90.28% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 874: Zhou Tian

Chapter 874: Zhou Tian

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Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip. Originally, she came to the Alliance Star System with her family. However, she was affected by the massive collapse earlier and was thrown far away.

This was how she was separated from her family. After she finally stabilized herself, what she saw was a hell-like slaughter!

Xi Zifeng's beauty attracted the attention of the Alliance cultivators. Someone immediately came chasing after her.

Xi Zifeng was very anxious as she escaped with her teeth clenched. However, due to the previous impact, she was injured. Adding on her rapid escape, this made her injuries worse.

A middle-aged man had a sneer as he slapped his bag of holding and took out a golden needle. He threw the needle and it flew straight toward Xi Zifeng.

"This Allheaven female cultivator will be my 19th cultivation furnace. Haha, I've never had a taste of an Allheaven female before. It looks like I didn't come here vain!" The middle-aged man laughed and the flying sword under his feet moved even faster.

Seeing that the golden needle was about to pierce her back, Xi Zifeng immediately turned around and formed a seal. There was a flash of silver light that attempted to stop the golden needle.

However, the golden needle was too strong. The moment it touched the silver light, Xi Zifeng felt a powerful impact, then she coughed out blood and was pushed back.

Her face was pale without any trace of blood.

As the middle-aged man laughed, he quickly closed in. However, just as he was about to grab Xi Zifeng, an extremely cold voice echoed.

"Back off!"

These were two very simple words, but in the ears of the middle-aged man, it was as if tens of thousands of bolts of thunder had exploded at once and rumbled through his mind. The middle-aged man's cultivation level wasn't high, higher than Xi Zifeng's, but not by much.

At this moment, as the middle-aged man's body trembled, he only felt a hum in his ear, and it was as if he was isolated from the world. All he could hear was his own heart rate rapidly accelerating.

The sound that entered his ear was like a sharp sword that penetrated his body, and it was as if it contained a destructive power. It turned him pale and he immediately coughed out blood.

He involuntarily retreated. At this moment, a monstrous wave was set off in the middle-aged man's heart and endless fear immediately submerged him.

He clearly felt like he had lost control of his body. It was as if a will had entered his body through his ears and mercilessly controlled his body to retreat.

It was as if he had to obey that will, and he couldn't raise the slightest resistance, or he would die without a grave!

This was the first time the middle-aged man had felt this. Terrified, he couldn't care about anything else. Although he was rapidly retreating, he didn't dare to resist at all.

That will seemed to have changed the law in the world, which caused the middle-aged man to cough out more blood. He wasn't the only one; the surrounding cultivators that were chasing Xi Zifeng were even worse off than the middle-aged man. The same will forced them to continue to retreat.

It looked like a giant storm had formed before Xi Zifeng and blew them all back. While they retreated, popping sounds could be heard as cultivators whose bodies couldn't withstand the will died and their bodies collapsed.

Large amounts of blood appeared, but it was really insignificant among the stars.

Even their origin souls weren't able to escape and were disintegrated along with their bodies. Their souls weren't able to enter the reincarnation cycle and were forced out from the void. They turned into rays of black light that flew into Wang Lin's body and were sealed within the 18 layers of hell.

Everything had happened so fast that Xi Zifeng was startled for a moment before her vision was completely captivated by the figure silently walking toward her.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the several cultivators that were rapidly retreating. The words he had just spoken contained a hint of the law he had just gained enlightenment in. There were also the words that became law that were converted into a force of will.

The middle-aged man's eyes revealed a look of aghast and shock. It was as if there was voice crying in his head that made him certain that this was one of the powerhouse of Allheaven!

However, he wasn't able to make a sound with his mouth, because his body collapsed during his constant retreat!

This level of cultivator was really insignificant before Wang Lin!

Just like back in the Demon Spirit Land, when the Scattered Demon could make Wang Lin's body collapse with a cold snort. The current Wang Lin had reached the level of the Scattered Demon from back then!

The middle-aged man's origin soul flew out and quickly dissipated. Just as it was about to die, a feminine voice came from the void.

"You are indeed worthy of being Allheaven's Thunder Celestial, Xu Mu!" The moment this feminine voice appeared, a person arrived from the distant stars. This person looked middle-aged and had an earth yellow face. Behind him were countless black shadows that were like a long cloaks that spread out among the stars.

The person that spoke was the six-fingered cultivator!

His voice entered the void and then the middle-aged man's origin soul escaped Wang Lin's will. The origin soul immediately stopped dissipating and quickly escaped. More than half the origin soul had dissipated, and it was extremely weak; it could collapse at any moment.

The middle-aged man's origin soul was filled with fear and he was about to flee.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he casually waved his right hand. A gust of wind appeared before him and immediately turned into countless Heavenly Chops that fused into one. It chased after the escaping origin soul.

The six-fingered cultivator revealed a strange smile and also pointed with his right hand. The countless shadows that formed the cloak behind him charged out toward Wang Lin's Heavenly Chop.

The two of them began a battle of spells with the life of this origin soul as the goal!

When the Heavenly Chop and the countless shadows collided next to the origin soul, they caused a heaven-shaking explosion. After Wang Lin gained a sliver of enlightenment in law, the power of the Heavenly Chop had increased explosively!

After all, Wang Lin had only unconsciously used it and didn't understand law, so the true power of the Heavenly Chop couldn't be displayed. However, right now it was very different.

The Heavenly Chop could chop all law. As it charged out, all the shadows that made contact with it immediately collapsed and dissipated.

In almost the blink of an eye, all the shadows disappeared and the Heavenly Chop shot straight for the origin soul.

The six-fingered cultivator's expression changed and he let out a cold snort before stepping out. His right hand formed a seal and the shadows behind him condensed. In an instant, they all fused into a small, black ball.

An aura that could shake one's mind came from the small ball and shrouded the area. The ball flew out at a quick speed and went toward the Heavenly Chop. It seem to be able to penetrate the void and instantly closed in on the Heavenly Chop.

The six-fingered cultivator laughed and he waved his right hand. A powerful impact appeared near the origin soul. The origin soul was immediately swept back and pushed far away. In the blink of an eye, it was about to disappear among the stars.

"No one can kill someone who I, Soul Servant Zhou Tian, want to save!"

Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he didn't even look at Zhou Tian. He lifted his feet and took a step. Ripples appeared under his feet and then he disappeared.

This scene startled Zhou Tian, but then his pupils immediately shrank.

In the distance, the origin soul was no longer confused and was filled with joy. Just as it rushed among the stars, Wang Lin calmly stepped out of thin air and his right hand formed a fist. He threw a punch and there was a loud bang followed by ripples spreading through space.


As Wang Lin spoke, the origin soul immediately trembled violently. The origin soul seemed to have turned into a person made of sand[1] and dissipated within the violent storm.

Zhou Tian's eyes shined as he stared at Wang Lin. The strange light in his eyes became even stronger. He lifted his right hand and pointed at Xi Zifeng, who was watching all of this.

Several shadows flew out from behind Zhou Tian and dashed toward Xi Zifeng.

"You want to save this woman, but I won't let you succeed!" As Zhou Tian's feminine voice echoed the, shadows closed in on Xi Zifeng.

Xi Zifeng's face turned pale and she quickly retreated.

Zhou Tian had a smile on his face as he carefully observed Wang Lin's expression. However, he couldn't see any joy or anger on Wang Lin's face. From beginning to end Wang Lin, was as calm as water as he watched Zhou Tian's actions. There wasn't any change in Wang Lin's expression as he coldly looked at Zhou Tian and took a step.

Zhou Tian's pupils shrank and he immediately retreated without hesitation.

Ripples appeared next to Xi Zifeng as Wang Lin walked out and threw his fist. Those several shadows immediately collapsed.

"I don't care if you want to kill her, but not in front of me!" Wang Lin's voice was flat, and when he finished speaking, he rushed toward Zhou Tian with eyes filled with killing intent.

Zhou Tian sneered and his hands formed a seal and pointed at the void. Large amounts of shadows behind him condensed into a black axe before him. Zhou Tian grabbed it and mercilessly threw it.

"Ten Thousand Soul Devour!" As Zhou Tian shouted, that giant axe charged straight for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stepped out and threw a punch. There was a loud rumble as the big axe immediately collapsed and turned into countless shadows. The shadows scattered and then charged at Wang Lin from all directions.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he pointed up. Thunder was gathered from the void within 5,000 kilometers and instantly gathered here.

The surroundings became a lake of thunder!

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9H4-u5bLC8

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Bolts of thunder descended before Wang Lin, and those tens of thousands of illusory shadows all collapsed.

Zhou Tian's eyes flashed as his hands formed a seal and he pointed to between his eyebrows. Black lines appeared as he shouted, "Soul, kill!"

The moment he said those two words, a black pattern seemed to come out from his face. A black ring immediately appeared above his head and spread like crazy.

It spread too fast and closed in on Wang Lin's body in an instant. Wang Lin didn't even dodge, he closed in on Zhou Tian.

The moment the black ring touched Wang Lin's body, it turned into countless thin threads and entered Wang Lin's body. However. before they could get deep inside. they all shattered with one shake from Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's speed didn't slow down at all. He arrived before Zhou Tian and threw a punch.

Zhou Tian's expression changed as he slapped his bag of holding while he retreated. A ball of purple light appeared in his hand and he immediately crushed it. The purple light immediately surrounded Zhou Tian.

As popping sounds echoed, the purple light collapsed and Zhou Tian's body retreated even faster.

As Zhou Tian retreated, Wang Lin took a step and merged with the world. When Wang Lin reappeared, he was next to Zhou Tian, and he kicked with his right foot!

This kick was so fast that it set off a bang that seemed loud enough to shatter the stars. It landed on Zhou Tian's body in an instant.

Zhou Tian's body collapsed immediately after the bang. It turned into a mist of blood, but laughter came from the void. Purple shadows immediately rushed out from the void toward Wang Lin.

"I, Zhou Tian, will take this body!" As the feminine voice echoed, those purple shadows immediately entered Wang Lin's body like crazy and charged toward his origin soul.

However, just as these purple shadows got near Wang Lin's origin soul, Wang Lin's origin soul opened its eyes. The Ancient God Leather Armor gave off an ancient aura that fused with Wang Lin's origin soul. This formed an unimaginable backlash.

The moment the purple shadows charged in to take over the origin soul, they collided with this backlash. There were miserable screams. It was as if those shadows had met their natural enemy and wanted to leave Wang Lin's body.

However, just as they were about to charge out, Wang Lin's origin soul arrived. The ancient thunder dragon origin soul opened its mouth and inhaled. Some of the shadows weren't able to escape and were devoured by Wang Lin.

The Wang Lin was currently surrounded by purple gas, more purple gas was charging out and condensing into an illusionary figure 100 feet from him.

"Let's use you to test the power of my spell!" Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and he calmly said, "Magic Arsenal!"

A sliver of celestial origin energy came out from Wang Lin's celestial core and gathered in his right hand. It formed an orb of golden light that Wang Lin threw out. It was as if golden specks had filled the world.

At this instant, the entire space itself trembled and the countless golden specks turned into illusory shadows!

This was the first time Wang Lin had used Magic Arsenal. All those shadows were people killed by Wang Lin. They couldn't enter the reincarnation cycle and were imprisoned in the 18 layers of hell.

Now that they appeared, an extremely powerful resentment aura filled the world. Every single person killed by Wang Lin was filled with heaven-shaking resentment.

Zhou Tian looked at everything before him. His mind trembled and shock filled his eyes!

Although those illusory figures couldn't pose a threat to Zhou Tian, a portion of them made him gasp.

There was a person who had a gloomy expression and was surrounded by black mist. The figure sometimes revealed itself and gave off a powerful sense of resentment. There was a powerful fluctuation coming from this person.

"Nirvana Scryer cultivator!" Zhou Tian's expression became gloomy after he looked around.

There were hundreds of celestial souls in the surroundings. The rich celestial spiritual energy and resentment combined could slaughter the heavens!

The moment Zhou Tian saw the celestials, disbelief filled his eyes and he cried, "These… These are souls of celestials!" He had spent his life learning the dao of soul, so he was able to recognize them at a glance.

There was also that Yao family soul that gave off rich killing intent.

"What kind of spell is this? It's too terrifying! It was able to imprison so many souls and didn't allow them to enter the reincarnation cycle. This is clearly a demonic spell!" This scene shocked Zhou Tian's mind and made his shock reach a peak! However, what happened after was what really made him lose his wits.

He heard a beast-like roar come from the countless shadows. All the shadows seemed to be extremely afraid of it and opened up a path.

A red mist charged out, and no shadow dared to block its path. As the red mist churned, it revealed one person!

This person looked middle-aged, he had a head of red hair, and his expression was ferocious. An indescribable sense of killing intent was spreading from his body as if he was going to reverse the heavens!

The moment this red-haired person appeared, Zhou Tian was startled for a moment. Then he felt an unimaginable amount of fear and terror that he had never felt before.

"Planet Tian Yun's Blood Ancestor!!" Zhou Tian's scalp went numb and he immediately retreated without any hesitation. He discarded any thought of killing Xu Mu. It was not that he didn't want to kill, but he couldn't!

Although he was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, this Xu Mu was too strange. Due to his insight, he immediately knew that one had to kill the person themselves in order to imprison the soul for their own use.

And he also knew the Blood Ancestor, and due to this shock, his heart immediately became timid.

"Blood Ancestor is a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, but he was killed by Xu Mu. I can't resist this person at all; I must escape!"

Wang Lin pointed at Zhou Tian and calmly said, "Pull this person into the 18 layers of hell!"

After he spoke, frenzied roars came out from the souls. In particular, the Blood Ancestor was surrounded by a monstrous red mist and immediately closed in on Zhou Tian. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Tian's face turned pale and he immediately retreated. However, at this moment, the Yao family member and the hundreds of celestials surrounded him. They completely sealed off Zhou Tian's path of retreat.

There were countless soul fragments surrounding the outer rim. They were all letting out waves of cries. Zhou Tian's eyes were almost filled with madness. He had spent his life learning the dao of souls, and at this moment, he let out a roar and his hands formed a seal. He pointed at his chest and his body immediately collapsed. Countless illusory shadows fled in all directions.

Since Zhou Tian's soul dao had almost reach completion, his body no longer existed. Even his origin soul had been fused with his soul. Only by doing this could he truly display his killing moves. Even if someone had a higher cultivation level than him, if they weren't careful, they would fall to his sneak attacks.

However, he complained in his heart. Originally, he want to possess Wang Lin, but due to the Ancient God Leather Armor, he was repelled and injured slightly. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but he didn't expect Wang Lin's origin soul to be so fierce and directly devour his soul.

As a result, he had to retreat, but just as he left Wang Lin's body and was about to use a spell, he saw a spell that made him lose his wits!

At this moment, his heart was anxious, and he split into countless pieces and wanted to flee. However, the Blood Ancestor grinned and was surrounded by blood mist. He along with the hundreds of celestials and the Yao family member charged out.

There were waves of miserable screams, and the Blood Ancestor seemed to become a primal beast as he grabbed a large amount of Zhou Tian's shadows and dragged them into the mist.

The surrounding hundreds of celestials did the same. In almost an instant, all of Zhou Tian's shadows were captured. None was able to escape.

Cold wind blew across the stars and countless souls wandered the area. The resentment in the area was monstrous. Wang Lin was calmly observing from the side. He had gained some understanding of Magic Arsenal's power.

He raised his right hand and pointed up. A giant vortex appeared and all the souls were sucked into it. The only one different was the Blood Ancestor. His eyes flashed red and he charged directly at Wang Lin after letting out a roar.

There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes as his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch!

There was loud bang and the Blood Ancestor's origin soul paused for a moment. Using this pause, Wang Lin used more celestial origin energy to make the vortex speed up, increasing its suction force. The Blood Ancestor's soul let out a unwilling cry as he was sucked back in.

The vortex in the stars slowly disappeared before turning back into a ray of light and being swallowed by Wang Lin. In the 18 layers of hell, there was now an extra soul in the 13th layer!

Although this soul fragment was on the 13th layer, it was at the peak of 13th layer. He was Zhou Tian!

After killing Zhou Tian, Wang Lin calmly looked at Xi Zifeng before withdrawing his gaze and going on his way. Ta Shan followed behind, and the big-headed boy no longer found any of this strange.

As for Lei Ji, he quickly followed Wang Lin into the distant stars.

As Xi Zifeng pondered, she also followed.

As they moved, Wang Lin began to ponder.

"The battle between the Alliance and Allheaven has reach a high point. This is the moment to rack up some achievements to appease Master Flamespark's heart. I need to obtain more prestige among the Allheaven cultivators. That way, if I encounter the All-Seer or if Tuo Sen escapes from the Land of the Ancient God, then Master Flamespark will have to help."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he made up his mind. However, he wasn't optimistic about Allheaven's offensive against the Alliance. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a small flag appeared.

There was a flying tiger pattern on this flag. After Wang Lin raised it, the flying tiger rushed out and let out a roar that shook the stars.

Activating the Flying Tiger Flag and releasing the Flying Tiger meant Wang Lin had announced his own presence. As he moved, dozens of rays of sword energy appeared in the distance a short moment later. There were two groups fighting, and it was obvious the Allheaven side was losing.

The other side was filled with killing intent and continued to cast spells. It only took a few breath of time for an Allheaven cultivator to die!

These seven or eight Allheaven cultivators' eyes were filled with despair. They were injured by the shockwave earlier and were too exhausted to escape.

Just at this moment, a tiger's roar came from the distance and a powerful divine sense spread out. The Allheaven cultivators were startled, then they looked back and revealed indescribable joy.

"Thunder Celestial Xu Mu!!"

"It is Thunder Celestial Xu Mu!!"

The Alliance cultivators had received information from their elders. One of the old men had apparently seen information about Xu Mu.

His expression changed and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. He retreated without hesitation and shouted, "This Xu Mu is a Nirvana Scryer cultivator. We are no match. Quickly, retreat!"

In another direction, three cultivators were fighting, and it was a stalemate. All three were Illusory Yin cultivators, but if one looked closer, one would see two Allheaven cultivators fighting one Alliance cultivator. The Alliance cultivator was very ruthless, and he was able remain very calm even while fighting 1 vs 2.

Just at this moment, a tiger's roar came from the distance. One of the Allheaven cultivators cautiously spread out his divine sense backwards and was immediately startled.

"Xu Mu!" Not only did he know Xu Mu, but he was someone Wang Lin had saved in the Thunder Celestial Realm!

The Alliance cultivator that was battling them was startled. The name "Xu Mu" was familiar, and after pondering for a bit, his expression changed greatly.

The Alliance had sent information about the Allheaven cultivators to his sect. They separated the Allheaven cultivators into seven levels. Level 1 was the weakest, and level 7 was the strongest!

He remembered that this Xu Mu was at level 5!

He retreated without any hesitation.

Along the way, Wang Lin encountered a large number of cultivators. When the Allheaven cultivators saw Wang Lin and the Flying Tiger, they quickly approached.

Waves of "Greetings, Thunder Celestial!" came from the cultivators who came toward Wang Lin. In their eyes, Wang Lin was a bright beacon during their moment of confusion!

The collapse of the western region had sent a vast majority of the Allheaven cultivators into panic. There were a lot of deaths, and those who survived were scattered.

At the same time, the appearance of the Alliance cultivators made the situation worse for the Allheaven cultivators! Right now, Wang Lin's Flying Tiger Flag was the anchor for their hearts!

The roars coming from the Flying Tiger made the Allheaven cultivators' minds tremble!

Wang Lin's attitude also changed from before. If he encountered two sides fighting, he would immediately attack. A large amount of Allheaven cultivators had gathered around Wang Lin.

These people formed a very powerful force. Most of the time, Wang Lin didn't even need to personally act. The Allheaven cultivators following him would charge out and destroy the enemy.

More and more Allheaven cultivators gradually gathered around Wang Lin. The sword energies under their feet made them look like a giant sword stabbing into the western region!

Wang Lin's group of cultivators wasn't the only group in the western region. The Thunder Celestial Temple messengers, the other 108 celestial, and some cultivation families were doing the same.

However, Wang Lin's team of cultivators had the most people!

As he moved forward, more people constantly joined, until there were hundreds of rays of sword energy flying through space. The sound of the flying swords and the roar of the Flying Tiger continued to spread.

Wang Lin's reputation quickly reached a certain height.

Just as the group of cultivators with Wang Lin charged into the center of the western region, the space suddenly began to shake mysteriously. Ripples were rushing over from the distance like crazy.

There was an aura that shook one's mind within the ripples. Even the sword lights under the feet of the cultivators around Wang Lin became unstable.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he spread out his divine sense. Even with his mental strength, he couldn't help but be startled.

Bursts of loud rumbles echoed. In the distance, a 100,000-feet-long and 10,000-feet-wide giant piece of wood carrying a force that could shake any normal cultivator charged forward with unimaginable force.

Countless Allheaven cultivators were surrounding this giant piece of wood. They gave off powerful killing intent. What shocked Wang Lin was the rich smell of blood that he could clearly feel even from this far away.

It was obvious that countless people had died to the impact of this giant piece of wood.

Wang Lin had never seen this giant piece of wood before. He only took a look at it, but he could feel an unimaginable shock. He clearly knew that if he was hit by the giant piece of wood, he would immediately be seriously injured. If he was just a bit careless, he could even die, unless he knew in advance and escaped by merging with the world.

Although this giant piece of wood could cause Wang Lin's mind to tremble, it wouldn't have startled him. What really startled Wang Lin was the thing behind the giant piece of wood!

Moongazer Serpent!!

The Moongazer Serpent's giant body was like a cultivation planet, and its countless tentacles were swaying around it. Its constant angry roars echoed among the stars.

The moment Wang Lin saw the Moongazer Serpent, his body trembled. This tremble came from his ancient god body!

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