97.63% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 289: Paper Contents?

Chapter 289: Paper Contents?

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

The crowd rushed to the hall excitedly. They kept discussing how surprised they were and how their lives were going to be in the future.

Chu Han looked at the building with sharp eyes. There was a white wall, and the team of soldiers surrounding the crowd was holding their rifles in a way that they could load them at any time. There were also black-robed people going through the corridor, and their numbers were in no way little.

Li Yi and Wie An were on high alert as they knew nothing about this place. They stayed even closer to Chu Han when they saw the black-robed people. They did not know what Chu Han wanted to do, but they knew that it was important to not fall behind. The appearance of so many hybrids indicated how serious the situation was.

Ding Siyao was not a fool. He was one of the most excellent soldiers in China, even though he was weaker than Chu Han. The moment that Li Yi and Wei An had shown an abnormal response to the weird situation of the building, he had braced himself for battle, even though he did not know why Chu Han and his followers were in high alert after seeing the black-robed people.

The rest of the survivors did not find the situation abnormal, except for four people, including the phase-2 evolutionary, Zhao Zilong. A group of people followed Rui Tianhe, and they went to a downward passage. There was an underground building!

The underground floor was large with white walls and insufficient light, but it was enough for the crowd to see. There were even rooms in the corridor, and most of the doors were open.

Chu Han was surprised as he had visited the zoo many times when he was still staying in Anluo, but it was the first time for him to visit the underground building. Never had he expected that there would be simply decorated rooms with beds. The rooms were not big, but they could accommodate four to five people. 

"Everyone, you can choose where to live. Two people in each room max." Rui Tianhe said, "Choose your rooms and have a good rest. Don't run around. Someone will bring you food shortly."

The crowd rushed, splitting into pairs of two, to find a room. Chu Han acted accordingly and then got into the smallest and darkest room. Li Yi and Wei An went to the opposite empty room, and they were in tacit understanding that their genders were unimportant. They knew that they were compatible to stay together and it would be troublesome if one of them was missing.

Ding Siyao stopped in his tracks for a second, and then he followed Chu Han. He thought that cooperating with each other was the smartest choice no matter what was their goals were.

The moment everyone rushed to the rooms, the doors were closed shut. The soldiers that had been leading the group earlier were now closing the doors without a trace of guilt on their cold faces.

"What happened?"

"Why are you closing the door?"

"Wait. Let us go!"

Everyone was at a loss, and some of the survivors screamed with the sudden turn of events. It should be mentioned that the doors were made of iron and ordinary people could not open it. It was like a prison!

Zhao Zilong was the only who had not been locked. He turned around and looked at Rui Tianhe who was smiling. "Brother Rui, what's happening?"

Rui Tianhe narrowed his eyes and patted Zhao Zilong on the shoulder, "It's just a process. The need to be checked first and they'll be released tomorrow."

"Check for what?" Zhao Zilong was totally confused, "Why don't I need to get checked?"

"You are an evolutionary and familiar with me. I know you are not an enemy," Rui Tianhe said casually. He seemed to have high expectations of Zhao Zilong. "But their situation is complicated, and you should know that our base is an important one. We should not allow people with evil intentions to stay here."

Rui Tianhe's argument sounded reasonable, and soon a trace of guilt appeared on Zhao Zilong's face for doubting him. His doubts vanished completely when he saw another group of people coming from the corridor with food. The food was in boxes, from which the flavor of the meat was being exuded, and they passed it through small holes on the doors. It seemed that they would treat well the newcomers.

When the meat's smell hit Zhao Zilong's nostrils, he felt his stomach grumbling, and he hurried to swallow his saliva.

"You can't eat that," Rui Tianhe said with an intriguing tone, and he led Zhao Zilong upstairs, "The restaurant for evolutionaries is upstairs."

The people bringing the food and the soldiers left too. The entire corridor became quiet, but the sounds of eating disturbed the tranquility from time to time.

The survivors were starving to death and coupled with the meat's alluring smell, there was no way they could think if anything was wrong, so they started devouring the food greedily.

Chu Han, who had yet to touch his food, was staring at it. Ding Siyao was not eating either. He was just cautious, while Chu Han did not dare to touch the food as he knew it was human meat.

Suddenly, Chu Han spoke, "What do you think about those soldiers?"

Ding Siyao replied in a low and cold voice, "They seem discipline, but there must be something wrong with the person in charge. They do not look like formal soldiers. They are more likely mercenaries who have been given uniforms."

Ding Siyao's judgment was spot on. Chu Han had also thought that they were not formal soldiers, but a group of bandits without any humanity left.

While Ding Siyao was lost in thoughts, the sound of unwrapping paper jolted him awake. To his astonishment, he found Chu Han reading a piece of paper seriously. Ding Siyao did not know what it was, but he knew it should be important for Chu Han to be so focused.

Chu Han was looking at the piece of paper that Jiang Tianqing had given him before going to sleep. The young man with a common background had made adequate preparation in just three days. Jiang Tianqing would have sneaked in by himself if Chu Han had not arrived and met him. If that were the case, then he would have died for sure.

On the piece of paper was the internal design of a building, or most precisely, it was Chen Xing. Jiang Tianqing had spent a lot of time searching for this document, and he had even gone to an administration building in the city center to find it out of numerous documents.

That was the reason he had not slept for three days straight!

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; Wow, a friggin Hybrid Breeding Center! o.O I like where this is going xD


(Tuesday's chapter, 19/06/2018)

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    Don't tell me, the food has human flesh in it? 🤢

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    No need to tell you. Chu Han already he smelled human flesh from it.

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