97.93% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 948: Master Void

Chapter 948: Master Void

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This was a treasure Tu Si was very satisfied with, but unfortunately, no treasure spirit had formed. In order to perfect it, Tu Si hid it in a planet and turned it into three mountains. He wanted to use the mountain spirit of the planet to form a treasure spirit for this trident!

He planned to retrieve once he mastered the royal bloodline spell, but after he left, he never came back...

When he saw the trident enter the black hole with the All-Seer, he felt melancholy. This melancholy came from the regret in Tu Si's memories.

Ling Tianhou and the man in purple turned into rays of light and turned toward the black hole. However, the two of them paused.

Just as Wang Lin was preparing to enter the black hole, he suddenly turned around and looked into the stars. The old man on the black gourd and Situ Nan were a step ahead of him as they looked into the distance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

A ripple appeared, and a old man appeared from inside the ripple. In just one step, he arrived before everyone.

Ling Tianhou and the man in purple quickly stopped. The man in purple revealed a look of respect and bowed. "Sun Shan greets Grand Elder."

Although Sun Shan was an elder, he was not a member of the Alliance elder group. At this moment, his respect came from the bottom of his heart. He obviously deeply respected the old man that had appeared.

"Junior greets Grand Elder." Ling Tianhou also revealed a respectful expression. With his personality, there weren't many people who he genuinely respected.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank. The old man had merged with the world to move here. This old man also gave off an aura that shocked Wang Lin.

This aura was very different from the All-Seer's. If the All-Seer was an unfathomable ocean, this old man was like a large mountain that pierced the heavens. His powerful aura spread out, causing those weaker cultivators to cough out blood and immediately retreat.

Situ Nan's eyes lit up and he muttered, "Nirvana Shatterer!" He pondered for a moment before he sneered. His eyes shined due to his arrogance and how he looked down on everything.

"If I want to have a good time in this world, I need a cultivation that can suppress the world. Nirvana Shatterer… This old man has been too lazy…"

The old man wore a golden robe and his hair was half black and half white, and he was giving off an ancient aura. He looked at Ling Tianhou and revealed a smile of admiration.

"How long has it been since we last met?"

Ling Tianhou reminisced about the past and respectfully said, "Junior doesn't remember, it has been far too long."

The golden-robed old man let out a sigh and slowly said, "When you and the All-Seer were qualified, I personally brought the two of you into the Brilliant Void Holy Land. Now tens of thousands of years have passed. One of you has become an elder of the alliance that even I dread, and the other's cultivation had also reached such a level."

Ling Tianhou pondered, but the reminiscence in his eyes became even stronger.

"When I received your jade a few months ago, I was debating if I should come. I didn't want to come, because the war with Allheaven was getting serious and my senior brother, Zhong Xuanzi, can't make an avatar. However, considering what happened between you and the All-Seer, I decided to come to end the matter between the two of you!" As the old man spoke, there was a hint of decisiveness and profoundness in his gaze.

Ling Tianhou's mind trembled as he looked at the old man and said, "Thank you, Senior Master Void."

"Let's go. I have heard about this Demon Spirit Land but haven't gone there before. Let's go and see!" The old man waved his sleeves and looked at the beautiful middle-aged woman in the distance. His gaze revealed goodwill when he looked at the woman in pink, then he entered the black hole.

Ling Tianhou and the purple-robed man followed him into the vortex.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before his eyes lit up and he moved with Situ Nan, followed by Master Hollow Wind and the woman in silver. Behind them were the three Chen brothers and Big Head. They all flew toward the vortex.

Lei Ji's figure shrank until he was only a big fellow, and he followed everyone into the vortex.

The old man sitting on the gourd and the cold man in black both entered the black hole. The beautiful middle-aged woman hesitated as she looked at the woman in pink next to her.

The woman in pink smiled like a rose and softly said, "Aunt Xia, you can relax for this trip to the Demon Spirit Land. Xi Xuan has a treasure gifted by Senior Sister; it is more than enough to keep myself safe. What's more, didn't Second Sister send Elder Master Void here as well…"

The beautiful middle-aged woman pondered a bit and nodded. She then led the four women around her into the black hole. Qian Qin revealed a complex expression. When Wang Lin appeared, she was constantly looking at him. Now that she thought about how they would be in the Demon Spirit Land together, she thought, "I wonder if he still remembers me."

After those people entered, the surrounding cultivators all rushed toward the black hole. However, there were too many people, and only some of them were able to get in before the black hole suddenly stopped its reverse rotation and disappeared.

Some of the cultivators were only half way into black hole when the vortex disappeared, so their bodies collapsed and their miserable screams echoed. This caused the cultivators behind them to quickly retreat.

The black hole disappeared with a hint of blood. It was as if a large door had closed, preventing anyone from entering.

The surrounding cultivators all scattered with regret. There were some that were reluctant and stayed for a few days before finally leaving. The East Demon Spirit Sea return to its peaceful state...

Inside the Demon Spirit Land, the fiery sun hung in the sky. The heat wave moved with the wind along the earth. The corpses on the ground smelled of decay, attracting many vultures that hovered over the corpses, absorbing the death aura.

This was only a corner of the Fire Demon Country. Looking at the entire country, it was covered in corpses. Under this heat wave, they decayed even faster, and the wind blew away their clothes, revealing the black skin underneath.

A large war was spreading across the Fire Demon Country as the Soul Refining Tribe attacked. All of the powerful people scattered across the country fell. If they didn't surrender, they died!

The capital of the Fire Demon Country, where one of the nine ancient demons once lived, was now the last force left. This place was occupied by one of the elite armies of the Fire Demon Country. It was called the Fire Demon Spirit Army!

They had two commander-in-chiefs and eight demon generals holding the fort. Although the Fire Demon Spirit Army had suffered heavy losses, compared to the other forces, they were the most powerful. This allowed them occupy the capital and hold on to what remained of the Fire Demon Country.

At this moment, the army of the Soul Refining Tribe surrounded the capital of the Fire Demon Country. There were countless people floating in the sky with several big flags around them. A dense, black fog shrouded the area.

The sharp cries from the soul fragments never ended and swept across the earth. The wailing of the mournful souls became the only sound left in the world.

There was a stone statue within the Soul Refining Tribe army outside the gates of the capital of the Fire Demon Country. There were several tribe members carrying it. Those that were carrying the statue were filled with pride. For them to be picked out from the millions of tribe members to carry the ancestor's statue was glory that only came once in a lifetime!

There was an old man in the sky filled with majesty. He wore a black robe and there were dozens of large flags beside him that formed a black whirlwind.

"Demon General Charming Wood and Golden Scorpion, are you two going to surrender?" The old man's voice was like a blast of cold wind. The moment his voice appeared, a sharp whistle came from the black whirlwind around him.

Just the old man's voice wasn't bad, but the millions of Soul Refining Tribe members surrounding the capital all roared at the same time.

"Are you going to surrender!?"

The roar of millions of people at once was indescribable. It was as if the world was trembling, and no thunder could compare to it. This caused the minds of the remaining soldiers inside the capital to tremble. Some of them felt something explode in their minds, and they passed out while bleeding from their orifices.

"Ouyang Hua, don't you push us too far!" An angry voice came out from the wall, then a big fellow in armor appeared. This armor looked like a scorpion, and his eyes were bloodshot. Hatred filled his eyes as he rushed out, but not toward Ouyang Hua. Instead, he charged toward the black stone statue among the crowd.

"Even if I die, I'm going to destroy this thing!" The big fellow was too fast. He arrived next to the statue in an instant. He raised his hand and smashed down with a roar.

However, what was strange was that all the surrounding Soul Refining Tribe members revealed looks of mockery. Even Ouyang Hua sneered and didn't try to stop him.

The moment the big fellow's hand smashed down, an extremely cold voice echoed in his ears.

"You dare to harm the statue of my lord? Die!" An extremely ordinary man moved along with that voice. This man wore a black robe and had an extremely cold expression. If anyone knew Wang Lin, they would be shocked because this person's temperament was about 60% to 70% similar to Wang Lin's.

This man walked forward and causally threw a punch. At this moment, countless soul fragments came out of his body and entered his fist, creating a storm. This powerful storm quickly smashed into the big fellow.

The big fellow coughed out a mouthful of blood and the armor on his body broke inch by inch. There was also the sound of his bones breaking coming from inside his body.

"The strongest member of the Soul Refining Tribe, Thirteen!" The big fellow let out a bitter smile as his body shattered. He was already out of power, and now that he had received a seriously injury, he immediately died.

Ouyang Hua laughed, then he pointed at the capital of the Fire Demon Country and said, "Soul Extinguish!"

After he spoke, the millions of tribe members took out their soul flags and boundless souls rushed out, covering the entire capital of the Fire Demon Country in black fog. This black fog slowly closed in on the capital.

"Surrender…" A woman wearing blue armor on the wall of the capital of the Fire Demon Country sighed.

At this moment, the Fire Demon Country became the capital of the Soul Refining Tribe! The Soul Refining Tribe had become one of the nine powers of the Demon Spirit Land. The black statue would be placed where the ancient demon statue was and become the spiritual foundation for the Soul Refining Tribe!

Just as Thirteen raised his feet to walk toward the capital, his body trembled violently and his cold expression collapsed. It was replaced with excitement he hadn't felt for hundreds of years, and he suddenly raised his head.

"Ancestor has returned!"

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    Our boy Thirteen omg. I like this kid a lot and I think Lei Ji would get along with him just well!

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    whoa, they could know his return huh?~

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