46.95% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 139: You Even Have a Kid?

Chapter 139: You Even Have a Kid?

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Xiao Mengqi and Li Shirong were silent and looked at Chu Han and his men. The two harmless-looking women seemed like well-educated beautiful sisters. They were simple, good and fantastic.

Chen Shaoye and others were shocked by the two girls’ expression but they thought Chu Han’s expression was much more terrible. Some kind people even wanted to remind them that they should be careful of the wolf!

His smile was abnormal, someone would definitely suffer!

Chu Han’s face turned black as he saw the people that had come to help him being afraid of him. "What the f*ck? Why are they retreating?" He silently cursed.

Only He Shang thought that Chu Han’s smile was normal. They had only met twice and he hadn’t interacted with Chu Han. Although He Shang admired him, he knew nothing about his character... Hence, he did not think that Chu Han’s smile was strange. In his eyes, his idol’s smile was like the overlord of flowers, that beautiful.

At that moment, he was so excited meeting Chu Han that he even wanted to touch Chu Han’s hair. He wiped his hand hurriedly and then stretched it with a smile, "Idol, idol! Have you eaten yet?"

He Shang was dazed with his question and wanted to slap himself. How could he ask something so lame?

He Shang’s question stunned Chu Han, not to mention that it felt awkward shaking hands with him; he hadn’t shaken hands with someone else since a long time ago. Chu Han was confused for a second and then snapped out of it.

"Yes." He just wanted to engage the unknown bald man and shook his hand.

"Idol! You have eaten! So what did you eat?" He Shang was very excited that Chu Han shook his hand. His obsequious tone sounded like flattering his future father-in-law.

Chu Han was indeed his idol; he could even answer so fluently to such a bad question. Hence, it was really the man that he swore to chase for the rest of his life!

Looking at the extremely excited and strange bald man, Chu Han could only bear with the uncomfortable situation. As the saying goes, you don’t hit a smiling face. He could not do something to the bald man so he could only shake his hand.

At that moment, Chen Shaoye and the others retreated after listening to their conversation, their face had almost distorted from the shock. It was hard to imagine anyone asking the man, who with only an ax could kill ten thousands of zombies and attempt to kill Kuang Zhiran, the son of a high ranking military officer, something like that!

‘Have you eaten?’



Chu Han looked at them as they were getting further away and he became extremely mad. But he couldn’t talk since the insane women were standing behind him. He stared at Chen Shaoye signaling him with his eyes to kill them.

‘Kill the two women soon!’

It was a pity that Chen Shaoye and the others couldn’t understand what he was doing and just stared at him in panic.

At that moment, everyone stared at him in horror; something was not right with Chu Han. They were fully alerted and afraid of Chu Han making a sudden move.

He Shang who looked at Chu Han from a short distance found it strange. Chu Han said nothing and He Shang said worriedly, "What happened to you, idol? Is there any sand in your eyes?"

Chu Han just wanted to say ‘Nothing!’ but the bald man did not let Chu Han respond. He just approached him and said hurriedly, "It is okay! I will blow to your eye!"


He Chang’s breath contained the smell of scallion pancake, beer and all kind of meats. Chu Han inhaled all those smells and almost kicked the bald man.

‘Who is that?!’ Chu Han cursed inwardly.

The system transmitted He Chang’s data when Chu Han asked. Chu Han was stunned and stared at the bald man for a few seconds.

The unknown person’s name was He Shang? Was he the one with 60% loyalty to him?

"Hey hey hey!" The bald man showed a broken tooth and proudly said, "Did you see idol? I am a professional!"

Chu Han really wanted to say, "F*ck your professionalism!", but he bore it timely. He looked at the bald man’s face, he was not an expert in his previous life but the name was really familiar to him; he had heard it before.

While Chu Han was thinking about the name, Xiao Mengqi and Li Shirong who were ignored for a long time stepped forward. Chu Han could feel their sharp gaze and his hair stood on end. He looked at two women nervously.

"Chu Han." Xiao Mengqi said shyly and dragged the little Li Shirong maternally. She wiped the corner of her dress and her voice sounded like meeting the husband who had just returned home, "Won’t you introduce your friends to me?"


Chen Shaoye, He Peiyuan, and Cheng Xianguo almost spat out. Shangguan Yuxin was shocked.

Won’t you introduce your friends to me?"

What, what, what was the happening?

Everyone stared at the beautiful girl with the child and looked at her body; they were out of words. They scanned her from head to toe in a few seconds several times. Then they simultaneously looked at Chu Han. Their eyes betrayed their thirst for gossip and the questions they had.

Who was the girl? What was the relationship between them?

Chu Han was quivering and his eyes were cast on Xiao Mengqi’s face mechanically. He could not say one word since his throat seemed to be stuck. What did the crazy woman want to do?

He Shang was also dazed but then said something that made Chu Han almost faint from anger, «Idol, you are really awesome! You have a child"


The word shook Chu Han.

Chu Han looked at Li Shirong hiding behind Xiao Mengqi and holding her hand tightly. The little girl’s appearance almost drove Chu Han insane.

The fifteen-year-old Li Shirong who looked like a ten-year-old was pale and cute. The people had no idea about the evil heart hidden by her lovely skin, so they were shocked by Li Shirong’s lovely appearance hiding behind Xiao Mengqi quietly.

"You even have a daughter?" He Peiyuan said surprisingly.

Lu Hongsheng said nothing and praised Chu Han. It was praiseworthy being a young father!

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  • Plastic


    Remember not to have children before you’re ready.

  • TargetPractice1


    What the ****. If these two women don't get killed they will be such an annoyance I swear

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    EXP Sect = Explosion! EXP Sect = Experience!

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