99.58% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 964: Pursue (two in one)

Chapter 964: Pursue (two in one)

Translator: Rex Editor: Rex

His ancient god body was thousands of feet tall, making it feel like Wang Lin could support the heavens. The ancient god furnace flashed and he appeared before a whirlwind.

This whirlwind couldn't be destroyed by force; Wang Lin had already learned his lesson from before.

Just as his body appeared, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He then let out a roar, and instead of summoning the azure light shield, he resisted the whirlwind with his body!

"I want to see how the power of this whirlwind compares to my ancient god body!"

The whirlwind moved at a shocking speed and instantly smashed into Wang Lin. Being in close contact with the whirlwind made Wang Lin feel like a powerful wave was smashing into his body.

In particular, there were violent winds inside this wave that wanted to tear his body into pieces to be absorbed by the whirlwind.

When the whirlwind completely landed on Wang Lin's body and attempted to tear his body to pieces, it also entered his body. There were popping sounds coming from within Wang Lin's body, and he was forced back three steps.

While he retreated, the ancient god furnace flashed. He appeared 1,000 feet away and dodged the attack of four whirlwinds.

Wang Lin's expression was serious. Using his body as a test, Wang Lin was able to clearly calculate how many whirlwinds his body could withstand.

"An ordinary cultivator would be torn apart, and not even their origin soul would escape! Even I felt pain with my ancient god body. What the hell is this whirlwind?!" There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes as a whirlwind headed toward him.

Blue light flashed around Wang Lin as the azure light shield appeared and rotated around him.

"If I use the azure light shield and my ancient god body, I should be able to get rid of these whirlwinds!" Wang Lin moved straight for the whirlwind.

Three whirlwinds moved the fastest, and as they moved toward Wang Lin, they smashed into the azure light shield. There was a loud rumble and the azure light shield began to flash.

An unimaginable impact made it so Wang Lin had to retreat. Another nine whirlwinds rushed over and smashed into the azure light shield as Wang Lin retreated.

As the azure light shield rotated, Wang Lin retreated once more. This was a retreat without end, and as the whirlwinds continued to slam into him, he retreated again and again.

By the time all nine whirlwinds had dissipated, Wang Lin had retreated an unknown distance. Even though he was an ancient god, he was only at five stars. Despite the azure light shield blocking the whirlwind, the pain Wang Lin felt caused cold sweat to cover his forehead.

The crisis was not over; there were still 15 more whirlwinds coming at him. The 15 whirlwinds seemed to line up before they charged at Wang Lin.

Even if he used the ancient god furnace to dodge, he couldn't separate the whirlwinds, due to their speed.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

An earth-shattering sound echoed in an instant. The 15 whirlwinds smashed into the azure light shield and dissipated, turning into an unimaginable force. The azure light shield was almost squished up against Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin's body trembled and a mouthful of blood gushed up, but he swallowed it back down. Then his body flew back like a kite with a broken string.

Wang Lin crashed into the ground tens of thousands of feet away, causing a shockwave to set off. Large amounts of sand were kicked into the air, and it took a long time for it to settle.

There was a huge pit on the ground. Wang Lin had already shrank back to the size of a normal person. He let out a wry smile as he struggled to get up and then walked out of the pit.

Looking at the smooth, black sand desert, Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief. Fear still lingered in his eyes.

"This is the first time my 5-star ancient god body has been injured like this. I don't know what that whirlwind was, but its power was amazing. If I had let it split once more, then I wouldn't have been able to resist it today." Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. After his origin body and avatar fused, he could battle a Nirvana Cleanser cultivators.

Originally, he believed he was safe enough against anyone but late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators and Nirvana Shatterer old monsters, especially considering the fact this ancient god body was extremely powerful.

However, at this moment, Wang Lin felt danger. When he looked at the black sand desert, it was as if he had returned to the Land of the Ancient God. He had to be extremely cautious as one mistake could cost him his life.

"Recently, I've had it too easy. The increase in my cultivation and integration of my original body has made me become less cautious than before…" Wang Lin silently pondered. He clenched his fist and his eyes were filled with caution.

This kind of gaze hadn't appeared in his eyes in a long time. Thanks to this crisis he had just faced, he recovered the cautious attitude he had before.

"This is the cave of Celestial Emperor Qing Lin. It is filled with danger, so I mustn't be negligent at all. I must be on my guard!" Wang Lin took a deep breath. He didn't spread out his divine sense but rotated around his body.

He slowly walked forward.

Thanks to his mental fortitude, he realized that although there could be chance that the grey gas would appear, it was mostly due to his divine sense.

Although the power of the grey gas was strong at the start, he could still withstand it. However, he had a vague feeling that if he spread out his divine sense once more, what would appear wouldn't be grey gas but something else.

This feeling was very strange, and it came from Wang Lin comprehending the heavens for over 1,000 years. 

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding. The soul flag appeared in his hand and it opened up with a shake. Wang Lin's left hand reached inside and took out a soul fragment.

This soul fragment had a fierce expression, but it had long lost its will after being refined inside the soul flag. It respectfully floated before Wang Lin. Wang Lin put away the soul flag and pointed between the soul fragment's eyebrows. He left a bit of his divine sense inside it.

After doing this, he charged forward. After 15 minutes, he was very far away from the soul fragment. He took a deep breath but didn't spread out his divine sense. Instead, he sent out a message!

The divine sense left on the soul fragment spread out. However, at this moment, an unimaginable feeling of danger appeared in Wang Lin's mind. He cut off his connection with the divine sense without any hesitation.

The moment the divine sense was cut off, Wang Lin vaguely saw the the sky above the soul fragment churn. A ray of grey light fell from the sky and landed on the soul fragment, completely obliterating it!

Cold sweat came from Wang Lin's forehead. Fortunately, he had been prepared and had cut off his divine sense fast so that it didn't cause any reaction at his location. He stared at the sky in the distance and felt his scalp tingle. Although the grey light disappeared in an instant, the feeling Wang Lin got was more terrifying than dozens of whirlwinds fused together.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin moved through the black sand desert. There was no night or day; the sky was always dim as if it was being blocked by a dust storm.

Wang Lin walked very far within one month of time. During this month of time, he didn't see a single person; he didn't even see a single living being.

There were no plants here. The only thing other than him was barran, black sand. After looking at this for too long, even one's mind would become gloomy.

Wang Lin's expression was more gloomy than normal. This place was like a forbidden land, a prison that would cause despair to appear in your heart, despair toward life itself.

Even though cultivators couldn't be compared to mortals, if they stayed here for too long, they would suffer from this oppression. Not only would their origin soul change and their personality would become more hostile, they would almost turn into a devil.

If a demonic cultivator was here, this place would be like a holy land for them and their cultivation level increase. However, in the end, their origin soul would completely turn into that of a devil and they would become a devil human without any consciousness.

Along the way, Wang Lin silently pondered and slowly walked forward. During this month, he didn't see that strange grey gas again. However, not only did the sense of crisis not disappear, it became even stronger as he moved forward.

Several times throughout this period, Wang Lin clearly felt a divine sense that brushed by like a gentle breeze. However, no matter how hard Wang Lin searched, he couldn't find the source of this divine sense.

He couldn't fly. During his month, he took out a soul fragment that flew into the sky. After flying 200 feet into the air, the soul fragment collapsed.

Standing on the sand on the ground, Wang Lin's expression became more gloomy. There was black gas moving across his face, but his eyes were filled with clarity.

"I wonder how Situ is doing… Situ walks down the demonic path, so if he were here, he would definitely gain some benefits."

Wang Lin pondered as he raised his hand and grasped at his face. Black threads came out from his face and entered his right hand.

Looking at the black gas in his hand, Wang Lin felt the aura of the scattered devil from it.

"Devilish energy…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he mercilessly squeezed.

In an instant, the black gas collapsed and spread out. It immediately covered 1,000 feet and slowly dissipated. Wang Lin stopped moving as he stared at the dissipating devilish energy and he had a thought.

"Maybe I can do this…" Wang Lin pondered a bit and then continued walking forward.

He didn't know where he needed to go. In this boundless black sand desert, there was nothing to tell him which direction was which. He could only continue to walk forward to find the exit.

Time passed once more. In the blink of an eye, another month passed. After being trapped here for two months, black gas had surrounded Wang Lin. From afar, Wang Lin looked a bit thin and like a devil god.

He slowly moved forward.

On this day, Wang Lin closed his eyes and his expression remained gloomy as he moved forward. However, at this moment, a faint divine sense swept by Wang Lin at a very fast pace.

Wang Lin didn't stop as he muttered, "The ninth time…"

During these two months of time, this was the ninth time a divine sense had swept by. What gave Wang Lin even more pressure was that the divine sense was different each time. It was obvious it was nine different people.

After three breaths of time, the divine sense withdrew and swept by Wang Lin once more. Wang Lin remained calm and continued walking forward.

After the divine sense withdrew, Wang Lin raised his head to look into the distance. His eyes lit up as he muttered, "Still not enough…"

When walking through this desert, especially when there was no sun or moon, it was easy to lose track of time. If it wasn't for the fact that Wang Lin was long accustomed to loneliness, he would have gone crazy here.

Compared to the loneliness here, his decades of cultivation or the hundreds of years he spent in the Land of the Ancient God were all more intense. The loneliness here really wasn't much.

While he walked, his figure gradually disappeared into the distance. It was as if his figure could reveal the loneliness in his heart.

One person, one world silently existed, silently walked on without end.

One month, one month, one month… Wang Lin walked through the black sand desert for six months. An ordinary cultivator would have gone crazy. This was not cultivating, but constantly moving forward in this desolate world while bearing the pressure of being all alone in the world.

However, all of this was nothing to Wang Lin...

The black desert expanded endlessly. A divine sense swept by Wang Lin.

At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and coldness filled his eyes.

"The 32nd divine sense… I have enough devilish energy!"

Wang Lin was currently covered in mist. He was covered in devilish energy, like a raging black flame in the desert.

The divine sense swept by and disappeared far beyond Wang Lin.

Several breaths later, the 32nd divine sense rapidly retreated. However, the moment it passed Wang Lin, the devilish energy from Wang Lin erupted!

He had waited half a year, accumulated for half a year, and observed for half a year! During this half a year, Wang Lin silently waited for the devilish energy that naturally appeared here and accumulated it. During this time, he had to be careful to not let this devilish energy affect his origin soul. At this moment, it all erupted.

The devilish flame shot into the sky. It was as if the black flame was going to burn the sky. A giant devil shadow appeared and mercilessly attempted to devour the retreating divine sense!

The moment the divine sense attempted to retreat, a portion of it was devoured. At this moment, Wang Lin could feel a cold origin energy enter his mind through the devilish energy.

The divine sense rapidly contracted and used some unknown method to escape from the devilish flame. It was about to escape far away.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. He had waited six months for this moment, and everything was still within his plans.

The moment the divine sense escaped, Wang Lin's arms opened up and a roar that he endured for half a year was released!

At this instant, all of the devilish energy around him spread out like crazy. As Wang Lin stood there, strands of black gas came out of his body. The black mist quickly spread and soon covered more than several thousand feet.

When the black gas was released from Wang Lin's body and spread far and wine, his true appearance could finally be seen once more!

Anyone who was familiar with Wang Lin would gasp if they saw him now!

Although the current Wang Lin still had the same clothes, his long hair was as black as ink as it flowed in the air. His face was so sunken in that at a glance, he looked like a bag of bones!

In particular, his eyes were sunken in with a trace of black blood vessels. Wang Lin no longer looked like a normal cultivator but a devil cultivator!

In addition, a vicious temperament surrounded Wang Lin, making him look very different!

Normally, half a year of gathering devilish energy wouldn't change Wang Lin like this, and he wouldn't be able to gather so much devilish energy. He would have to cultivate here for decades to achieve this effect.

Wang Lin was able to do this because he was not a righteous cultivator. He had stood on both sides during his more than 1,000 years of cultivation, especially when he used Demonic Finger, which allowed him to become a devil cultivator for a moment!

He had gone to the extreme to use some powerful spells.

As both his arms opened, his eyes released powerful killing intent and the devilish energy rapidly expanded.

Just as the divine sense was about to escape, Wang Lin let out a roar!

Before this roar, the endless devilish energy suddenly collapsed. Just like the devilish energy from half a year ago, the moment it collapsed, it quickly spread.

It spread so fast that one could only see the devilish spread before it covered hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The escaping divine sense was shrouded within.

If this was it, it wouldn't be enough to reach Wang Lin's needs. This was merely the second step; there was still step three! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The moment the devilish energy spread out to hundreds of thousands of kilometers, Wang Lin took a step and a deep pit appeared. Wang Lin charged forward at an unimaginable speed as if he was a bolt of lightning!

At the same time, the black blood vessels on his face moved, and so did the devilish energy in his body. His right hand formed a seal and he pointed the Demonic Finger at the sky.

He was borrowing the power of the Demonic Finger to control the devilish energy in the world so it would dissipate slower and move with him. This allowed Wang Lin to remain shrouded within this devilish energy.

At this moment, Wang Lin's mind was clear. This was the moment of truth. With each breath, more devilish energy would dissipate, and if he couldn't find the source of the divine sense, his half a year of work would end in failure!

His speed reached his limit as he charged forward like a meteor toward where he had locked onto the other divine sense.

If one looked from above, they would clearly see this shocking scene. A devilish energy that covered hundreds of thousands of kilometers was moving forward at a fast pace. However, this circle of devilish energy was rapidly dissipating.

A black shadow moved like lightning within the devilish energy. It was impossible to see the true appearance of this shadow; you could only see its afterimages.

Wang Lin had to leave this black sand desert, and the divine sense that swept by was the key. However, Wang Lin couldn't track it with his divine sense. Although he didn't know why the other divine sense didn't trigger any reactions, Wang Lin didn't dare to try using his own.

He could only endure and wait. However, he didn't have time to wait for decades. Not to mention helping Zhou Yi, he wouldn't even be able to help Situ Nan remove the poison.

Half a year ago, when he found that he had condensed a trace of devilish energy and crushed it, he noticed something. When the devilish energy spread for a moment, Wang Lin felt like he was inside a void.

He vaguely gained some understanding of this place in this void. He spread out his divine sense, and it instantly spread out more than 1,000 feet without any obstruction.

This discovery opened a big door for the confused Wang Lin.

In order to gather more devilish energy and to shorten the time it would take to do so, he resolutely used the Demonic Finger to absorb devilish energy. He was absorbing it fast enough to be a real devil cultivator.

This allowed him to have powerful devilish energy, but the price was high. Not only did Wang Lin's appearance change, now he had a devil intent in his body.

At this moment, he moved at full spread as he charged forward, and his divine sense spread out hundreds of thousands of kilometers. As the devilish energy dissipated, the distance quickly shortened.

His divine sense that spread out within the devilish energy caused no reaction from the desert. However, Wang Lin knew that the moment his divine sense went outside this devilish energy, it would cause the black sand desert to react.

That grey light that descended half a year ago during his experiment was something Wang Lin still remembered in his heart.

At this moment, he quickly moved with his divine sense locked onto the rapidly retreating divine sense. Although he had gathered a lot of devilish energy, it still quickly dissipated, so now less than half of it remained.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and roared in his heart, "A bit faster!"

The escaping divine sense suddenly stopped. It no longer escaped but charged at the sky.

"It was cut off!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He had already expected the other person to do this, cut off a portion of divine sense so their location wouldn't be found.

The moment the divine sense was cut off, Wang Lin cough out a large mouthful of blood. The blood shined brightly, and Wang Lin jumped inside it and flashed forward.

Blood escape!

Blood escape was to injure oneself in exchange for an extreme speed boost. The reason Wang Lin didn't use it against the whirlwind half a year ago was because the whirlwind was constantly absorbing grey gas and increasing in speed. Blood escape only gave a burst of speed for a short period of time. As a result, he would ultimately be unable to escape.

The blood light flashed and Wang Lin's speed increased greatly. He ignored the divine sense that was cut off and continued to charge at the direction the divine sense was coming from. Borrowing the small amount of devilish energy left, he rushed out, chasing after that cut-off divine sense!

In the distance, a large shadow appeared within Wang Lin's view!

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