91.52% Warlord of Chaos / Chapter 54: Separate Action

Chapter 54: Separate Action

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

When they were having breakfast, something occurred to Moxinke: "You said you were bullied, by whom?Bailey and his companions?"

"Ha...I was just kidding." Sylnershouted with dancing eyebrows and a radiant face: "Who dares to bully me? I..." She stopped when she found the expression on Moxinke's face was turning ghastly pale.

"I should have known...I shouldn’t have asked..." Moxinke heaved a deep sigh and crossed his hands on his forehead. His fingers grabbed his head so hard as if he wanted to crumb it. What a disgraceful day it was for him.

The others didn’t known what to say.They just looked at Moxinke with sympathetic eyes. The door was opened. Little Joseph came in from outside.

"Good morning, my Lord." He greeted them with a smile.

"You said you would stay with us the whole day and night, little Joseph."

"Yes, but Miss Sunier sent me back to have a rest." The boy explained.

"Oh, I thought you sneaked out to sleep a woman." Han Jin laughed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"You... you're kidding me." Little Joseph blushed.

Hearing the words ‘sleep a women’, Sylner’s eyes suddenly lit up. She turned around and waved at little Joseph. "Come here, boy." She said.

"Eat... your... food..." Moxinke said word by word, like a man suffered from constipation was defecating the things inside his intestinal canal.

"You are so annoying." Sylner murmured in a low voice. She pouted, picked up the fork, and stabbed it into the bread in front of her.

Crash, the plate couldn't bear the strong force of the stab and broken into pieces.

The others just kept eating as if nothing had happened. But Sylnerwas sorry for that. She explained immediately: "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!" No one replied. "I really didn’t mean it!" She repeated.

"Have you heard about the Morgan Commercial Corp, little Joseph?" Han Jin made a loud dry cough and changed the topic by asking this.

"Morgan Commercial Corp?" Little Joseph lowered his head and pondered: "I might have heard about it. Is it the large corp in the south?"

"How about this.Sunier, you go to the market today, sell some of our magic crystals and buy some third or fourth grade magic crystals with earth element. If there were no in the market, you can issue a task at the Association of Mercenaries." Han Jin thought for a moment: "As more as possible. They won’t cost us much. Besides, we’ve got enough money."

"No problem."Sunier replied.

The others didn't ask why he need so many useless magic crystals. Unlike a few months ago, Han Jin was now playing the most important role in their team. He must have his reason for doing so. No one was blind, they all knew Han Jin was consuming magic crystals. The disappeared hundreds of black raven magic crystals could best prove that.

"Cessacioun, Miss Keeley, we are responsible for looking for the Morgan Commercial Corp together." This said, he let out a light sigh: "No matter what happened within Corp, the situation must have been clear now, we need to find it out."

"I see." Cessacioun and Miss Keeley both nodded.

"You must keep calm even if things turned out the worst way, Keeley. Impulsion solves no problem. Whatever happened, at least you still have us."

"Yes, I know."Miss Keeley replied softly.

"You two stay in the hotel, Michelle and Steelberd. Don’t get out randomly."Han Jin said, then his eyesight fell upon Moxinke: "Do you have any plan today?" He asked, "if no, come with me."

"What do you think?" Moxinkeanswered with his face full of bitterness and helplessness.

"Ho ho... Then we will leave you alone."

Sylner looked at Han Jin up and down.It’s obvious that Han Jin was the leader of the team. She was confused. Normally, the strongest decides everything. Judged by their strength, Han Jin was not supposed to be the core.

"Anything else you want to say?" Han Jin asked.

They all shook heads. A moment later, he said to Sunier: "What did your friend talk to you, Sunier, if you are willing to tell us..."

"She just asked me something about the Wild Willow City. She also told me if I need help, I can turn to her." Sunier's voice was low.

"Will her teammates help us too?"

"I suppose so. She is the leader of...the team."She skipped the words ‘red vanguards’vigilantly.

"Let an elf to be the leader?" Cessacioun exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Sunier said in a huff: "She has been here for over ten years and the team was built by her. Why can't she be the leader?"

"You misunderstand me, Sunier." Cessacioun explained with a bitter smile: "Elves are too kind to make decisions in a critical moment. You are always irresolute, as far as I know..."

"You are judging us with the opinion two hundred years ago." Sunier stopped his words coldly.

"Well, well, stop arguing this. It had nothing to do with races." Han Jin stopped them helplessly. "Give me some money, Sunier. I have only ten or more silver coins with me."

"Bang!" A fabric bag appeared in Sunier's hand and was thudded on the table. Han Jin picked it up and kept it in his space ring.

"Eh... Wow!!"Sylner suddenly stood up with her teeth bared and hands outspread as if she was stimulated by something. "The space ring! Show me the space ring!" she shouted.

Moxinke's face was getting pale again.He grabbed Sylner with a rush and dragged her upstairs. Sylner was still struggling desperately. She was a woman with very strong curiosity, and she felt extremely itchy in her heart if she couldn't have a play with the space ring for that she'd never seen a real space ring clearly before.

They scuffled and moved upward. The others were all rendered speechless. A long time later, Cessacioun spit out two words: "My God..."

"I finally understand why Moxinke didn't want to come back." Sunierwas quite agree with the thoughts ofCessacioun.

"How does she find us?" Han Jin asked smilingly.

"You can ask her later. She’s not a woman good at hiding."

"Right. Let's get down to business first andmeet here at noon." Han Jin stood up and said: "By the way, you are a high grade warlock now.Cessacioun, do you need to apply for a new badge from the Association of Mercenaries?"

"No need, have you ever seen any high grade mercenary wearing his badge all day long?"Cessacioun laughed: "if we want to give others a bluff, we have Moxinke."

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