96.95% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 287: When Did They Sneak In?

Chapter 287: When Did They Sneak In?

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Currently, Rui Tianhe was moving at a slow pace with the rest of the survivors, including Zhao Zilong. They were not like Chu Han, who was all alone, and thus, unrestrained. It could be considered fast that a group of people had reached Chen Xing from the city's outskirts.

Many survivors had died on the way, but there were also some newcomers. The group had about 50 people, and most of the survivors didn't know who the one standing next to them was, which was pretty common after the apocalypse.

"Be quick, we have almost reached the place. We will have food and water, please believe in me!" Rui Tianhe encouraged them,

 Everyone persisted because of the ceaseless encouragement and the food awaiting them. Finally, they reached Chen Xing, which was surrounded by zombies.

"Brother Rui Tianhe," Zhao Zilong became nervous and scared. "There are zombies in front of us!"

Many survivors stopped moving since the distance between them, and the zombies was less than ten meters. No one would be so courageous to go there.

"Don't be afraid!" Rui Tianhe said loudly and pointed at the zombies whose number was up to 5,000. Then he said arrogantly and determinedly, "Look at the zombies. Aren't they in order? Do you see them attacking us? There are plenty of phase-2 and phase-3, and their speeds far surpass ours, but they don't dear to come near us."

Listening to Rui Tianhe's words, the survivors felt amazed. It was just as Rui Tianhe had said, the zombies didn't attack them. On the contrary, they kept smelling at the air and grinned at them.

"But the zombies?" Zhao Zilong was still cautious and totally confused.

"Okay. Let me tell you the reason since you are afraid and don't go there," Rui Tianhe said loudly in a clear voice. The zombies' groups heard what he was saying, but they did not attack him.

The scenery shocked the crowd again, and many people felt so brave that they took a few steps forward. The emotion of fear was replaced by pride and hope.

"These zombies are being controlled by our greatest scientist!" Rui Tianhe said loudly.

Controlled? The zombies were under somebody's control?!

Everyone was astounded by the surprising piece of information. Bright glints of surprise and expectation appeared in everyone's eyes after hearing that the zombies could be controlled. Certainly, humans were a biological organism standing at the peak of the food chain. If they could train and control zombies, their future would be bright!

Zhao Zilong was even more confused. And he could not help but wonder how it was possible to control zombies.

Rui Tianhe raised his hand and kept encouraging the survivors to walk forward. His voice was filled with hope, "Do you think this is amazing and shocking? Look at our great nation. We are smarter than zombies, and our scientists study the way to control zombies so everyone can be at ease. Follow me, and you'll get food, water and a place to rest. These zombies are our home's guardians!"

The big news excited the survivors, and they were so eager to enter into the semi-circle building. No one doubted Rui Tianhe's words. Humans were at the peak of the biological pyramid in civilized times, and it was taken as granted that humans should dominate the world, so it was natural to control zombies. It was the conventional thinking of all survivors. They still thought that humans were the most powerful race and they believed that humanity could become glorious once again.

Zhao Zilong showed his passion as he had yet to see a hybrid, and thus, he didn't doubt what Rui Tianhe had said. He was even eager to meet the scientists who had created such a miracle.

While everyone was eager to walk forward, a hoarse voice came from the back, "Can I come with you? Is what you said true?" The one who had spoken could not conceal his excitement. 

Rui Tianhe looked at the back of the crowd and found a man in rags. He was so dirty that it was hard to tell his real age. His voice was full of vicissitudes, and it seemed that he had not washed his hair for a long time. Looking at his clothes, one could see dark blood-stains, and they could smell a disgusting odor coming from his body.

"Poor man." Rui Tianhe shook his head and looked at the survivor. "Follow me and don't fall behind. The zombies can only recognize my smell, and only the people within 50 meters of where I am will not be attacked."

"Great! Great! Thank you! Thank you so much!" The disguised Ding Siyao cried and squeezed in the crowd. He tried his best to get as close to Rui Tianhe as he could, just like the other survivors. His acting skills were truly great.

"Okay, let's go!" Rui Tianhe turned around and strode forward. Zhao Zilong patted Rui Tianhe's shoulder. "Younger Brother Zilong, your choice to follow me was a smart one. I won't let you down."

Zhao Zilong nodded fiercely as he felt grateful. If he had not met Rui Tianhe, he would be all alone. He had no idea that the scientists in Anluo city had been studying how to control zombies. It must be the most significant invention of the century, and it should be marked in historical handbooks. The people who were in charge of the study should be respected and worshiped by all humans.

Meanwhile, Zhao Zilong swore that he would become a powerful fighter to protect the little base.

Ding Siyao walked with the other, and a strange glint flashed through his eyes. Then, he started to look around. Chu Han and his followers were faster than him, but he had yet to find them when he entered the survivors' group.

Suddenly, Ding Siyao was stunned, and his eyes almost popped out of his head. He looked at the people next to him in great shock. He had been walking with those three for more than five minutes!

Two men and a woman, who looked like poor beggars, were looking at him as if he was a clown.

Ding Siyao was shocked. When had the three of them entered the team? Why were they so silent and not as high-key as him? He had failed to notice them. Not only him, even Rui Tianhe and Zhao Zilong and the others survivors had not noticed that they were not original members of their team!

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; The young sniper is way too green behind the ears ;p


(Sunday's chapter, 17/06/2018)

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  • Annablack119


    Lowkey is the way to go😎

  • HandsomeRaven


    Hahaha a clown

  • BookCat


    Am I still dreaming though??

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