46.28% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 137: Magical Turning Point

Chapter 137: Magical Turning Point

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

"Shangguan comrade!" He Peiyuan could not help shouting, "What happened to you? Where is Chu Han?"

The sentence "Where is Chu Han" made the air tense. Cheng Xianguo, Yue Zi, and He Shang looked at the strange woman. Their guns and the unknown weapon were aimed at Shangguan Yuxin’s back!

Shangguan Yuxin running upstairs stopped as she felt their sharp gazes falling on her. She was really unhappy and turned back to face them.

"What are you doing? Do you want to fight with me?" Shangguan Yuxin’s voice was really arrogant, "If you mother*ckers delay me any longer, I will shoot!"

Shangguan Yuxin’s words shocked He Peiyuan and everyone else; they had never heard her talking like that. How could it be possible? What could she have experienced with Chu Han and his team in such a short period? 

He Peiyuan was dumbfounded, in their minds, Shangguan Yuxin was a strict female officer. It was an eye-opener seeing her acting as a gangster.

In the next second, Lu Hongsheng and the others thought that Chu Han was very powerful as he could turn the proud female doctor into a gangster.

What on earth was happening?

Not only the people familiar with Shagnguan Yuxin, the residents that had seen her before felt it was strange. Why was she so angry after returning? It seemed that something terrible had happened.

"What’s your relationship with Chu Han?" Cheng Xianguo just ignored how angry Shangguan Yuxin was and asked directly.

"None of your business." Shangguan Yuxin had no time to explain and shouted, "Chen Shaoye, Shang Jiuti! Get down!"

Chen Shaoye? Shang Jiuti?

Cheng Xianguo and Yue Zi’s eyes almost fell down when she shouted those names. Chen Shaoye and Shang Jiuti were also here? They came to a sudden understanding that she was Chu Han’s team member!

"Sh*t!" Yue Zi thought he was a fool. He looked at He Peiyuan and his men. Those people were familiar with Shangguan, were they also under Chu Han?

Sh*t! Were they about to fight with their allies?

Hearing Chen Shaoye and Shang Jiuti’s names, He Peiyuan and his men were stunned too; were they there all along!? Looking at Cheng Xianguo and Yue Zi’s expressions, He Peiyuan understood that they were in the dark too, but he felt there was something wrong.

The silent He Shang was still tense while holding the unknown weapon. Apart from Chu Han, he knew no one else!

"What happened?" Soon, Chen Shaoye’s heavy voice came from upstairs and he looked down, "Why are you back alone? Where is the boss?"

"Follow me! Our boss is in trouble!" Shangguan Yuxin ordered without explaining further.

Shangguan Yuxin’s words shocked the mass again.

‘Boss? Our?’

Chen Shaoye was dazed; his admiration to Chu Han was also ceaseless. The boss was so powerful that he reeled in the doctor too?!

He Peiyuan, Lu Hongsheng, and Jiang Zuo were also so shocked. How much time had passed since they had separated? She was calling him ‘boss’ now!? Chu Han’s ability was shocking! It would be really exciting if they started following him too. 

Hearing Shuangguan Yuxin and Chen Shaoye’s dialogue, Cheng Xianguo, and Yue Zi were at a loss. Was the woman Chu Han’s friend? If that was the case they should stop the conflict with the other team!

Cheng Xianguo asked Shangguan Yuxin in a totally different tone, "Shangguan sister tell me, where is the boss? I will go assist him! I am not afraid of death!"

Shangguan Yuxin was dazed, boss?

Looking at the people ready to fight, she nodded, "Great! Follow me."

"Sh*t!" Lu Hongsheng eyes’ widened Cheng Xianguo and Yue Zi were Chu Han’s friends too? If that was the case why were they fighting in the first place!?

Lu Hongsheng, He Peiyuan as well as Jiang Zuo looked at each other; they were shocked and speechless all the same. They had been aiming their weapons at allies!

"Wait! We’re coming!" Chen Shaoye hurried with Shang Jiuti downstairs after hearing that the boss was in trouble. He could be at ease as Bai Yun’er was there. Chen Shaoye had a deep understanding of her power; she was on par with Chu Han, so Luo Xiaoxiao should be safe.

He Peiyuan, Lu Hongsheng, and Jiang Zuo left the women and children to follow Shangguan Yuxin. They had to help Chu Han if he was in trouble.

Following Shangguan Yuxin they rushed out and He Shang touched his head. He was clear about the situation now, so he put the unknown weapon in his pocket. The bald man said nothing and followed the others to help Chu Han.

The baldie’s behavior showed that he Chu Han’s friend too.

Sh*t! A bloody battle royal was going to take place between Chu Han’s friends!

Lu Hongsheng was in front of the baldie. The man was a fool and suddenly said to the baldie, "Stay behind me if you are afraid, buddy."

He Peiyuan, Cheng Xianguo, and He Shang gave a scornful look to Lu Hongsheng after he talked. The baldie needed no protection. Didn’t he know about the toy gun?

The baldies must be very powerful. Except for the outstanding sharpshooter Chen Shaoye, he should be the most powerful person. Chu Han was really charismatic as he had made He Shang follow him.

The people that were about to kill each other minutes ago were leaving the supermarket together now! The sudden turn of even shocked the ones left behind!

It was a magical turning point!?

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    And now i wanna see the one who wanted to plot against them and i also wanna see their demise...Thanks for the Chapter!

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