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Read 8 Lives of Sins; DO NOT CLICK! GONE SEXUAL DUE TO OBSCENE LEWDNESS - Chapter 69 online

Chapter 69: Losing It

The head was easily flung off the body with a clean cut done by Anne while the body fell to the ground without any restraints.

Her last words were never heard properly by Dean as he could only listen to the stuttering.

Like a trance he could only remember the scene of Ayesha being beheaded and like a video, rewound and repeated itself.

Dean's emotion were finally released as he suddenly kneeled at a lost and began crying tears of grief.

During the time he had been staying in his dorm, he was meditating for continuous hours to try and control emotions but it was all for naught.

The one emotion he was really used to expressing was anger and violence which was why he seemed a lot more reckless while sadness and grief was long forgotten.

Having continuous shock, stress and anxiety push his mind to the limit, Dean had no choice but to finally stop bottling his emotions.

Anne looked at the pitiful Dean with disgust as the hopeless tears that did nothing were pouring like a waterfall from his eyes.

Something felt like it had snapped as the rain became heavier and a lot more painful.

Having enough of this pressure, Dean collapsed.

The pillars that once held his life and future together were now crumbling to dust.

To wreak vengeance upon Christian had already crumbled down to the base of the pillar while the friend know as Leonard had been entirely rebuilt to a structure dedicated for revenge.

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Those pillars all emitted auras of negative emotions that showed no proof of a happy ending.

Finally, the last of the pillars that controlled his sanity was crushed before his very eyes for a motive that he didn't even know.

All he had that he could hold onto was pain and anger.

He relinquished the pillar of family as the kinship was nonexistent meaning friends and family couldn't help him.

On his own... all alone... once more.

The hope of living for a good cause was immediately distinguished as he laid on the muddy floor in a pit of despair.

Holding what most students in the school considered to be a hero in contempt, Anne shoved her sword into Pierre's hand

"I've already done my part, now hurry up and do yours."

Pierre knew that if he tried to refute or even whimper a single word that signified his detest fro murder he would suffer.

He strolled closer to Dean but each step felt heavier when he got closer.

It was a guilty conscience.

Originally when they were all children and ventured through that cave, Anne liked to portray herself as a weakling but he knew her far too well.

She was like a venomous snake that only showed off her fangs when it was necessary otherwise she would push the problems to someone else.

However that act stopped as soon as she became older as she was able to use Christian's authority to obtain a safe title within the school.

But of course his rude, heinous acts that was driven by lust to take advantage of the girls within the Autarch Organization was too much.

If Christian never had the thought of also trying to take advantage of herself then she would have turned a blind eye.

'What happened?'

We were all friends that liked to enjoy life to the fullest yet here we are now killing each other.

Looking down as the sword in his hand, Pierre knew he had the power to take away Dean's life in an instant but close his eyes.

He placed the sword above Dean's body and just stabbed down, hoping to not witness the blood fest he had created.

Stabbing the sword all the way down, Pierre felt a sense of relief for getting the job done but the blade felt extremely light and the rain felt abnormally painful when it touched his face.

The slight breeze of the cold wind sent shivers down his back as it felt something was missing until an intense pain erupted into his head as he was forced to open his eyes.

Touching his face, it was a lot more sensitive than he remembered while blood stained his hand and the texture was unusual.

Down at the ground there wasn't a body but the pain became much more excruciating that he started to scream in anguish


Further creeping Pierre out was the man before him was wearing his flesh on their face with their hand dyed in red.

He chuckled

"Hmmm, this personality is so shallow and weak willed. Such as trash identity, not worth my time."

Immediately tearing it off he stuffed it into his mouth and spat out a chunk

"Blegh, at first it had such a good taste like a good impression but once I got to know the taste much more it tasted like crap."

Darting a smile, blood flowed down the left side of his face with pure black pupils but a shiny bright florescent green light shone from his irises.

He looked like the definition of a demon.

"*Sigh*, if you didn't have such a weak taste at the end then I would've been willing to spare you but this isn't what I desire."

Without a hint of hesitation, Dean stabbed through Pierre's chest and took out his heart.

His hands were now drowning in red blood but it couldn't hide a defining pitch black color with abnormally large claws.

Fingers were absent and now replaced with nails equivalent to dangerous blades.

Pierre didn't wish to die this simply and tried throwing a punch towards Dean but he felt so weak as his surroundings turned pitch black.

"Oh, oh no, shouldn't be wasting this."

Holding the heart in his hand, blood started to spurt everywhere but Dean made it in time by

dragging the delicacy upwards, he chugged it.

Seeing no more blood was showering the grounds, Dean made the decision to straight up eat the heart.

"Hmm, it has quite a pure flavor but for some reason the pulsation is very weak like his will while it's covered in layers of fat due to someone externally controlling him"

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