which Christian felt was low until he recalled that all these girls did have husbands or boyfriends.

They all had a clear motive for hating them that was further promoted by the shame and humiliation they felt.

Dean didn't feel that this wasn't too big of a deal as Christian wouldn't be able to take out his revenge but he guessed that Christian was trying to sate his curiosity.

Christian's cultivation was absent but the only danger he could serve to them was by hiring an assassin.

Except the price would probably be high making it very unlikely.

Accepting that these were all the people who betrayed him. Christian couldn't help but feel a little sad that he was so easy to replace.

"Hmmm, to be exact, I didn't exactly hire a person to kill Leonard."


It was now Dean's turn to be surprised as he absolutely remembered the cold dead corpse with skin burnt by chemicals.

Thinking that it was an excuse by Christian, he was ready to tackle him and grab him by the collar.

"It was more of a sudden visit."

Dean was confused at the phrasing but instead calmed himself down to listen.

"After I was finishing some business, a man soon appeared in front of me. He threw out a small ball that shrouded my team in a yellow fog that knocked everyone out, leaving only me conscious."

"Smiling he grabbed the folder off my desk and told me 'Sorry, this preys mine' as he soon left. His clothes weren't memorable but the poison soon caused the unconscious people to begin convulsing and start torturing themselves."

"My guess was that he was probably the Wandering Demonic Poison King. He accepts high pay jobs and create poisons that are always incurable."

Christian took another sip of his tea while Dean sank into contemplation at the name 'Wander Demonic Poison King'.

It was an unusual name that he had never heard of with four words comprising of the name.

Considering he was a person skilled in poison, it suggests that his main way of killing people is using poison in the form of smog instead of pills for eating.

The long name was probably made for foolish people to speak long sentences that could eventually kill them.

Such crafty skills would be annoying but as long as he continued to grow stronger it should be fine.

Their conversation had been going for too long as the sky became much more dimmer than he thought while Christian yawned

"Hraaaaarh, I think it's about time I should sleep."

Trying to signal that their business was done, Dean watched Christian turn his back to him but coughed.

He couldn't just leave after learning what he had heard today.

Patting Christian on his shoulder, he turned back to Dean and questioned what he wanted.

A word couldn't escape his mouth as a fist had landed in his abdomen, completely knocking him out without any mercy

Dean couldn't let his revenge end up done poorly and let Christian live.


All the pain and happiness he gained that was now sacrificed for sadness was all because of the man before him.

His friends soon died one by one and the person who started this trend was because of Christian.

He wouldn't need to suffer or feel such a fiery desire for power if it weren't for him.

Restraining himself, Christian couldn't die just so fast.


Dean could hear a crisp ringing of utensils suddenly dropping as well as a bowl shattering into pieces.

Rose watched in horror at Christian who was knocked out and Dean silently watching her.

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