78.92% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 764: Rush Out

Chapter 764: Rush Out

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Zhan Konglie was also flying through the void. As a newly admitted member of the Thunder Celestial Temple, he naturally knew where the transfer array was. He was flying quickly toward the transfer array.

When he was with Shengong Hu, he considered going to the transfer array as well. However, considering Shengong Hu's status, he didn't mention this and went with Shengong Hu to the celestial gate.

The battle outside the celestial gate made him very excited. Although the Celestial Realm was unstable, his heart was firm. He, like Shengong Hu, believed that Wang Lin wouldn't lose.

"I don't know where Shengong Hu is right now. I believe he must be like me, heading toward the Thunder Celestial Temple's transfer array." Zhan Konglie's body flickered and he dodged a spatial rift that suddenly appeared.

In truth, after heading to the battle outside the celestial gate, he immediately found that there were no other Thunder Celestial Temple messengers there beside him and Shengong Hu. It was then that he realized that all of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple had gone to the transfer array.

Zhan Konglie and Shengong Hu were heading toward the transfer array from two different directions.

Wang Lin was also moving through the void as he headed toward where Shengong Hu was based on their connection. However, as the collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm intensified, more spatial rifts appeared. If he was careless for just a moment, he would be devoured by one.

As a result, he couldn't move very fast, as he had to pay attention to the changes in the space around him.

As he flew, aside from the wailing, there would also be explosions echoing across the void. This sound became much more obvious as Wang Lin got closer to the collapsing fragments.

Along the way, he personally saw two fragments collapse into massive amounts of debris. Half of it was sucked up into the spatial rifts and other half was scattered in all directions.

Some of it flew directly at Wang Lin. The force created wasn't any weaker than the full attack of an Ascendant cultivator.

Even though these attacks weren't fatal to first step cultivators, if they were unlucky and a spatial rift appeared near them during the encounter, then it would be a life and death situation.

Wang Lin didn't have to worry about it. Whether it was the Stop spell or his other spells, they would allow him to easily avoid them. Wang Lin was calm as he flew. His figure often flickered to avoid spatial rifts as he flew straight ahead.

However, as he flew further, more and more cracks appeared. It was as if a piece of paper was ripped in countless places and could break down completely at any moment.

Wang Lin frowned. He could vaguely feel that there was quite a large distance between him and Shengong Hu. He wouldn't be able to catch up in a short period of time.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and then he pressed his finger between his eyebrows. He opened his mouth and spat out a grain of sand that immediately changed into a giant fragment about 1,000 feet large.

"This fragment waswas refined by divine retribution, and even the black wind from the Celestial Lord couldn't break it, so it should be able to withstand the spatial rifts." Wang Lin pointed with his hand. The fragment flew forward and Wang Lin carefully observed it.

He saw the fragment collide with countless cracks in an instant. The force from inside the cracks spread across the fragment, but it had no effect on the fragment as it charged through.

At the same time it charged through, it was as if the spatial rifts were flattened and showed signs of closing.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and immediately stepped onto the fragments. He sat down in the lotus position and his hand made a seal. Origin energy poured into the fragment, causing it to glow brightly. Its speed increased several fold and it charged straight ahead.

As a result, his speed was much faster than before. Wang Lin only had to pay attention to the cracks larger than 1,000 feet; he could completely ignore the other ones. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The fragment moved very quickly through the Celestial Realm. After half an hour, Wang Lin relaxed a bit, but just at this moment, he looked ahead and his expression changed.

He saw a dim ray of red light flying across the distance. There was a beautiful woman inside that ray of light. However, her face was pale and her eyes were filled with panic as she constantly dodged spatial rifts and was almost swallowed by them several times.

The fragment Wang Lin was riding on was very eye-catching in the void, so the woman immediately saw Wang Lin's fragment. Her face was filled with joy and she was about to head over when a 100-foot-long spatial rift suddenly opened before her. Her face immediately went pale as she tried to dodge. However, she was too late and her eyes became filled with despair.

Wang Lin was calm as he withdrew his gaze. Given his personality, he wouldn't save someone for no reason. His fragment flew straight ahead without stopping.

The woman was filled with despair as she struggled to get out of the crack and urgently shouted, "Senior, please save me. Zhan Konglie is my senior brother!"

Wang Lin frowned. He had seen this woman before. When Zhan Konglie passed by with more than 10 people, she was among that group of people.

When they met, she had just reached the Illusory Yin stage. However, now her cultivation had fallen and she was almost out of origin energy. She could probably only use Ascendant cultivation right now.

The fragment under Wang Lin suddenly turned and headed straight for the woman. In almost an instant, the fragment slammed into the 100 feet spatial crack. The moment the crack collapsed, the woman jumped out and landed on the fragment.

Her face was pale and her eyes were still filled with shock. She looked at Wang Lin with a grateful gaze and whispered, "Thank you, Senior, for saving me."

Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the woman and calmly asked, "Do you have celestial jades?"

The woman was startled and quickly nodded.

Wang Lin was calm and slowly said, "10,000 celestial jades for saving your life. In addition, 10,000 celestial jades for every hour you stay here!"

The fragment under him rushed into the distance.

The woman silently pondered. There was an indiscernible flash of contempt in her eyes. She didn't expect the person her Senior Brother Zhan respected so much to be a person like this. If she hadn't personally seen the battle between him and the strange white-haired man, she wouldn't have expect the person before her to be a senior!

Without a word, she threw a storage bag and said to Wang Lin, "There are 50,000 celestial jades inside. Senior, please count them!"

Wang Lin caught it and wiped out the divine sense on the bag. His divine sense scanned it and found that the numbers were roughly correct. He closed his eyes and no longer paid any attention to her.

The woman didn't expect Wang Lin to really count, and she looked down upon him in her heart. After letting out a sigh, she sat down a distance away from Wang Lin. She looked into the void and her eyes were filled with confusion.

"Big Brother Zhan, where are you…"

Even though there was one extra person on the fragment, its speed wasn't affected. It rampaged into the distance just like before. The woman had recovered from her confusion. As she watched the fragment smash into the spatial rifts, she sucked in a breath of cold air.

"What kind of treasure is this? It is too terrifying!" The woman personally saw almost all the cracks close under the impact of the fragment. No matter how powerful the force inside the crack was, it had no effect on the fragment.

Just at this moment, her eyes narrowed. Off in the distance to her right, there were three rays of light flying through the void. There were two men and one woman. Their expressions were gloomy and their eyes were filled with anxiety.

"Xi Zifeng!" The woman on the fragment quickly stood up.

The three people in the distance immediately noticed her, and their eyes were filled with joy. They rushed toward the fragment with no hesitation.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral. He didn't slow do at all and continued at the same speed. The three people seemed to be unable to catch up.

The woman named Xi Zifeng quicky shouted, "Zhan Yun, please wait!"

The woman named Zhan quickly said to Wang Lin, "Senior, please stop. Junior's good friends want to hop on."

Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed impatience. He ignored her.

The woman named Zhan stomped her feet and slapped her bag of holding, making a strand of red silk fly out. The red silk immediately extended and flew toward the three people chasing them.

The woman named Xi Zifeng quickly graped the red silk and immediately pulled herself closer. The two men did the same and finally the three of them caught up and landed on the fragment.

The three of them let out a breath of relief and immediately noticed Wang Lin in the distance. One males looked at Zhan Yun and asked, "This fellow cultivator is?"

Without waiting for Zhan Yun to speak, Xi Zifeng took a closer look and her expression immediately changed. She quickly walked a few steps forward, bowed, and respectfully said, "Junior Xi Zifeng greets Senior! Thanks, Senior, for saving Junior twice!"

As she spoke, her face became red.

Wang Lin looked at the woman. She was a bit more beautiful than Zhan Yun. He vaguely remembered that she was at the celestial gate and was one of the people that were kicked into the void when Master Flamespark was controlling his body.

Frowning, Wang Lin felt very troublesome. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have saved Zhan Yun no matter what. He asked, "Do the three of you have celestial jades?"

Xi Zifeng was startled, and before she could reply, Zhan Yun quickly said, "10,000 celestial jades for saving your life and another 10,000 celestial jades an hour for staying here!"

Xi Zifeng nodded and said, "That is natural!" She and the two beside her immediately took out celestial jades from their bags and respectfully handed them to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted them, then he closed his eyes and ignored them.

Along with Zhan Yun, the four of them sat together and looked at the void. They all had the feeling of surviving

The fragment was very fast. As they went farther into the Celestial Realm, Wang Lin's frown remained. Along the way, he met a lot of cultivators there were scattered or grouped together.

When these people saw the fragment, it was as if they were looking at their last hope and did their best to get on the fragment. Some of them were friends of the four people on the fragment.

As a result, more and more cultivators arrived on the fragment. However, Wang Lin didn't have to worry about it, as whenever a newcomer got on the fragment, Zhan Yun would state the celestial jade requirement.

At the moment, Wang Lin had several bags of holding, and every single of one them contained a large amount of celestial jades. There were nearly 20 cultivators on the fragment now.

These people didn't sit together. Other than those acquainted with each other, the others all sat by themselves as they looked into the void with complex feelings in their hearts.

Some of them immediately recognized Wang Lin and immediately relaxed. In their minds, with Wang Lin here, they would be safe.

As the fragment flew through the void, more people gradually arrived on the fragment. In the end, there were more than 50 people on fragment. Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the void past them and saw that there were several dozen rays of light following closely after them.

The cultivators in those rays of light couldn't catch up to the fragment and didn't know anyone on the fragment. Without the help from someone on the fragment, they couldn't catch up to the fragment by themselves.

However, by following the fragment, they were much safer. The spatial rifts showed signs of closing after the fragment passed by them, so it was much better compared to before.

More and more cultivators began to gather, forming a long trail behind fragment. It was like a long tail that followed closely after the fragment.

In their view, this was the only path to survival! Naturally, there were some powerful cultivators that didn't need help from the people on the fragment to reach the fragment.

However, once they landed on the fragment, no matter what cultivation level they were at, they would hesitate before handing over the celestial jades in exchange for a place on the fragment.

A big reason for this was due to the fame Wang Lin had gained in the battle outside the celestial gate. Even Corporeal Yang cultivators would respectfully call him Senior after seeing Wang Lin.

After touching the bags of holding with celestial jades, Wang Lin let out a sigh and ignored these people. He could feel that Shengong Hu was not far away.

Just at this moment, a large piece of land suddenly appeared in front of them. This piece of land was about 10,000 feet wide and the edge of the land kept collapsing. A large amount of earth would fall off every time it collided with a spatial rift.

There were three people standing behind the piece of land, and all of them were at the Corporeal Yang stage. Behind them were nearly 100 cultivators who all looked greedily at the 1,000 foot fragment Wang Lin was on.

"Leave behind that celestial fragment!" The man at the edge of the three was a man in a golden robes, and his eerie voice echoed through the void.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the three of them and looked at the 10,000-foot-wide fragment under them. They also had the same idea of using the fragment to lead the way.

However, the fragment they obtained hadn't been refined by divine retribution, so it wasn't sturdy enough. The fragment under them continued to break and they probably had to change fragments quite a few times.

The golden-robed man stepped forward into the void. He avoided the cracks and headed straight for the fragment Wang Lin was on. One of the three was an old man in white who also stepped forth.

They left behind only the blue-robed cultivator on the fragment, and he coldly stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was calm as he raised his right hand and pointed with his finger. The Beast Bone Tattoo on the back of his right hand immediately flew out and turned into a beast bone in the void.

The four ferocious horns gave off a cold glint. A ghostly light appeared in the eye socket of the beast bone and a dense killing aura suddenly filled the area.

In almost an instant, before the golden-robed man could use a spell, his body trembled and grey began to spread throughout his body, starting from his legs. His eyes were filled with horror. Without hesitation, he hit his forehead and his origin soul flew out.

Wang Lin sneered as he slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion soul soul flag flew out. It turned into black mist and charged toward the man's origin soul.

At this moment, the white-robed old man closed in. With no regard his companion, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Celestial spell, Thunder Chop!" Thunder gathered like crazy before him, forming a thunder blade that looked like it could cut the world, and it flew straight toward Wang Lin.

A sharp, whistling sound suddenly appeared.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. Before the thunder blade closed, he could feel the rich origin energy within it. The moment it closed in, Wang Lin's body flashed and his origin soul flew out and devoured the thunder blade.

After his origin soul returned to his body, Wang Lin's face turned slightly red. He stood up and coldly looked at the old man. Then he took a step and charged out.

The white-robed old man's expression changed greatly and he retreated without hesitation. As he retreated, the blue-robed scholar frowned and jumped out.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold. He normally wouldn't provoke others, but if someone provoked him, he wouldn't hold back!

At this moment, he pointed at the white-robed old man and used the Stop celestial spell. The old man immediately felt as if his body had sunk into water and was tied up, causing him to stop. Not only did his body stop, but even his origin soul was affected, causing him to stop using his origin energy.

Wang Lin took a step while his finger formed a sword. When he passed by the old man, he pointed to the spot between the old man's eyebrows. The old man coughed out blood and explosions came from inside his body until it finally collapsed and his origin soul escaped in terror. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his hand reached out and caught the old man's origin soul.

"Fellow Cultivator, stop!" A loud roar came out from the blue-robed cultivator. His body moved like lightning as he charged toward Wang Lin. His right hand formed a seal and an illusory sword flew out from between his brows. The sword flashed as if it was teleporting and suddenly appeared before Wang Lin and mercilessly stabbed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he crushed the origin soul in his hand. He turned his head and the third eye immediately opened. Red light opened up in the shape of a fan and immediately shrouded the illusory sword.

Under the red light, the illusory sword gave off large amount of black gas and immediately collapsed.

The blue-robed cultivator immediately stopped 100 feet from Wang Lin. He gloomily stared at Wang Lin and said, "Your spells are indeed amazing. Let us just leave this matter!" He suppressed the killing intent in his eyes and slowly retreated.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the blue-robed man and withdrew the soul flag before returning to the fragment. At this moment, the cultivators on the fragment all stood up and looked over.

After he landed on the fragment, Wang Lin sat down and the fragment charged out.

As Wang Lin sat down, he devoured the origin soul in his hand. Then his right hand pointed at the sky and he slowly said, "Call the Wind!"

A black wind immediately appeared. It turned into a black dragon and charged toward the blue-robed man. His expression immediately changed and he quickly retreated. However, at this moment, the black dragon opened its mouth and spat out a cold, black wind.

The roar of the wind filled the world. The eyes of the blue-robed man dimmed and he showed signs of struggle. However, he didn't notice that a 30-foot-long spatial rift had appeared behind him. As he retreated, he stepped directly into the crack.

His body disappeared without a trace along with a roar of despair. The only thing that remained was the roar of despair that echoed through the void.

The fragment flew far away with large amount of cultivators following closely after. Whether it was the people following behind or the people on the fragment, they all looked at Wang Lin with awe.

The people who saw his battle with the strange white-haired man weren't shocked by Wang Lin killing three Corporeal Yang cultivators; they even felt it was natural.

However, the cultivators that hadn't seen Wang Lin before were shocked. In particular, those who were hesitant to pay felt they were lucky. There were also some that wanted to steal the fragment from Wang Lin. They felt themselves covered in cold sweat and filled with fear.

After this, the fragment became completely silent. An intangible pressure enveloped the fragment. This was the respect and fear they had toward the majesty Wang Lin gave off.

The fragment flew faster and faster. After several hours, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he saw a ray of sword energy in the distance. The person inside that ray of light was Shengong Hu.

While Shengong Hu flew, he suddenly turned around and saw the fragment rapidly closing in. When he saw Wang Lin, his eyes became filled with excitement and he quickly flew toward Wang Lin.

Shenong Hu stopped before Wang Lin and respectfully said, "Shengong Hu greets my lord!" His gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with respect.

Wang Lin revealed a faint smile. He nodded and said, "Sit down beside me and take me to the Thunder Celestial Temple's transfer array!"

Shengong Hu didn't even look at the others on the fragment. He immediately sat down and respectfully said, "My lord, we are not far from the transfer array!" As he spoke, he immediately pointed the way.

The people on the fragment were shocked by the scene. There were people on the fragment that knew Shengong Hu. When they heard him call Wang Lin "my lord," they naturally had their own thoughts.

Xi Zifeng's beautiful eyes looked at Wang Lin's back. Her face became red as if she had remembered something, but she didn't move her gaze.

The collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm reached its peak as the fragment flew through the void. Large amounts of cold wind came out from the spatial rifts.

The sound of celestial fragments collapsing continued to echo.

The closer they got to the interior of the Celestial Realm, the more intent this became. The entire void was filled with cracks. Some cracks extended and connected together to from cracks larger than 1,000 feet.

Wang Lin's eyes became serious as he controlled the fragment. Just at this moment, his eyes suddenly widened as the fragment under him turned and flew in a curve.

At the moment he curved, a large, 2,000 foot spatial rift appeared. Many of the cultivators following weren't able to react in time and waves of cries for help were devoured by the crack.

Wang Lin was completely focused on controlling the fragment, so he didn't have time to bother with others. He controlled the fragment to avoid the large crack, but his expression became even more gloomy.

Wang Lin asked, "How much further!?"

"Less than five kilometers." Shengong Hu was also very nervous. The cracks before him made his scalp tingle.

Wang Lin frowned slightly as the fragment flickered and avoided few more cracks. They gradually got closer, and Wang Lin sensed a 10,000-feet-wide light screen. There was a fragment fixed in place inside that light screen.

In addition, there was a formation. There were several people standing in the formation, clearly ready to be transferred away. One of them was Zhan Konglie. Outside the formation, there were seven or eight messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple. They looked like they were talking to each other.

At this moment, they seemed to notice something and suddenly turned around to coldly look at Wang Lin's direction. One of them raised their hand and pointed at the key. A fluctuation of origin energy suddenly spread out from the light screen.

The origin energy gathered and turned into a giant hand that immediately swept across the area. All of the cracks around the light screen began to extend as if they were about connect to form an uncrossable moat.

Once they connected, no one would be able cross it to reach the fragment under the light screen!

"Scram!" At the same time, a cold divine sense message filled with indifference echoed across the void.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold and all the origin energy in his body entered the fragment. His eyes shined brightly as the fragment's speed doubled as if it had merged with the world.

In an instant, the fragment charged out like crazy and all the cracks in its path were crushed. The cultivators behind the fragment all clenched their teeth and desperately chased after the fragment.

At this moment, the path to survival was ahead of them! If they could enter they, would live. If they didn't, they would die!

The fragment almost left behind afterimages as it rampaged through the void. Loud rumbles echoed as the fragment flew like a meteor toward the light screen, trying to reach it before the spatial rifts connected.

Wang Lin stood up and slapped bag of holding. The celestial sword appeared in his hand. He lifted the sword and chopped down behind him. This time, Wang Lin didn't just chop once, but nine times!

Nine rays of Heavenly Chop fused into one to form an unimaginable sword law. It flew out as a ray of black light and landed on the spatial rifts that had connected.


Even though the spatial rifts had connected, under the might of the Heavenly Chop, it was still torn apart. The connected spatial rift tore open and a gap immediately opened in the connected rift.

The power of the Heavenly Chop was still there as it flew through the spatial rift and landed on the light screen. Large ripples appeared on the light screen and everything inside became distorted.

At the same time, the fragment charged in with the might of an army. It smashed into the light screen like a meteor after the Heavenly Chop hit.

An earth-shattering sound that caused the surrounding rifts to close suddenly echoed across the void. Even the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple inside looked over. When Zhan Konglie saw Wang Lin, his face was filled with excitement.

After the sound passed, there was a burst of cracking sounds as large amount of cracks appeared on the light screen and continued to spread.

At the same time, the cultivators that were following closely behind the fragment all entered through the gap.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold as he controlled the fragment to retreat back several dozen feet. Under the gazes of all the cultivators nearby, he accelerated the fragment to smash into the light screen once more.

More cracks appeared on the light screen and spread everywhere. The light from the light screen became dim.

This happened too fast; it only took a few breaths of time to occur. One of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple had a gloomy expression. His body was covered in thunder as he stepped out from the light screen.

"What courage. You dare to charge into the forbidden area of the Thunder Celestial Temple!" This person was covered in thunder as he walked out. However, before Wang Lin did anything, several cultivators jumped off the fragment and began battling this person.

One of the people battling the messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple quickly shouted, "Senior doesn't need to pay any attention to this person, we will deal with him!"

Wang Lin nodded and the fragment retreated a bit. This time he prepared for 10 seconds. However, it wasn't only him. All of the cultivators flew off the fragment and pressed their hands on it.

Everyone used all their power and fused together under Wang Lin's guidance before it was shot out. The power from all the people formed a sharp edge at the front of the fragment.

A loud rumble echoed across the void when the fragment crashed into the light screen and the light screen finally collapsed.

Countless fragments of the light screen spread everywhere and more than half the fragment smashed into this celestial fragment. The cultivators immediately rushed in and suddenly this celestial fragment with the transfer array was filled with crazy cultivators looking for a way to survive!

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