99.66% Apocalypse Meltdown / Chapter 295: Thunder Before the Rainstorm

Chapter 295: Thunder Before the Rainstorm

Translator: Sky_ Editor: Valvrave

Mensa - the largest high IQ society in the world.

The lowest IQ level of its members was 148, and the members were all over the world. China's Mensa was just a branch. It was an organization that existed for a long time. Its management was loose without any restraining them, and it had no clear goal. It was similar to the Hunter Union, which would be gradually formed with the passage of time. However, Mensa did not give out missions, but even if they did, they would not force anyone to accept it. It was a place for people with a high intellect to communicate with each other.

What was kind of funny was that the occupations of people with high IQ, and Mensa's internal staff, differed vastly. What really mattered to them was neither occupation nor accumulated knowledge; it was IQ. It didn't matter if one was an administrator, professor, a farmer or even a beggar who was illiterate, as long as one's IQ exceeded 148, they could become Mensa's members. They aimed to communicate without any obstacle and to maintain an equal relationship among people with high IQ without discrimination.

As for Chu Han's parents, they were the commonest people, and they belonged to the hardworking wage-earning class. The only difference was that they were Mensa's members as they possessed very high IQ. Although they had such a gift, they had no ambitions or plans to put it to use. 

After the catastrophe, humanity was plunged into an abyss of misery. China was in a lack of talents. Except for the Evolutionaries and Enhanced that were powerful, talented people should be used to rebuild the devastated land. The military thought that Mensa's talents were the most suitable for the job. Although their knowledge may be lacking, it was easy for people with high IQ to learn and put into practice what they learned.

He Shang whose IQ was up to 250 was one of Mensa's members. In Chu Han's previous life, the military had recruited him to build their defenses. However, in this life, Chu Han found him first and made him become Ye Mo's apprentice and stay with the other two in the underground mansion.

Chu Han should have thought about Mensa, but never had he expected that his parents were its members. They had never mentioned it.

Only now did Chu Han understand why Long Ya had appeared in Anluo. They had come to pick up his parents.

If Long Ya's members were not swifter and more powerful than Hu Ya, Chu Han's father would have been tortured alongside his wife. Chu Han hated the fact that he had chosen to mind his own business when he had met Long Ya's members. If he had done so, he would have met his father and tried his very best to pick up his mother earlier.

The people in such special troops only focused on their mission, and that's why they only saved Chu Han's father, leaving his wife behind. Chu Han was perplexed as to why Hu Ya had come for his mother, while Long Ya for his father. 

Both of them were Mensa's members, but they had received different treatment. It should be known that Long Ya was more powerful than Hu Ya. Was there something that Chu Han was missing?

While wondering about all these, his mother was still lying prone on his shoulder, trying to explain something. However, she had used all of her energy, and thus her voice kept getting lower. Finally, she could only open her mouth without being able to speak.

Ding Siyao could not see Chu Han's face since the latter had his back turned to him. Not even Wangcai could see him, but if they could, they would be scared sh*tless by how terrible and violent his expression was.

Chu Han looked at the suction tubes on his mother's back, where they two liquids were being mixed together. He stretched his shaking hand and dragged them out!

The dark red liquid was out of his mother's body and at the same time her back trembled. There was a weird substance surging out of her vertebra that Chu Han could not help looking. The experiment, which was currently taking place in Anluo's Institute, had to do with the influence of mixed blood to people with high IQ. And what better test subjects than Mensa's members? That was the reason they had targeted Chu Han's parents, and why Anluo had disappeared in such a manner. 

Chu Han knew the experiment would give out bullsh*t results. Nobody could survive if they were to be transfused with mixed blood of hybrids and zombies. It had nothing to with battle prowess, intelligence or age!

The apocalypse's outburst was not a manmade disaster, but a natural one. The only thing that mattered was the survival of the fittest between the three life-forms; humans, zombies, and hybrids. They would gain no results by such a meaningless and immoral study. 

'These beasts dared to use my mother as a test subject!'

Chu Han looked and hugged his mother whose vitality was growing weaker and her eyes were slowly closing. Fortunately, Long Ya had saved his father, and even though he did not know where they had him, at least he was safe. Having his mother with him and knowing that his father was well, removed all of Chu Han's restraints.

Chu Han's eyes turned chilly cold as he had nothing to be scared of now!


Li Yi and Wei An were hidden in a ventilation shaft which Chu Han had directed them to go as their rendezvous point. They had been hiding there ever since they had escaped from the locked room. 

Although they did not know whether Chu Han could find his parents or how long they would have to stay, letting alone what would happen in the end, they just stayed there. They did nothing but count the number of hybrids walking throughout Chen Xing.


The sound of heavy footsteps came.

Li Yi and Wei An held their breaths as those were by no way the footsteps of a single person. The hybrids and researches in white lab coats were moving in such a slow and relaxed manner that they would be scared if they heard that.

They sounded like the rumbling of thunder right before a heavy rainstorm.

Chu Han!

Thinking about it, Li Yi and Wei An were ready to jump from the ventilation shaft since they thought only Chu Han would come this way.

Had he found his parents? What had happened?

Li Yi and Wei An jumped to the ground. They saw two shadows, but it should be three people as one of them was being carried.

The first one they saw was Chu Han. He was looking down, making it difficult to see his expression, and he was carrying a woman on his back. She seemed weak and slim, but when Li Yi and Wei An saw her beautiful face, they were both greatly shocked.

They had seen Chu Han's family photos, so they recognized his mother at first sight!

However, the next moment, Li Yi and Wei An narrowed their eyes, and their hearts skipped a beat when they saw the bloodstains on Chu Han's shoulders.

The weird blood was neither pure red nor black, and it was dripping from Yuan Yexi's back. The bloodstains had formed a long line on Chu Han's clothes, and the snowy corridor, as he had been carrying her the whole way.

Sky_ Sky_

Valvrave's corner; Requiem For A Dream, that's what I'd listen to in the next chapters...


(Monday's chapter, 25/06/2018)

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  • Pigpuff


    Soon enough this base will cease to exist.

  • holoman


    Chu han had a great and bold characteristic he just proved that he can be more badass and can be more lifeless and regretful at the same time....thanks for this chapter loved it a lot and wanted to further know about the story ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Balor


    Time to butcher the whole base

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