69.73% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 675: A Reincarnation Cycle Ends

Chapter 675: A Reincarnation Cycle Ends

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A hideous voice echoed. At the moment the dao thunder descended inside the furnace, a purple flame appeared. In an instant, a sea of flames appeared inside the furnace. The combination of thunder and fire was much more powerful!

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. The origin energy in his body couldn't compare to the old man's, so he couldn't display the full power of the Heavenly Chop. It was just as the Huan family's ancestor had said, if Wang Lin was at the second step, or even at the Yin and Yang stage, the power of his Heavenly Chop would increase exponentially.

His eyes lit up as he put away the celestial sword and looked at the Thunder Beast. Wang Lin bit the tip of his finger and used his blood to draw a very complex symbol.

This symbol was filled with vicissitude as if it had existed for a very long time. The moment this symbol appeared, the Thunder Beast was startled, and it turned its big head toward Wang Lin.

"Third seal, open!" Wang Lin waved his hand and the symbol penetrated all the thunder and lightning before imprinting on the Thunder Beast's forehead.

The Thunder Beast's body trembled, its face revealed a painful expression, and then it let out a startling roar. As its body trembled, a row of thorns came out from its back. These ferocious thorns gave off a cold glint, and intense lightning zipped between them. A terrifying aura suddenly appeared inside the furnace.

This aura contained a heaven-defying might. If it dared to defy the heavens, then there was no need to mention this origin energy spell!

The Thunder Beast's body suddenly grew several times bigger. The silver lightning that was moving all over the Thunder Beast turned black!

The black lightning carried a destructive aura as it suddenly charged out from the Thunder Beast's body. The beast let out another roar, then it flew into the sky and complex beast language came out of its mouth. This made the Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple start trembling. It came out from the furnace and lied down on the ground in submission, not daring to look up. Previously, it felt that the other Thunder Beast was only a bit stronger than itself, but its pride made it dare to fight.

However, a deep fear came from its soul this time. The other Thunder Beast had suddenly changed into its ancestor, and that was something it couldn't resist!

After the Thunder Beast had the third seal released, its body was covered in lightning. At this moment, the amount of lightning reached its peak and the black lightning began to spread out. A black thunderstorm expanded like crazy.

At this moment, the celestial guard's body began to release a golden light. The golden light slowly turned red and then orange, and the power it contained became even stronger.

Boom! The thunderstorm cover the entire furnace and countless cracks suddenly appeared, and these cracks continued to expand.

Boom! The celestial guard's punch landed on the furnace, causing even more cracks to appear.

The powerful force spread everywhere, and Thunder Daoist's origin energy surged into the furnace like crazy. He had no time to feel pain over the use of origin energy, because this was the most difficult battle he'd had since becoming a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. It was a life and death battle!

However, the speed at which his origin energy was entering the furnace couldn't match the combined power of the Thunder Beast after the third seal had been released and the celestial guard puppet. At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin's eyes became cold. He didn't pick up the big sword but raised his finger and mercilessly chopped down!

"Heavenly Chop!"

Rumble! An indescribable explosion echoed the heavens and earth. The giant furnace suddenly exploded!

There was black lightning on each of the fragments, and then there was another series of explosions as those fragments exploded once more!

Wang Lin's expression was deathly pale. After using two Heavenly Chops, he was really low on origin energy, almost to the point of his cultivation level falling. If he was missing even a sliver more, his cultivation level probably would have fallen.

His body flickered and the world around him returned to normal. Wang Lin took a deep breath. Although his face was pale, his eyes were even colder than before.

Thunder Daoist's body appeared in the air. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and directly turned around to flee. He was afraid. He had fought countless battle but never had encountered something so strange. Although the enemy was merely a first step cultivator, all of the spells and treasures he possessed made his scalp numb and those two rays of sword energy made him only hate himself for not being able to run away sooner!

The celestial guard puppet quickly chased after Thunder Daoist. The Thunder Beast let out a roar and also closely followed after the celestial guard. They gradually disappeared over the horizon...

Wang Ping softly said, "Dad… Is what he said true…"

In the battle just now, Thunder Daoist didn't include Wang Ping and Qing Yi in his spell, as he didn't dare to provoke those two rays of sword energy inside Wang Ping.

Wang Lin's expression was extremely pale. He slowly turned around and stared at Wang Ping. After a long time, he nodded.

Wang Ping stared at this father and faintly smiled. This smile was really carefree, and he calmly said, "Dad, is this the real reason you didn't let me cultivate and why I still don't have a child with Qing Yi…. Because I'm already dead…"

Wang Lin's eyes revealed sadness as he looked at Wang Ping and softly said, "You are not dead…"

Wang Ping shook his head and smiled. "Dad, you taught me that if I meet a mountain, I can climb it; if I meet a river, I can cross it; even if I meet the heavens, I can walk defyingly against them. Dad, thank you…

"In fact, I already had the answer to this question a long time ago, but I didn't dare to face it, to confirm it...

"Why I can't cultivate, why I can't have an heir, why I have never gotten sick in more than 70 years. I have never even truly felt tired before. Why I can clearly feel that my end has arrived while my body feels nothing… I finally understand now."

Wang Ping looked at Wang Lin. His smile revealed his carefree nature, but there was a hint reluctance in it...

"Dad, I, Wang Ping, don't have a mother, just a father. Thank you for accompanying me." Wang Ping felt his eyes water up, but he found that he had no tears.

"It turns out I don't even have tears…" Wang Ping bitterly looked at his father and softly said, "Dad, take care… Ping Er failed to keep this promise of accompanying you for generations…"

The sadness in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger. After Liu Mei handed Wang Ping to him, he had fed Wang Ping the medicine and used his own thunder to help heal him. However, in the end, he found out that Wang Ping had died a long, long time ago...

The life of a mortal was very short, and it was the same for a resentful spirit. What existed was only a sliver of soul that was surrounded by resentment, so it couldn't return back to the reincarnation cycle. This was the true form of a resentful spirit!

What Liu Mei gifted Wang Lin was his soul fragment!

This soul fragment couldn't cultivate because it was unable to cultivate! If tried to cultivate, the resentful aura would activate and would completely vanish.

Wang Ping couldn't cultivate in secret from Wang Lin, because his body was made of sword energy...

Using one ray of sword energy to form flesh and another ray of sword energy to protect the soul, this was Wang Ping! This growth was done merely with a spell...

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Wang Lin whispered, "Your promise will come true, believe me."

Wang Ping looked at his father as he held Qing Yi's hand and softly said, "Dad, let Qing Yi go…"

He turned around and looked meaningfully at Qing Yi. He revealed a gentle smile and softly said, "If there is an afterlife, if I reincarnate, I'll come and find you, Qing Yi…"

As tears fell down Qing Yi's cheeks, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. Wang Ping shook his head as he looked up at the sky and softly said, "Dad, Qing Yi, I'm leaving…"

Wang Ping's eyes revealed a powerful sense of reluctance. He wanted to be with Qing Yi and accompany his father forever…. forever...

In a trance, he seemed to have returned to his childhood. In the 19 years he stayed at the mountain village, he drank the medicine and revealed a happy smile.

"Dad, the medicine is very bitter…"

He seemed to see his father using a spell to disperse the resentful aura in his body every night. He could see that the medicine wasn't absorbed by his body but by his soul.

Because his body couldn't absorb medicine...

It was as if he could see that his body was a ray of golden sword energy. He could also see that there was another ray of golden sword energy wrapped around his soul.

"No wonder I always dreamed I was in a golden world during my childhood …"

Wang Ping's eyes closed...

At this moment, his body released a golden glow and turned into a ray of sword energy that stood beside Wang Lin. Following that, another ray of sword energy appeared.

All that was left was a ball of white light quietly floating there. There was a black thread moving inside the white ball.

This black thread was the last sliver of resentment!

Wang Lin stared at ball of white light for a long time before raising his hand and gently wiping the ball. That black thread disappeared...

After experiencing one reincarnation cycle, all of Wang Lin's child's resentment was finally dispersed. Tears came out of his eyes as he gently held the ball of light as if he was holding the baby from back then.

The wind started blowing, and the ball of light showed signs of dissipating, but Wang Lin didn't let go. Wang Lin knew that if he let go, then the purified Wang Ping would return to the reincarnation cycle.

"Ping Er, your promise will come true!" Wang Lin took the ball of light and pressed it between his eyebrows. It entered the heaven defying bead and rested next to Li Muwan's nascent soul.

"From now on, your mother is Wan Er…" Wang Lin turned around and walked into the distance.

"Dad…" Qing Yi knelt on the ground. The sadness in her eyes wasn't any weaker than Wang Lin's.

Qing Yi's eyes were filled with tears as she softly said, "Dad, I have an appointment with Wang Ping. Even if it's to the afterlife, I'll accompany him! Take me away with you, even if it only as a soul fragment. I'll go anywhere as long as I can accompany Wang Ping! Dad, it was you would told me to always accompany Wang Ping!"

"You won't regret it?"

"No regrets!"

Wang Lin left, and along with him was Qing Yi's regretless soul.

Under the sunset, his old body gradually changed. His hair was no longer grey and turned black. His slightly hunched back slowly became straight. The Wang Lin from 70 years ago slowly walked toward the void...

A reincarnation cycle ends...

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