94.95% The Legend of the Dragon King / Chapter 1017: If You're the Major General, I'm the Marshal!

Chapter 1017: If You're the Major General, I'm the Marshal!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Blood God Army upheld strict regulations especially in regards to the conferring of military ranks. They would never allow any oversight, such as when Long Tianwu decreed that Tang Wulin's merits were not valid for the elevation of military rank when he found out that Tang Wulin could accumulate his merits through forging.

Previously, when Long Yuxue met Tang Wulin, he was but a lowly second lieutenant. He went from a second lieutenant to a major general where the difference in ranks was as vast as heaven and earth. Naturally, she could not believe that Tang Wulin could be promoted to such a rank within a short period of time.

Ma Shan raised his hand and pulled Long Yuxue to the side. He spoke coldly, "We'll discuss further when we're at the court-martial!" His hand was already reaching for Tang Wulin's shoulder to yank off the epaulets on his shoulders.

Ma Shan had been fighting battles for the Blood God Army for two decades, but he had yet to be promoted to general. To add insult to injury, a new recruit here was bold enough to wear a major general's rank which sparked off his anger.

Tang Wulin frowned. He raised his left hand and blocked Ma Shan's hand.

Ma Shan was over two meters tall, a full head taller than Tang Wulin. His figure was burly and tough just like a giant bear. As they were still inside an army camp, he would not cavalierly harm anyone. He still exercised caution for his actions. The moment when both their hands came into contact, Ma Shan felt as if the handsome boy opposite him had an arm cast in metal for he could barely push down his hand.

"Huh?" Ma Shan was surprised and bewildered. Immediately, he exerted strength into his right arm while the fierce look on his face appeared even more savage now. With his terrifying strength, he managed to pin down Tang Wulin for he was truly infuriated.

The lowly second lieutenant not only pretended to be a general but was bold enough to resist. This was simply intolerable. Ma Shan did not refrain himself anymore as he was prepared to teach Tang Wulin a lesson.

Tang Wulin raised his brows upon sensing the massive strength radiating from Ma Shan's hand but his own left hand which was raised did not budge at all. Tang Wulin spoke with a deep voice, "Commander Ma, what you're doing now is considered provoking a superior."

"Provoking a superior? You're even retorting now!" Ma Shan was in a rage as he continued to exert strength in his right arm. Similarly, Tang Wulin was also exerting strength in his left arm at the moment.

Tang Wulin gently shook his left arm upward once. Ma Shan felt a gush of massive strength radiating into him while his body staggered a few steps back. His feet left behind deep footprints on the ground.

This time, he was truly shocked! He had always been known for his strength. The only person whose strength could match his in the Iron Blood Battalion was Jiang Wuyue whom he admired the most. Jiang Wuyue was his direct successor.

Despite Jiang Wuyue's Overlord Dragon martial soul, Ma Shan's strength still triumphed over Jiang Wuyue due to the disparity between their cultivation bases and Ma Shan's inherent superhuman strength.

Although he had yet to unleash his martial soul earlier, the compression force he exerted was hundreds of kilograms. Not only was Tang Wulin unaffected, he even managed to shake off Ma Shan. How could Ma Shan not feel shocked?

'Could it be that he is truly a major general?' The thought flashed past Ma Shan's mind, but he shook it off immediately.

How was that possible? He was just a second lieutenant before! Even if his ability was good enough, he would still need to accumulate his military gallantry gradually. How could he possibly become a major general in just one leap? The military rank of a major general could not be directly appointed by the army unless one was a Blood God. He would still require the approval from the federal army in order to be conferred the rank of a major general.

"B*stard!" Ma Shan shouted in rage. A cold radiance grew in his eyes as his body swelled in a split second. He unleashed his martial soul and grew to a height of six meters with just one sway of his body.

His figure did not appear to be as large as Jiang Wuyue's Overlord Dragon but his shoulders were unusually broad, especially his pair of arms. The muscles on his arms were like chunks of steel. Just then, a terrifying and tyrannical aura arose spontaneously.

Tang Wulin's expression turned unpleasant for they were in his forging workshop. He was certain that the place would be destroyed if he were to engage in a fight with Ma Shan.

"Commander Ma, please calm down. I'm willing to follow you to the court-martial for identification purposes." The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin's right hand was raised as the double cores in his body spun at high speed to infuse his complementing yin-yang vortex energy into the spear. A stream of white-gold radiance, ten meters long, appeared out of thin air as the incomparable tyrannical spear's consciousness locked its target at Ma Shan. 

Ma Shan felt the sharp aura in an instant. He was about to stride forward when he immediately paused for a moment.

'He's willing to go to the court-martial?'

Ma Shan glared at Tang Wulin. "Sure. Since you've turned yourself in without putting up any resistance, I shall take you to the court-martial."

Tang Wulin felt speechless. He spoke helplessly, "Commander Ma, aren't you concerned that I may be a major general and you may have to face the consequences if it turned out to be so?"

"You're a major general? Then I'm the federal marshall. Stop talking nonsense. Do you think that your embroidery needle can hurt me?" Ma Shan raised his right hand to slap Tang Wulin as he was speaking. His palm turned black in a split second as he smashed the spear's radiance. A layer of black radiance rippled on its surface while eight soul rings arose from underneath Ma Shan's feet simultaneously.

Tang Wulin fell back and exited his forging workshop in a flash for he did not wish to fight Ma Shan in the workshop. It would be his loss if his workshop was destroyed!

Tang Wulin's figure shimmered as he showed up outside after exiting the workshop.

Ma Shan had the cultivation base of a Soul Douluo. He was not supposed to be slow, but his figure was enormous after he had unleashed his martial soul. Hence, he had to pause for a while.

When Tang Wulin made his way to the snow-covered land outside, Ma Shan dashed out as well. The only problem was that he wrecked a wall as he dashed through it to chase after Tang Wulin. His fists were akin to two iron hammers as he smashed toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin had already given way time and again as he did not wish to fight. However, he could not tolerate it anymore when his opponent compelled him to fight. He, too, had a temper. Moreover, he was aware that one's capability was most crucial in the army. Even if he could prove that he was a major general, what about the Blood God Battalion's honor? Could he allow himself to be put into a tight corner by his opponent?

He did not retreat any further. On the contrary, he crossed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand as he blocked the opponent's fists.

"Boom…" A loud violent noise was heard. The snow within the range of a hundred meters was blown away that even Long Yuxue, who was about to catch up to them, was forced back into the workshop by the powerful shockwave.

Tang Wulin's feet sank into the ground while Ma Shan was pushed away. His gaze finally revealed surprise.

He was exceedingly confident in his strength, but he was finally convinced when Tang Wulin blocked his two attacks consecutively. He could not help thinking that, perhaps, the boy was truly a major general after all.

Tang Wulin felt relieved. If it had been in the past, he feared that he would be caught in a difficult position. Ever since his sparring session with Blood Nine which allowed him to achieve mastery by having a thorough understanding of the battle process, he was not afraid of Ma Shan at all. Blood Nine was a Title Douluo while Ma Shan was an eight-ring Soul Douluo with two-word battle armor. Still, there was a disparity between Ma Shan and a three-word battle armor master. Naturally, Tang Wulin felt very confident of himself. He knew that he would not be defeated even if he failed to triumph over his opponent. Furthermore, he had been gracious enough to show some consideration for his opponent.

"Boy! Take my punch again!" Ma Shan was getting worked up from the fight. He shouted aloud as a bright light surged on his body. Then, he raised his pair of arms, which were cast in iron seemingly, to smash at Tang Wulin. Nonetheless, he decided to reserve some of his strength as he had not used his soul skill.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes and took a deep breath. A layer of golden scales immediately attached to his body which was his bloodline skill, the Golden Dragon Body. His strength increased exponentially under the Golden Dragon Body's amplification. He then exerted his strength onto his legs while raising the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand.

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  • Anshoo


    We really didn't need more idiots to show how Awesome Wulin is But we needed them for more fun

  • Anita_June


    Won’t he feel stupid. Hahahaha, it’s gonna be hilarious when he not only finds out the truth but also gets a whooping.

  • NecroGamer27


    This guy has the smallest amount of tunnel vision Zhen Hua (Divine Blacksmith) has gone into hiding so the only person that has any chance of achieving a Divine Blacksmith level is Tang Wulin. So he as a Low Ranking Doulouo is Cripping his chances for a 3 Word or 4 Word BA!!! Also he is gonna get court martialed for attacking Blood Nine. Tang Wulin could have called Blood anybody on his BG soul communicator

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