64.77% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 627: The Third Ability

Chapter 627: The Third Ability

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The powerful suction from outside was pulling at Wang Lin's body. The opening to the crack was like the mouth of a beast that wanted to devour Wang Lin.

The suction was so powerful that his clothes and hair were being pulled toward the crack. There were uneven bumps under Wang Lin's skin; it was his blood and flesh being affected by the suction force.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position for seven days. During these seven days, he got used to the degree of suction at this spot. On this day, he opened his eyes and took another step.

He stepped directly into the area within ten feet of the opening of the crack.

The powerful suction suddenly surrounded him. Wang Lin's body tilted slightly as if there was a pair of invisible hands dragging him.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he slowly sat down. He adjusted himself to resist the suction.

The blood flow in his body had almost stopped. If it wasn't for the celestial spiritual energy inside him, many parts of his body would be injured right now.

"Still not enough!" Wang Lin pondered for a moment before stopping the celestial spiritual energy inside his body. As soon as he did so, he was pulled out of the crack.

At the moment his body arrived at the edge of the crack, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding. The seven swords immediately flew out and formed a formation. All seven swords fell like arrows and stabbed into the ground around Wang Lin.

Strands of lightning connected the seven swords and held Wang Lin in place. The amount of lightning between the swords increased until it formed a net that wrapped around Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slowly sat down inside the seven star sword formation. He was already sitting at the edge of the crack. The cold aura filled the area and the loud whistling of the suction force echoed in his ears.

Wang Lin's origin soul was already grabbed by the suction force and seem to show signs of being sucked out. However, at this moment, the barrier that appeared before appeared once more, trapping his origin soul inside his body.

Aside from his origin being pulled, even the slaughter intent seemed to condense and was gradually being pulled out. This slaughter intent came from the heart of slaughter. It formed into red lights and could be seen under Wang Lin's skin.

After a long time, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he moved forward three feet. Even the seven swords moved with him. The suction force increased once more and another red line appeared under Wang Lin's skin.

The powerful section force surrounded Wang Lin's seven swords, causing them to let out bursts of sword hymns. The spirits inside the sword came out and merged together. They didn't stay in one form but constantly changed shape to resist the suction force.

In addition to this, the lightning connecting the seven swords crackled as the swords linked closer together. The seven swords seemed to have fused with the ground as they moved forward.

As Wang Lin moved forward, more and more red lines appeared under his skin. They became dense and appeared everywhere, making his entire body red.

There were so many red lines that if one were to count them all, there would be one million!

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The red lines under Wang Lin's skin flashed, but his mind was calm and he took a deep breath. At this moment, he reached the edge of the crack, but it was still not enough to force the slaughter intent out of his body, only enough to expose it.

Looking at the world of darkness outside the crack, Wang Lin's eyes it up. This light allowed him to see two hundred feet down to a rock that was sticking out from the wall. The ancient transfer array was on this rock.

After silently calculating for a bit, Wang Lin jumped out of the crack. His figure moved like lightning as he charged straight for the big rock two hundred feet away.

The seven star sword formation followed Wang Lin out of the crack. The powerful suction force from the bottom of the pit immediately increased like crazy.

The suction force here was countless times stronger, and in an instant some of the red lines were pulled out of Wang Lin's body. The moment the red lines left Wang Lin's body, they began to wiggle as if they were struggling. However, they all immediately turned into red gas and disappeared into the bottom of the pit.

At the same time, the seven sword formation spun rapidly around wang Lin. The speed of the spinning reached an extreme speed, creating a powerful vortex. The vortex created a pushing force, and the force became stronger and stronger.

Wang Lin, still inside the sword formation, took a step toward the large rock. He was completely focused and didn't want to be distracted. If he were to make one mistake, he would be sucked into the deep pit.

The surrounding area had dense, cold aura, and the suction force was even more amazing. It was as if there was a large hand pressing down from above and a large hand mercilessly pulling from below at the same time. The whistling was like the roar of the master of this place.

The speed of the seven star formation had reached a certain limit, but the force it produced wasn't enough to resist the suction. Wang Lin's body was pulled down along with the sword formation.

At this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and a black figure suddenly appeared under his feet. This figure seemed closely connected to Wang Lin, and it began to mutter and form a seal with its hands.

In an instant, the black figure created a powerful tornado that was powerful enough to stop the suction force for a moment. It carried Wang Lin and the sword formation toward the giant rock.

After stepping on the large rock, Wang Lin let out a breath of relief. The combination of the sword formation and the puppet could resist the suction force, but not for a long period of time.

Wang Lin sat down on the rock. He didn't have any time to study the transfer array on the rock, so he focused on forcing the red lines out of his body.

His eyes lit up and he waved his hand. The tornado suddenly disappeared into the puppet that was hiding in Wang Lin's shadow.

The seven swords spun rapidly around Wang Lin after the tornado disappeared. Without the tornado, Wang Lin once again felt the incredible suction force. He clenched his teeth and the veins on his face bulged. He looked rather ferocious at the moment.

Even more red lines in his body were pulled out. They seemed to have intelligence, as they struggled, but ultimately they were all pulled out of Wang Lin's body. These red lines all exploded into red mist and disappeared.

It was as if Wang Lin had suddenly grown red fur, as countless wiggling red lines were pulled partially out of his body. This scene was extremely strange.

As the red lines were pulled out one by one, the red mist before Wang Lin never ceased to appear. At the moment one cloud of red mist was pulled away, another would appear.

This repeated over and over again. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin's skin was no longer all red and gradually revealed some skin color. Wang Lin let out a deep breath and suddenly opened his eyes. The puppet appeared from his shadow and once more created a tornado, then it brought him back to the crack.

After struggling to enter the crack, Wang Lin arrived in a place inside the crack without any suction force. He was weakened; it was as if he had just battled against a late stage Ascendant cultivator for 10 days and 10 nights.

In the past several days, Wang Lin had to resist the power of the suction force, manipulate the seven star sword formation, force the red lines out of his body, and also cycle celestial spiritual energy inside his body to stabilize himself.

Doing all of this at once made Wang Lin extremely tired. He knew that he might make a mistake and doom himself if he continued, so he decided to simply rest first, and once he was in peak continue, he would continue.

After adjusting himself for a bit, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He controlled the seven sword formation and walked out of the crack once more.

This continued for several months. On this day, Wang Lin had been trapped here for four years. He was sitting on the large rock in the pit, and under the skin in his right hand there was a red line. The red line trembled under the suction force. It seemed to let out an unwilling cry as it was pulled out through the fingertip and turned into red mist.

This was the last strand of red line inside his body. The moment it was forced out, Wang Lin opened his. His eyes revealed how tired he was, but there was a flash of coldness as well.

"Celestial Slaughter Art!!"

He pondered for a long time and the coldness in his eyes slowly hid itself. Then he lowered his head and looked at the transfer array. After taking one look, he no longer paid any attention to it and slowly felt the surrounding suction force.

Only after integrating with the suction force could he feel the subtle changes inside the suction force. If he wanted to learn about the suction force, he would have to open up his mist and not resist it. He had to become transparent so that the suction could pass through his body.

Day after day, year after year… Wang Lin sat here for three years!

The seven star sword formation no longer spun and had stabbed into the ground around him. Wang Lin seemed to have become one with the rock. At first the suction force could cause him to move a little, but gradually it was as if Wang Lin had become transparent. The suction force would just go through his body.

Time slipped past and another three years went by.

The suction force went through Wang Lin without stopping and rushed toward the bottom. Not even his clothes and hair were moved by the suction force like they were three years ago.

Not only did his body not move, but his mind also didn't move at all. During these past six years, as Wang Lin sat here and felt the suction force going through all parts of his body, he gradually entered a mysterious state.

He had a feeling that he had completely disappeared. It was because he had disappeared that the suction had no effect on him at all.

However, the suction force still couldn't pass through his origin soul. It was because of this that Wang Lin still had a feeling of not being complete while in this mysterious state.

He could make the suction force pass through his body and make his body become one with the suction force. However, he couldn't make it pass through his origin soul and consciousness and truly become one with the suction force.

However, Wang Lin wasn't in a rush. He continued to calmly comprehend the suction force. Under this mysterious state, he gradually allowed his origin soul to disperse.

Another five years passed by in a flash. He had been stranded here for 15 years… He had sat on that large rock for 11 years.

His origin soul still completely dispersed and had completely become one with the suction force.

On the seventeenth year since Wang Lin had been trapped here, he opened his eyes. His eyes revealed a trace of vicissitude and calmly looked at the darkness before him.

"The fusion of my mind and the suction force… This won't happen if there is the slightest bit of rejection. To understand the suction force and truly integrate with it I must become part of the suction force…

"Once I become the suction force, I will have fused with it…"

Wang Lin pondered. He had already considered this many years ago. It sounded easy, but actually doing it was very difficult. He had no idea where to begin to make himself part of the suction force.

Wang Lin had already grown accustomed to the whistling sound over the last seventeen years. The whistling was the voice of the suction. Wang Lin let out a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Go down…" That woman's voice echoed inside his origin soul once more.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes gave off lightning. He lowered his head and looked down at the darkness below him. The light in his eyes became brighter and brighter. At the moment the brightness reached its peak, it suddenly dissipated. Wang Lin slowly stood up after not moving for thirteen years and stepped forward.

He didn't use any spell with this step; he was like a mortal stepping off a cliff and into the void. His body immediately fell toward the bottom of the pit, and his figure was devoured by the darkness.

Wang Lin's body rapidly fell, and during this he closed his eyes. The suction force was like many large hands mercilessly dragging him down.

As he fell, it became even colder. There was even frost on the walls here.

Wang Lin turned a blind eye to all of this. His entire mind was immersed in that mysterious state. The only thought in his mind was to completely become one with the suction force.

Fuse with the suction force… Transform into the suction force… Become the suction force...

At this moment, Wang Lin's origin soul released countless thunderous booms. The suction force went through his body like crazy and moved through his origin soul.

At this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes. Although his body was sinking, he revealed a faint smile. He took a deep breath, and at this moment, his body stopped falling.

The suction force went through his body and no longer obstructed him at all. His origin soul, his flesh, everything about him had fused with the suction force. He was part of the suction force!

He looked down and saw that there was no bottom. There was only an endless abyss that looked like it could devour all existence in the world.

"It is about time to leave… My dao's third ability… is the power of the underworld…" Wang Lin raised his head until he was looking up and gradually began to rise.

"Go down… I'm begging you… Go down…" For the first time, there was emotion in the woman's voice.

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