75.82% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 734: Chance

Chapter 734: Chance

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The Blood Ancestor's voice was filled with killing intent, and it filled the storage space. The mountains were torn apart and the valleys melted. More than 1,000 restrictions activated, causing the storage space to enter its final stage of collapse.

At this moment, the Blood Ancestor's eyes were bloodshot and he was almost crazy. His speed was unimaginable; he immediately arrived next to the reinforced transfer array.

It was like the storage space was being burned by a black flame behind him. The flame was ferocious and wanted to devour the Blood Ancestor.

Just as the Blood Ancestor was about to step into the transfer array and leave, the expression of Wang Lin, who was being chased by the red needle, instantly darkened. Although his divine sense inside the celestial guard was destroyed, the celestial guard wasn't completely refined by the blood sea yet.

Through his connection he had with the celestial guard, Wang Lin was able to see the transfer array flash and the Blood Ancestor's figure was quickly condensing.

Wang Lin knew that he would without a doubt die without any chance for survival if the Blood Ancestor escaped.

Under the moment of crisis, he let out a sigh and made a decisive decision.

"I wasn't able to complete my promise. I'll make it up to you in the future!"

Outside the transfer array, the eyes of the celestial guard, who was trapped inside the blood sea, shined brightly. The light was so bright that it covered his whole body and burst forth along with a destructive aura.

It was as if a storm was setting off in the celestial guard's body and rays of golden light were shooting out from its body like swords. The self explosion of an Illusory Yin cultivator created a terrifying destructive force that allowed the celestial guard to charge out from the Blood Ancestor's spell.

Although the Blood Ancestor's spell no longer had control of the celestial guard, it was still extraordinary. As it refined the celestial guard, it managed to reduce the power of the self-explosion by nearly 60%.

The celestial guard charged out with 40% of the self-explosion power and arrived next to the transfer array. The moment the Blood Ancestor appeared, the celestial guard glowed like the sun.

A powerful explosion erupted at this moment.

Under the power of this destructive force, the transfer array immediately collapsed into specks of light and disappeared.

Inside the storage space, half of the Blood Ancestor's body had entered the transfer array. He let out a roar and was forced out. He watched the transfer array rapidly dissipate. It was as if thousands of years were compressed into a single breath.

At the moment of crisis, the Blood Ancestor's body emitted a strange light. He looked at the restriction ball Yao Xixue was in and crushed it without any hesitation!

Under the destructive force of the storage space, even if Yao Xixue ate a Blood Soul Pill, it wouldn't be enough with just one. This was why the Blood Ancestor personally crushed the restriction sphere to let Yao Xixue revive. With the Blood Ancestor's understanding of the Blood Soul Pill, he knew that she had already taken a Blood Soul Pill.

Behind him, the black flame came and the red light shined from the Blood Ancestor like crazy. He wanted to postpone the collapse and buy time so Yao Xixue wouldn't be affected during her resurrection process.

The Blood Ancestor opened his arms and his mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivation burst forth without reserve. Waves of blood light came out from his body and blocked the black flames that were devouring everything.

His body was instantly covered and the flames began burning him. Intense pain that he hadn't felt for tens of thousands of years filled his body. However, the Blood Ancestor didn't care. He focused all of his power into protecting the 30 feet before him to prevent Yao Xixue's divine sense from dissipating.

Several breaths of time were like tens of thousands of years. Under the protection of her father suppressing the collapse, Yao Xixue's resurrection process wasn't affected by the collapse of the storage space.

Red light filled the area where Yao Xixue hid her Blood Soul Pill in the Demon Spirit Land and Yao Xixue's figure slowly appeared.

After she appeared, she looked up at the sky. Her eyes were filled with sorrow and unforgettable killing intent.

After seeing his own daughter's divine sense safely leave, the Blood Ancestor revealed a kind, fatherly smile. Then his own body was surrounded by the black flames.

At this moment, he took out three Blood Soul Pills. He didn't devour them but crushed them all!

There were only 13 Blood Soul Pills left! Most of them were with Yao Xixue, and the Blood Ancestor only had three! The Blood Soul Pills scattered and a blue liquid came out from inside them. The blue liquid and black flames cancelled each other out.

At this moment, the entire storage space collapsed and everything inside disappeared. It didn't get thrown into nothingness but completely collapsed without a trace.

Wang Lin was moving extremely fast across the fragment he was hiding on. His body flashed blood-red nine times as he rapidly fled with the red needle chasing closely after.

However, at the next instant, the red needle stopped chasing him and collapsed layer by layer until it almost dissipated completely… Wang Lin felt relief and found that his clothes were soaked in sweat. A gentle breeze immediately made him feel cold.

Before him, the red needle was already half transparent and slowly disappeared. However, just as it was about to completely disappear, it stopped dissipating, turned around, and flew off into the distance.

"Not dead?" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with terror and he charged out without thinking. His hand reached out and he spat out origin energy that formed a prison that trapped the red needle.

The red needle let out a sharp whistle as if it wanted to rush out. It kept crashing against the prison, and every impact would make Wang Lin's face a bit paler.

His eyes became cold and his celestial spiritual energy activated to strengthen the prison. He slowly pulled it toward him as he stared at the red needle, and his eyes were filled with determination.

"Seal!" With a shout, the prison rapidly shrank until it was wrapped around the needle. Wang Lin grabbed the needle and landed on the ground.

If it wasn't for the red needle losing almost all of its power, it would've been impossible for Wang Lin to seal it. However, right now the needle was at its weakest and Wang Lin had used all the celestial spiritual energy inside his body to seal it.

Even so, the seal was still unstable; the red needle seemed like it could charge out at any time. Wang Lin took a deep breath and his expression became extremely gloomy.

"The Blood Ancestor is not dead… Even though he didn't die, he must be extremely weak. Otherwise, this needle wouldn't have weakened so much… Once the Blood Ancestor recovers, the first thing he will do is try to kill me…" Wang Lin's eyes became cold as he stared at the red needle. This needle was almost transparent and was giving off an aura of death.

"This needle must've been called by the Blood Ancestor to return. I can't miss this chance; I must risk it!" Wang Lin clenched his teeth and threw the red needle. The needle flew away with Wang Lin following close behind while he adjusted the celestial spiritual energy inside his body.

His seal was on the red needle, which made it very easy for him to tack. One person and one needle quickly moved across the Thunder Celestial Realm. Often they would disappear without a trace in a flash.

Countless small drops of blood floated in the void in the Thunder Celestial Realm. There were flashes of blue light coming from these drops of blood, making them look very gorgeous.

Every drop of blood contained a trace of the Blood Ancestor's origin soul and a large amount of origin energy. When the storage space collapsed, he used three Blood Soul Pills and a secret spell of the Yao family to survive.

When he came to the Allheaven Star System, the Blood Ancestor was too confident and didn't take a Blood Soul Pill in advance. If he had done so, he would have appeared on the Blood Planet in the Alliance Star System.

These drops of blood weren't completely stationary in the void but closely converged. Once all of them fused, he would awaken.

This process slowly continued. Three months later, the originally spread out drops of blood had gathered closely together. Some of them had even merged together.

The Blood Ancestor's origin soul was gradually awakening. Once he awakens, his recovery rate will increase several fold.

One this day, almost 60% of the blood drops had fused together. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul began to show signs of awakening.

However, just at this moment, a ray of thunder came from the distance. This ray of thunder was a Thunder Beast with a chain around its neck. It had a bunch of paper talismans all over its body, so it looked like a mess.

Someone had even managed to poke a small hole through its silver horn and put an iron hoop through it.

The beast's eyes revealed a pitiful gaze. It was difficult to imagine how it managed to get through all this.

"Your appearance finally matches this old man's prestige. This is how a real Thunder Beast looks like. You should know that those golden-horned Thunder Beasts can only sigh when they look at you. You are the most unique Thunder Beast out there! Believe this old man, yes, you are fated with this old man!" On the Thunder Beast's back sat an old man. He was holding the chain fastened around the Thunder Beast's neck like it was a horse.

Behind him there were countless rays of thunder following him like meteors. Inside every ray of thunder was a Thunder Beast, and their eyes all revealed fear.

This old man would sometimes raise his hand to mess with the iron hoop on the Thunder Beast's silver horn and then would reveal a look of admiration.

"This old man has so much fate with you that I almost don't want to return you to the little fellow…"

The Thunder Beast's body trembled. Right now it was completely terrified of this old man. In particular, the word "fated" was like a nightmare.

It could never forget how the old man kept muttering about them being fated while placing strange things on its body.

However, although it wasn't satisfied with many of these things, it felt that the iron hoop was very pleasing to look at...

"Yes, this is the place. Hehe, even a powerful Nirvana Cleanser cultivator can end up like this… Its fate!" The old man looked at the gathered drops of blood and his eyes lit up.

"This spell that merges the origin soul with blood belongs to old Yao's family. This is a spell only direct descents can use, and today one was caught by me!" The old man rubbed his chin and his eyes grew brighter and swept over the drops of blood.

"He is indeed worthy of someone fated with his old man to come up with such an unexpected method to deal with a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. I can't just stand by and watch; I should help him." The old man licked his lips and his hand reached out. All of the drops of blood were seized by him without any resistance.

With a pinch, all of the drops of blood instantly fused. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul instantly fused and awakened.

"Many thanks, Senior. My Yao family will thank you!" The Blood Ancestor's voice came from inside the blood. There was no joy or anger inside his voice; he was extremely clam.

The old man messed with the iron hoop on the Thunder Beast's silver horn as he said, "Don't pretend; you're obviously filled with fear in your heart. You're worried that this old man has ill intentions and will directly refine you into a pill to even bring out the Yao family. Even if the Yao family's master, the Blood God, comes, do you think this old man will be afraid!?"

The Blood Ancestor pondered a bit and then sent out a message. "No matter what, I have to thank Senior for his help…"

The old man said, "This old man is very reasonable. You see, I helped you reduce the time of your fusion. Eh… I didn't know that your Yao family's origin soul blood spell didn't allow your body to be fused back together by force.. It seems that when I fused your body by force, your cultivation level dropped several realms, so you're now at the late stage of Nirvana Scryer. Because I didn't know any of this before, you can't blame me."

The Blood Ancestor silently pondered and forcibly suppressed the wrath in his origin soul. His divine sense sent out a calm message. "No harm done. Since Senior didn't know, then this is my fate. If Senior has nothing else, please release your spell and let me leave."

The old man chuckled as his eyes lit up and he said, "Little boy from the Yao family, you are fated with me!" The Thunder Beast under him trembled and looked at the Blood Ancestor with a trace of sympathy. However, even more so, it was happy someone else was suffering with it.

The Blood Ancestor silently pondered.

"Didn't you say that you were going to repay me? Then you can repay me now!" The old man raised his right hand and pulled out the Blood Ancestor's origin soul from the pool of blood. He then abruptly ripped half of the origin soul and then with a wave of his right hand pulled half of the pool of blood as well.

"Eh, half an origin soul and half a blood body is enough to repay this old man's grace." The old man smiled as he pushed the remaining half of the origin soul back into the remaining pool of blood and blew a breath.

The pool began to boil and immediately collapsed, turning into countless drops of blood. The Blood Ancestor wasn't even able to send out a single divine sense before he went back to sleep.

"Although this old man's big matter will definitely succeed, with half of this Yao family member's origin soul and blood body, it will increase my chances. Now isn't that always a good thing!?" The old man let out a mischievous smile. He didn't even look at the drops of blood and flew far away with the Thunder Beasts.

In the void, Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he closely followed behind the red needle. The red needle suddenly flashed brightly and emitted a powerful aura. It then broke through Wang Lin's seal.

This change caused Wang Lin's eyes to narrow.

However, the red needle suddenly dimmed again and became even weaker than before. It then headed straight toward the void ahead.

Wang Lin frowned. He hesitated before following closely after.

"I must take this opportunity to kill the Blood Ancestor to prevent any problems in the future!" Wang Lin clenched his teeth and chased after the red needle.

Time slowly passed. Inside the void, Wang Lin had forgotten about the passage of time and had forgotten the burning pain, which was no longer as intense and was becoming weaker.

He had forgotten all of this. The only thing that remained was the nearly collapsed red needle before him.

The red needled gradually became faster and faster; Wang Lin was almost unable to keep up. However, at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. His eyes became cold and he looked ahead.

There were 10 balls of blood of different sizes that were near each other as if they were going to fuse. The red needle rushed into one of the balls of blood.

A blood aura suddenly filled the area as the ball of blood that the red needle entered began to move and devour the other balls of blood.

"Blood Ancestor?!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with killing intent. He took out the mountain stone without any hesitation before extracting its soul and pressing it down toward the blood.

The mountain soul surged forth and collapsed before the balls of blood, carrying a powerful force that caused the balls of blood to tremble. However, the mountain soul wasn't strong enough and the balls of blood quickly gathered.

After throwing forth the mountain soul, Wang Lin took a step back, took out the celestial sword, and quickly swung it down.

The heavenly chop shot out like lightning and two balls of blood that were originally fusing were instantly separated by the heavenly chop.

Wang Lin didn't stop. The powerful thunder inside his origin soul surged out, forming powerful bolts of thunder that shot toward the balls of blood.

Under the powerful attacks, the balls of blood trembled violently. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul inside the balls of blood struggled to awaken.

Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and the power of thunder surged out of his origin soul like crazy. Right now he used the thunder inside his body without reserve on those balls of blood.

At the same time, he raised the celestial sword and swung again!

A ball of blood exploded with a bang!

A miserable groan seemed to come from the void and the rest of the balls of blood began to gather like crazy. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul was about to awaken.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with blood. He had a feeling that if those balls of blood gathered, he would never get a chance to kill the Blood Ancestor again! His right hand pointed at the blood and he shouted, "Stop!"

The Stop spell instantly appeared, but the Blood Ancestor's origin soul inside the blood was too powerful. Wang Lin wasn't able to stop the Blood Ancestor due to his low cultivation level.

The celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged like crazy, causing sharp pain from his meridians. His origin soul was also still injured, because he had no time to recover on the way here. Now, under this stress, he coughed out blood and shouted ferociously, "Stop for me!"

The balls of blood that were gathering only paused for a moment under Wang Lin's spell. At this instant, the Karma Whip appeared and mercilessly whipped the balls of blood.

At the same time, the last strand of Ling Tianhou's sword energy inside Wang Lin's body rushed out toward the balls of blood.

The Karma Whip, Ling Tianhou's sword energy, and the countless thunderbolta from Wang Lin's origin soul seemed to fuse into one. They rushed into the condensing balls of blood right before the Blood Ancestor's origin soul awakened.


At this moment, the balls of blood that were condensing collapsed into countless drops of blood and the Blood Ancestor let out a unwilling roar. The blood split into two parts; one carried the Blood Ancestor's origin soul and escaped. The second part turned around and rushed toward Wang Lin.

The drops of blood rushing toward Wang Lin suddenly surrounded him and entered his body through his pores. An intense pain filled with body, causing Wang Lin to cough out a mouthful of blood. The powerful impact caused him to be thrown into the void and disappear.

The celestial sword was controlled by Xu Liguo. He took the mountain soul and chased after Wang Lin.

Although Xu Liguo has rebellious, at this moment, he panicked. Instead of flying away to freedom, he followed Wang Lin straight into the void.

Wang Lin entered a coma. The drops of blood that rushed into his body were filled with powerful origin energy. This origin energy was cultivated by the Blood Ancestor over countless years and was extremely precious!

However, this origin energy was like a sword of death inside Wang Lin's body. But there was such a thing as luck in the world. When the old man asked Wang Lin for the Thunder Beast, he had inadvertently blew far too much energy into him. This energy would explode the moment the burning disappeared from Wang Lin's body. It was unknown whether Wang Lin could survive this, but he would most likely be unable to bear it and his origin soul would collapse with his body.

However, the Blood Ancestor was badly wounded right now. In order to escape and more so to kill Wang Lin, he had used half of his blood body to rush into Wang Lin. His intention was to kill, but he had inadvertently given Wang Lin an opportunity so great that it was just second to seeing the direction of the third step!

Wang Lin's body crashed into a fragment that wasn't connected by any thunder chains and was just floating in the void.

Not all the fragments in the Thunder Celestial Realm were interconnected. There were tiny fragments that floated in the void.

Wang Lin's body was buried deep into the earth before he stopped. He was completely unconscious, but his body was rapidly changing. His body was filled with a large amount of origin energy that came from the drops of blood.

Even his origin soul underwent a shocking change. After being surrounded by such rich origin energy, it began to absorb the origin energy...

His cultivation was rapidly progressing toward the Illusory Yin stage.

There shouldn't have been clouds over this small fragment, but at this moment, clouds began to appear. These clouds were exactly the same as the ones that appeared in the Demon Spirit Land when Wang Lin decided to defy the heavens.

As for the Blood Ancestor, his origin soul had awakened because the blood balls had merged. However, his body hadn't taken form yet, so he was dark red.

He had never felt so weak ever since he started cultivating. This kind of weakness made him feel a deep chill.

His hatred for Wang Lin had reached a peak. He had never hated someone so much; Wang Lin was the first!

The collapse of the storage space made it so that he had to use the origin blood fusion spell. Then he considered himself unlucky to have met that old man that took half of his origin soul along with half the origin energy that he had spent countless years cultivating.

This caused his cultivation level to reduce greatly, but that would had been fine if not for the old man's last attack that caused him to revert back to the state of slumber where he had to wait for the drops of blood to gather once more. In addition, the old man's attack contained a powerful force that acted like a prison.

Just when his fusion reached the critical moment and he was about to awaken again, Wang Lin appeared. The Blood Ancestor had been met with countless setbacks, so in the end he could only escape.

At this moment, he was extremely weak and his origin soul was filled with a monstrous sense of anger!

"Wang Lin, you and I can't coexist!!" The Blood Ancestor let out a mad roar and charged into the void. He had lost all his reasoning. If anyone else had been through all this, they would also lose their reason.

In particular, the restriction left by the mysterious old man also made him go crazy. He immediately turned and chased after where Wang Lin disappeared.

"I'd rather not heal my injuries and kill you instead!"

The fragment Wang Lin was on slowly floated through the void. Wang Lin's eyes were shut and the celestial sword circled around him. Xu Liguo floated beside him with a bitter face and muttered, "I should have left… but I can't leave this fiend here. Alas, I, Xu Liguo, am a loyal person and definitely can't do something like abandoning my master… I didn't run this time, so the fiend will value me more and give me more benefits in the future… Hehe, your Granda Xu is clever!"

Xu Liguo's eyes turned and he made a decision.

"Besides, this fiend is only an avatar… His original body…" Thinking about Wang Lin's original body, he shivered. If there was only one person that he feared from his heart, it was Wang Lin's original body!

In the Alliance Star System, there was an abandon planet giving off thunder. Deep inside the planet there was a naturally formed cave filled with thunder, and there was a person sitting cross-legged inside.

His red hair was like blood and his body gave off a chilling aura. There were four stars slowly rotating between his eyebrows. As he cultivated, strands of spiritual energy came from all directions and entered his body.

He suddenly opened his eyes. Inside his calm gaze lied a trace of terrifying killing intent.

"Blood Ancestor! You forced my avatar into a coma. How can I let this matter go?!" He was Wang Lin's original body.

The original body clenched his fists and slowly stood up. After silently pondering for a long time, he rushed out. There was a series of rumbles as the layers of earth above him shattered.

A loud bang echoed as the original body charged out from underground on the east side of the planet. A large amount of dust scattered everywhere.

After he charged out, he didn't stop; he rushed into space. Once he entered space, he spread out his arms and crisp, crackling sounds constantly came from his body.

These sounds became more and more frequent and intense. The veins on his body bulged and a muffled, thunderous roar kept coming out from inside his body.

His body gradually changed. His legs thickened and slowly extended, and even his arms did the same. His entire body slowly grow as if he was being inflated like a balloon.

At this moment, his body enlarged like crazy. During this process, an even more heavy sound came from his body like a roar from ancient times.

There were no pain on his face; there was only calmness and the anger in his eyes.

His body grew larger and larger. Half an incense stick of time later, a giant more than 1,000 feet tall appeared!

His body gave off a savage aura and his skin was filled with coarse and subtle runes. The glow of the runes gave him an unimaginable sense of majesty.

A low roar came out from his mouth. This roar seemed to come from ancient times and was filled with an aura that looked down upon the world. Everything within the range of the roar seemed to regain their memories of ancient times and all retreated.

Even the fierce beasts on nearby planets all immediately lied on the ground and began trembling after hearing this roar. This was a trembling that came from their soul.

The ancient god was the god of space!

During the age when the ancient gods roamed, all living being had to respect them!

At this moment, countless years after the ancient gods disappeared, this roar seemed to declare that the ancient gods had reappeared!

Only at this moment did Wang Lin have the majesty of an ancient god! He was an ancient god!

From four-stars and onwrd, an ancient god's body would grown like crazy. Before, Wang Lin had suppressed this, but at this moment, he stopped suppressing it and let his ancient god body appear for the first time!

Only by showing his ancient god body could he be called a real ancient god and have the power of an ancient god!

"Blood Ancestor… You caused my avatar to go into a coma, so I'll destroy your Blood Planet!" His eyes were filled with ruthlessness. When he took a step, it was as if the entire star system trembled.

He walked through space as if he was on the ground and rushed off into the distance.

As he walked, he raised his giant right hand and pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. A large amount of spiritual energy gathered in hi fingertip to form an imprint filled with an ancient aura. This imprint landed between his eyebrows and made the four stars disappear.

This imprint was not something cultivators could use; it was something only ancient gods could use, and it hid the identity of the ancient gods. Unless a very powerful cultivators appeared, it would impossible for others to see through his identity.

"Since the Alliance Star System has the Giant Demon Clan, no one will think that my 1,000-foot-tall body is an ancient god!" His eyes became cold. Compared to an adult ancient god, his body was insignificant and weak, so no one would think was an ancient god if they saw him.

He had no expression as he charged through the Blood Planet. In the past, he saw the star map that the All-Seer gave him, so he naturally knew where the Blood Planet was.

As he moved through space, his eyes narrowed. He saw several broken stones of varying sizes floating through space.

These stones were common in space.

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As he stepped forward, he didn't stop and grabbed toward a 100-foot-wide stone. As he let out a roar, the stone was attracted by a force created by spiritual energy and he continued moving forward.

After he left, two cultivators came out from a slightly smaller piece of stone. The two of them were trembling with fear as they stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin's original body disappearing into the distance.

"This... What is this…" The two of them looked at each other. Their scalps tingled as they quickly escaped this place.

Along the way, whenever Wang Lin encountered these stones, he would select those that were 100 feet large. He would grab them and use spiritual energy to drag them along. These were his weapons. In his memories, early stage ancient gods didn't have many spells and liked using these as weapons. It seemed like these things were easy to use, and the more he had, the better!

Wang Lin headed toward the Blood Planet with a trail of stones that looked like a river following him. He carried with him a grim killing intent as he came closer and closer!


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    ☤ Thanks for the chapter ☫

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    Such a long chapter... holy **** we're finally back to his badass original body. Just so you know, Li Muwan fell in love with his original body, it just emitted so much aura of badass and alpha since it practices the way of Ancient God. And as we all know, out of the three from the Ancient Order, there's a hint that Ancient Gods stood on the apex compared to the Ancient Devils or Ancient Demons.

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    Why the needle collapsed? And why the blood pills doesn't work there? This is the only MC that I really wanted to get killed. So much nonsense plot for every scene.

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