46.62% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 138: Can I Kill You Now?

Chapter 138: Can I Kill You Now?

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

The resident hiding in the corner approached the supermarket’s entrance carefully. Looking at the people leaving the supermarket, everyone was totally dazed except the treacherous people.

What happened? What happened? Could someone explain what on earth had happened?

The sudden turn of events was surprising?!

Su Hang ordered by Chen Shaoye to stay on the second floor was dazed. Chen Shaoye had forbidden him from leaving and was beside him all the time. Su Hang was really nervous about the newcomers but Chen Shaoye laughed. The fatty was really strict until Shagnguan Yuxin appeared. His casual attitude was gone and he rushed out with his gun.

Su Hang was at a total loss.

What happened? How could three hostile groups become friends? No, they skipped the befriending part and joined together to help Chu Han!

At that moment, Shang Jiuti got back upstairs and approached Su Hang staring at the baldie’s shadow. Her voice was filled with confusion, "We know He Peiyuan and Cheng Xianguo but who is the bald man?"

Su Hang was scared, "You, you, you don’t know him?"

"No." Shang Jiuti looked at Su Hang strangely, she didn’t know why Su Hang reacted like that.

"Does Chen Shaoye know him?" Su Hang was really nervous.

"Probably not." Shang Jiuti was confused.

"Sh*t! We should warn the fatty!" Su Hang was really worried, "It will be troublesome if the bald man is not our ally! The thing in his hand is terrifying!"

Su Hang who had attained profound knowledge in physics could identify the weapon’s uniqueness. Although it looked like a toy, its strength could not be ignored.

"Ohh." Shang Jiuti moved to the window slightly, "Is it that powerful?"

"Yes! Although the weapon is small it is powerful. How could the bald man create it?"

Su Hang went down the rabbit hole once again, "It is not scientific!"

Looking at the murmuring Su Hang, Shang Jiuti just ignored him and went back to Luo Xiaoxiao. The weapon could not be more powerful than Chu Han. She had that much confidence in Chu Han.


On the way back from the hospital, Chu Han stood at a crossroad with the ax was beside him. There were two women, a young and an older one.

The young girl was Li Shirong and the older girl was about eighteen years old. She was a stunning young lady, but Chu Han just narrowed his eyes and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

Although Li Shirong was around one meter tall, Chu Han knew that the girl’s real age was fifteen years old but she stopped growing up because of a disease. Furthermore, she had a mental disorder; split personality.

"Woo! Sister! I don’t know! I don’t know!" Li Shirong hugged the woman and said with a flirtatious tone.

Chu Han and the woman’s mouths twitched.

"I don’t know! You must kill the bast*rd. I should remove his organs and experiment with them!" said Li Shirong.

The woman touched Li Shirong’s head and then smiled apologetically to Chu Han, "Hello, I am Xiao Mengqi."

Chu Han looked at her silently without replying.

"What is your name?" Xiao Mengqi was very polite and didn’t take it to heart that Chu Han had ignored her.

Chu Han did not answer and held the fire ax tightly.

"He is called Chu Han. I heard the big-breasted call him that!" Li Shirong interrupted.

F*ck! Chu Han’s face darkened.

Big breasts? Xiao Mengqi was embarrassed. After that, she calmed down and said to Chu Han politely, "Hello, Chu Han."

‘F*ck you and your ‘Hello’!’ Chu Han cursed in his heart.

"Chu Han, I have the same question." Xiao Mengqi smiled and asked, "Can I kill you now?" Xiao Mengqi asked in a flat tone. Her tone was just the same as "Have you taken your medicine?" It was so casual.

No one could imagine that the woman with the child had rushed out a zombie-infested hospital!

Those two were really crazy!

Chu Han was about to collapse, they caused him a headache. Li Shirong had been asking the whole time Xiao Mengqi to kill him and Xiao Mengqi had been asking in a shy tone if it was the appropriate time to kill him. He was trying to shake them off but they kept following after him; they had already passed three streets!

At that moment, Chu Han was extremely regretful that he hadn’t stopped Shangguan Yuxin destroying the tranquilizers. Those women were insane!

As Chu Han was dealing with the two women-


"Chu Han boss!"

"Boss, we are here!"

Lots of voices came from the distance.

Chu Han took a long breath and then turned back to them smiling. Looking at the numerous people, he felt really good. Shangguan Yuxin was smart. Chen Shaoye, He Peiyuan, Lu Hongsheng, Jiang Zuo, Cheng Xianguo, Yue Zi and an unknown bald man. There were so many people which was great!

They just stopped when they saw Chu Han turning back with an exaggerated smile-!

Everyone stopped moving. Had the boss taken the wrong medicines?

He was, was smiling!?

He Peiyuan was terrified. The old soldier looked at Lu Hongsheng and Jiang Zuo. They retreated simultaneously quietly since Chu Han’s smile was weird.

Cheng Xianguo and Yue Zi were shocked. Why was Chu Han’s smile so weird?

Chen Shaoye, who had been with Chu Han for the most, was almost scared to death; he wanted to run away.

In his mind, Chu Han was a really serious person that wouldn’t smile, but he was smiling at that moment. He should be planning something evil!

Shangguan Yuxin knew what was happening but she also gulped. It was too scary!

Was Chu Han infected by those two crazy women?

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  • LIght_Novel_San


    Wasn't his name SU XING??? what the hell is SU HANG?

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    Because, there would be 4 less chapters to write about.

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