96.28% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 285: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Chapter 285: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Having received the water, there was a subtle surprise in Jiang Tianqing's eyes since it was out of his expectation that Chu Han could be so calm to the point that he would even pass him a bottle of water. His thinking was messy, but now he had recovered.

Jiang Tianqing glanced at Chu Han coldly. He said to Chu Han directly, "A troop came to pick up your family three days ago. They knew that I was downstairs, but they didn't bother knocking on my door. Their target was your family."

Chu Han's heart skipped a beat from shock when he heard that. Zhu Mingzhi had said the exact same thing! However, Zhu Mingzhi was a liar who had wanted to lure Chu Han to follow him. But what about Jiang Tianqing?

Chu Han looked at Jiang Tianqing, and he got closer. At the same time, he released his aura to the peak, creating a suppressive atmosphere.

"I want details. What do you know? How was my parents' situation before?" Chu Han's commanding voice was filled with determination.

The surprising similarity made him cautious. Jiang Tianqing had grown up with him, but they were like strangers since Chu Han had only kept in touch with Yang Tian in his previous life. It was really easy for someone to change after the apocalypse.

Jiang Tianqing bore the uncomfortable sensation and fear which Chu Han's strong aura brought him, and then he said in a trembling but clear voice, "Brother Chu, you should not be vigilant against me. Uncle Chu and Aunt Yuan were good to me. My parents became zombies, but your parents saved me. I did not go out of the house for the past three months, but your parents would always leave some food outside my door."

Chu Han was bewildered and retracted his aura. He could not help but force a smile when thinking about his parents' actions. Soon, Chu Han felt there was something wrong because it was similar to what Zhu Mingzhi had said, but also different. At the same time, Luo Zhehao hadn't told him anything about it.

"Troops had come before to take them away, but this time even though your parents refused, they took them. I also heard something about Chen Xing Biology Zoo," Jiang Tianqing continued, but he did not realize that his words shocked Chu Han.

'Chen Xing Biology Zoo? How could it be?! It's so coincidental!'

Ding Siyao, the sniper of Hu Ya they had met the previous night, was also heading to Chen Xing. However, Chu Han did not know what his parents' relationship with troops was since they were the commonest wage-earners. It was impossible for them to have a connection with the military.

Chu Han's expression darkened and wondered if Jiang Tianqing was lying.

"After that, I got out from my house and went to Chen Xing. That happened three days ago, and I happened to find you now that I returned." Jiang Tianiqng's aura became fierce, but he had yet to notice Chu Han's expression so he added, "Can you guess what I saw?"

Chu Han asked, "What?"

"Zombies!" Jiang Tinaqing sneered. "Chen Xing is surrounded by a sea of zombies, and I could not enter. However, these zombies seemed to be under control, and I witnessed the people of that troop entering and exiting."

Jiang Tianqing drank some water and said, "Uncle Chu and Aunt Yuan are good to me, and I would not lie to you. I don't know what is happening, but you have to believe me that everything I've witnessed is true!"

 Jiang Tianqing finished and looked at Chu Han silently. He had changed after his parents turned into zombies. He would have already been dead f Chu Han's parents had not been giving him food. Today was the day that Jiang Tianqing had spoken the most after feeling so lonely in the desperate past three months. He had stopped caring and become indifferent. He would have not gotten out of the house if he did not want to repay the kindness that Chu Han's parents had shown him.

Chu Han looked down and frowned. His parents being still alive was the most crucial piece of information and the second one was that his parents had survived for the past three months and had been ling in the house until three days ago. Finally, the troop had only picked his parents, but nobody else?

What scared Chu Han the most was the zombies gathering outside Chen Xing and that the troop could enter and exit according to what Jiang Tianqing said, so there must be a powerful hybrid within the Chen Xing. Were the two parties acting in collusion with each other; or was the hybrid someone from the troop?

However, what confused Chu Han was that his parents were the commonest people one could find, so why had the troop come for them?

Besides, Ding Siyao's mission was Chen Xing!

Was it the coincidence or a big conspiracy?

He had to go and find his parents. If what Jiang Tianqing said was true and his parents were still alive, then there was still a glimmer of hope. He felt excited and as if someone was pulling him from his state of despair.

But what if Jiang Tianqing lied...

Thinking of that possibility, Chu Han's eyes became cold. If that was the case, he would not let him go and slaughter the one pulling the strings, no matter who they were.

Chu Han stood up quietly, touched the tri-edge bayonet sheathed on his right arm and asked, "How many zombies are there?"

Jiang Tianqing kept silent for a while and then he put his hand in the pocket and passed a piece of paper to Chu Han.

Chu Han frowned and opened it. After reading its contents, he put it in his pocket. Chu Han felt amazed with Jiang Tianqing and looked at him. "Thank you."

"Are you going to Chen Xing right now?" Jiang Tianqing asked since he knew that Chu Han would not wait any longer. Jiang Tianqing said tiredly, "You go first, and I will find you. I should sleep for two hours since I have not slept for three days.

Jiang Tianqing laid back and closed his eyes. Then, his breath was heavy. He had fallen asleep.

Chu Han went out of the room without a second thought.

The Li Yi and Wei An were sitting on the sofa and staring at each other. They stood up when Chu Han came out of the room. They waited for his order.

"Let's go!"

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; All Hell is about to break loose ^_^


(Friday's chapter, 15/06/2018)

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