80.78% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 782: Two Big Events

Chapter 782: Two Big Events

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The Thunder Celestial Temple had issued an Allheaven Decree to call all cultivation families to gather at the Thunder Celestial Temple to enter the Alliance Star System!

This news was like a storm that swept across the Allheavn Star System and set off many waves!

In the countless years after the four Celestial Realms collapsed and the passages connecting the four systems were blocked, the four great star systems had no contact with each other. Aside from using some very precious treasures that could just barely open the passage for one or two cultivators to pass, there had never been such a large scale operation like now!

In the eyes of the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System, the Alliance Star System was a remote place. However, there were all kinds of rumors from cultivators that had gone and came back from there.

Rumor had it that the Alliance Star System had no cultivation families. Instead, there were sects.

Rumor had it that the Alliance Star System had rank 1 to 9 cultivation countries. It was very different from the Allheaven Star System!

Rumor had it that the Alliance Star System had many magical treasures and countless pills. Every sect was like a treasure chest and every cultivation planet was like a treasure trove.

Rumor had it that in the Alliance Star System, the strongest power was the Cultivation Alliance!

Rumor had it that in the Alliance Star System, the cultivators were extremely bloodthirsty. They were used to fighting and were like devils.

All kinds of rumors caused the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System to have all kinds of different images of the Alliance Star System. Some of the cultivation families were very interested and filled with desire to battle.

However, there were some cultivations families that didn't agree and still hesitated. But with the push of the Thunder Celestial Temple, invading the Alliance Star System was already a foregone conclusion.

More importantly, the Thunder Celestial Temple's unprecedented action had gained support from the two powerful families that had been around since the ancient cultivation world!

These two families were the most powerful forces around aside from the one family from primal times. Both families had power no weaker than the Thunder Celestial Temple!

One of those families was planet Dong Lin's Xiang family! It wasn't the Thunder Celestial Temple that went looking for them but the Xiang family that went to them. The Xiang family strongly supported this and had even pulled the other family into this matter.

Under the pressure of these three great powers, how would the rest of the cultivation families dare to not listen!?

As a result, a vigorous storm of preparations set off in the Allheaven Star System. Each family was preparing for the moment the passage would open!

For this battle, the three major powers made a speech. If anyone made an exploit, the cultivation planet they conquered would immediately be bestowed to them!

This promise tempted the families of the Allheaven Star System. After all, no one likes sharing a cultivation planet, but all of the planets with spiritual energy had been taken. If one wanted their own cultivation planet, they would have to steal it from the Alliance Star System.

In addition, in order to get all the cultivation families ready, the Thunder Celestial Temple took out various pills and magical weapons. They even took out celestials spells and created quite a scene!

"The Thunder Celestial Temple and the two families are going to grant celestial titles. This is the first time such a large scale granting happened since the Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed. There will be 36 Heavenly Dippers and 72 Earth Fiends for a total of 108 people. Everyone who has a celestial title will have status above messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple and will be admired by all cultivators in the Allheaven Star System!

"They will even become a leader in the battle against the Alliance Star System!"

If that was all there was to it, it wouldn't have been a big deal. After all, not everyone liked reputation. However, the Thunder Celestial Temple had obviously thought of this, so they added something else to increase the stakes! The Thunder Celestial Temple announced that all the people granted celestial titles will be personally taught a celestial spell by Celestial Lord Qing Shui!

This was a piece of news that almost caused the storm to collapse. A celestial lord! A celestial lord!

There was still a celestial lord alive. The entire Allheaven Star System reached a boiling point. All of the cultivation families that were originally not interested changed their minds. They mobilized their elites to steal a spot!

At the same time, the Thunder Celestial Temple announced that the two cultivation families said that the 36 Heavenly Dippers could make a request. The Thunder Celestial Temple and the two families would do their best to grant their request!

The frenzy of promoting the celestial titles had reached a peak in the Allheaven Star System, and it allowed the Thunder Celestial Temple to gather all the power in the Allheaven System together.

But then the most mysterious cultivation family from primal times sent out a message that ignited the entire Allheaven Star System and caused all the cultivators' determination to reach a peak!

The granting of celestial titles could almost be compared to the celestial granting done by the Celestial Realm!

There was only one line in this message!

"The 108 people granted celestial titles can enter the celestial pool to change their origin into celestial origin and become a true celestial!"

The difference between celestials and current cultivators was that they didn't only have origin energy. Instead, they had an energy that was an integration of celestial spiritual energy and origin energy: celestial origin energy!

No matter how powerful a celestial spell was, there was a limit when used with origin energy. However, if celestial origin energy was used, its true power could be displayed! Even celestial treasures were like this!

The storm had set off, the flame of war had ignited, and everyone was waiting on the passage to open!

Just as the storm of preparation and flames of war spread across the Allheaven Star System, another shocking piece of news spread across the system!

The Yao family, a family that was just below the two cultivation families from ancient times, sent out a Heaven Order!

When the Heaven Order appears, slaughter awaits! The Yao family was the most powerful family among the four families that had inheritance from the Celestial Realm. They could even be compared to the two cultivation families from ancient times and they even looked down upon the Thunder Celestial Temple!

In the countless years after the Celestial Realm had collapsed, the Yao family had send out its Heaven Order three times! Every time it was sent, there was a lot of bloodshed, and it wouldn't stop until the target was dead!

At the present, while a storm was set off in the Allheaven Star System, the Yao family's fourth Heaven Order was issued!

This time there was only one name on the order!

"Xu Mu!"

This name was not only not unknown, it was an extremely famous name! Among all the news of the celestial titles, Xu Mu was one that most people thought would obtain a title!

The people that were saved by Xu Mu and their families were all advocates for his name. In particular, those that were rescued by him all showed their respect and gratitude to Xu Mu when talking about him.

The popularity of Xu Mu gradually exploded, and he became one of the few that were famous in all four domains of the Allheaven Star System. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

And at this moment, the Yao family's Heaven Order only had one name. It was self-evident that the Yao family wanted to kill Xu Mu!

No matter how strong Xu Mu was, very few people believed that he could survive the assault of the Yao family. Once the Heaven Order was sent, Xu Mu would die!

Only a few select people, such as Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie, sneered. In their eyes, the Yao family didn't have the qualifications to battle their lord!

The Yao family had sent out a large amount of family members and many related families like a net across the Allheaven Star System to ensure they find Xu Mu!

As the preparations for the celestial titles went on, the Yao family's search for Xu Mu reached an unprecedented peak!

The appearance of the Yao family's Heaven Order and a large search caused the name "Xu Mu" to reach an even higher prestige. However, most cultivators believed that this name would be short lived as his life would end soon!

Even the people saved by Wang Lin became silent. It wasn't that they didn't want to help, but they all had their own families and they couldn't resist the Yao family!

However, as the Yao family searched, Xu Mu had disappeared. No one could find him, as if he had disappeared from the Allheaven Star System.

At this moment, Wang Lin was flying through the Strange Domain. There was only grey fog before Wang Lin, but that couldn't stop him at all.

Behind him, the Chosen Immortal Clan members were completely calm. The months of flying in the fog had caused their mentality to undergo a series of evolutions.

The confusion from the start had disappeared and was replaced with decisiveness and killing intent!

During the few months they followed Wang Lin in the fog, they saw and fought many fierce beasts. Although their numbers had reduced, their killing aura gradually thickened.

At this moment, the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan were like slaughter gods closely following Wang Lin. Amidst their ranks were women and children, but the weak expressions had disappeared from them as well.

If they could charge out, they would live. If they couldn't, then they would only be devoured by the beasts here.

Thanks to these bloody battles, the Celestial Immortal Clan quickly grew up. There were shadows of Wang Lin among them. After all, for these simple people, Wang Lin was the only example they could learn from.

After spending months with them, even Wang Lin had to admit that the Chosen Immortal Clan was gifted and intelligent. They had good cultivation roots, and their ability to imitate was a bit scary.

In just a few months of interactions in the fog, these people had learned Wang Lin' resolution, Wang Lin's calm, and also Wang Lin's killing intent.

Often times when they acted, they were very decisive and merciless. They used all kinds of tattoo spells in the fog to battle the beasts!

What caused Wang Lin's eyes to narrow was that these people were very good at group attacks. Their group attacks were almost seamless and could multiply their strength. If it wasn't for the fact that they had to guard their women and children, they would be even more fierce.

Wang Lin silently pondered as he wrapped the women and children of the Chosen Immortal Clan in his spell so they could move even faster.

On this day, the fog before them faded and Wang Lin charged out. The members of the Chosen Immortal Clan charged out one by one. What appeared before them was a bright and starry sky!

Allheaven System Western Domain!

When he looked at the stars, Wang Lin went into a trance. Right after what happened at the Thunder Celestial Realm, he was transferred into the Nether Beast. Seeing the stars again after all this made everything that had happened feel like a dream.

"Allheaven Star System, I'm back! Now the first order of business is to find which domain this is. I must find a cultivation planet!" Wang Lin muttered to himself as he took out a jade. This was the map Shengong Hu had given him. After looking at it for a bit, he put it back into his bag.

Wang Lin looked back at the Chosen Immortal Clan members.

"Here is the Allheaven Star System under the Thunder Celestial Domain. Since you arrived here, you are free!"

The Chosen Immortal Clan silently pondered for a while before looking at Wang Lin and saying, "Benefactor, we are unfamiliar with this place. Do you happen to have a cultivation planet that could shelter us temporarily? Once we are familiar with this Allheaven Star System, we will definitely leave!"

Wang Lin pondered slightly and nodded. Planet Qing Ling was very large and could fit these Chosen Immortal Clan members.

He turned back around, took a step, and rushed forward like a meteor. The Chosen Immortal Clan members followed after him. There were hundreds of rays of light flying toward planet Qing Ling.

Along the way, Wang Lin had his divine spread out, looking for cultivation planets. This place was extremely open, so it was very difficult to find a cultivation planet. After 10 days, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he locked onto a yellow planet in the distance. The spiritual energy fluctuations weren't very strong but not weak either.

As they flew, the fluctuations of their flight was so large that they spread everywhere, so they were detected by the cultivators from that yellow planet.

As soon as Wang Lin closed in, three rays of light flew out from the yellow planet, revealing three people. Among the three, one of them was a middle-aged man and the other two were old men.

There were strong origin energy fluctuations from the three of them; clearly they were all at the Illusory Yin stage.

When the three appeared, they had serious expressions. The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin and calmly said, "Fellow Cultivator, you rushed over so quickly; I wonder what do you need!"

The other two's gazes swept across the Chosen Immortal Clan behind Wang Lin. The more they saw, the more shocked they became. The people behind had no spiritual energy fluctuations at all. Instead, they possessed a mysterious force they had never seen before.

Moreover, they could clearly feel killing intent from these people. This killing intent was very strong and was obviously built up from killing for a long period of time.

More importantly, these people's expressions revealed a very cold aura. Their expressions didn't change in the slightest when facing the two of them, and they even contained a hint of killing intent.

However, the other two felt it was strange that there were women and children among them. It made it hard for them to guess these people's background.

Just at this moment, the middle-aged man finished speaking and carefully looked at Wang Lin. He felt as if he was hit by lightning and thought that Wang Lin's appearance was similar to the Heaven Order sent out by the Yao family.

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