/ Eastern / 80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Eastern Completed 455 Chapters 5.4M Views

Author: Girls Are CuteTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


4.13 (285 ratings)

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Lin Jiufeng transmigrates to become the Yuhua God Dynasty’s Crown Prince but is dethroned, banished to the Cold Palace, and imprisoned there because he had released the holy maiden of their rival country.
Lin Jiufeng isn't dejected. He has brought a sign-in system with him when he transmigrated and he would receive rewards when he signs in at different places.
Before the Cold Palace’s gates, he signs in and receives the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill!
In the Great Council Hall, he signs in and receives the Heaven Patching Technique!
In the Empress Dowager’s palace, he signs in and receives the God of War Totem!

Liu Jiufeng imagines that he can quietly sign in like this until he becomes invincible. Yet who would have imagined that the Heavenly Concubine whom he secretly released would rise in rebellion and seize power after she returns to her country?
After she succeeds, her first priority is to attack the Yuhua God Dynasty to rescue Lin Jiufeng.
When Liu Jiufeng hears of this news, he's puzzled. “Do I need you to rescue me?”

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    There are a lot of these sign in novels lately 🤔😕 . ... . .

    View 53 Replies

    finally atleast the mc has balls this time literally and physically .

    View 24 Replies

    Heyo! Your boy Cat King here with a casual review. I know there have been a lot of sign up novels lately but I for some unknowable reason really like this one. Got my adrenaline pumping while reading and all in all had a good time but maybe it’s the delirious haze I have at 3 A.M right now that blinds me to all flaws but still. Anyway I recommend you all to read it or give it a chance at least.... really in the morning when Iwake up once again I might delete this review but for now I had good time and I hope you will have a good time reading this novel or otherwise.

    View 11 Replies

    The characters are bland, mc kinda dumb, logic doesnt always hold up. I can’t really get immersed in this story, which makes it a bad read for me.

    View 17 Replies

    Another average sign-in novel. The MC fixing problems caused by idiots (helping the idiots). And then saying that he just wants to stay low key. Honestly dont waste your time. Reading this book for good written. Is like girl sleeping with a football team to be a virgin.

    View 15 Replies

    Read the trial read version. Couldn't hold myself and went for the mtl. So far, 286 chapters has been released and is still ongoing. The MC of this book is overpowered. The world is cycling through a new era. And during each eras the spirit qi strengthens and gradually increases to the peak(there is a reason for why it does so). The MC as the world strengthens is the forefront of all Cultivators. Many cultivators who sealed themselves on the end of last era, also gradually awakens, only to be outshined by the MC. The MC has a very distinct personality. He is not evil, he is not a saint either. He loves being solitary. So far, the only companion MC has is his pet. Minor spoiler: At one point, MC opened a portal to another world. He let one cultivator at a time to come out from it, and defeated all of them. Later, he forced them to build a city near the portal and stay there, since the outside world world wasn't strong enough to handle any of them. Eventually, turning everyone to live life like mortals. P.S I would seriously recommend giving this book a try. Though the plot might seem simple, but what I like the most about the book are the characters.

    View 2 Replies

    It's good, I suppose. This is my first sign-in novel so I can't compare it with anyone but I like this idea of quietly living your days in seclusion and gaining considerable amount of strength over a period of time and then going out. I would have personally liked if the MC was someone like a rouge cultivator who travels all around the world signing in all kinds of places gaining skills and resources and becoming overpowered mercenary who likes living with nature, visiting iconic places around the world, going on epic adventures that takes him to all kinds of places. If anybody knows any similar novel like my above description please let me know about it.

    View 6 Replies

    Reincarnator with no feelings, no aspirations. System with no logic, MC no reaction and curiousity how he got it. Cultivation system without any details. If you want to read a spoon feeding story with wish fulfillment webnovel, this is it.

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    There is a lot better novel out there than this one. It's like the work of middle schooler author. Without the deep thought of how to write the stories.

    View 0 Replies

    Well, the story is undeserving of the rank 4. The translation quality is good and the stability of updates is pretty good as well but anything other than that is not good. The plot is monotonous basically what happens is Mc signs in gets heaven defying skills, instantly comprehends them also gets items to improve cultivation and an enemy comes out of nowhere to force the mc to appear and remind people that he exists. Literally nothing else happens. The characters are are nothing extraordinary. Only the cat is somewhat interesting and everyone else is just typical Xianxia template. The world building well is there even any world building here.

    View 0 Replies

    This novel is a worse version of Long Live The Emperor! I definitely recommend reading the other one if you like this type of setting. It's quite similar but a few things are better including MC, side-characters personalities, story, action.

    View 3 Replies

    2 things. First, at least it isn't another eunuch mc. Second why did the Mc go to the empress' palace??? .

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    This novel has no ending, don't read if you don't want to be disappointed.

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    I think I should stop reading reviews before the actual novel. It's already ruined my view of this novel that I could've enjoyed. Is this a big mood for anyone else?

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    MC spoils his grandniece so much and that grandniece is someone who he barley met for like 2 days. Oh yh the novel after it hit the 80 years if sign in mark become trash. It become unbearable to read. Going off by the title the MC should be invincible and unrivaled after 80 years but no he not. He is still being lowkey at the same time he is traveling the world. Oh by the way this novel have over 300 chapters and the mc hit the 80 year mark around chapter 125. Im telling yall this so yall wont have to read this used to be good but become trash novel. Trust me i read all 300 plus chapter.

    View 1 Replies

    Couldn't find the translation for this novel so it may be an original but the concept is so overdone on Chinese webnovel sites that you can find several of them with the same premise, execution, theme . For anyone who wants to, just put 年 (meaning year) on the faloo.com's search engine and you can find dozens of novels that have concepts of someone going to another world and staying absolutely lowkey till he's gotten so powerful that nothing in the world can stop them.

    View 3 Replies

    Hmm this novel is interesting so far. Unfortunately there is only 20 chapters. I guess the MC will probably be forced to go out of the Cold Palace and more adventures awaits him.

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    So umm when does this get updated? Everything else is great just there’s no update yet. Sign in to webnovel and claim your free fast pass. And maybe some bonus exp.

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    Honestly I enjoyed it a lot it's mostly a progress report almost through time skips and what he does but the world building does exist. The MC just sits in isolation for most of the time and just cultivates and we get a progress report of what's going on with his cultivations and the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the change.

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    Skip this novel it's extremely bad. why you ask? so the Mc protect the emperial family and dynasty like "uncle the 9 vassals are an eyeshore to me kill them. ok i ll do it" , "uncle the buddhist in the mountain do nothing but pray and take offrande tell them to get lost. ok i'll do it" "uncle the tribes in the west are thinking about invading us go kill their chief. ok i"ll do it" pretty much this is the story yeah and i forgot to praise how handsome he is.

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    Author Girls Are Cute

    Translator Atlas Studios

    Editor Atlas Studios