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50% 81 passengers / Chapter 5: 24 hours

24 hours - 81 passengers - Chapter 5 by minty_mint360 full book limited free

Chapter 5: 24 hours

Jason stared at him blankly. "What do you mean by you think you do?"

Everyone in the room stared at Josh.

Josh walked over to Elle and Jason. "Hey. Elle is it ok if I speak with Jason alone."

Elle hesitated. "ok but be careful he still has to recover from his head."

Josh pulled Jason off of the ground and walked off with him. They walked to where Elle and Jason had been sitting. The little girl in the third seat was still sleeping.

Josh looked at Jason "do you mind if we sit here for a moment."

Jason shook his head "no not at all."

Josh sat down in the left seat as Jason sat in the right.

Josh looked out the window. "did he help you?"

Jason stared at him. "who?"

Josh looked at Jason. "Dave he helped you kill it didn't he?"

Jason was overwhelmed by the situation. "yes but how did you know-"

"you can't trust him."

"I don't but if I did why couldn't I?"

Josh paused for a moment. "he tried to kill Elle."

Jason already hated Dave but now he hated him even more. "what!?"

Josh looked over the seats to make sure no one was listening. " it wasn't today ok it was years ago. she was about 8 years old. There was a robbery in a plane. Dave had smuggled a gun into the plane with a couple of friends he had. I.... I wasn't willing to give something to him ,so he grabbed a kid which was Elle and told me if I didn't give it up he was going to kill her. I had to do something. I couldn't let her die."

Jason didn't understand why Elle didn't tell him about this. "she never told me this... do you think she just forgot?"

Josh shook his head. "no she seemed really nervous when I said I recognized her."

Jason gripped the arm rests and asked "did Dave ever hurt anyone?"

Josh looked down at the floor. "yes... His crew shoot Elle's dad in the leg and he shot me in the arm."

Josh pulled his sleeve revealing a scar. The scar looked like it had been torn open to pull out the bullet so it wasn't a perfect circle.

Anger build up inside Jason until he couldn't take it anymore. He stood up from his seat.

Josh tried to stop him. "woah Jason we don't want you passing out aga-"

Jason continued to leave. "I don't care."

Jason walked right up to Dave.

Dave saw him coming. "ah what do you want-"

Jason grabbed the Dave's shirt and punched him in the face. The plane fell completely silent. Everyone around him stared in shock.

Jason talked loud enough for only Dave could hear him "How could you threaten a little girl like that?."

Dave realized what he was talking about. "oh I see you've found out my little secret. well it didn't matter to me she only helped me get what I wanted."

Jason pulled his fist back and punched him even harder. "what is wrong with you!"

Jason went to punch him again but something behind him grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back. Then he felt cold metal around his wrists. He realized someone had put hand cuffs on him. He turned to see Josh hold on to his arms.

Dave wiped the blood off his lip from Jason's punch. "oh so your a cop now I see?."

Josh shook his head. "shut up or you'll be next."

Dave smiled. "on what term?"

Josh glared at him "you know and it's been long over do. I don't know how you haven't already been arrested for your crimes."

Dave laughed "you have no proof."

Josh started to walk away with Jason. "you'd be surprised of what crimes I could find on you."

Jason looked over his shoulder. "why didn't you tell me you where a cop?"

Josh shrugged. "well to be honest I don't think you where going to do that. Believe me I hate him to and I wouldn't have arrested you if I didn't have to ,but it's protocol."

Jason looked down as they continued to walk. "I couldn't have just gotten one more good hit?"

Josh laughed. "I definitely would love to see that."

Jason sighed. "Elle's going to be pissed."

"Are you sure. I mean you almost died I don't think she'll be to mad."

when they got to the back Elle had been talking to Christy but now they were silent.

Jason avoided eye contact with Elle.

Elle had a look of confusion. "why is Jason in hand cuffs?"

Josh sat Jason in one of the seats. Then he pulled the cuff off one hand and put it on one of the bars. Making it to were he couldn't leave the seat.

Josh stepped away from Jason. "uh I'm not sure how to say this but Jason just punched a man in the face. twice."

Elle stared at Jason. "what?"

Jason looked at Elle. "You knew who Josh was the whole time."

Elle hesitated to answer. "What...oh you know about the plane robbery don't you. I'm sorry I should have told you."

"no....I understand why you didn't tell me. It could be hard to talk about something like that. Ah what the?"

Jason felt a strange pinch on his shoulder. He rolled up his sleeve and he saw a bite on his arm.

Josh walked up to Jason and grabbed his arm. "huh that's weird you have a black widow's bite mark right here."

That sent chills down Jason's back. "wha- what?"

Everyone could tell Jason was a little freaked out by the bite.

Josh stared at him like he was crazy. "dude it's just a bite. Don't get to stressed about it. I've been bit many times"

Jason touched the bit mark. "no you don't understand. I-"

Elle stopped him. "Jason it's not to bad it's a small bit it won't do much.

Jason turned to look at her but when he did she looked dead. Like she was some kind of zombie ,and her skin was pail. He jumped back falling out of his chair. He tried to scoot back more but his hand was still hand cuffed to the seat.

"what- what's wrong with your-"

Josh stared at him in confusion. "Jason what are you doing?"

Jason looked at him and then back at Elle but she looked normal again.

"what? I-.....she was dead!"

Josh looked interested. "what do you mean?"

Jason scratched his head. "I don't know I think I'm seeing things."

Josh put his hands on his chin as he was thinking. "Tell me that monster didn't bite you"

Jason nodded "It did..... is that bad?"

Josh stared at him for a moment. "it's not great."

Josh stared at Jason. "Jason I'm sorry ,but your going to have to stay hand cuffed to that chair for the next 24 hours"

Elle looked at Jason. "what why?"

Josh waved for Elle and Christy to leave the seats. "you can't be near him for this time either."

Elle got up out of her seat. "what's going on!?"

Josh waited for them to come over to him. "long story short he was bit by something that will make him hallucinate and hear voices in his head. He might start to believe those hallucinations. So it will be safe to stay away from him"

Elle looked across the plane. "how long will he hallucinate for."

Josh continued. "only for about 24 hours."

Jason laughed and sarcastically said "it's gonna be a great 24 hours."

After a about 30 minutes into the wait Elle got tired and went back to her seat and Christy took Jason's seat next to Elle.

Jason and Josh waited silently but then Jason mumbled to him self. "Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong?"

Apparently Josh heard Jason. "you know bad things don't always happen to bad people."

Jason nodded "yeah but how is this even possible? And how do you know so much about.....this. It feels like I'm in a horror move."

After Jason said that Josh had a very grim expression on his face. "I've been in your situation before. And trust me it only gets worse."

Jason smiled sarcastically. "wow thanks for the pep talk."

Josh grabbed the back of his neck. "oh yeah sorry.."

Jason looked over and saw Elle standing in the door way. "oh hey Elle."

Josh looked where Jason was looking but no one was there. "Jason?"

Jason looked at Josh. "what?"

"no one is standing there."

Jason looked back at the door way and Josh was right there was nothing but an empty door way.

Jason rubbed his eyes. "oh yeah I-...I don't know I just thought I saw someone."

Josh smiled but he knew Jason was hallucinating. "yeah I'm going to grab something from my bag. Don't do anything crazy."

Jason nodded "yeah...."

Josh headed off and headed up to the front seats. He got to his bag. He searched for a moment. He pulled out a bottle of sleeping pills. He headed back to Jason.

"Hey Jason I got sleeping pills if you want you could tak-"

Josh looked at Jason. Jason's hands were gripping the sides of the chair. His knuckles were white. Tears started to forming in Jason's eyes

Josh stopped and stared at him. "Jason? Are you ok?"

Jason covered his eyes with his hand. "get out of my head. Your not real."

Jason heard a voice in his head. "There lying to you. They aren't your friends there just going to kill you."

Josh paused for a moment. "Jason?"

Jason shook his head. "Elle would never do something like that."

The voice was now louder in his head. "She lied to you once before. What if she's been lying the whole time?"

Jason put his hands over his ears. "I don't believe you. Your just a voice in my head."

Josh finally got Jason's attention. "Jason!"

Jason flinched. "wh- what?"

Josh forgot about the pills in his hand. "are you good?"

Jason shook his head no but his answer was different. "yeah I'm fine"

Josh slowly walked back to where he was sitting before. "Ok I'll be sitting here if you need anything."

A couple minutes later Josh eventually fell asleep but just moments later he was woken up to the sound of yelling. He jumped up to his feet. He didn't know what it was from but then he realized it was Jason. Jason had his hands on his head grabbing at his hair. Jason had put his legs on the chair. It looked like Jason had truly lost it.

Jason continued to yell. "NO!! STOP!!"

Josh tried to calm him down. "Jason! Stop it's not real!"

Elle rushed into the room. "what's going on?"

Josh looked at Elle. "I don't know he just started yelling."

"Everyone is freaking out. They can hear him screaming."

Josh started heading off. "I'll tell everyone it's fine. Just keep an eye on him."

Elle nodded. "ok."

Elle looked at Jason. "Hey Jason. You have to calm down."

Jason ignored Elle.

Elle stepped closer to Jason. "come on Jason! just do it for me."

The voice ringed in his ears again. "you have to kill her before she kills you."

Jason looked up at Elle and quietly said "come here. I can't handle this alone."

Elle shook her head. "I can't. Josh said not to get near you."

Jason had tears running down his face. "please I can't. Just hold my hand for a moment."

Elle took a step closer. "Are you sure?"

"Yes just come here."

Elle hesitated. "I don't know if I should. i-

Jason looked into her eye's "Elle!"

Elle didn't know what to do but she gave in. "o- ok"

Jason reached his arm out. Elle grabbed his hand.

Jason looked up and smiled at her. "you idiot." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason yanked her arm. He banged her head on the chair. She tried to scream but he rapped his arm around her neck. He started to squeeze as she desperately tried to brake away from him.

Jason started choking her even more. "stop struggling. It will be over soon."

Elle struggled to speak "Jas..on..."

Elle tried to call out for help but she could feel her throat closing up.

Josh walked in and saw what was happening. "JASON! stop!!"

Josh ran over and pulled Elle away from Jason but Josh was still in reach for Jason.

Jason grabbed Josh's collar and pulled him back. Josh let go of Elle. she slowly crawled away coughing.

Josh tried pulling away from Jason to help Elle but Jason didn't let go. Jason grabbed his head and banged it against the chair as hard as he could.

Josh coughed up blood. "ach. Jason stop! This isn't yo-"

Jason grabbed Josh by the hair and kept banging his head against the chair.

"shut up!! you don't know me! Your going to kill me! your going to kill me!"

Elle eventually got to her feet. She stumbled over to Jason.

Jason noticed Elle coming ,and turned to look at her. Elle punched him in the face as hard as she could. It took Jason off gard long enough for Josh to get away from him.

Elle And Josh sat across from Jason catching there breath.

Jason screamed at them in frustration as he reached out for them. "get back here right now!! I'm not done with you!!"

Josh looked at Elle as she held her neck. "are you ok"

Elle nodded. "me? what about you."

Josh wasn't paying attention to the damage Jason did to him. Josh touched the back of his head. He pulled his hand back and looked at the blood dripping from his hand.

Josh grabbed the first aid kit on the ground. He opened it and pulled out another towel. He pressed it to the back of his head.

Josh looked at Jason. "what do you think he meant?"

Elle looked at Josh. "what?"

"He said I was going to kill him."

Elle still looked shaken up. "I don't know. I think it's the voices telling him that."

Josh faced Elle. "how did he grab you."

Elle looked down at her hands. "I'm sorry. I should have listened to You. You told me not to trust him but I did. I just... I've never seen him cry before."

Josh nodded. "it's ok I understand."

Jason started pulling from the hand cuffs making his wrist bleed.

Jason eventually gave up and sat back down and started mumbling to himself.

Elle watched Jason "you think he'll be ok after this?"

Josh nodded. "yeah. He should be fine. He seems to be handling it well."

Elle stared at Josh. "what do you mean. I don't think he's handling it well. I mean look at him."

Josh looked at Jason. "He's better then the others."

"others? There where more that got bit by ...what ever bit him?"

Josh nodded. "yeah but in the end they all managed to be fine."

A couple hours later Jason fell asleep.

Elle had gone back to her seat. She couldn't take watching him any more. It was a strange feeling to Elle. She could see the fear in his eyes but she could also see the anger.

Josh waited with Jason. Josh watched the clock. There was one more hour before Jason came to his senses.

About an hour later Josh woke up looking dazed.

"what happened?"

Josh looked at him in confusion. All the other people that had been bit had remembered there hallucinations but Jason didn't. "you don't remember?"

Jason shook his head. He looked at Josh. "what happened to you?"

Josh laughed. "you did."

Jason looked down at his hands and saw dry blood on his hands and he realized it wasn't his it was Josh's.

"Josh I'm sorry I had no idea-"

"Ah don't worry about it. You had no control over your self."

Josh pointed at Jason's face. "you want ice for that?"

Jason touched his face feeling a bump next to his eye. "what? Josh what happened?

Josh narrowed his eye brows. "Are you sure you want me to tell you? I don't think your going to enjoy what I'm about to say."

Jason stared at his cuffs seeing the blood around his wrist. "yes I'm sure."

Josh shrugged. " the beginning you did fine but then you went more then just a little crazy. I had to go calm the passengers down because you kept yelling. I asked Elle to watch you.... You convinced Elle to get close to you.."

Jason knew where this was going. "I hurt her didn't I?"

Josh nodded "I pulled her away from you just in time. And that's when you did this to me but your girlfriend got a good hit on you."

Jason touched the side of his face where the bump was. "ha she's tougher then she looks"

Josh laughed. "That's for sure ,but she is still a little shaken up by all of this so when you talk to her be calm."

Jason was now worried. "she isn't scared of me now. Is she?"

Josh shrugged. "To be honest I'm not sure. She had mixed feelings about it."

Jason covered his face ,and in a muffled voice said "I messed up."

Josh looked at Jason. "Jason it's not your fault. You didn't even remember what happened."

Jason moved the cuffs on his hand "do you mind?"

Josh stood up. "oh right"

Josh grabbed his key and opened the cuffs.

Jason grabbed his wrist. "Man. I really tried to get out of those."

Josh smiled "yeah at one point I thought you were going to rip your hand off."

Jason stood up but when he did he felt something strange on his left leg. He sat back down and looked at his leg.

"what is that?"

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