96.62% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 286: Disguise

Chapter 286: Disguise

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Under normal circumstances, Chu Han would need an hour to reach Cheng Xing from his house with his current speed that included meeting zombie groups and all kinds of obstacles. However, Li Yi and Wei An's speed was inferior to his, so they had to spend three hours to reach their destination. 

Chu Han was rarely tired, letting alone the gasping Li Yi and Wei An.

They were at the top of a building, and they could see Xing Chen clearly. It was a zoo, but it was a semi-round building, so it was smaller than other zoos in other cities. Besides, there were no animals.

Thinking about Chen Xing's document, Chu Han became serious. Obviously, the zoo was a front. There were many secrets around Chen Xing.

"There are many zombies." Wei An looked at the dense black dots below walking around the building. There should be at least 5,000 of them and like a moat protect the only building in Chen Xing.

Chu Han became worried since he could not deal with 5,000 zombies even if he had the best geographical advantage. Besides, Chu Han did not forget that the zombies were controlled so he could not rush as what he had done before. There was a hybrid with the intelligence of humans backing them.

Chu Han could describe the hybrid controlling the 5,000 zombies as the cruelest. It should be a strong existence that Chu Han could not fight against. The situation was almost the same as if it was a group of hybrids.

What annoyed Chu Han was that he could not find how many phase-2 and phase-3 amongst the 5,000 zombies were because of the distance. They would be in great trouble if they didn't know about their enemies.

On the opposite building was a man behind a sniper. Ding Siyao could see Chu Han and his men from the scope clearly, and he was really surprised.

'Why did he come here?' Ding Siya's eyes were bloodshot. He had been standing guard since yesterday. It was a pity that he had come alone and could not get into the house, let alone accept a task.

Ding Siyao was worried. Finding Chu Han at such a time raised doubts in his heart. He had asked for directions from Chu Han, and he was here today. Was he over-thinking or was it a coincidence?

"Chu Han, should I help you to find any weak points with the help of my long sight?" Wangcai asked.

Chu Han should be anxious to find his parents, so it was a good time to fawn on Chu Han. He may even award it with several credits if he was happy.

"Yes."Chu Han nodded.

"Er, Chu Han…" Wangcai started bargaining with a smile, "The long eyesight needs energy and credit-"

Chu Han shoved his hand in the pocket and pinched the ping pong-sized Wangcai without hesitation. Chu Han did not hold back his phase-3 physique and phase-2 strength and almost killed Wangcai.

"Stop! I will help you, for free, for free!" Wangcai hurried to shout, and it had further knowledge of Chu Han's methods.

Li Yi and Wei An looked at Chu Han in amazement as he had momentarily released his aura, which scared them greatly.

Chu Han's eyesight became clear, and he felt as if he was holding a telescope. Beads of sweat appeared on his face as he was trying to find blind spots, but to no avail, as the zombies were well-distributed. The hybrid hiding in Chen Xing seemed to have a thorough knowledge of the place's geography.

As Chu Han could find no blind spots and nearly wanted to punch the ground, several recessive black spots came to his vision. Narrowing his pupil, Chu Han found a different situation, and he looked over that direction. There were dozens of humans or a lot of survivors to be more precise.

Chu Han stopped using the long sight ability, and his eyesight returned to normal. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and got up. Then, he touched the dirty floor and applied dirt on his face and clothes. He did the same to Li Yi and Wei An. Both people were astonished as they didn't know what was on Chu Han's mind.

"Go! Be quick. We will throw some zombie blood on our clothes too," Chu Han said and strode downstairs.

Li Yi, Wei An, and Wangcai were all confused. However, they followed his order without asking. The followed Chu Han and smeared zombie blood on their faces and clothes. Chu Han started messing up his hair and tearing parts of his clothes. He seemed like he had turned crazy.

Li Yi followed suit, but Wei An was a girl and couldn't what the two of them did. She just made herself look like a dirty beggar, something she was much more proficient in than Li Yi as she had been disguising herself like that frequently to protect herself.

While Chu Han and the others were disguising, Ding Siyao on the opposite building noticed the survivors with his scope. His reaction was not that quick as Chu Han, but he started to think about it. However, when noticed Chu Han's strange behavior through the scope, he cursed, "Sh*t!"

Ding Siyao got up, dismantled the sniper rifle, and then he uncovered the black coat to hide the parts into the internal pocket of clothes. After that, Ding Siyao ran outside and started to mess his hair. He smeared rotten pieces and dark blood on his clothes. Meanwhile, he was still shocked by Chu Han's sudden reaction.

The boy's subconscious reaction was faster than his, and it was so correct!

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; The idea of smearing zombie blood on the face gives me the creeps :S


(Saturday's chapter, 16/06/2018)

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    Please keep this up, More more and more

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    Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead... LoL

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