81.19% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 786: Blood Gods Thoughts

Chapter 786: Blood Gods Thoughts

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Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. When he was killing those people, he noticed that there was no one from the Yao family among them. They were merely tempted by the reward the Yao family offered.

No matter how many of these people he killed, the Yao family wouldn't be hurt!

If he really wanted to hurt the Yao family, he must kill Yao family members!

"Since the Yao family wants to kill me, then I'll first extinguish the Yao family members!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the killing intent in them increased. The Yao family member rushing over had already broken through the Yin and Yang stage and was at the Nirvana Scryer stage.

Early stage Nirvana Scryer! Wang Lin's eyes were filled with battle intent. Ever since he reached the Corporeal Yang stage, he hadn't battled a real Nirvana Scryer cultivator. At this moment, he was filled with killing intent, but at the same time, endless battle intent filled his heart as well!

As the sword energy closed in, Wang Lin quickly rushed forward. He had to deal with this Corporeal Yang cultivator before the other one arrived. If the two of them teamed up, Wang Lin would immediately be at a disadvantage!

The Corporeal Yang old man relaxed and didn't hesitate to retreat. He no longer wanted to battle Ta Shan, as he had completed his task. All he had to do was help the Yao family member complete his task and then obtain the reward.

Just as he started retreating, Ta Shan chased after the old man under Wang Lin's order. His fist shined brightly as he continued to bombard the old man.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the stars as the Corporeal Yang old man kept retreating while using spells to block the blows.

Wang Lin's eyes glowed red and he rushed toward the ray of sword energy that belonged to the Yao family member. He was like a meteor and he charged very far in a flash.

Yao Changdong revealed a grin. There was even a hint of contempt on his face, and he flew even faster.

When the Corporeal Yang cultivator saw this scene, he felt peace of mind. However, he was still cautious as Wang Lin's strange movement had caused a chill to appear in his heart.

"Since that Yao family member has arrived, Xu Mu shouldn't have time to deal with me." The old man continued to retreat from Ta Shan's attacks. His eyes flickered as he looked at Wang Lin charging toward Yao Changdong.

The farther he was from Wang Lin, the more relaxed he became. However, just at this moment, Ta Shan's body began to shine dozens of times brighter than before. This golden glow was too strong; if a mortal saw it, they would immediately go blind.

Even cultivators would feel their eyes hurt. Although the old man was at the Corporeal Yang stage, he was too close to Ta Shan. At this moment, the old man's pupil's shrank and he wasn't able to see clearly.

Just as his divine sense was about to spread out, Ta Shan's fierce attack arrived, forcing the old man to focus on dealing with Ta Shan.

Just at the moment the old man's eyes were blocked by the golden glow, Wang Lin took a step forward while charging toward Yao Changdong. Ripples appeared under his feet and Wang Lin disappeared.

At the moment he disappeared, although the Corporeal Yang old man couldn't see, his mind trembled and his eyes twitched.

He didn't hesitate to activate the origin energy inside his body and push it out like crazy, forming a large amount of origin energy collapse. A vortex was formed from all the origin energy.

However, it was still a step too late! Wang Lin's figure had appeared behind the old man right as the vortexes appeared. His fingers were filled with origin energy and he mercilessly attacked.

The old man's origin energy vortex hadn't formed when Wang Lin's finger landed on the old man's back. The old man's face turned pale and he refrained himself from coughing out blood. As the origin energy swept through his body, he wanted to use Wang Lin's attack to escape.

Just at this moment, Ta Shan's body shined brightly and the tattoo on his forehead melted into his right fist. Just as the old man was about to escape, Ta Shan's fist landed on him. This fist caused a series of sonic booms that echoed across the stars.

The old man was worthy of being a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator. He spat out a mouthful or origin energy during this moment of crisis and created a shield. Ta Shan's fist landed on the shield, causing it to shatter, and the old man was thrown backwards. The old man's eyes were filled with resentment as he couldn't keep the blood back anymore and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

However, his body turned into a bloody shadow and he quickly merged with the blood before him. His figure became ghost-like and he somehow managed to escape from Wang Lin and Ta Shan's combined attack.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. As the old man used the blood to escape, he raised his right hand and chopped down. The Heavenly Chop immediately shot out and the escaping blood shadow was split in half.

The peak Corporeal Yang old man let out a miserable scream. His origin soul was wrapped in a blood light and it escaped, abandoning his body.

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin had no time to pursue, so he raised his hand and formed a seal. The Celestial Sealing Stamp immediately appeared before him to form a shield!

Yao Chandong's sword energy suddenly changed directions and landed directly on the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

When the Celestial Sealing Stamp blocked it, an earth-shattering sound echoed across the area.

Wang Lin's expression was normal, but the energy inside his body was rampaging. Under the impact of the sword energy, the Celestial Sealing Stamp was forced back and Wang Lin was forced back with it. Only after he retreated 100 feet was he able to slow down.

"Yao family's third generation Yao Changdong!" After the ray of light dissapeared, a young man dressed in white looked proudly at Wang Lin. Under his feet was a 30-foot-long sword!

Wang Lin had never seen such a large flying sword. It emitted a dense sword energy that could shatter space.

"Xu Mu, meeting me is your misfortune. If you had met another member of my Yao family, they may have accepted your pleads for forgiveness. However, before I, Yao Changdong, your begging is useless!" Yao Changdong looked extremely proud and thought, "I have to finish this before Yao Bingyun gets here. Otherwise, the credit will be stolen by that cold woman!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm and eyes were cold. He had already noticed that the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System all had a high sense of pride. This kind of pride was formed by the cultivation family model here. This was very different from all the fighting and scheming in the Alliance Star System.

Wang Lin nodded slightly as he clasped his hands as if he was about to speak. However, at this moment, essence origin energy came out of his mouth to form an illusory sword that rushed toward Yao Changdong with extreme speed.

At the same time, Wang Lin took a step forward and disappeared into the void.

The sword formed by the essence origin energy was too fast and closed in on Yao Changdong in an instant. Yao Changdong's eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort. His right hand formed a seal and pressed forward.

A flash of green light came from his hand and it turned into a skull that attempted to devour the sword. Just as he rose his right hand, a ripple appeared behind him and Wang Lin stepped out. Wang Lin's two fingers pressed down. He didn't even look at the result and disappeared once more.

Yao Changdong's expression became gloomy. The moment Wang Lin appeared, he suddenly turned around and two rays of light shot out from his eyes. However, the two lights didn't hit Wang Lin and flew through the void.

Just at this moment, the Celestial Sealing Stamp suddenly began to rotate, and it smashed toward Yao Changdong with immense pressure.

Hundreds of golden runes flashed on the Celestial Sealing Stamp and flew out one by one. The endless golden runes rushed toward Yao Changdong to seal him.

Just as Yao Changdong looked up with a gloomy expression, Wang Lin once again appeared beside him and sent out a Heavenly Chop. Yao Changdong quickly turned but still missed.

Wang Lin's figure was like a ghost as the Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down. He would constantly appear next to Yao Changdong and only use one attack before disappearing again.

As a result, Yao Changdong's expression became increasingly gloomy. Although Wang Lin's attacks weren't too strong for him, he still had to pay attention. Everytime Wang Lin appeared, he would have to react immediately.

However, he couldn't even touch Wang Lin's shadow. This kind of strange method of fighting made him very frustrated. Although Yao Changdong hadn't been in a lot of fights, the number was absolutely not little, but never had he had a fight like this.

After Wang Lin spat out that mouthful of essence origin energy and he lifted his hand to dissipated it, he had lost his initiative. He had to constantly be on guard and could never take the initiative to attack.

Just as he was about to recover and was ready to rush out to retaliate with his spell, the 100 foot stamp arrived. This made Yao Changdong even more irritated.

At this moment, the rumbling sound became even stronger and countless golden runes flew toward him. There was also that ghostly figure that kept attacking him.

Yao Changdong's eyes were filled with killing intent. His hand formed a seal and the large sword under him emitted powerful sword intent. The large sword split into 19 smaller swords that began to rotate to form a strange sword array. Then the sword array suddenly charged out.

When the 19 swords charged out, dense origin energy spread out from the sword array, creating a storm. The sword formation spun around Yao Changdong, and the origin energy within the area began to twist and Wang Lin appeared 1,000 feet away. Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he stared ahead.

"Seal!" A shout came from Wang Lin. At the same time, more golden runes charged out even faster through the vortex formed by the sword array.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down with a loud rumble.

Inside the sword array, Yao Changdong's veins bulged. He suddenly raised his head and his hand formed a seal. The sword array spun even faster and he pointed upwards.

The sword array immediately charged out and met the Celestial Sealing Stamp that was smashing down.

There was a loud bang and the descending Celestial Sealing Stamp paused. Yao Changdong immediately took a step and was about to leave the range of the Celestial Sealing Stamp. However, just at this moment, Ta Shan appeared next to him and began a bombardment of punches.

Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin's eyes as his right hand reached out and the celestial sword appeared in his grasp. Xu Liguo had already returned to the sword. Wang Lin raised the celestial sword and the origin energy inside his body surged and mercilessly chopped down. One time, two times, three times… ten times… twenty times!

Twenty Heavenly Chops consumed most of Wang Lin's origin energy. However, they instantly condensed into a huge ray of sword energy and flew out.

The ray of sword energy, that could destroy law and seemed tear apart space itself, shot out toward Yao Changdong.

Yao Changdong revealed a fierce expression as the sword array spun rapidly and collided with Ta Shan's fist. Ta Shan's face immediately became pale, but he didn't retreat and instead threw another punch.

Just at this moment, the Heavenly Chop arrived and landed on the vortex around Yao Changdong. It broke through the vortex and charged toward Yao Changdong.

At the same time, a large amount of golden runes charged in through the opening created by the Heavenly Chop and quickly sealed Yao Changdong.

After using the Heavenly Chop, Wang Lin didn't stop. He took a step and disappeared. When he re-appeared, he was above the Celestial Sealing Stamp, and he sat down on it. Both of his hands formed a seal and he pressed down to the side.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp was filled with all of Wang Lin's origin energy, and it smashed down toward Yao Changdong.

At this moment, the seal, the Heavenly Chop, Ta Shan's punch, and the Celestial Sealing Stamp all rushed at Yao Changdong at the same time. When the Celestial Sealing Stamp landed, there was a bang that echoed across the stars.

The loud sound was so loud that everyone within tens of thousands of kilometers could hear this sound that was like a cultivation planet collapsing.

A roar of anger exploded from under the Celestial Sealing Stamp. A terrifying and suffocating aura suddenly began to spread like crazy.

The moment the Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down, it was pushed away by this force. The countless golden runes were torn up by this force and were constantly forced back.

Popping sounds came from Ta Shan's fist and his right fist was smashed. Even half of his body was affected by the ripple and he was thrown far away.

At this moment, the elegant and prideful Yao Changdong had vanished. His hair was disheveled, his clothes were in tatters, and his eyes were filled with anger.

There was a fist-sized bead before his body. Calling it a bead was a bit inappropriate, it was more like the core of a cultivator!

It was this core that absorbed all the attacks from before and allowed Yao Changdong to only be in a sorry state but not suffer the slightest injury.

"You are the second person that has forced to me use the celestial pill the Ancestor gave me!" Yao Changdong almost gnashed his teeth. His killing intent for Wang Lin was no longer coming from the Heaven Order from the family but the anger in his heart.

He had never been in such a disadvantageous situation in his whole life. From the sneak attack at the start, he had no chance to retaliate and was forced to passively defend. Due to that strange spell, Yao Changdong was forced into a dangerous situation.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. As he retreated, he slapped his bag of holding and immediately took out the soul flag. He immediately grabbed two Illusory Yin origin souls and devoured them. As origin energy filled his body, he stared at the core before Yao Changdong and his eyes turned cold.

Wang Lin held an advantage earlier and didn't allow Yao Changdong to retaliate at all. Everything was set up for the kill, but in the end it still failed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Wang Lin clearly understood the difference between Corporeal Yang and Nirvana Scryer cultivators now. Wang Lin was confident the situation he had set up could kill any Corporeal Yang cultivator, but Yao Changdong wasn't injured at all.

Although that core played a large role, even if that core wasn't there, Yao Changdong must have had other spells.

"A family that has an inheritance from the Celestial Realm must have have a lot of celestial spells!"

Yao Changdong's eyes revealed a fierce expression. His right hand formed a seal and the core began revolving around his body. At the same time, his left hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Celestial spell, Void Collapse!"

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to retreat. As he retreated, the space where he was at collapsed and caused a powerful impact.

This scene caused Wang Lin's pupils to shrink.

"Celestial spell, Imagine Collapse!" Yao Changdong's hand formed a seal and he revealed a cruel expression.

Violent collapses continued to echo, Wang Lin couldn't pause for a moment as the collapses chased closely after him.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy, but was also calm. Ripples appeared under his feet and then he disappeared without a trace. He instantly appeared 100 feet behind Yao Changdong and a Heavenly Chop flew at Yao Changdong.

However, just as the Heavenly Chop closed in on Yao Changdong, the core suddenly appeared and collided with it. The moment it touched the Heavenly Chop, it absorbed the power of the Heavenly Chop.

"Celestial spell, 19 Souls!" Yao Changdong jerked around, revealed a grin, and spat out a mouthful of white mist. Bursts of miserable screams came from the mist. There were 19 babies inside the mist. These babies were completely black. They were monsters as they rushed toward Wang Lin along with the mist.

There was a flash of cold light in Wang Lin's eyes. He took a step backwards and merged with the world.

The 19 souls missed, then they returned back to Yao Changdong and revolved around him.

Yao Changdong's face revealed a fierce expression. He didn't hesitate to reach out toward the core and shout, "I'm willing to be punished by the Ancestor for losing this core to break your spell!" As he spoke, he crushed the core and a destructive aura spread out like a storm from the core.

This force was too powerful, As it spread, the origin energy within 100,000 feet began to twist and distort. The origin energy in the world was no longer in balance; it was as if a large pair of hands was constantly stirring it up. Anyone who was merged inside must leave as soon as possible unless they had a spell to counteract the fluctuations.

Wang Lin appeared 1,000 feet away. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he raised his right hand and pointed at the void. The Withered Dao Pair quickly appeared. The ferocious beast bone gave off a ghostly flash and a powerful evil aura filled the world.

Yao Changdong's expression changed slightly and both of his hands formed a seal. The 19 babies began to spin rapidly around Yao Changdong and formed an illusion around Yao Changdong. This was an illusion of a large baby.

After it appeared, it let out a roar. However, it only let out half a roar before its body was covered by grey light and it turned into stone in a instant.

Wang Lin took this opportunity to retreat and immediately took out two Illusory Yin origin souls. After devouring them, he immediately raised his right hand and shouted, "Call the Wind!"

The black wind roared and gathered around his right hand. It instantly expanded and dense, black wind appeared around Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, the petrified baby collapsed and Yao Changdong walked out without any injuries.

He stared at the black wind around Wang Lin and sneered. "Only this much power? Today will you without a doubt die!"

Just as he finished speaking, Wang Lin waved his hand and the black wind charged out. The black wind swept across the stars and turned into a black dragon. It opened hits mouth and blasted out cold wind.

Yao Changdong initially didn't consider the wind a threat, but his body felt cold and it felt like his origin soul was about to collapse. He immediately retreated in shock, but the black wind chased closely after him.

Frightened, Yao Changdong saw that he was about to be surrounded by the black wind, but his hand quickly formed a seal and he shouted, "Celestial spell, Cloud Calamity!" Thunderous rumbles appeared out of nowhere and clouds surrounded Yao Changdong. Lightning flashed between the clouds, forming a comprehensive shield.

However, under the wind blasted out by the black dragon, the clouds dissipated, revealing the terrified Yao Changdong.

"This… What celestial spell is this!?!" Yao Changdong's body trembled as he clenched his teeth and spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy. His right hand quickly moved over it and he shouted, "Blood Soul, six cycles!"

After using this spell, Yao Changdong's expression turned pale. This Blood Soul celestial spell was imparted by the Ancestor, Blood God. It was said to be one of the greatest spells of their celestial ancestor.

At its peak, it could reach 19 cycles, but with Yao Changdong's current cultivation level, he could only manage six cycles, and even then it would consume most of his origin energy.

The blood quickly began to move and it formed a vortex before charging into the sky. Like a scarlet whirlwind, it created a powerful force that collided with the wind. The two forces quickly cancelled each other out.

Yao Changdong stared at the flickering Wang Lin. He clenched his teeth as he slapped his bag of holding and a talisman appeared in his hand.

"With the talisman the Ancestor gave me, no matter how many spells you have, you will without a doubt die!"

He raised his hand and the talisman immediately flew out. There was a complex rune formed by red ink on the talisman. Yao Changdong's hand formed a seal as he bit his tongue and sprayed blood directly on the talisman.

In an instant, the talisman was dyed blood red and the rune seemed to come to life. A strange light came from the talisman and a strange, green flame began to burn at the corner of the talisman.

"Emperor Celestial Talisman! Kill this person!" Yao Changdong pointed at Wang Lin, and his voice revealed his ferociousness.

The talisman flashed and charged out. It penetrated through the blood soul vortex and the cold wind. It didn't suffer any damage and went straight toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's pupils suddenly shrank. He was very familiar with this talisman as it was almost identical to the two he had. At this moment, an aura that shocked Wang Lin's mind came from the talisman.

This aura was extremely terrifying.

"I can't resist!" All the hair on Wang Lin's body stood up and he felt a sense of crisis envelop him. He retreated without hesitation, but not only did the talisman not scatter, it moved even faster.

Under this moment of crisis, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding without hesitation and the God Slaying War Chariot flew out. He pointed at Yao Changdong and then also took out a talisman. Copying Yao Changdong, he also bit the tip of his tongue and spat out essence blood.

The essence blood caused the talisman to also shine and burned brightly. It collided with the tasliman Yao Changdong threw out and it set off a huge shockwave. The tasliman Wang Lin threw out immediately collapsed and turned to dust.

However, Yao Changdong's talisman didn't completely dissipate; a fingernail-sized portion still remained. It moved at an incredible speed and landed between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

Wang Lin's body trembled. He felt heat from between his eyebrows as if a flame was burning. An unimaginable sealing power spread across his body like crazy. In the blink of an eye, his origin energy and origin soul were completely sealed.

"This… This is the Chosen Immortal Clan's tattoo power!! But how can the tattoo of the Chosen Immortal Clan be so strong!?!" Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air and his eyes were filled with terror. All of the origin energy inside his body was suddenly sealed. Right now he was like a mortal!

His body immediately became very weak. If Ta Shan hadn't allowed Wang Lin to sit on his left arm, Wang Lin would have immediately fallen into the endless space.

Beside him, the God Slaying War Chariot turned into the butterfly. It gently flapped its wings and looked harmless.

Yao Changdong laughed. Without origin energy, all of Wang Lin's treasures had lost their effect and Call the Wind had also disappeared. Yao Changdong's two fingers from his right hand formed a sword and he charged straight at Wang Lin.

"A mere Corporeal Yang cultivator dares to fight with me!? Xu Mu, die!"

As Yao Changdong laughed, his speed was shocking and he charged straight toward Wang Lin. His fingers were filled with origin energy, and if they landed on Wang Lin, not only would Wang Lin's body collapse, even his origin soul would be destroyed!

Just as Yao Changdong closed in, the butterfly gently flapped its wings. Although it didn't have Wang Lin's origin energy anymore, it was obviously different from other treasures. Once it was activated, it could operate by itself.

Yao Changdong's body paused and his chest exploded, causing him to be thrown backwards. He managed to stop himself after 100 feet, but the butterfly immediately flapped its wings once more.

Yao Changdong's eyes were filled with killing intent. Just as the butterfly flapped its wings, he took out another talisman. This time he didn't throw it out and pressed it between his own eyebrows.

A powerful fluctuation of tattoo power came out from the talisman and diffused into Yao Changdong's body. Soon, a large amount of tattoos appeared around Yao Changdong.

Popping sounds echoed. Every time the butterfly flapped its wings, a large amount of tattoos would collapse. However, he continued to rush over and once again closed in on Wang Lin.

"I must kill Xu Mu. He is only at the Corporeal Yang stage and is already so powerful. Once he reaches the Nirvana Scryer stage, I will not be his opponent!"

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position on Ta Shan's left arm. Ta Shan continued to retreat, trying to create some distance between them and Yao Changdong. However, Yao Changdong was too fast. He closed in with all the tattoos exploding.

The killing intent disappeared and was replaced with calmness. He closed his eyes and muttered, "My domain was originally life and death and then karma. Things in the world can escape life and death, but they can't escape karma!"

There was a power that didn't need origin energy to use. It was not a treasure, but a cultivator's dao. It could also be considered a belief, a comprehension.

Wang Lin's comprehension after 1,000 years of cultivation was his domain!

At this moment of life and death, Wang Lin used his domain, which he hadn't used in a long time!

The battle of domains was the battle of dao. The battle of dao was ever-changing. There was no victory or defeat in the battle of dao, only life and death!

Wang Lin spread out his arms and calmly said, "My left hand holds the karmic cause of the world. My right hand holds the karmic effect of the world. This is karma, my karma!"

He opened his eyes. His left eye contained a sun and his right eye contained a moon. He looked at Yao Changdong and pointed at him.

Karmic cause, appear!

When his domain appeared, the stars no longer existed. It was as if everything had disappeared, and Yao Changdong's body suddenly stopped.

He couldn't help but stop. At this moment, Wang Lin's figure grew infinitely. It was as if there was a whip in Wang Lin's hand, and the two ends of the whip connected to form a circle.

That circle was karma. Yao Changdong had a strong feeling that if he stepped out, he would inevitably fall into the Wang Lin's domain. Even if he managed to kill Wang Lin, he would be trapped in this domain. He feared he would be forever trapped inside karma and would never awaken.

The battle of dao could only be fought with dao. However, it was rare for people to be able to fully display their dao; it could be said that only very few could!

This had nothing to do with cultivation, but comprehension. A comprehension of the world, a comprehension of life, and a comprehension of one's own dao!

Yao Changdong would never have thought that this Xu Mu could display his own dao. His expression was gloomy, but he didn't retreat. Instead, he sat down less than 30 feet from Wang Lin and closed his eyes. A golden shadow suddenly appeared above his head.

This golden shadow had the aura of a celestial and was very elegant; it was obvious it was a celestial!

"Struggle as you die. I'll let you see my Yao family's dao! The Yao family are descendants of celestials. Although celestial don't have domains, my family turned the glory of being their descendant into our domain. The glory of our celestial ancestors is the dao of our Yao family!"

The shadow of the celestial gradually condensed above Yao Changdong and eventually walked out. It stepped toward the circle formed by Wang Lin's domain.

"My family believes in the glory of our ancestor. All other domains will break under the glory of our ancestor!" Yao Changdong's face was filled with reverence and his fanaticism caused the celestial to become even more corporeal.

"That's glory of the past. What of it now? All things are are linked to karma. The celestial's glory is the karmic cause!" Wang Lin's expression was calm as he lowered his left hand and raised his right hand.

"The karmic effect was the collapse of the Celestial Realm!" Wang Lin lightly gripped his right hand and said, "You take pride in glory, but can your dao escape karma?"

The karma circle before Wang Lin began to rotate, creating a vortex. Outside the vortex was karmic cause and inside the vortex was karmic effect!

"The celestials perished because they couldn't escape karma. Their descendants also can't escape karma. Your dao is extremely fragile! So what if you have thousands of celestial spells and that dao of glory? How laughable!" Wang Lin shook his head. He had seen through the other party's dao. To use something as illusory as glory for dao and reverence for domain, even if it reached its peak, it couldn't escape the shadow of their ancestors.

The karma circle suddenly flew out and charged at the shadow of the celestial. When it closed in, it stopped.

"Celestials didn't cultivate domains. Using their powerful celestial spiritual energy to open up the heavens was a grave mistake! Otherwise, why would the Celestial Realm have collapsed! Even with how powerful the celestial emperor was, he still went mad when he went against the heavens, and he died. How strong was your ancestor compared to the celestial emperor? The celestial emperor not cultivating a domain was the karmic cause and his madness that caused his death was the karmic effect!

"Your family's celestial's statue and cultivation can't match the celestial emperor. Not cultivating a domain and forcibly taking power from the heavens caused your ancestor to perish. This is karma! In my opinion, your glory is empty!

"If they were destroyed by the heavens, where is the glory? Yao Changdong, the domain you cultivated and the dao you believe in are all empty! Your celestial ancestor died, but rather than seeking the reason, you decided to cultivate their glory. Not only is your dao empty, but even your Yao family ancestor's dao is also empty. In the end, your Yao family will perish!"

Yao Changdong's eyes were filled with anger and he cough out a large mouthful of blood as his mind was injured. Wang Lin's words were like sharp swords that pierced his heart, leaving him unable to refute. After listening to these words, there was even a trace of hesitation in his heart.

The shadow of the celestial outside the karma circle became blurry, as if it would disappear at any moment.

"You take pride in your glory and use that glory as your dao. Your glory is only your own illusion. Have you truly seen the glory of your ancestor or felt the glory of your ancestor? Everything was just made up by you, it is all empty!

"Your at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, but you don't have the slightest understanding of your own dao. All of it was born from an illusion, so how can it fight against me!? My dao has changed greatly through my experiences in life. The pain of parting relatives, the hatred from slaughter, the bitterness of the death of a loved one, and wiping the resentment from my dead son. I became aware of the life and death domain and understood the world. Although I understand that things that should disappear, I walk against the heavens and refuse to be controlled by fate! This allowed me to complete my life and death domain!

"Then my domain changed and I comprehended the karma domain!

"And your domain was only a false glory. This glory has long perished with your ancestor and vanished with the collapse of the Celestial Realm!! Yao Changdong, you are gravely mistaken!"

Yao Changdong's body trembled once more and he cough out another large mouthful of blood. There was no trace of blood on his face. He was like a dead man, and his eyes were filled with confusion.

The shadow of the celestial outside the karma circle became even more blurry.

Wang Lin shouted as his eyes revealed a strange light, "Your Yao family wanting to kill me is karmic cause and your dao broken by my karma domain is karmic effect! Why hasn't your glory domain broken before my karma domain?"

Yao Changdong's body trembled and the shadow of the celestial above him shattered completely. As it collapsed, everything returned to normal and the stars appeared once more. To Yao Changdong, it was as if years had passed.

Wang Lin's karma domain also dissipated. The remaining piece of talisman between his eyebrows had collapsed in the battle of dao. Origin energy filled his body and he rushed out.

At this moment, the butterfly next to him gently flapped its wings. Yao Changdong's body collapsed and even his bag of holding collapsed under this destructive power.

All traces of him were erased from the world.

When Wang Lin's origin energy returned, his face turned pale and coughed out a mouthful of blood. A battle of dao was too dangerous, so he really didn't want to use it unless it was the last resort.

One's dao was definitely not as fragile as he said. It was just that Yao Changdong's dao heart was unstable because he hadn't experienced enough life. He was like a sheltered flower that hadn't been tested by real wind and rain.

Compared to him, the cultivators at the same cultivation level in the Alliance Star System were far stronger. After all, in the Alliance Star System, you had to rely on yourself!

What about a teacher? They couldn't protect you at all. If you were a bit careless, you would die! It was the law of the jungle, and slaughter was the law of the heavens! Aside from a few limited people, the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System couldn't even imagine the darkness of the Alliance Star System.

If you placed them in the Alliance Star System, it would be hard for these people to survive! Unless their cultivation was powerful enough to ignore all rules.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin withdrew his treasures and Ta Shan returned to his shadow. He dragged his frail body, but the killing intent in his eyes was even stronger.

"Yao family, if you want to kill me, you must pay the price!"

Wang Lin took a step with a fierce and cold gaze. Ripples appeared under his feet as he merged with the world and disappeared without a trace.

However, just as he disappeared, a ripple appeared nearby and a cold woman wearing white walked out. She was very beautiful and could be considered perfect. Her cold expression, while it would cause people to retreat, would also make their hearts beat faster.

She frowned slightly and with a step she disappeared as she merged with the world and chased after Wang Lin!

At this moment in the Eastern Domain on a blood red planet. There was a huge ancestral temple and a fierce "Yao" was carved onto a large piece of wood.

There was an old man sitting inside the temple. His eyebrows were bent and were scarlet red.

Behind him were tokens. Each of them gave off rich origin energy. At this moment, one of the tokens at the bottom cracked and then split in half!

The old man slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the shattered token and muttered, "One finally died… Wang Lin from the alliance Star System, I want to see how many you can kill! Don't disappoint this old man, the Blood God!" The old man's eyes gave of a gloomy gaze.

He raised his right hand and with a point of his finger, white gas flew out from the token and entered his sleeves.

"Continue to kill…"

Comments (6)

  • wangtengfeii


    ☤ Thanks for the chapter ☫

  • HighWorlds


    Finally, wow it's been so long since we saw his dao now that it evolved from life and death to karma. His dao used to play greater role back on Alliance System and Suzaku.

  • lordius


    What? He wants Wang Lin to kill them? So is he on Wang Lin's side or he's just really cold-hearted to sacrifice his descendants?

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