96.07% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 930: Heaven Defying Bead Opens Once More

Chapter 930: Heaven Defying Bead Opens Once More

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"What is this!?!" Even with the All-Seer's mental fortitude that had been strengthened for tens of thousands of years, he felt as if his dao heart was about to collapse when facing this giant hand. Disbelief filled his face.

He quickly retreated!

The current him could only feel his heartbeat rapidly increase as if it was going to burst out from his chest. His expression was extremely gloomy and both of his hands quickly formed a seal, then he shouted, "The power of the Big Dipper!"

After he spoke, the world changed colors and rays of light descended from the sky, creating a seven-colored rainbow. This light immediately shrouded the rapidly retreating All-Seer.

The All-Seer's eyes lit up and his right hand mercilessly slammed forward.

The seven-colored light turned into an extremely beautiful vortex. What was even more incredible was that there were seven shining stars inside the vortex!

There was an ancient rumor that there was a star to the north and a star to the south. The southern star represented death and the Big Dipper represented life. Right now, the All-Seer's spell was actually able to form a legendary item!

The seven-vortex stood between the All-Seer and the giant hand. However, just as the vortex was about to block the giant hand, the hand simply ignored the vortex and went through it. It was as if everything was ethereal for the giant hand!

The All-Seer's expression changed once more. He retreated once more and shouted, "Big Dipper Shatter!"

One of the stars inside the seven-colored vortex collapsed! At the same time, the remaining six stars all collapsed, creating an unimaginable shockwave.

However, the big hand didn't stop for a moment; it penetrated that shockwave and reached toward the All-Seer!

"This… What the hell is this!?" Shock filled the All-Seer's eyes. He had cultivated for countless years but had never seen something so strange. His mind trembled and seven-colored light burst from his eyes. After taking a deep breath, his hands formed a seal and he shouted, "Heavenly Fate!"

Heavenly Fate was the essence of the All-Seer's cultivation! Not many people were qualified to make him use this spell! However, at this moment, he used this spell that he hadn't used for tens of thousands of years without hesitation!

He used it because he felt a life and death crisis approaching; something he had almost forgotten about had arrived!

This crisis came from that giant hand!

As the All-Seer whispered, his hand pointed at the sky. The sky seemed to tremble, and all the clouds disappeared, revealing a clear sky.

As the All-Seer pointed up, a scene that shocked everyone who saw it appeared in the sky!

A giant, circular object that was tens of thousands of kilometers wide appeared in the sky. From underneath, it looked like a giant compass!

There were countless rings of runes flashing on this compass, enough to make one's mind tremble!

This object was too big; even planet Tian Yun felt small compared to it. The All-Seer's eyes released a strange light and looked very serious. His hands formed a seal, then he pointed at the sky and shouted, "Acknowledge the heavens' will!"

After he spoke, a loud sound echoed across the sky. This sound spread across the entire planet, and even nearby planets could hear its echo.

The huge compass began to rotate with this sound. As it rotated, a limitless power that could reverse the heavens came from it!

As the All-Seer retreated, he charged toward the center of the giant compass as the hand reached toward him. When he got close, his hand quickly formed seals and he began his divination.

The more he divinated, the more gloomy his expression became, until he was ashen. All of this sounds slow, but in reality, it only took an instant.

"I can't resist it!" The All-Seer's eyes lit up and his right hand twisted. The giant compass behind him rotated once more. As the rumble came from the compass, it released a powerful force that condensed before the All-Seer in an attempt to stop the giant hand.

"It's not rotating fast enough. This old man has cultivated for tens of thousands of years; I don't believe I can't foresee a way to break it! Heavenly Fate, open six seals!" After the All-Seer spoke, the compass' speed suddenly exploded to an unimaginable degree!

It was already boundless in size, but it continued to expand until it was an unimaginable size!

If you looked at planet Tian Yun from a distance, you would see an incomparably large image of a compass. This compass was black and white and was constantly flashing.

Compared to the compass, planet Tian Yun was only 1/10th its size!

As the compass expanded, the rumble of it rotating became even louder! The All-Seer's hair moved without any wind, and his hands were moving so fast, they created afterimages. As he continued to divinate, there was a hint of anxiety in his eyes, and his eyes were bloodshot.

The giant hand was getting closer and closer to the All-Seer. It was less than 300 feet away from him when his eyes shined brightly and his right hand suddenly stopped!

"I can't divinate the entire story, but I found a way to resist it!" The All-Seer hesitated for a bit and let out a sigh. Without hesitation, his right hand pointed to between his eyebrows. Although this looked slow his, hand formed severals seals along the way. Finally, his finger seemed to become an existence that would last through all of eternity, and it landed between his eyebrows!

A thunderous roar echoed inside the All-Seer's mind as if there was a bolt of thunder inside his head His body trembled and countless phantoms came from inside him. They were all phantoms that looked exactly like the All-Seer. Soon, the sky was filled with All-Seers!

"If this thing wants to absorb origin energy, then let it absorb!" The countless All-Seer phantoms all charged toward the giant hand.

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A red All-Seer was in front got close, and the large hand beckoned. The red All-Seer collapsed, but rather than scattered, he was completely absorbed by the giant hand.

As the rumbles continued, the All-Seer phantoms collapsed and were absorbed one after another. In the back, the All-Seer's expression became more pale, and there were signs of divination flashing inside his eyes.

"I want to see how much this thing can absorb!"

In just 10 breaths of time, almost all the phantoms collapsed and were absorbed. The giant hand dodn't seem satisfied, and it closed in on the All-Seer.

The divination light in the All-Seer's eyes became even stronger and his right hand didn't hesitate to point to between his eyebrows once more. Then more than 1,000 phantoms appeared and charged forward!

This continued until the All-Seer had summoned over 1,000 phantoms to charge and be absorbed by the giant hand four times. Then the giant hand slowly retreated. It no longer paid any attention to the All-Seer and was about to disappear.

The All-Seer was waiting for this moment. Too many of his phantoms had been absorbed by this giant hand; it was something he couldn't accept!

"I don't care what spell formed you, but you're going to spit out all the origin energy you absorbed from me!" The All-Seer's body flickered. The moment the giant hand was about the disappear, the All-Seer mercilessly pressed down on the trident-shaped mountain!

The earth trembled violently and tons of rock fell off the mountain, kicking up a large amount of dust.

As the mountain trembled, cracks appeared and spread. It looked like the three mountains were about to collapse.

"Heavenly Fate Trident!" As the All-Seer shouted, the three mountains completely collapsed. A large amount of gravel fell, then a ray of silver light shot out from the center of each of the mountains.

The shaking on the ground reached a peak, and as it continued to spread, countless cultivators flew into the air.

Those three rays of light revealed themselves more and more as the mountains collapsed. Finally, as the All-Seer reached out, the bright, silver lights rose up from the ground!

The silver light flickered as it flew up, revealing it to be a 100-foot-long trident! This trident was completely silver and gave off a savage aura.

Armed with the trident, the All-Seer's eyes lit up and he mercilessly threw it. The trident was too fast; it whistled through the air toward the giant hand that had mostly dissipated!

There was a flash of silver light when the trident got near the giant hand and pierced through it. The giant hand trembled and large amounts of origin energy rushed out from where it was pierced.

The moment the origin energy that came out, it quickly flew toward the All-Seer. The turned into phantoms and fused back with him.

The giant hand paused for a moment, stopped dissipating, and reappeared from the void. It quickly reached toward the All-Seer! The divination light in the All-Seer's became even stronger, and his right hand reached out. The trident turned and charged toward the giant hand again.

However, just as it was about to penetrate the giant hand again, the giant hand suddenly turned and grabbed the trident. There was a loud thud and then crackling sounds came from the trident. Silver light leaked out from the trident and was absorbed by the giant hand.

This only lasted for an instant before the giant hand loosened its grip. It no longer cared about the trident and went straight for the All-Seer. The All-Seer was about to retreat when the giant hand grasped at the void!

With this grasp, the All-Seer's body trembled as if an invisible hand had grabbed him.

After the large hand grabbed the All-Seer, it mercilessly squeezed. His body trembled and large amount of phantoms appeared. The moment the phantoms appeared, they were absorbed by the hand.

This absorption was several times faster than that rate the All-Seer releasing the phantoms. As a result, the loss the All-Seer suffered was unimaginable.

After only 10 breaths of time, the giant became almost solid, but it didn't continue to absorb. It slowly loosened its grip, slowly retreated, and disappeared into the void.

This time, the All-Seer didn't dare to pursue it. His face was pale and his eyes were a bit dazed. His body trembled and he directly coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"I was wrong… First, I was wrong about Wang Lin and caused this thing to appear… Then I was wrong once more about this and allowed it to devour even more…" The All-Seer silently pondered as he withdrew the trident and returned back to planet Tian Yun. Without any hesitation, he chose to enter closed door cultivation.

"That illusionary hand had no intent to kill; it only wanted to absorb. Once it absorbed enough, it left… Unfortunately, I divinated the first half but not the second. That hand is not a dead entity, it is something controlled by a spirit…"

The All-Seer wryly smiled. If he hadn't taken the initiative to attack, his lossed wouldn't have been so great. However, right now he could only sigh.

"I was only caught by the giant hand for 10 breaths of time, but if it was any other Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, they would've had their flesh, blood, and origin soul all drained completely…"

While he sighed, the All-Seer looked older. He knew that what he lost wasn't just his origin energy. There was now a crack on his perfect dao heart.

"Before this, I had only been wrong once in my life." As he thought this, the All-Seer returned to the Heavenly Fate Sect and sat down on a blue rock. His face began to age at a visible rate.

"Back in the day, I made a mistake in divination regarding the Alliance elder group, and a crack appeared in my dao heart. Then I had a chance encounter with… him! Although it was only one gaze, I gained enlightenment. The crack in my dao heart from my mistake showed signs of recovering. Then, after tens of thousands of years of comprehension, my dao heart was complete once more. I'll form my own dao of the heavens to replace the heavens' dao.

"However, I was wrong twice in a row!" The All-Seer revealed a bitter expression.

"Although I made a mistake with the matter regarding Wang Lin in the Demon Spirit Land, everything returned to my planned path in the end. However… However, this time I was first wrong about him, then I was wrong about the hand…" The All-Seer shook his head and looked into the sky for a very long time. He slowly closed his eyes and a sigh lingered in his heart.

As for Ling Tianhou, his face was filled with panic and his scalp was numb while he charged toward the center of the planet. He could feel the invisible light chasing him, and none of the seals he had placed could effect it.

Almost losing his wits, Ling Tianhou arrived at the edge of the planet's core and stepped inside while clenching his teeth.

"When I obtained planet Da Lou, I knew there was a sliver of flame that was used to refine this planet remaining! At this moment of crisis, I hope I can use this flame to resist it." Just as he entered the core, he felt a heat wave rush at his face.

The invisible light rapidly approached him and directly entered the core. In a flash, it turned into a giant hand and reached toward Ling Tianhou.

Ling Tianhou was covered in cold sweat and his heart roared, "What is this!? I merely watched Wang Lin with my divine sense; why won't it stop chasing me?!"

He clenched his teeth and moved toward the flame. He was very fast, but just as he was about to reach the flame, the giant hand behind him gently waved.

Ling Tianhou coughed out a large mouthful of blood, but he moved even faster and saw the flame before him!

The flame was shaped like a black Vermillion Bird!

Ling Tianhou mercilessly clenched his teeth as he charged at the Vermillion Bird, but just as he was getting close to the flame, the giant hand gently grasped!

At this instant, Ling Tinghou's body trembled. He felt a powerful force come from all sides and lock him in place.

Then the large hand mercilessly squeezed, and Ling Tianhou's face turned pale. He could feel his flesh, blood, origin energy, and even his origin soul and soul being sucked away.

No matter how hard he struggled, it had no effect.

After six breaths of time, Ling Tianhou's eyes widened and despair filled his eyes. At this moment, he couldn't even roar.

However, just at the moment of despair, a ghostly light flashed between his eyebrows and caused the suction force to pause for a moment.

At the same time, the giant hand holding Ling Tianhou unexpectedly loosened and then disappeared. Ling Tianhou watched at all of this, and he felt like he had just gone through a crisis.

He didn't know that if it wasn't for the All-Seer having lost too much, he would have been completely devoured.

Still, just those six breaths of time were enough for the hand to absorb most of Ling Tianhou's power. He let out a bitter smile and released a sigh. He didn't know what had happened with the All-Seer, but he made up his mind to not go out. He had to go into closed door cultivation to recover as much as possible.

As for finding Wang Lin to get revenge for this, Ling Tianhou was too scared. The moment he thought of this idea, he threw it out of his mind.

He didn't want to face that strange hand.

Wang Lin sat outside the tower in the Da Lou Sword Sect. The sea of flames had disappeared and was replaced by wave of bright light from the heaven defying bead.

The moment the bright light appeared, he felt it split into two. One ray went toward Ling Tianhou in the giant tower and the other went into the void. He didn't know where it had disappeared to.

However, it didn't take long for these two rays of light to return almost at the same time and enter the heaven defying bead. At this moment, the heaven defying bead suddenly trembled.

The sun pattern on the heaven defying bead shined brightly. After the two rays of light entered, it began to rotate slowly.

Aside from Wang Lin, no one else could notice this. Due to Ling Tianhou's drastic reaction, all of the disciples scattered, but they were filled with confusion.

Wang Lin looked completely normal, as if nothing had happened. However, due to the heaven defying bead absorbing the extreme Yang, a huge wave was set off inside his body!

The sun pattern on the heaven defying bead began to rotate faster and faster. It turned into a light storm that eventually enveloped his entire being inside the light.

This light contained a hint of warmth. Not only did he feel no discomfort, he was very, very comfortable. When the light fill his body, Wang Lin calmed down.

The origin energy inside his body began to rotate faster. Every time it completed a cycle, a trace sliver of light would enter it. Eventually, Wang Lin's origin energy contained a trace of heat!

As the origin energy changed, Wang Lin's origin soul began to slowly change. His origin soul was originally an ancient thunder dragon, but now a large amount of red mist had appeared above it.

This mist was red and rotated slowly. It gradually grew stronger as it absorbed the light.  

Not only his origin soul, even his body gradually changed under the light. His ancient god body was already very strong, and after absorbing this light, his body became even stronger.

As time passed, Wang Lin's skin slowly turned red. Drops of sweat dissipated as the wind blew by. Although this caused some coldness, Wang Lin couldn't feel it.

A hot atmosphere appeared within 1,000 feet of him. If anyone dared to get close, they would be stopped by the heat. If they tried to force their way in, their soul would be destroyed immediately!

Wang Lin sat in this relatively quiet environment for 10 days. During these 10 days, he was motionless and was immersed in the drastic change occurring inside his body.

His cultivation was only lacking a sliver of comprehension to reach the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer after the battle between Allheaven and the Alliance. During these 10 days, there was no change in his cultivation. After all, enlightenment was something that could only be sought after, not forced.

However, on the 11th day, as the heaven defying bead changed once more, this situation changed!

The sun on the heaven defying bead that was rapidly rotating slowed down, and by noon of the 11th day, it completely stopped. However, the moment it stopped, Wang Lin's third eye opened by itself!

There was a flash of red light as the source energy came out and entered the sun pattern on the heaven defying bead.

A large portion of Wang Lin's source energy came from the Battle Scrolls. A small portion was absorbed from the flame from the Tattoo clan on planet Suzaku. Both were sources of origin energy, so they easily fused and remained in the third eye. It was the last ace Wang Lin had prepared for battle.

At this moment, the rare source origin entered the heaven defying bead. It was as if a key for the heaven defying bead was found. The heaven defying bead shook and a powerful force came out. This force brought Wang Lin's origin soul into the heaven defying bead.

Wang Lin only felt his vision blur, and when he regained his vision, he saw that familiar scene.

In this void-like place, there was a large door. This door was as tall as the heavens and Wang Lin was like an ant before it.

Wang Lin stared at the door. Every time he saw this door, he felt completely shocked. Last time, he only took a glance inside, and when he awakened, he vaguely became aware of the source origin.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin floated forward and came closer and closer to the door. As Wang Lin closed in, the door rumbled and a gap opened up.

The moment this gap appeared, an unimaginable impact came from inside. This impact could be felt but couldn't be seen at all. When it hit Wang Lin, he became startled and stopped moving. Just like before, he was in a trance.

However, this time, the moment Wang Lin went into a trance, a hot aura came from the door and entered Wang Lin's body. This caused his mind to tremble and he became sober.

"Extreme Yang!" Wang Lin clearly felt that this hot aura was the extreme Yang the heaven defying bead had absorbed.

While he pondered, there was a hint of enlightenment in Wang Lin's eyes.

"The completion of the five elements made the heaven defying door appear, but it was impossible to enter. Back then, I wasn't able to enter the door and only my mind was lost within it.

"After the five elements comes Yin and Yang. Now that the heaven defying bead has absorbed extreme Yang, the Yin and Yang requirement is half-completed. This is why it made me sober when I was lost in a trance. I just don't know what role extreme Yin will have… If Yin and Yang are complete, what will happen…" Wang Lin pondered for a long time before looking at the door and floating toward it.

This time, even if he looked at the gap, he no longer entered a trance. He came closer and closer until he was next to it and was one step away from the small opening. At that moment, the feeling of being an ant appeared in his heart once more.

Decisiveness filled Wang Lin's eyes as he lifted his feet and stepped toward the door that seemed to be holding up the heavens!

"I want to know the real secret of the heaven defying bead!" Just as Wang Lin's right feet were about to land into this gap his body trembled. It was as if a blast of cold air had penetrated his body.

Wang Lin suddenly felt his soul being pulled out and was pushed back by the cold wind. He disappeared into the endless void.

As he continued to retreat, Wang Lin felt himself enter a trace. He felt himself shrink, and his thousand years of cultivation reversed. Everything rewinded until he was finally a baby in his mother's womb.

The sound of his heart beating clearly entered Wang Lin's ears, and the long lost affection of his parents entered his mind. However, this only lasted for a moment before the cold wind blasted him away from it.

Wang Lin tried to retreat once more, but this time there was a mysterious force stopping him. However, compared to the cold wind, this mysterious force was really insignificant.

The mysterious force stopping him from retreating shattered. What Wang Lin saw shocked him greatly. This kind of shock was extremely rare in his thousand years of cultivation!

"This… This is…" Wang Lin muttered. He saw the blue sky, the white clouds, and the bird flying underneath the white clouds.

This bird was very beautiful; it had colorful feathers and its flight was filled with vigor. It flew as if it was painting in the heavens and then gradually faded.

Staring at the bird disappearing in the distance, Wang Lin had an illusion that this bird was himself… It was very familiar, very familiar...

He saw the bird's short life. Although to others this life seemed boring, to Wang Lin, they were memories from a long, long time ago. Memories from this life had been touched and opened.

"Source origin… This… This is source origin…" It was as if a bolt of thunder had exploded in Wang Lin's mind, and he seemed to grasp a trail!

The bird's life wasn't long, only a few decades. When Wang Lin saw the bird die in the mouth of a python, he felt pain in his heart. When the bird's dying gaze that seemed to see through everything landed in Wang Lin's eyes, those hidden memories that couldn't be opened with any power were now opened.

Wang Lin's body retreated with a bang, and the cold wind blasted him back. However, that strange force that prevented him from retreating appeared once more!

This time this power was far stronger than before. This cold wind had no effect on this mysterious force. The struggle between the two forces was like an eternal roar.

After a long time, a crack appeared in the barrier formed by the mysterious force. Wang Lin's body went through the gap, and at that moment, he saw red light. Before he could clearly see it, an unimaginable force came from inside the crack he entered and pushed his body.

Wang Lin felt his body get torn into countless pieces. As he was pushed back, his entire body collapsed.

The moment it collapsed, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. He was still standing at the foot of the giant heaven defying door. His right foot was lifted into the air and he was about to step inside!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and the shock inside his eyes gradually subsided. Everything just then happened the moment he lifted his foot.

At this moment, the crack on the heaven defying door slowly closed. Then it turned illusory and disappeared before Wang Lin.

Inside the Da Lou Sword Sect, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes and looked at the reality around him. After a long time, he let out a sigh and stood up.

The moment he stood up, an extremely powerful aura exploded from his body. This aura was extremely powerful and had reached the peak of mid stage Nirvana Scryer!

"So this is source origin…"

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  • HighWorlds


    I think it wasn't kidding when all the five elements was completed by Wang Lin, the Heaven Defying Bead recognized him as its owner. And I dunno why but when that hand made gesture for Wang Lin to enter it, he's supposed to enter it (back when he first completed the five elements) but due to his cultivation and comprehension severely lacking he can't. And under this basis is why I believe the bead is an item for the third step. Besides I have this nagging feeling that the bead has limited use and won't open its gate forever.

  • Morvian


    poor sword saint, it's good if he can control that hand to devour all-seer completely!~ too bad!~

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