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Hostage - 81 passengers - Chapter 3 by minty_mint360 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Hostage

After Jason talked with Elle. He felt less stressed but that made him feel guilty. He was more relaxed but Elle was more stressed then ever.

Jason watched as Elle tried to sit still but she was to nervous. "hey Elle how are you holding up?"

Elle looked at Jason. "What do you think that guy was talking about when he said you weren't going to make it out of this plane. What is he gonna do?"

"He was probably just trying to scare me. Don't worry to much about it."

Elle relaxed for a moment. "ok"

Jason didn't realise he was tired but when he closed his eyes he felt like he was about to pass out. "I'm gonna go to sleep for a little bit"

Elle smiled even though she was still nervous. " ok don't sleep for to long"

As Jason fell asleep Hazel started to wake up.

Hazel stretched her little body across the seat. "is it morning yet?"

Elle laughed. "no but it's almost dark out."

Hazel poked her head out to see the window. "are you sure? It looks like sunrise to me."

Elle looked at the window as well. "yup I'm sure. Sunrises look the same as the sun going down."

Hazel smiled. "I've never been on a plane before. Have you?"

Elle turned to Hazel. "um...yeah I have.."

Elle never told anyone why she was so afraid of planes. when they would ask she would usually just tell them she was scared of heights or something like that. She tried to keep the memory of that one night on the plane out of her head but the only way to do that was to stay away from things that reminded her of it and that was planes.

It happened on August 14, 2009. She was nine at the time. She and her parents were going on a trip to Hawaii. When they got on the plane everything was perfect but that was soon to change. A couple minutes into the flight three people with masks on stood up. Two where men on was a woman. They somehow managed to sneak guns into the plane.

One of the men yelled. "everyone get out of your seats on to the ground!! now!"

Everyone scrambled to there way to the middle lane.

The woman pulled a bag out from her seat and opened it. She pulled out rope and duck tape.

The lady tied everyone's hands behind there back but she didn't use the duck tape.

Then they started grabbing people's bags and searching threw them. They didn't seem satisfied with there findings.

One of the men walked up to a man with a blue shirt on.

He picked the man up and pointed the gun at him. "where is it.."

The man in the blue shirt laughed. "you can kill me ,but your not going to find it."

The man with the gun sighed "well that's to bad because if you don't tell me one of kind civilians are gonna die."

The man in the blue shirt hesitated but he didn't say anything.

The man with the gun shrugged. " ok then let's see who's gonna die today."

The man walked around choosing the perfect victim. Elle tried to keep her head down so maybe he wouldn't notice her but she was wrong. The man grabbed Elle by the arm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He pulled her over to the man in the blue shirt. "so you were saying you didn't want to help me?"

The man in the blue shirt looked at Elle. "please... don't she's just a little girl."

The man aimed the gun at Elle. Tears ran down her face.

She tried to pull away but the man had a hold on her arm that her little self couldn't break free from. "please stop!! let go of me!"

Elle's dad stood up and started running at the man but the lady saw him and shot him in the leg. Her dad screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. Blood started rushing down his leg.

The lady turned to everyone else. "anyone else wanna try that again and I won't hesitate to kill you."

The man in the blue shirt finally talked. "ok fine it's under seat 27"

The lady walked over to the seat but when she looked there was nothing there.

The lady looked back up. "it's not here"

The man grabbed Elle by the hair and she screamed as he yanked her to the ground. "you think it's funny! I'm not playing games Josh! where is it!"

The man in blue pulled a key out of his pocket. "it's in the safe in my bag."

The man grabbed the key from him. "Josh I swear if it's not there I'll kill her."

The man turned away and walked back to seat 27. There was a small bag next to his seat. They opened it and sure enough there was a mini safe inside. They unlocked it with the key and inside the safe was small gold coins and 700 dollars.

The man closed the safe back up. "well what do ya know after five years you gave it up over a little girl. Your softer then I thought."

Josh looked at Elle's dad laying on the floor. "please let the plane land. This man needs medical attention."

The man ignored him and walked over to his own bags. All the robbers grabbed there bags. There bags weren't normal bags. They had deployment bags. They strapped themselves in. The man walked up to Josh. " don't think about trying to find us because you won't be finding us anytime soon"

The man aimed his gun at his arm and shot Josh in the arm. Josh fell to the ground in pain. The man laughed at him and kicked Josh in the arm. Josh yelled in pain.

The man walked to the emergency exit. "oh and Josh it doesn't even madder that you saved her. Your all going to die anyway."

Josh realized what he meant. "everyone get back to your seats and hold on to something!!! now!!"

Josh stood up and helped Elle's dad get into a seat even though his arm was in pain. Then He grabbed Elle and put her in a seat. He sat down and fumbled around with his seat belt. Once he finally got his seat belt on the robbers broke the emergency exit open. Everything started flying out the exit. Bags and suit cases banged on the walls as they flew out the door. The robbers had already jumped out the plane.

The plane had to land in the middle of a field. It was a bumpy landing but everyone was ok. They eventually got an ambulance to the plane. Once they got to the hospital her dad was rushed into the emergency room. After a couple days her dad got better. Elle wanted to say thank you to Josh for saving them but when they asked to see him they had no record of a Josh at the hospital. Ever sense that she never saw him again.

minty_mint360 minty_mint360

Trigger Warning- This Chapter contains violence.

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