98.31% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 291: Everyone Looking for Chu Han!?

Chapter 291: Everyone Looking for Chu Han!?

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

In the flying helicopter, a voice full of respect sounded, "Major General Shang, you didn't need to send comrade Shangguan back since it is time-consuming and the noise of the propeller is so loud."

Suddenly, the pilot felt something cold pressed against his temple.

Shang Jiuti was holding a delicate gun with a cold expression on her face. She was aiming it at the helicopter's pilot, and she said emotionlessly, "Turn around and go to Anluo."

"Major General Shang?" The pilot broke into cold sweat. He had never expected that Shang Jiuti, who was so quiet, would make such a demand, and in that way. Why should they head to Anluo? The young pilot's body was shaking, but he denied, "I cannot disobey military orders."

Shang Jiuti loaded the gun and sneered. "I don't really mind killing you and getting rid of your corpse. I can pilot the helicopter too."

The pilot gritted his teeth and gave in.

The attitude's change could hardly affect Shang Jiuti, who was currently a phase-3 evolutionary. As she was looking at the scenery from the air, her eyes appeared determined. She hadn't the slightest trace of hesitation.

She did not like being a Major General and had no intentions of staying at Shangjing Base. She did not care about the feelings of her senior officer, chasing after mighty evolutionaries to recruit them, get promotions or other tedious military-related tasks.

Shang Jiuti longed to find Chu Han, and she would not wait for a minute longer.


In the suburb of Yin City, there was a mountain with a surging water stream crossing it. On the left side was vast grassland and on the right was a monolith.

A fast shadow could be seen leaving the grassland with several wild chickens in hand. The fast-moving shadow was Th Fan Jian 1 , who was returning to the camp. Suddenly, he stopped on his tracks and stared at a woman leaning on a huge trunk.

She was wearing a clean snow white dress without any wrinkles, and 10-cm high-heels. Her long hair was at the height of her waist, and she was flawlessly stepping on uneven ground without breaking a sweat.

What surprised Fan Jian was that he had no recollection of anyone being in the area as he had been hunting all day. Her sudden appearance had startled him greatly.

Bai Yun'er stopped paying attention to the monolith and then looked at Fan Jian.

Fan Jian had not seen her beautiful face, but when she turned around so quickly, he was so scared that he cried, "Wh- What do you want? Body or money? I- I only have wild chickens and nothing else!" 

In Fan Jian's mind, the more beautiful a woman, the more dangerous she was. It was already abnormal that he could not sense the beautiful girl's presence in the area!

Bai Yun'er glanced at him emotionlessly and said coldly, "How can I go to Anluo?"

"Anluo?" Fan Jian was dazed and then looked at the woman carefully. He pointed at Anluo's direction, "That way."

"Thanks," Bai Yun'er said coldly and then left swiftly without looking at Fan Jian again.

Fan Jian felt a shiver running down his spine. The girl was so fast that he could only feel the wind after she passed him. He could not help but wonder if she were a famous ranker.

According to what he had heard, the beautiful and terribly powerful woman should either be Shang Jiuti or Bai Yun'er. Immediately after, Fan Jian felt regretful. He had seen one of the two goddesses, but he had not asked for an autograph!

Then, Fan Jian looked at the monolith and saw Chu Han's information in the phase-2 list. He felt strange as he remembered that Chu Han was heading for Anluo and wondered if the beautiful maiden was going to Anluo for Chu Han. But soon, he rejected that idea as he thought it was impossible.


In Shangjing Base, Commander Mu and a group of high-ranking officials were seated in the conference room. They all had a document in their hands, and they were silent from shock.

The contents were so shocking that even Luo Ming, who was usually drinking tea and eating melon seeds, was sitting abnormally with a severe expression on his face. "Are you sure it's hybrids?"

"Reporting to Mr. Lao. This piece of information came from Long Ya, and its reliability is 99%." Someone answered soon.

"They can control zombies?"

"It's our fault. If we had found about their existence earlier, they wouldn't have developed so fast."

"What should we do? What happened to Long Ya's troop? Why didn't they kill the hybrids when they received the task?

"Yes, there are also two of Hu Ya's members over there. They should try hard to solve the problem."

"These troops follow their orders to the letter, nothing more, nothing less. Their tasks would be delayed if they were to be occupied with other things."

Commander Mu, who was sitting on the Chief's seat, had a fierce expression on his face as he listened to the heated discussions. "How many hybrids are there?"

"At least 100 and they may still be increasing in numbers," the person reporting answered. "The number of zombies that are under control and guard Chen Xing is 5,000."

"5,000?" Someone exclaimed. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, it's around that number," Luo Ming interjected. "Hybrids are a new race, and they may create serious trouble if we don't act fast. We've found them in Anluo, but who knows whether other places face similar situations? What we are dealing with are not brainless beasts, but intelligent entities that can control vast numbers of zombies."

"Although it is dangerous, Anluo's situation should not alarm us. We should focus on finding if there are hybrids in other major cities," someone rejected Luo Ming's proposal.

"It's absolutely necessary to find a solution. Plus, there is someone we are looking for."

General Zhuang Hong sneered, "The special organizations suck. They only found about this situation three months after the apocalypse. If it were any later, China might have had fallen in Hybrids' hands."

Many people sighed when Zhuang Hong spoke, and it was pretty evident that his words had a bigger effect on them. They respected him more than Luo Ming.

"Send Major General An Ze." Commander Mu had finally decided, "His mission is to kill all hybrids in Anluo. One Major General and his troops are enough to kill 5,000 zombies and 100 hybrids. He should also search for Chu Han in the process since it is hard for ordinary soldiers to search for him.

"Yes, Commander Mu!"

  1. One of Hunter's founders, and Chu Han's friend from his previous life. He was the one who wanted to kill a tiger.

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; That is going to be a hell of a reunion ;p


(Thursday's chapter, 21/06/2018)

Comments (31)

  • C4ssidy


    "Wh- What do you want? Body or money?" That was funny

  • sento


    It took him what? A month to get there, since they split? And now others decided to go, and they will arrive tomorrow..

  • J_Enyl


    The squad are gathering! Where are the others?

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