69.83% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 676: Second Celestial Guard

Chapter 676: Second Celestial Guard

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Not far away, the Thunder Beast was still lying on the ground, and its body was trembling involuntarily. After seeing Wang Lin's figure disappear into the void, it hesitated before following Wang Lin.

In the void, Wang Lin's black hair moved without any wind. There were no joy or sorrow in his eyes; it was as if he had seen through everything in this world.

Wang Ping wasn't the only one who had gone through a reincarnation cycle, Wang Lin himself did as well.

His cultivation had broken through the early stage of Ascendant and reached the mid stage of Ascendant. His domain also broke through to the late stage of Ascendant during this reincarnation cycle.

With enough celestial jades, Wang Lin was confident in becoming a true late stage Ascendant powerhouse!

"When it comes to Yin and Yang cultivators, while I can win against Illusory Yin cultivators, the battles will be extremely difficult, and every battle will expend precious origin energy. Right now my origin energy has already reached its bottom line, so not even slightest bit can be used anymore. As for Corporeal Yang cultivators, I'm no match. If I meet one, I must quickly escape!"

Wang Lin began to ponder.

"The difference between the first step and the second step is indeed a big gap that can't be easily crossed. Even if my cultivation reaches the late stage of Ascendant, without origin energy, I'm no match for Yin and Yang cultivators! But how do I obtain origin energy…"

Wang Lin stepped toward the void and quickly broke through the atmosphere, charging into the stars toward where the celestial puppet and Thunder Beast went. Behind him, the Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple still followed him but kept a certain distance.

"The most important matters now are to obtain enough celestial jades and then find a way to increase my origin energy." Wang Lin's eyes lit up and revealed a decisive gaze.

Among the stars, he slapped his bag of holding and the star compass immediately flew out. He sat on the silver light and flew among the stars.

The Thunder Beast behind him was startled ,then it turned into a bolt of lightning and quickly chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin already knew that the Thunder Beast was following him. He traveled at full speed toward where the celestial guard was.

The silver light stretched across space as it moved through the stars like a rainbow.

Shortly after, Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he heard sounds of explosions. Not far away, Thunder Daoist was in an extremely sorry state. He had a bolt of lightning in his hand as he fought with the celestial puppet, but he was constantly being pushed back.

Beside him was the Thunder Beast that had its third seal released. It let out a roar and charged like crazy, its horn releasing powerful bolts of lightning. This made Thunder Daoist have to quicky dodge every time, making his face was pale and show a trace of despair.

Thunder Daoist saw the silver light approaching from the distance, and when he noticed it was Wang Lin, the despair in his eyes became even stronger. He had already used a majority of theorigin energy in his body, and if he used any more, his cultivation level would fall and he would never be able to reach the Corporeal Yang stage! Also, he was very scared, especially of those two rays of sword energy!

Wang Lin's eyes were cold. He had to kill this Thunder Daoist! This person was a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. If he was not killed and was allowed flee, then there would be endless troubles in the future.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and seven treasured swords flew out, forming the Seven Star Sword Formation. These swords whistled toward Thunder Daoist.

The celestial guard puppet gave off an orange light as he threw a punch at the Thunder Daoist, pushing him back. The horn of the Thunder Beast behind him gave off a sizzling sound, and then a bolt of lightning charged directly at Thunder Daoist's back.

Thunder Daoist's expression turned gloomy. Along the way here, this beast and puppet constantly attacked him like this, making it impossible to escape at full speed. Also, although he could travel through space without the Thunder Beast, his speed was obviously slower.

At this moment, the seven star sword formation arrived and surrounded Thunder Daoist. As the sword energy rushed at this body, Thunder Daoist took out a jade and crushed it. After crushing it, thunder and lightning flew out all around him, forming a barrier.

The seven star sword formation stabbed the barrier, causing a series of explosions to go off.

The thunder barrier shook violently. Inside, Thunder Daoist stared at Wang Lin and urgently said, "Fellow Cultivator Xu, I was reckless in this matter, but why push it so far?! I'm a member of the Thunder Celestial Temple, so if Fellow Cultivator kills me, you will find it hard to move around in the Allheaven Star System!"

"If I don't kill you, I'll still find it hard to move in the Allheaven Star System!" said Wang Lin with a cold voice. Then he slapped his bag, causing the one-billion-soul soul flag to appear. The 30-foot-wide flag gave off ghostly wails that could shake one's origin soul.

With one shake, all of the soul fragments flew out. Among them, not to mention Soul Transformation soul fragments, there were even some Ascendant soul fragments.

After the fourth soul returned, although the number of ordinary soul fragments still hadn't reached one billion, the flag's current power was even stronger than it was back on planet Suzaku!

After all, there were simply too many soul fragments of powerful cultivators.

Countless soul fragments flew out and surrounded the area. Then the powerful soul fragments all fused together, forming three ultimate primary souls!

The first primary soul was a huge, black Qilin. Its eyes gave off a cold gaze and were extremely fierce.

The second primary soul was a 30-foot-tall black giant. His body gave off rich soul energy and released an aura that could shake one's soul.

The third primary soul was a small, black needle. It was almost invisible; even if one checked with their divine sense, they would find it difficult to notice its existence. Its main body was the most mysterious fourth soul!

These three ultimate primary souls were the fusion of all the soul fragments inside the flag. This was the most powerful spell Wang Lin could use with the one-billion-soul soul flag right now.

Wang Lin shouted, "Kill!"

The three ultimate primary souls immediately rushed up and began attacking the thunder barrier along with the celestial guard puppet, the Thunder Beast, and the seven star sword formation.

Thunder Daoist's pupils shrank, then his expression turned pale and his despair became even stronger. The puppet and Thunder Beast were already difficult for him to deal with, and now three powerful souls had appeared. Thunder Daoist believed he would be killed within a few breaths of time after the barrier was broken.

"Xu Mu!!! Don't force me! All messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple have a life-saving spell. At most, I will sacrifice my lifespan!" Thunder Daoist's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Wang Lin.

He felt very bitter in his heart. Using that spell wouldn't be a big deal if he had enough origin energy, but if he didn't, it would consume his lifespan. In that case, not only would his lifespan shorten, his cultivation would fall down to the Soul Transformation stage due to his origin energy being used up.

Most importantly, he had no confidence that he could hurt Wang Lin with the life-saving treasure. Those two rays of sword energy scared him the most and made his scalp numb. Once he used the life-saving spell, he feared that the only road left for him would still be death.

Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he slowly said, "It was you who forced me and not me who forced you!"

Thunder Daoist bitterly said, "There is no undissolvable hate between us. What do I have to do for you to let me go?!"

Wang Lin stared at Thunder Daoist inside the barrier. He pondered for a moment before saying, "Recognize me as your master and let me leave an imprint on you!"

Thunder Daoist pondered. At this moment, the barrier around him was shaking violently due to the attacks from outside and was about to collapse. Thunder Daoist clenched his teeth and said, "OK, this old man agrees!"

His heart turned vicious and he thought, "This person's cultivation level is not higher than mine. Even if he imprints this old man as his slave, it can't last for too long. Once this I recover my cultivation, I'll escape and report him to the Thunder Celestial Temple. Then the Thunder Celestial Temple will send people to kill him to appease my anger!"

Wang Lin slowly said, "Open the barrier!"

Thunder Daoist hesitated for a bit. The barrier was about to crumble. His eyes lit up as he waved his right hand and the barrier immediately disappeared.

At the moment it disappeared, Thunder Daoist's heart jumped. The seven star sword formation was right next to him and the celestial guard puppet's fist stopped three inches away from him.

The Thunder Beast's eyes gave off lightning that released popping sounds, and its eyes were not kind.

The three ultimate primary souls circled around and occasionally directed cold gazes at Thunder Daoist.

As Wang Lin stared at Thunder Daoist, his eyes revealed a mysterious light. He slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag flew out. Wang Lin waved the flag and all the restrictions flew out, forming a golden restriction formation before Wang Lin.

His left hand formed a seal and pointed at the restriction formation. The restriction formation gave off a bright, golden glow before flying directly at Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist didn't dodge but clenched his teeth and let it enter between his eyebrows. The restriction formation penetrated his body and went directly toward his origin soul. The moment it came into contact the origin soul, the restriction formation melted and completely surrounded his origin soul.

When he saw this, he thought, "This restriction is somewhat strange, but no restriction can withstand the impact of origin energy. Once his old man's origin energy has recovered, I'll break the formation!"

"This is only the first step of the restriction, there is a second step!" After Wang Lin finished speaking, he stepped onto the star compass and flew off into the distance.

Thunder Daoist had to follow. With so many dangers around him, he had to follow. From far away, the Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple saw this. It hesitated for a bit and then turned around to escape.

Wang Lin's cold snort came from the void, causing the Thunder Beast to tremble. It became too scared to escape, so it followed Wang Lin.

When he came chasing after Thunder Daoist, Wang Lin noticed that there was a grey planet not far away. This was an abandoned planet. There wasn't any spiritual energy coming from the planet, and it looked like there was no life on it either. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Wang Lin's speed was very fast as he charged directly at this planet. Shortly after, he arrived above the grey planet. The earth was grey and storms raged across the planet. It was was also covered in deadly gas that would immediately kill mortals.

After landing on the planet, Wang Lin's right foot stomped the ground, and after a loud rumble, a ravine appeared. Wang Lin's finger formed a sword and shot out a ray of sword energy that quickly moved inside the ravine.

Soon, a new cave was carved out by the sword energy!

Wang Lin stepped into the cave and Thunder Daoisted was forced inside as well.

This cave was very large, with a total of four rooms and a big hall in the middle. Sword energy still lingered on the walls. There was also ash falling from the walls. Wang Lin waved his sleeves and a gust of wind blew all the debris outside the cave.

When Wang Lin turned around to look at Thunder Daoist, his eyes revealed an indiscernible and mysterious light, and he said, "After the second restriction, I won't kill you!"

Thunder Daoist silently pondered and looked at the dangers still around him. After a long time, he nodded. "OK."

Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position and both his hands formed many seals. One by one, restrictions flew out and fell on Thunder Daoist's body. At the same time, Wang Lin said, "When I place my imprint, you must not resist. Otherwise, don't blame me for not keeping my promise!"

Thunder Daoist remained quiet and closed his eyes. He sneered inside his heart. "I would like to see what kind of restrictions you can place. Wait until this old man recovers his origin energy, then I can easily break any restrictions!"

Wang Lin's expression revealed a trace of gloominess. Only by refining the old man into a celestial guard could he feel completely safe. In his eyes, Thunder Daoist met the requirements to be refined into a celestial guard. Also, with the Thunder Beast outside, by combining the two, the success rate would increase by a lot.

Moreover, even if it failed, it wouldn't matter, as there would be no loss for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of origin energy that turned into countless symbols. Each symbol fell on Thunder Daoist one by one.

Thunder Daoist suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, his heart let out a cold snort and he closed his eyes once more. He allowed Wang Lin's origin energy to freely enter his body.

Just at the moment his eyes closed, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding. The Soul Lasher appeared in his hand and he viciously whipped Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist opened his eyes once more and shouted, "What are you doing?!"

Wang Lin's speed was too fast, and the whip was even faster. At the moment Thunder Daoist spoke, the whip hit his body.

It wasn't just once. At the moment it landed on his body, the Soul Lasher was waved six times. In a instant, Thunder Daoist was hit six times!

As the sounds of the whip echoed, Thunder Daoist's body trembled. His expression turned pale and his eyes dimmed. Behind him, his origin soul was knocked seven feet away from his body.

He was just about to retaliate when the celestial guard stepped forth and the Thunder Beast roared. The three ultimate primary souls' ghostly wails also echoed in the cave.

At this moment, the seven star sword formation emitted powerful sword energy and the seven swords fused into one and chopped down. The seven evil beasts inside the swords let out a unified roar, preventing Thunder Daoist's attempt to return to his body.

Above Thunder Daoist's origin soul was the restriction Wang Lin had placed earlier. It took the form of a lightning net that trapped Thunder Daoist's origin soul.

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