98.03% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 949: Yao Xixue’s Hatred (Two in One)

Chapter 949: Yao Xixue’s Hatred (Two in One)

Translator: Rex Editor: Rex

At this instant, the sky above the Demon Spirit Land went through a shocking change. Layers of vortexes appeared in the sky as if they were going to tear the heavens apart.

This sudden change caused the inhabitants of the Demon Spirit Land to panic, and they all looked at the sky.

The vortex spread in the sky until it almost covered the entire sky above the Demon Spirit Land. The vortex rotated rapidly like a storm that descended from the heavens.

In the Demon Spirit Land, there was a deep gully in the Wood Demon Country. This area was very remote, and the depths of the ravine were filled with moss. The area was very humid, and in the early morning, it was usually covered in dense fog.

At this moment, there was faint mist that still remained but slowly disappeared under the sun.

As the mist gradually dissipated, a pool of water at the bottom became visible. This pool was like the surface of a mirror; there weren't any ripples at all.

However, when the vortex appeared, ripples appeared in this pool of water. And something slowly came out from the center of the ripples!

At first it wasn't possible to see what it was, but as it became more clear, it was obvious that it was a face!

This was an demonic face. That handsomeness was not something a person could have, especially the dark light coming from his eyes. He quietly looked at the sky and revealed a demonic smile.

"You finally came… I have waited a very long time for this day…"

At this moment, far in the other side of the Demon Spirit Land, there was a grassy plain. There were some flowers on this plain, and before one even got close, they could smell the fragrance of the grass.

This fragrance was very faint, but it had a very strange effect. Whenever someone from the Demon Spirit Land smelled it, they would feel relaxed. As a result, over time, many tribes appeared on this plain.

The Soul Refining Tribe had expanded here as well, but what was strange was that the soul flags would immediately lose some of their power here. It was as if the soul fragments inside didn't dare to come out. If forced to come out, the soul fragments would quickly dissipate one by one.

As a result, the Soul Refining Tribe gave up on this place.

If one looked from above, they would find this grassland to be very ordinary. However, if a restriction expert saw this, their forehead would immediately be covered in cold sweat.

This place was filled with very large restrictions, and there was an unknown amount of restrictions here. If they were activated, they had the power to destroy the world!

No one knew that there was an extremely ancient transfer array under this grassland. If one traced its origins, it would go back to before the Celestial Realm collapsed.

Celestial Realm Formation!

Through this formation, along with a special method and a token, you could enter one of the five celestial caves!

Four of the five celestial caves in the Demon Spirit Land had been found. As for the fifth cave, no one knew where it was. Only by opening the inner part of the four other caves would the fifth cave be opened.

The celestial cave connected to this transfer array was filled with celestial spiritual energy, and nothing inside it was ordinary.

However, although it felt like the Celestial Realm, it looked very empty with a hint of coldness. One would cold and lonely just by standing in there.

This celestial cave was zigzag-shaped and was filled with pavilions. There was a young man sitting inside a towering pagoda. He was very handsome and gave off the aura of a celestial. He was holding scroll made of bamboo.

There was a teacup on the table next to him. The heat that came from the tea turned into flowers in the air before slowly dissipating.

This man would occasionally drink of the tea cup, and his expression was very calm.

However, the moment the vortex appeared, the man placed down the scroll and looked into the distance. It was as if his gaze could penetrate the void and see the changes outside.

"They came…" The person who spoke was not him but a woman who walked in from outside. She was very beautiful, but a bit skinny. She had an oval face and beautiful eyes that were very charming. She wore a light blue dress with white pants that had blue embroidery on it. From a distance, she had slender legs. Although she looked weak, it made her more feminine.

The man smiled as he looked tenderly at the woman and said, "We have waited so long; I hope we can succeed this time."

The woman sat down on the side as she gently looked the man and laughed. "We planned for so long. As long as we are careful, I believe there will be no accidents."

The two of them smiled at each other, and the feeling of a couple filled their hearts with warmth that lingered. Even this empty cave no longer felt cold, as if a warmth had spread.

This cultivation couple was the couple that never left the cave after they came. Wang Wei and Hu Juan!

"How is he doing?" Wang Wei picked up the bamboo scroll. He was very handsome and didn't look old at all, as if he was really a young man. However, the pride hidden deep inside his eyes showed the glory he must've had countless years ago.

Hu Juan chuckled and gently said, "This sword spirit is very determined. He has already reached the eighth layer of the Immortal Spirit Method you gave him and is about to enter the ninth layer. If there are no accidents, he should break through soon."

Wang Wei's eyes were filled with admiration as he nodded. "Is that so? Then I didn't help him in vain…" As he spoke, he became a bit bleak and shook his head. "But I'm still puzzled. Is Qing Shuang not dead? Otherwise, how did she reform the Rain Celestial Sword and make him the sword spirit… Unfortunately, he refuses to speak, and I don't want to hurt Qing Shuang's feelings, so it would be inconvenient to search his memories."

Hu Juan softly said, "Perhaps Little Sister Qing Shuang is still alive…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The moment the vortex appeared, the pool in the ravine and the Celestial Cloud Cultivation Couple weren't the only ones to respond. A huge change occurred under the palace of the Wind Demon Country.

This was the holy land of the Wind Demon Country. There was a vast expanse of caves that resembled a honeycomb underground, with the capital of the Wind Demon Country as the center.

Every single cave had many tunnels that linked them together. Eventually, all of them would lead to the large cave under the imperial palace. These caves were filled with skeletons that were blackish purple and gave off death aura.

The moment the death aura appeared, it would be sucked away by the tunnels connected to the caves.

All the death aura in the countless caves throughout the Wind Demon Country would all lead to the cave under the imperial palace. This cave was very large, at least 10,000 feet wide. At the center of the cave was a towering pillar, and a woman sat on top the pillar.

This woman's appearance was extremely terrifying. There were numerous hideous scars on her face. It was impossible to count how many wounds there were at a glance.

Although those wounds had closed, blood rushed into them when she cultivated, so they had become red. It was as if countless centipedes were crawling on her face.

Not only her face, but even her arms were covered in these hideous scars.

There was a sea of death aura under the pillar the woman was sitting on. Some of the death aura would float up around her and enter her scars.

Every time this happened, the woman's body would tremble as if she was facing unbearable pain, but she would always clench her teeth and endure it.

"Wang Lin!!! I, Yao Xixue, had to endure all this pain because of you! I hate that I can't eat your flesh to avenge my father! As long as I can kill you, what does this pain count as? If I can kill you, so what if I gave up my appearance!?" The woman's eyes were filled with monstrous resentment.

She could never forget the sense of helplessness she had for her father's crisis when she awakened in the Demon Spirit Land. Then she suddenly felt a pain in heart, letting her know through her blood connection that it was likely that her father didn't survive. At that point, her hatred for Wang Lin almost reached a peak.

In order to get revenge, she gave up everything. She knew that in order to increase her cultivation level, she needed help from the ancient demon here. She worked very hard and experienced hardships and humiliation that were like nightmares.

In the end, she obtained the recognition of the ancient demon of the Wind Demon Country. She entered here and began an inheritance.

She could never forgot the moment she accepted the wind demon's inheritance, that demonic voice that echoed in her heart.

"I can give you strength, enough power to let you get revenge. However, the price is that your divine sense and soul will slowly be erased until you become my body."

"I'm willing as long as I can get revenge!"

Yao Xixue took a deep breath and began to absorb this death aura, causing her enough pain to wish she was dead. As she absorbed it, she raised her right hand, which was completely blue, and her fingernails emitted a cold glint. After taking a deep breath, she mercilessly cut open a wound on her left arm.

Intense pain came from her arm, causing her body to tremble, but her expression was indifferent as she had long grown accustomed to the pain. At this moment, endless amounts of death aura entered the wound on her arm.

As the endless death aura continued to enter, the wound gradually closed until it formed a scar.

"Wang Lin, I'll never let you go!" The cry from her soul was like a storm that filled the heavens.

At this moment, Wang Lin walked out from the vortex in the sky. The moment he appeared, his mind trembled and he suddenly looked toward the Wind Demon Country. He vaguely felt a monstrous resentment toward him.

This feeling appeared only for an instant before it disappeared as if it was never there. Behind him, Situ Nan and company appeared. They floated in the air and looked down.

Aside from Master Hollow Wind, this was the first time everyone else had come here. Although the three Chen brothers belonged to a rank 7 country, they previously weren't interested in the Demon Spirit Land.

Now that they arrived, they couldn't help but look around.

After returning to a familiar place, Wang Lin felt regretful. His first thought wasn't to go to the celestial cave but to check the Soul Refining Tribe. Back then, he had to flee, so he was in a rush. Thinking about it now, he felt regretful.

"The Soul Refining Tribe was created to complete the last wish of Master Dun Tian. I wonder if it still exists, and there is also Thirteen." Wang Lin couldn't forget the loyal Thirteen that followed him.

In his life, he had only met one person as loyal as Thirteen. Thinking about Thirteen, another person appeared in Wang Lin's mind.

Hu Pao!

Thirteen's loyalty and Hu Pao's betrayal became a stark contrast that was engraved in Wang Lin's mind.

He couldn't forgot how he slaughtered into an army of more than 100,000 in the demon general's city to save those two people! At that time, he didn't know that Hu Pao had already betrayed him, but even if he did, he still would have done it!

He couldn't forget what he said that day while looking at the sky as if he was trying to prove his dao!

"There are things in this world that are meant to be and some that aren't. Cultivators seek immorality and to escape from fate. Normally, they would avoid disaster and welcome the heavens! Thirteen and Hu Pao have no relationship with me. I went against the will of the demon general, meaning I went against the demon country!

"This was not worth considering for those that only cared about the benefits! I'm not a gentleman or a villain. I'm not sincere or hypocritical. It's just that there are certain things in this world I must do!

"However, I, Wang Lin, walk within this world not to seek to follow the dao of the heavens, I seek to have no regrets in my heart.

"From this point of view, I'm not suited to become a cultivator!

"However, there are certain things I must do! If I don't save Thirteen, then what dao am I searching for?"

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he looked at the familiar world. He slapped his bag of holding and a palm-sized compass appeared in his hand. This was something that was necessary to enter the fourth cave.

After handing this to Situ Nan and explaining the details of releasing some of the restrictions, Situ Nan looked meaningfully at Wang Lin. He understood Wang Lin enough to know that Wang Lin was going to meet some old friends.

As a result, he didn't waste any time. With his cultivation, along with Master Hollow Wind, the woman in silver, the three Chen brothers, and Big Head, it wouldn't be hard to break these restrictions!

The real difficulty would likely be at the final restriction.

Situ Nan opened the token according to Wang Lin's method. They all disappeared and entered the celestial cave to begin breaking the restrictions by force.

There were countless restrictions inside the celestial cave. Only by breaking all of them could they enter the core, and that was their target!

Unlike the All-Seer and Ling Tianhou, who had already broken all the restrictions in their caves, Wang Lin's progress was lacking.

Moveover, Wang Lin still had the token to the cave in his hands. As long as he was in the Demon Spirit Land, he could enter the cave at any time.

With Wang Lin's current cultivation, he just had to make some slight changes to the token so that Situ Nan and company wouldn't be attacked by the spirit of the cave.

After solving this problem, Wang Lin pondered for a bit, then his divine sense slowly spread out. With his current Nirvana Scryer cultivation, he easily covered the entire Demon Spirit Land with his divine sense!

Just as Wang Lin's divine spread out, his divine sense inside the black stone statue being worshiped by the Soul Refining Tribe suddenly released a black light. This black light was filled with endless coldness, and a mysterious force shot into the sky. The moment it touched Wang Lin's divine sense, they integrated together.

The black light from the statue gradually became stronger, until it covered more than half of the sky above the Fire Demon Country. Countless Soul Refining Tribe members stared dumbfoundedly at the ancestor's statue.

It wasn't certain who reacted first, but some people immediately knelt down on the ground. Then almost all the Soul Refining Tribe members knelt down with excitement in their eyes.

"The ancestor's spirit has manifested! The ancestor's spirit has manifested!" Roars spread like rumbling echoes across the city.

Ouyang Hua's eyes revealed look of disbelief, and he looked at Thirteen. At this moment, Thirteen was trembling as he looked into the sky. He had a vague feeling.

"Ancestor, has returned!!"

Ouyang Hua took a deep breath and ecstasy flashed through his eyes. He respected Wang Lin from the bottom of his heart, but even more than respect, there was fear. It was precisely due to this fear that even though the Soul Refining Tribe continued to grow larger, he didn't dare to rebel at all.

Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly and revealed a strange light. He naturally saw the Soul Refining Tribe with his divine sense and found that it had expanded greatly.

This wasn't important. What made him feel disbelief was the mysterious power that had just integrated with his divine sense. Wang Lin had cultivated for over 1,000 years and encountered many different kinds of powers. However, he had never encountered one like this before.

He couldn't tell what kind of feeling it was, but the moment that mysterious power integrated with him, he felt countless images flashing through his mind.

Without exception, all these images were the Soul Refining Tribe worshipping the statue. They were all filled with unimaginable fanaticism. It was as if as long as the statue gave an order, they would do it no matter the cost; even if they lost their lives, they would have no regrets.

This kind of terrifying frenzy even moved Wang Lin.

It was the worship for millions of Soul Refining Tribe members toward this stone statue for the past hundreds of years that created this strange force that even Wang Lin didn't understand.

While pondering, Wang Lin took a step and disappeared. When he re-appeared, he was above the capital of the Fire Demon Country. Standing here, he was able to see the scene of millions of people kneeling!

Speaking of millions of people might make it sound like it's not a lot, but looking at it in person, he saw an endless sea of people cover the ground. There were flags sticking out everywhere that danced in the wind, and the wails of the soul fragments filled the world.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, all of the soul fragments let out sharp cries as if they had encountered their true master!

Ouyang Hua's body trembled and revealed excitement that he hadn't shown in hundreds of years. He stared blankly at Wang Lin and said, "Ouyang Hua greets Ancestor! I welcome Ancestor's return!"

After he spoke, some people almost immediately looked up and saw Wang Lin. Almost every single tribe member who saw Wang Lin felt a buzz in their brain. They had no doubts as they immediately recognized this person as the person they had been worshiping for hundreds of years, their ancestor, Wang Lin!!

All of this was because of the stone statue; it was a carving of Wang Lin!


"It really is Ancestor!!"

"Ancestor has returned. Ancestor didn't abandon us. Ancestor has returned!"

Bursts of shouts filled with surprise and frenzy soon rumbled like thunder. Millions of people became excited at once, and their shouting caused even the earth to tremble. Even the clouds in the sky had to retreat.

"Welcome, Ancestor!" It was unknown who said it first, but eventually, millions of Soul Refining Tribe members shouted at once. Even Wang Lin's ears buzzed. Even with Wang Lin's mental strength, he was startled. He could clearly feel white gas come out of these people and go to the stone statue at the center of the capital. The stone statue absorbed it all, becoming even more smooth and giving off a demonic feel.

The Soul Refining Tribe members' gazes were all filled with excitement that even shocked Wang Lin.

Thirteen rushed through the crowd and knelt down before Wang Lin. Although his body was trembling, his voice was the loudest it had been in hundreds of years.

"Thirteen welcomes the return of Ancestor!"

Thirteen's words ignited the enthusiasm of the countless tribe members. In addition, more white gas floated out from everyone and entered the black statue.

Soul flags began to wave as if a black sea had suddenly appeared. The soul fragments flew out from the flags and shrouded the entire Fire Demon Country in a black fog.

The number of soul fragments was unimaginable.

Looking at the people of the Soul Refining Tribe, Wang Lin found some of them familiar, though he couldn't remember their names. They were obviously elders that were around when he was here last time.

"I have returned." Wang Lin's voice slowly spread and fell from the sky into everyone's ears. Although it was only three simple words, these three simple words were like bolts of lightning falling from the sky. Everyone within the Soul Refining Tribe cheered.

As the Soul Refining Tribe cheered, Wang Lin gradually descended and landed on the wall of the capital of the Fire Demon Country.

He had returned here once more after hundreds of years!

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