85.43% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 827: Not qualified

Chapter 827: Not qualified

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Master Flamespark's voice was calm as he slowly said, "It is indeed that stone!"

The old man's eyes darkened a bit and he said, "Rumor has it that this stone is a relic from the ancient Celestial Realm. If one can leave their name on it, their soul can directly go into the ancient Celestial Realm that is rumored to have vanished!

I didn't expect the Celestial Bestowing Stone to be at the Thunder Celestial Temple!"

The middle-aged man named Gongsun opened and closed his eyes. Every time his eyes opened, light would shine out, and he calmly said, "Although the ancient Celestial Realm has disappeared, rumors were left behind, saying that countless years from now, the ancient Celestial Realm will reopen. When that happens, only the people whose names were left on the Celestial Bestowing Stone will be allowed to go! Although it is only a rumor, it is the only clue left!"

The surroundings were completely quiet. Aside from a select few people, almost no one knew what the Celestial Bestowing Stone was. However, after hearing what the old man named Xiang said, they all immediately understood the important of this stone.

However, there were many cultivators who didn't know what the ancient Celestial Realm was. They all looked at their families' ancestors.

Master Flamespark calmly said, "The Celestial Bestowing Stone shattered into countless fragments when the Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed. My Thunder Celestial Temple didn't obtain it, so no need to think about this matter. It was when that senior captured the Moon Beast that he found me and gave me a piece the size of my fist!"

After he said this, all the old monsters on the praying mats became silent and no longer inquired about this matter.

"The three trials of heaven, earth, and human. The first trial is human. If you can withstand 10 breaths of time, then you pass!"

"Russell, enter the thunder lake!" Master Thunderspark's voice spread across the area and a ray of green light closed in. The green light turned into a green-robed middle-aged man before everyone.

This person clasped his hands at everyone and said, "As the Lord of the Temple orders!" As he spoke, he descended toward the square. He stood on top of the square with his hand behind his back. There was a trace of pride in his calm expression.

His appearance caught the attention of the surrounding cultivators. There were naturally people who were aware of Russell's identity, and discussions began.

"The Thunder Celestial Temple's Russell!"

"Rumor has it that he reached the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer 300 years ago and that he has been in closed door cultivation for 300 years and never appeared. I didn't expect him to be the gatekeeper for the human trial."

"This Russell is not simple, especially the change in his divine sense. Rumor has it that even some famous old monsters praise him!"

Bursts of discussion echoed throughout the area. Russell raised his head and looked up at the hundreds of juniors. He was calm as he said, "In my eyes, none of you are eligible to become the 108 celestials, because killing you would be no more difficult than crushing ants! Now I'm going to point at one of you. Anyone I point at will come down!"

After Russell spoke, a majority of cultivators that came out from the transfer arrays looked gloomily at Russell. This was especially true for Xu Ting. His eyes flashed red, but he didn't speak.

Russell didn't waste time and his right hand casually pointed at a cultivator from the Northern Domain.

After the cultivator was pointed at, he hesitated for a moment, but it was that hesitation that caused Russell to let out a cold snort and his right hand reached out. A large hand appeared and rushed out so fast that even the surrounding cultivators could feel the wind.

That large hand moved as fast as lightning and caught the cultivator in an instant. It mercilessly dragged the cultivator down and threw that cultivator to the side.

The cultivator's expression immediately turned pale. His was only at the Illusory Yin stage, and after being grabbed by that large hand, he felt as if ice had entered his body and solidified his origin energy. Once he landed, he immediately sat down in the lotus position.

Russell revealed his impatience. He didn't consider this so-called celestial title competition worthy of his time. If it wasn't for the fact that the Lord of the Temple had asked him personally, which meant that he couldn't refuse, he wouldn't have come to become the judge for the first trial. In addition, there was another reason why he became the judge for this trial.

After dragging down the cultivator, the impatience in his eyes became even stronger. His divine sense spread out and the world changed colors. Russell's divine sense was extremely strange and could change shape. When it came out, a golden giant immediately appeared and a loud rumble echoed across the void.

After the giant appeared, it rushed toward the cultivator that was sitting there. It was very fast and it closed in on the cultivator in only three steps. The golden giant raised its fist and threw it at the cultivator sitting there!

This punch was still on its way when the cultivator's face turned deathly pale and his eyes became filled with terror. His clothes and hair were blown backward by the wind created by the punch.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up like a torch as he stared at this scene. At the moment the golden giant's fist landed, the cultivator's body trembled and he coughed out blood. There was a blur when the cultivator's origin soul was knocked out. Terrified, the cultivator's origin soul quickly retreated.

As Russell let out a cold snort, the golden giant withdrew its fist, took a few steps back, and stood next to Russell.

"Trash, with your cultivation and mental strength, you're not qualified to participate in the celestial title competition. You're not qualified!" The impatience in Russell's eyes became even stronger. He felt that testing this person was a waste of his time.

That cultivator's origin soul turned to his body. He then looked at Russell with a pale expression and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something. However, in the end he didn't say anything and bowed. He sadly returned to the transfer array and in a flash disappeared.

There was now one less from the original 325.

Russell frowned as his gaze swept across the cultivators in the sky and he casually pointed at a person. The cultivator he pointed at clenched his teeth and rushed down. After landing in the square, the cultivator clasped his hands at Russell and respectfully said, "Senior, please enlighten me!"

Russell's expression became a bit softer, but he didn't speak. Then the golden giant stepped forward and used the same spell it used before.

The cultivator clenched his teeth as his hand formed a seal and a white light covered his body to stop the golden giant. However, the white light immediately collapsed before the golden fist. The cultivator was pushed back, then he bit the tip of this tongue and spat out blood to block the fist.

When the golden giant's fist landed on the blood mist, it caused a loud rumble. The blood mist immediately collapsed and the cultivator's face turned pale. His origin soul was more than halfway out of his body, but as he let out a cry of anguish, there was popping sound from his body and he pulled his origin soul back in.

However, this was beyond his endurance. Although his origin soul had returned to his body, he became weakened.

"Since you lasted for 10 breaths of time, you pass, but even though a piece of trash like you has passed, you will be eliminated in the next trial!" Russell waved his sleeves and the cultivator's body was thrown into the air. The man's face was pale as he bowed at Russell. Then he returned to his transfer array and sat down to cultivate.

Shortly after, one cultivator after another was pointed at by Russell. If they acted fast, it was fine; otherwise, they would be forcibly dragged down by Russell like the first person and would suffer injuries before the test even began.

As cultivators landed one by one, the word "trash" was constantly thrown out. Even people who qualified couldn't help but be called trash by Russell. Russell gradually grew more impatient until it got to the point where the golden giant would throw a punch before the participant even landed.

Time quickly passed. More than half of the cultivators had been tested and about 40% of them qualified. The man with six fingers, the big headed boy, and Nangong Shan, who had high cultivation levels, all advanced. Only when testing them did Russell's expression soften a bit and he didn't call them trash.

"You, come down!" Russell pointed at a person in the sky. This person was Xu Ting from planet Dong Lin. His eyes flashed red and he revealed a grim smile.

Russell's eyes were cold as his right hand reached out and the large hand appeared. It charged directly at Xu Ting. As the hand closed, in Xu Ting's hands formed a seal. Black gas surrounded him and formed a devil-like being. The devil-like being let out a roar and entangled with the large hand. Xu Ting sneered as he rushed out. He wasn't going into the square just to be tested, and as he rushed out, he put his hands together and then separated them. Black gas came out from his hands and formed a black lance.

A glint of cold flashed through Russell's eyes and then the golden giant rushed out toward Xu Ting. Xu Ting turned and gave up going toward Russell. Instead, he arrived next to the golden giant with one step and his spear stabbed forth!

The golden giant swung its fist. However, just as the black lance was about to collide with the fist, the lance suddenly twisted. What was previously the head of the lance quickly turned into a strange, black snake with a slender body. After it opened its mouth, it became dozens of feet long. This scene was too out of place and it made the surrounding cultivators very serious.

The snake's mouth opened and directly devoured the golden giant. When Wang Lin saw this, his pupils shrank.

"The Xu family's celestial spell, Snake Devour!" The old man named Xiang nodded and his eyes became filled with admiration.

"Not bad, this Xu Ting is likely the strongest out of all the participants!" One of the old men nodded and laughed.

Not only them, but the surrounding cultivators had all learned about this celestial spell from their ancestors. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"One of the four great spells of the Xu family from Planet Dong Lin, Snake Devour. This is a very mysterious spell, so all of you should watch closely!"

"This spell is called Snake Devour. If one meets a cultivator with lower cultivation level, then they can often directly devour the enemy and covert their power to your own!"

Celestial Lord Qing Shui was calm. He coldly looked at Xu Ting but didn't speak.

Russell's eyes became even colder, but when he thought about the fact that this person was from planet Dong Lin's Xu family, he suppressed his anger and coldly snorted. "Qualified!"

After devouring the golden giant, Xu Ting laughed loudly and retreated with the black lance. After he returned to the transfer array, he looked at Wang Lin with a provoking gaze.

Russell's expression was gloomy as he pointed at the remaining people in the sky. This time, his finger fell on Wang Lin.

"You, come down!" Russell's eyes lit up a indistinguishable amount. He already knew Wang Lin's face. The other reason he came to judge the first trial was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's expression was calm and he calmly walked down toward the square. As if Russell had felt that Wang Lin was too slow, he let out a cold snort and the huge hand reached toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned slightly. As the large hand headed over, it set off a huge gust. If he didn't dodge or resist, then even if he passed the human trial, he would be injured.

Wang Lin wasn't someone who would allow others to bully him. His eyes turned cold and his third eye between his brows immediately opened. Red light came out from his eyes in a fan shape and immediately covered the giant hant.

He didn't stop and continued to walk. As the red light covered the large hand, popping sounds came from the hand and it dissipated. Wang Lin landed on the square, clasped his hands at Russell, and calmly said, "Please advise me!"

When Master Flamespark saw this, his eyes lit up. When he saw the red light, it was as if he had gained enlightenment. There was a hint of admiration in his gaze toward Wang Lin.

"This child actually has that kind of spell. Although the power is lacking, that spell contains a grand dao!"

Qing Shui's eyes were calm as he took a glance at Wang Lin and then withdrew his gaze.

Aside from those two, the other old men's eyes also lit up. Only Blood God's expression was gloomy and he sneered in his heart.

Aside from them, only a few people were able see what was extraordinary about the third eye. Xi Zifeng's ancestor let out a sigh and muttered, "This person is so young and yet he has such powerful cultivation. He is not simple!"

Russell became even more gloomy. Wang Lin's spell just now had shocked him a little. He stared at Wang Lin and his divine sense spread out. Golden giant immediately appeared, emitting a harsh glow. After it appeared, it carried with it a force that could shake the origin soul and charged at Wang Lin.

After three steps, the golden giant threw its fist. Its fist contained a power that could affect the origin soul. Wang Lin already knew this from what he had observed. At this moment, Wang Lin's hand formed a seal and restrictions immediately appeared around him.

A large amount of restrictions appeared around him, all densely stacked together. In an instant, they split and surrounded the area.

The moment the golden giant closed in, these restrictions flew out with a point of Wang Lin's finger. Wang Lin's eyes were calm as he said, "Seal!"

Countless restrictions swarmed out and surrounded the golden giant. Layer after layer of restrictions landed on the golden giant. By the time it got close to Wang Lin, it could no longer move and was completely sealed by Wang Lin.

Ever since Wang Lin landed in the square, he hadn't moved an inch. Now he coldly looked at Russell, completely ignoring the golden giant that was three inches away that was sealed in its punching motion. He turned around and walked away.

His black hair floated as he turned around and his white robe made him look elegant. Although his appearance was ordinary, he had an unspeakable temperament about him.

To pass the first trial so easily caused all the surrounding cultivators to focus. Xu Ting looked at Wang Lin and his eyes flashed red.

Xi Zifeng's heart pounded like crazy and her face turned slightly red when she looked at Wang Lin. It was as if the events of the Thunder Celestial Realm were unfolding before her once more.

"This person's restrictions are very strong!" The six-fingered cultivator frowned as he looked at the golden giant that was sealed.

There was also that big-headed boy. Although he still revealed a foolish smile, there was a coldness within that smile.

Russell's face sank like water as he stared at Wang Lin. He remembered two days ago when he came out of closed door cultivation and heard something that angered him greatly. His brother was killed in the transfer array in the Thunder Celestial Realm by someone named Xu Mu!

This Xu Mu was currently at the Thunder Celestial Temple and was a participant in the celestial title competition!

Russell's eyes became cold. He didn't want to kill this person here, but he wouldn't let this Xu Mu pass the first trial. After Xu Mu is transferred away from the Thunder Celestial Temple, that is when he will kill Xu Mu!

As Russell let out a cold snort, his divine sense surged out and the sealed golden giant shined brightly. It was as if an infinite amount of power had been injected into it, and the restrictions around it collapsed one by one.

The golden giant took a step and then a giant, golden sword appeared in its hand. It swung the giant, golden sword at Wang Lin!

At the same time as Russell's divine sense surged out, not only did the golden giant with the sword grow until it was more than 1,000 feet tall, two more golden giants appeared above the square. They also charged toward Wang Lin!

The three golden giants were so fast that they created a storm as they rushed at Wang Lin. Wang Lin's eyes turned fierce and cold and he quickly retreated. His hands formed seals and restrictions appeared to block one of the giants. At the same time, he raised his right hand and mercilessly chopped down on another giant!

Dozens of Heavenly Chops immediately appeared. They went through the restrictions and headed toward the second giant. As for the third giant, Wang Lin took a step and raised his right hand. The Wither Dao Pair suddenly shined and an evil aura suddenly filled the heavens and earth.

The third golden giant immediately dimmed and grey light flashed. Wang Lin didn't hesitate, his two fingers formed a sword and pointed at the golden giant's body.

The golden giant collapsed with a bang. At the same time, with the combination of restrictions and Heavenly Chops, the other two golden giants also collapsed.

However, just as the three golden giants collapsed, Russell moved! This was the first time he had moved outside of using his divine sense. He moved like lightning. It was simply too fast, and as he closed in on Wang Lin, he pointed his finger toward him!

When this finger went out, Russell used his full cultivation. His mid stage Nirvana Scryer Cultivation suddenly surged out from his finger. Wang Lin's eyes came cold. It was too late to retreat, so he opened his mouth and spat out the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

Russell's finger pointed on the Celestial Sealing Stamp and caused the stamp to tremble. Wang Lin immediately felt a powerful force coming from it. This force didn't affect his body, but it directly pushed his origin soul out of his body. Although it only pushed it out three inches, before Wang Lin pulled his origin soul back in, Russell revealed a grim smile, withdrew his finger, and retreated!

"Not qualified!" Russell waved his big sleeve as he pointed at another person in the sky and said, "You, come down!"

Russell's actions could be considered risky. After all, this battle was being watched by many. However, he considered his identity special in the Thunder Celestial Temple. Moreover, he didn't feel like he had done something too out of line, so he didn't think much of it.

The cultivator that Russell had pointed to in the sky didn't speak and came down. However, at this moment, Wang Lin, who was sent out more than 100 feet by Russell, revealed killing intent.

"Not qualified?" Wang Lin had come here to participate in the celestial title competition because he had to win and was determined to take first place. However, Russell's words had touched his bottom line!

If he was really not qualified, then it was fine, but it was obvious that this Russell was deliberately failing him. Wang Lin's eyes became extremely cold as he closed in with one step. He didn't even bother looking at the cultivator that was descending. That cultivator felt a cold wind, causing his expression to change greatly and making him immediately away while complaining in this heart.

"You say I'm not qualified!?" As Wang Lin closed in, a monstrous killing intent exploded from his body. Mid stage Nirvana Scryer wasn't too high to climb. Wang Lin had walked down the path of slaughter ever since he began cultivating. Although he wasn't confident in beating a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator, he wouldn't be satisfied if he just left! Moreover, with Qing Shui here, Wang Lin had nothing to fear!

As he rushed over, Wang Lin raised his hand and Call the Wind surrounded the area. As the black wind roared, it covered the sky and two black dragons appeared. They let out heaven-shaking roars and charged toward Russell.

Russell's eyes lit up and he coldly smiled. "You dare to defy the will of the Thunder Celestial Temple?" He moved forward and his divine sense spread out. Nine golden giants immediately appeared.

These nine golden giants were all 1,000 feet tall and held large swords. They let out a roar in unison and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin laughed like crazy; this laughter was filled with endless coldness. His right hand was rais into the air and the Karma Whip appeared. As the two black dragons roared, the whip lashed out and thunderous rumbles echoed.

The Karma Whip moved like crazy and in an instant three golden giants collapsed! Wang Lin charged directly toward Russell with killing intent!

Russell's expression changed slightly as he looked at the Karma Whip!

A flash of coldness appeared in Qing Shui's eyes as he muttered, "This is more like a disciple of my Master Bai Fan!"

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