97.97% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 290: Shocking Coincidence

Chapter 290: Shocking Coincidence

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Li Yi and Wei An, who were in the room opposite Chu Han's, were staring at the box of food in front of them. It looked delicious, and it seemed to have been cooked with the best materials. If they hadn't seen the black-robed people earlier, they would have already dug in.

Wei An felt a shiver ran down her spine. "Is- is this the reason why there are so many hybrids here?"

Li Yi was horrified, but he was calmer than Wei An. "Your guess is probably right. Why else would they not let Zhao Zilong eat? Evolutionaries' genes differ from ordinary people, and we won't transform into Hybrids if we were to eat human meat. They also need to find evolutionaries."

Wei An fell silent for five seconds and then raised her head. She narrowed her pupils and said with a trembling voice, "Can, can you think where the meat comes from?"

Li Yi was shocked when thinking about it. Ordinary people would transform into Hybrids but evolutionaries would not, so the answer was obvious!

Inside Chu Han's room was silent. Ding Siyao had kept quiet for five minutes, but he broke the silence, "What's your mission?"

Chu Han was currently studying the piece of paper, so he said without raising his head, "I came to find someone."

Ding Siyao's eyes lit up, and he looked at the piece of paper in Chu Han's hands. "Great! I also came to find someone. Who are you looking for?"

Chu Han did not care about Ding Siyao seeing the paper's contents since he believed in Hu Ya's reputation. However, he was stunned when Ding Siayo told him that he was searching for someone too.

Chu Han thought for a while and replied, "My parents. What about you?"

"Parents?" Ding Siyao was dazed then he shook his head. "It is bad. You are trying to find two people, but I am searching for one."

Chu Han lowered his guard when he heard that. At the same time, Ding Siyao thought that he had been over-thinking. In his mind, there was no way for Chu Han, a seemingly common-looking college student, to be so complicated as he had thought at first without proper training. It was reasonable that he had come to find his parents, and that's how Ding Siyao came to respect him more. Finding someone cherishing family ties after the apocalypse was rare. 

Ding Siyao felt bitter when thinking about the document with the information of the person he had to rescue.

Name: Yuan Xiye 1

Age: 42

Gender: Female

That's all that was written on the document, so he did not know where to find her. He did not even know what she looked like or what was special about Yuan Xiye's identity.

"One person?" Chu Han murmured without raising his head.

Ding Siyao looked at him seriously. "We should try to break out of here. After that, we will stay out of each other's business."

Chu Han nodded.

"Great!" Ding Siyao liked making things clear and then he smiled shamelessly. "So, can I have a look at the paper?"

Chu Han just gave it to him without any consideration, and he stood up to observe the closed house. There were many hybrids in the building, and they were equipped with better guns and bullets, so it was better for them to escape as covertly as possible instead of wreaking havoc.

"Don't you need to study it a little more?" Ding Siyao tried hard to remember the layout and asked casually.

"Already in my mind." Chu Han gave a laconic answer and moved to the corner.

"So quickly?" Ding Siyao was astonished but didn't give it further thought as he had met many people with good memory, and Chu Han was not an exception.

Ding Siyao could not stay silent, so he kept talking while reading, "I have a partner, but he is missing. I am a good sniper you know."

"What is your partner's name?" Chu Han asked casually and looked at the ceiling. There was a smile on his face since he had found a way to get out.

" An Fei 2 , phase-3 evolutionary, the 50th in the phase-3 ranking list." Ding Siyao frowned and said, "I had been waiting for him at the rendezvous point for two days and one night. I was almost lost."

Chu Han was shaking and then looked back at Ding Siyao, "An Fei?"

"Yes, what happened to him?" Ding Siyao could feel something was wrong with Chu Han's tone.

"He is dead." Chu Han went back and did not pay attention to Ding Siyao's shocked expression. His voice was cold, "A hybrid killed him. The military sure is slow when it comes to getting information. You seem to know nothing about hybrids."

An Fei was the phase-3 evolutionary that the hybrid, Hu Menghao's boss, had killed three days prior. Chu Han had never expected that An Fei was Hu Ya's member and that he was killed before starting the rescue mission.

The room became silent again as Ding Siyao was in no mood to talk. He kept looking down while holding his fingers tightly to the point they turned pale.

Chu Han was processing a lot more than Ding Siyao. An Fei, Hu Menghao, Hu Ya, Chen Xing, Hybrids, everything seemed to be connected, and it was something that made Chu Han afraid.


In Nandu's large survivor's base, a helicopter landed, and Shangguan Yuxin dressed in a beautiful uniform got off. She had a smile on her face, while a row of soldiers was saluting her. A strict middle-aged man was standing in front of them. Nobody knew that the iron-blooded officer would personally come to bring his daughter home. Only by his eyes could one tell how excited he was.

"I'll be leaving first." Shang Jiuti dressed in a black playsuit was sitting inside the helicopter. She carried no military insignia, but her sublimate air could shock every man. Was she really the youngest female Major General in China?

"Thank you for sending me, goodbye." Shangguan Yuxin smiled and retreated. Then she waved her hand to the helicopter.

The helicopter left a deafening sound as it flew in the air.

Shangguan Yuxin took a deep breath, straightened her back and turn around. Her boot stomped on the ground. The female doctor did not look sideways, and she walked toward Shangguan Rong in the middle of the force.

She gave a standard military salute, and there was no expression in Shangguan Yuxin's face. Only her eyes seemed lively as she said loudly, "Congratulations, Lieutenant General Shangguan Rong, for your promotion."

Shangguan Rong stood proudly and raised his right hand tremblingly to salute to Shangguan Yuxin. He said nothing but his quivering lips and bright pupils showed how proud he was.

Shangguan Rong had protected Nandu base and the survivors. He had defeated the zombie wave and saved thousands of survivors. He had been promoted to the rank of General, but what excited him most was the fact that his daughter was the one bringing and giving him the General's insignia. It was a special feeling!

  1. The name of Chu Han's mom ;)
  2. Chapter 282

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; The background of Chu Han's mom seems to be special o.O What about his father?


(Wednesday's chapter, 20/06/2018)

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    Holy ****!!! Her mom!!!!! Flags flags flags!!!

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    I can't remember who these people are

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    The last 3 character are either the doctor, the loli and the mc waifu's candidate. But I dont know which one lol

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