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Read 8 Lives of Sins; DO NOT CLICK! GONE SEXUAL DUE TO OBSCENE LEWDNESS - Chapter 15 online

Chapter 15: My Potential?

Entering a large building an attendant whispered to the teacher any remaining spots for talent inspection.

It was not too long before Dean entered a booth. The booth was protected with an array and would block any outsider's sight with black curtains.

This was a large contradiction to what the teacher originally said.

One of the purposes that she mentioned was to create a competitive sense within the school. If your potential is concealed due to the black curtains doesn't do the opposite and instead hide their potential

Dean shook his head as he feared an idea.

Hidden experts.

What may be the core of the school, are prodigies stove away from the sight of the public. Cultivated to become crouching tigers and hidden dragons, they can be the hope of the school.

Whatever they become the school would push enough resources in the hope they get something in return.

Dean chuckled at this shady school but immediately brushed it off in the hopes to see his talent.

Inside the booth, consisted of a young man sitting behind a table with a suitcase off to the side. On the center of the table was a misty orb and to the side there were two chairs.

"Would you like to take a seat?"

The teacher had already taken a seat off to the side and brought the other seat to the table, opposite to the young man.

"To begin your Talent Inspection please place your hand on the ball. By doing this we will be able to gather information on your Cultivation level, Magic Potential and Martial Arts Potential."

Dean nodded and felt assured in one area; Cultivation level.

With the sub-technique Dean learnt from the [Battle Intent Manual] his cultivation level should he hidden without a worry.

On the other hand he wasn't exactly sure what would happen to his Magic Potential. he studied the [Battle Intent Manual] for more than four years yet the book hadn't mention a single thing about Magic.

Placing his hand on the ball, the young man instructed

"Circulate your Qi. Whenever you're ready."

Supplying the orb with Qi the ball lit up brightly with a spectrum of colors. Red, black, white, pink and gray shone the brightest.

The time passed before Dean felt he couldn't add more Qi into the orb without making it explode. Removing his hand, the young man pulled the orb closer in order to examine Dean's talent.

"Let's see... your cultivation level is approximately a Qi Gathering - no, a Body Refiner - hmmm, a Core- The test was invalid. Please attempt once more."

The young man tried to hide his embarrassment by shifting the topic quickly and replaced the orb with another one from his suitcase.

Dean repeated the process once more yet the same thing happened.

The young man instead took out a paper from his suitcase and asked

"Please be honest with you cultivation level. The school will punish you in the event of causing mischief with the minimum punishment of suspension."

Glaring down on Dean, he used an aura to imply a threat yet Dean nonchalantly admitted his cultivation level

"Qi Condensation 5"

The young man wrote that down but turned back to Dean to see if there was any odd reaction from him. Dean was inwardly celebrating that his cultivation level was hidden but masked his emotions.

"Continuing on. Martial Arts talent:....trash?"

The man sighed as he realized that Dean was in fact not lying. His cultivation level was low due to his rather...interesting potential.

The man guessed that this student had a family hoping he would have potential for magic otherwise he could just become a scholar.

Dean felt surprised by this since Pierre completely crippled his martial arts with his only saving grace being the blue orb.

Meanwhile his [Battle Intent Manual] was a cultivation technique that strayed off the mainstream method.

"Your Magic Talent is:...hmmm."

The words consistently changed without the young man able to properly read it.

"Your potential for Magic is what people know as Unknown. One day it could be trash but another day it could have a high affinity"

"It mainly has a high affinity for dark magic but I should warn you to not expect something out of this. The last person who had an Unknown potential got in debt due to gambling on the chance she could become a genius."

"In the end she died trying to make money by fighting beasts."

The young man's warning acted as a deterrence to Dean but would that really stop him?

Dean sneered at the young man's ignorance but felt console by his Magic talent

'I might be able to read some books and study on it. Hopefully it's compatible with the [Battle Intent Manual]'

"I'll pass this on to our principal for your assigned classes. You'll be receiving your timetable in three days time."

Passing a book and a piece of paper to Dean he waved his hand to gesture that they were done.

Dean left the booth but out of the corner of his eyes he saw the teacher have an expression condescension.

'It seems this school only love talented people.'

The teacher and young man began a conversation as Dean exited the building

"How long will you think he'll last?"

"The last one only lasted a week. Hmm, for him i'd say...5 days."

"5? I bet less than a day"

"You think he might have sparring classes in his first day?"

"Nah, I bet his classmates will bully him since that happened quite a few times already"


The book in Dean's hand was more of a pamphlet. It contained a map and pointed out landmarks the school felt represented them the best.

An example of that would be a statue of the first principal in all of his glory.

Dean felt disgusted at something similar to a Publicity Stunt. This was suppose to manipulate the student's mind into feeling this school was the greatest.

Something to make a student reminisce or feel indebted to this school. 'Loyalty' was just an idea used to exploit young teenagers.

Most teenagers would be quite ignorant to this while those similar to Dean would do the same as what he is doing.

Keep quiet.

If they were kind then they would tell it to everyone. They would eventually get framed by the school for causing trouble and would have to face the student's glare.

You would just act like a madman.

Even if you keep silent at the very least you'll be the one who is aware of the scheming school.

Entering the district for the male dormitories Dean found his room.

Opening the door, the room was small but had a cozy aura around it.

It was not over the top with decorations and it wasn't in shambles as it presented itself in a clean state.

There was just a single bed and space for any of the student's needs.

Although most would believe the school was being nice however Dean thought otherwise.

If you were a person cultivating or maybe an alchemy apprentice you would probably practice in this room.

But unforeseen accidents could happen.

You're on the brink of breaking through and increasing your strength but there is a loud bang in the room next to you.

You're meridians crack and instead of becoming stronger you become weaker with all you hard earned Qi disappearing.

Maybe you have reached a new milestone in creating an amazing pill.

You've spent so much time and effort. The money spent on buying so many batches of herbs only to rely on this batch to succeed.

You've just about created the pill. A fortune maker that could instantly make you rich but suddenly someone knocks on the door.

Sighing at your loss who can you blame?

The school?

The school will instead blame you for your foolishness. How dare you risk studying in a place that could harm your well-being.

To solve the problem the school 'magnanimously' created separate faculties to help your extracurricular needs.

Dean can even imagine the price.

If you are too into your focus of study then you may go overtime to whatever that particular skill is.

Because you didn't stay true to your designated time the school will make sure you aren't interrupted.

Kind, right?


Instead you have to rely on yourself to keep track of time otherwise you need to pay a penalty.

This penalty will make you pay a little bit extra then usual but Redwood Academy could make excuses.

You are preventing your peers an opportunity to further their studies. Let this be a warning for this time.

Because there needs to be a currency to allow students to use items or go to places, this introduces contribution points.

According to the guide you may receive contribution from teachers after doing a task, missions or trading.

"How's Christian doing? Has he been sucked dry by this system?"

"Heh, watch out for your money, life, wife and reputation because i'm coming."

An eerie chuckle echoed from the room

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