97.29% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 288: Mixing First And Talking Later

Chapter 288: Mixing First And Talking Later

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Ding Siyao was so dazed that he nearly fell behind. Thankfully, Chu Han dragged him back. He was left speechless by a member of Hu Ya's behavior. He had dared to act high key to enter into the group. However, he could not be blamed since Chu Han had 10 years of surviving experience while Ding Siyao had nothing. He had not experienced difficulties and the tough life that could lead to death at any time.

Organizations such as Hu Ya had the best troops in the military, and most of their operatives had been trained from the age of 10. Talented people could assume office at the age of 14 while others when they became adults. Those young people had various talents and acquired expertise, but the only negative was that their training schedule was Spartan. 

Taking Ding Siyao for example, his talent lied in his sharpshooting skills. He was a powerful phase-3 evolutionary and latter he should become one of Hu Ya's aces. However, it could not be denied that he had a flaw. His flaw was an advantage to other common soldiers, and Chu Han could see through it.

Meanwhile, Chu Han felt perplexed as to why Ding Siyao was there. After mixing with the survivors, Chu Han had a better idea of Xing Chen's situation. 

According to Jiang Tianqing, the military had come to Xing Chen so Ding Siyao, who was a soldier, had no need to hide, but he still did so. Hence, there must be something wrong with the troops located in Chen Xing.

However, why would the military only send Ding Siyao? What was his task?

It should be known that just one sniper could do nothing in the current Chen Xing even though his sharpshooting ability was exceptional.

Li Yi and Wei An did not think that much about Ding Siyao. They only felt admiration in their hearts for Chu Han. The four of them were in disguises, but the two parties had taken entirely different approaches. Ding Shiyao had acted high-key, while Chu Han had mixed with the crowd silently. It was obvious who was more experienced. 

Ding Siyao's face turned red after noticing how Li Yi and Wei An were looking him in contempt. He belonged to Hu Ya, but he was not as experienced as Chu Han. However, Ding Siyao wondered why Chu Han had sneaked into the group. He had a mission but what did Chu Han want to achieve?

Chu Han and Ding Siyao looked at each other simultaneously and then they looked back rapidly. They both were intrigued, and their eyes betrayed how alerted, and vigilant they were, but they needed to help each other to sneak into the building.

The crowd followed the evolutionaries, and the 5,000 moved slowly back to their assigned posts. Although the zombies were under control and did not attack the crowd, they were still grinning and growling at them. The crowd was so close to the zombies that the smell of rotting flesh almost made their nostrils numb.

Zhao Zilong, who was in the lead, did not pay any heed to the terrible scenery, even though his legs were shaking a little, and supported a middle-aged man who had trouble walking on his own.

Li Yi and Wei An were far more terrified than the crowd as they knew much more about hybrids than other survivors. They could only suppress their fear when looking at the sea of zombies and follow Chu Han.

Even Ding Siyao, a sniper and Hu Ya's member, was scared. It was his first time walking through so many zombies.

Rui Tianhe, who was leading the team, was almost the same but not that scared.

Only Chu Han was different. He was the only one who did not feel fear or become tense as he had witnessed such a scene in his previous life. He had even battled against 10,000 controlled zombies, let alone 5,000. However, he was way more powerful than the current him.

Chu Han squeezed out an expression of fear with the aim to integrate into the group without being found. Suddenly his eyes brightened, and he wanted to raise his right arm subconsciously, but he put it down. His first reaction when seeing a zombie was neither fear taking over him nor the desire to escape. What he wanted to do was to kill!

The group of people went through the long path and reached Chen Xing's gate, while a vast sea of zombies was watching them. It was the only empty place in the building, and the ground made of cement was clean. No zombies approached that place, phase-3 included. They seemed to be under a strict order of staying away from that place.

Rui Tianhe felt relieved when they reached the gate and wiped the thick beads of sweat on his forehead. He turned around with a smile and said, "We are here. We only have to wait for the troop to check us."

"There is a troop?"

The crowd was shocked, but they trusted Rui Tianhe's words. Since there were a troop and scientists, it should be one of China's military shelters. 

When Rui Tianhe finished with what he had to say, the sound of footsteps came and shortly after a few soldiers in uniform walked out from Chen Xing. They were all armed to the teeth with rifles in hand and military-grade boots. Although they were not many of them, their presence was enough to make the crowd feel warmth and excitement.

"It's great! We are saved!"

Ceaseless screams of excitement came as the survivors seemed to have found a new lease on life.

Chu Han was frowning with the way the crowd was acting and then side-glanced at Ding Siyao who was in a daze.

Ding Siyao's had an expression of amazement on his face, which became exaggerated the moment he saw fellow soldiers. He also seemed surprised to see a troop in this place.

Chu Han's heart skipped a beat when he noticed that Ding Siyao did not seem to recognize that troop. Was it different from what he had guessed? The reason Ding Siyao had come was not to get rid of military rebels?

Chu Han's complexion became frosty when he understood that the situation was way more complicated from what he had initially thought.

"You are back?" A middle-aged man appeared and patted Rui Tianhe on the shoulder. "You've done a great job."

"No, we should have brought back more survivors, but many of them died on the road," Rui Tianhe hurried to flatter, and he reported the real situation honestly.

That man nodded without paying attention to what Rui Tianhe had to say. Then, he turned and said to the survivors kindly, "Come in. We will arrange where you will be living from now on."

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; Yeeeeah, the survivors are saved... for dessert (-_-")


(Monday's chapter, 18/06/2018)

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  • Grabbler


    Chu Han: "My brain... so good... Me smart! Me smash!"

  • Lillia24


    I can hear the sounds of candy crush playing as the zombies feast. 😂😂😂

  • Drama_Daoist


    Sounds delicious

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