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Read 8 Lives of Sins; DO NOT CLICK! GONE SEXUAL DUE TO OBSCENE LEWDNESS - Chapter 79 online

Chapter 79: Revenge

"W-what are you doing?"

Her voice was soft like a mouse and quivered at the fearful sight while an idea popped in Dean's head.

Dean searched anything that was currently on Christian however Rose couldn't just watch.

Searching for any nearby items that can be used as a weapon, she first leaned towards the bookshelf and threw a book towards Dean.

An object was soon sent flying towards his face. It was just a book and didn't seem dangerous, nonchalantly pushing it to the side and clarifying his sight, Dean saw a fist heading his way.

It was much more of a feint as Rose dropped down to the and swept Dean's legs however it had no effect.

Looking down to see Rose struck by the realization that she was weaker than Dean by such a large level that even her attacks was nullified like nothing caused her confidence to go down.

Grabbing onto Rose's wrist, Dean realized that she was a lot weaker than he thought and was surprised at the conclusion he came to.

Her cultivation realm was far lower than what he originally thought and remembered at one point she had introduced herself as a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

His guess was that her family may have also been used as a sacrificial lamb to appease the anger of other families while his other one was also fairly likely.

Christian decided that it was not worth investing resources to a person that would not help him attain his goal even if they were close to him.

This would make sense on why Pierre and Anne seemed a lot stronger than Rose.

"P-please stop.... we just want peace"

She was already restrained and was unable to break free from his grasp.

Water started to gather around her eyes as they slowly fell down while her voice became less audible with the stuttering.

Dean was surprised that the girl had the audacity to ask something from him and felt outraged when he remembered everything that went wrong.

Seeing that her pleading wasn't working she started producing more waterworks and begged for mercy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-gone-sexual-due-to-obscene-lewdness_10907220306203905/revenge_34103284897737733">!-gone-sexual-due-to-obscene-lewdness_10907220306203905/revenge_34103284897737733</a> for visiting.

"We promise that you'll never see us again. I-I'm willing to do anything as long as we are both fine."

Dean was enjoying the moment where he held the upper hand and relished in the moment before making sure he could make sure his revenge was accomplished.

He wouldn't allow Christian to get off that easily.


In the very distance, one may be able to hear the faint yet loud panting and moaning shared between two intimate people.

Soon a yell with vicious intent that threatened someone was cut off halfway that was also followed by a high pitch scream.

It all became quiet as Dean felt his ear ringing at such loud noises.

He was troubled by the blood that was caught onto him but shrugged it off in search of treasures on Christian's body.

A small Space Ring was hidden in an inner pocket that probably held all the riches he had left while Rose's inventory was just filled with food

No one would check up on this place meaning he could just leave the corpses here without a problem.

Looking through the ring, there were many treasures.

Herbs that could help improve cultivation, dense minerals, tough wood and consumables.

The main thing that caught his interest were the manuals hidden in them.

[Imperial Mandate]

[Champion's Rights]

And many other books.

One suspicion he held was that they seemed fairly new and weren't worn out by the power of time.

He wasn't sure where Christian was able to get these cultivation manuals but they still seemed to be quality goods.

He had 5 more days before he would be forced to go on a trip monitored by two teachers but suddenly felt like he lost his will.

There was only so much he desired to do and everything felt shallow and empty.

Looking into his Space Ring, he was reminded of the corpse with two pieces and couldn't help but tear up at such a gruesome mess it was.

It was such a short time they shared but it ended prematurely.

The only way he felt that Ayesha's corpse could have a peaceful time was that it should be buried at the cave where it all began.

From what he once heard from her, the family she grew up in was competitive and treated her like a chip to gamble into the political market.

She must have kept secret on what had happened between her parents when they received news that Christian did certain deeds.

To Dean, the pressure must have been unimaginable compared to his position in his family.

Reminding himself that he actually had a clan behind him, he wondered what happened to them as he was pretty sure Christian may have killed them.

There was something he looked forward to and started his journey to go back to a place with not the most fondest memories in his childhood.

Looking out the window, it was far too dark to start his journey, so he decided to stay in this house however he made sure to clean up the mess he had created.

At one point the stench was unbearable that Dean eventually had to dispose of them outside of the house.

After getting a good night's rest, Dean was full of energy and ready to abandon this house with the foul smell

Stretching out his limbs and beginning his walk, Dean gave up on walking and ran.

From what he remembered, it was roughly a two day walk but if he ran then he should be able to squeeze it all into one day.

He didn't know why but slowly within his heart there was a slight emptiness followed by unreasonable sadness.

It wasn't similar to grief but the sorrow of missing something.

The best word he could currently think of was melancholy

An unreasonable sadness that you're not able to locate

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