6.26% The Favored Son of Heaven / Chapter 36: A Rookie Turned Killer

Chapter 36: A Rookie Turned Killer

Translator: Strivon Editor: Nora

It was daybreak. Occasionally, a few dolphins would leap from the surface of the water near the military transport ship. The spray of water possessed the beauty of liquid gold under the rays of the rising sun.

The recruits didn't have the leisure to appreciate the beautiful scene. Having challenged their squad leaders and lost yesterday, everyone obediently chose the first option for military training.

However, they never expected the restrictions for this training. They could only rely on their physical strength. Anyone who dared to use weightless martial arts techniques would be tossed into the ocean to swim with the dolphins.

No one dared to test this claim that they would be tossed into the ocean. Every one of the new recruits yawned endlessly as they did their morning training.

Qin Fen was quite depressed today. He was ranked at the very bottom for yesterday's air warfare, which was already shameful enough. During roll call in the morning, he was called out in front of the two-thousand recruits. Everyone knew who was in last place, tossing his reputation all the way to the Arctic ocean.

He was most frustrated by the fact that he could clearly detect all his opponent's attacks. However, he had been struck down over and over because he wasn't used to using the aerial combat techniques of fighters.

Squad Leader Hao took advantage of this chance to further his own interests. He stated that the person in last place would need to bear a heavy weights during training. Qin Fen wasn't allowed to use the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art in this training, so he gradually began to feel a bit of pressure.

Only one person bore weights in their training among the two thousand people, further attracting the attention of the other recruits. This training was very much like being paraded through the streets. It evoked the side of Qin Fen that refused to admit defeat.

Soon it was3 o'clock in the afternoon. Qin Fen unloaded all the weights from his body, dripping with sweat. He had done two times the normal training volume as well, yet he had become the first person out of two thousand to finish all the items on the training program.

All the squad leaders were shocked as they watched Qin Fen walk into the hold of the ship. Squad Leader Hao contemplative gaze began to slowly radiate a glow of interest. His eyes had a light that made people think of a kid who had found a brand new toy.


An utterance of curiosity. Squad Leader Hao saw another recruit begin to increase his speed in training out of the crowd. It was shockingly Du Peng, a recruit from his squad.

Dragging his weary body back to the hold of the ship, Qin Fen took a quick shower. He sat cross-legged on the bed as he practiced the Rejuvenation Art that Song Jia gave him.

Song Wendong, who holds the title of the Earth Martial God, had synthesized several paleo martial arts to form the Rejuvenation Art. It was original and unique, allowing a weary body to rapidly recover internally.

Qin Fen circulated the Rejuvenation Art for a few times, and his physical strength was indeed restored substantially.

Qin Fen simply put on the red helmet. The shameful event of standing infront of two-thousand people had aroused a competitive spirit that rarely exploded within him.

Even though he was in the Army, he absolutely would not accept being last in aerial combat. Qin Fen quickly accessed all sorts of material, and he watched all sorts of recordings on typical aerial combat with the help of the system. He listened to the analyses and explanations in earnest.

Qin Fen viewed quite a few cases before opening up aerial combat mode. He had the system generate a bunch of enemy fighters for special training, setting the speed of the fighters to be quite high.

One down. Another down. Got shot down.... Dodge. Counterattack. Shoot another down and be shot down.

A martial artist's reaction speed already exceeded that of a normal person. Qin Fen's reaction speed was substantially faster than a typical martial artist's. In addition, with the sudden gain of super memory, Qin Fen quickly became familiar with all sorts of skills, techniques, and combat methods when it came to aerial combat.

An unknown amount of time passed, and two thousand recruits entered the battle network once more under the orders of their commanding officer. Qin Fen was logged out of his self-training's combat mode and joined the exercise.

Second Squad, First Platoon, Third Company, Second Battalion's Specter Space Fighter had solmenly become the most famous fighter among the two thousand recruits, thanks to last night's fierce battle and the call out from the commanding officers in the morning.

Freebie Aircraft. This was the new nickname that the recruits gave Qin Fen during training. Everyone knew that this aircraft was the easiest one to shoot down and obtain points from.

Happiness bloomed within the hearts of the recruits near Qin Fen's body. The recruits a bit further away sighed about their unlucky spawn points. At the same time, they cursed the shamelessness of the recruits near Qin Fen for going so far as to bully the weak.

Of course, if they had spawned in those spots, they would do the same. They would bully the weak.

Arcs of heat-rays shot out from different directions. A few recruits experienced at aerial combat lamented. Under such a concentration of heat-rays, Qin Fen was screwed.

Qin Fen was angry now. Bullying should never be this extreme. The special battle sensation from the system-generated concentration of enemy forces he faced a moment ago still lingered within his mind. His two hands operated completely subconsciously, and the ultra high speed movement of the Specter Fighter was fully revealed in this moment. His fighter was akin to a demon as it avoided the countless shots of heat-rays from the joint enemy attack.

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The surrounding recruits who saw the scene became stupefied. Was this really the Freebie Aircraft rookie from yesterday? It hadn't even been a day, and this clumsy and blunderous newbie was able to use aerial combat techniques unique to the Specter Space Fighter?

The Specter Drift Technique!

Was it a coincidence? Was it luck? Or was it true skill?

In the moment when everyone was shocked, Qin Fen used his fighter to shoot two heat-rays and destroy an enemy fighter. He instantly broke through the encirclement formed by several of the recruits.

There were four recruits remaining that were close to Qin Fen. They couldn't afford to delve into what sort of transformation Qin Fen had undergone. They just knew that it had been five versus one. They should have been able to take their opponent down, even if their opponent wasn't a rookie. The current outcome was very disgraceful!

"Don't run!" The four space fighters of the recruits yelled at Qin Fen through their fighters' communications equipment as they chased him down.

The Specter Space Fighter's drive furnace was a bit overheated after performing the Specter Drift Technique, so it was incapable of displaying its maximum speed for a time. The four enemy fighters had him locked tight, and the heat-rays appeared to be the type that didn't consume energy for they shot at him madly.

As Qin Fen continued to dodge the heat-rays, he was unable to increase his speed any further. It appeared that he wouldn't be able to break free from the four fighters that were approaching closer and closer, but then he suddenly pulled his control stick back, raising the nose of his fighter to a hundred and fifty degrees! His super high-speed flight suddenly decreased to super low speed of a hundred and ten kilometers per hour!

Pugachev's Cobra!

This had been a classic aerial combat technique, gradually forgotten with the growth of science and technology, yet it reappeared today!

None of the pursuing enemy fighters expected Qin Fen to perform this maneuver. Though it was a very ancient technique, it wasn't something that could be easily done without special training.

The four recruits rushed to respond to the sudden maneuverer, but they were too late. They shot passed Qin Fen at super high speeds. The situation was now where the pursuers were in front while the pursued was in the back.

"It's my turn!" A smile was engraved in Qin Fen's face as the roles of hunter and hunted were completely reversed. Two heat-ray shots and two air-to-air specter missiles flew straight forward.


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    Calling it now: The instructors will see this, see his terrible posting, and change where he ends up going.

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    *Facepalms* Good job, that will get the instructor to leave you alone... NOT!!!

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    I'm sad that Drill Instructor-chan wasn't as assertive as yesterday....

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