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40% 81 passengers / Chapter 4: Time Loop

Time Loop - 81 passengers - Chapter 4 by minty_mint360 full book limited free

Chapter 4: Time Loop

Jason woke up again but he felt like he didn't even sleep at all.

Elle saw him awake. "didn't sleep much?"

Jason rubbed his eyes "no not really"

Jason looked out the window. It was no longer a sun set. It was pitch black there wasn't even a single light which led him to believe they were not near the city.

Jason had to go to the restroom really bad because he didn't even get the chance in hours. He really hated that every time he would try to go to the restroom something crazy would happen. And worst of all it would just get worse and worse every time.

Elle could read him like a book. "just go to the restroom. If the man bugs you.. Tell the flight attendants."

Jason hesitated "I- ok ok... I'll just go"

Elle smiled. Jason stood up. He walked into the middle lane.

As he walked down the to the restroom he felt really dizzy. He slowed down for a moment. His vision began to darken but then it went back to normal. He just thought maybe it could have been low blood pressure but as he continued to walk he felt dizzy again. He stumbled to the ground. The weird thing was no one seemed to notice Jason on the ground.

when he tried to stand a sharp pain was sent to his head. He grabbed the side if his head "ah what the-"

When he pulled his hand off his head he saw blood on his hand. He felt the blood coming out of his ear.

He began to panic. He looked around for something. He wasn't sure what to look for but he felt he needed something. As he was looking around he noticed something strange at the end of the hall. His vision was blurry but he could make out the out line. It wasn't human that was for sure ,but it didn't look animal either. It had strange glowing eyes staring back at him but before Jason could see what it was his vision went fully dark and he passed out as no one seemed to even look over to see him.

A few moments later he jolted awake. He looked around and realized he was back in his seat. He touched his ear but there was no blood as if everything just went back to normal.

He thought to himself "maybe that was just a dream... but it felt so real."

Elle looked over at Jason. "didn't sleep much?"

Jason stared at her. "uh..n- no"

Elle smiled just as she did before."just go to the restroom. if the man bugs you. Then tell the flight attendants."

Jason gave her a confessed look. "what?"

Elle laughed. "stop messing around Jason. Just go."

Jason stood up slowly. "uh ok?"

Jason walked into the middle once again. He didn't understand how he got back into his chair or why Elle was acting so calm after he passed out.

Jason was in his thoughts when he felt dizzy again. He fell to the ground exactly how he did before. He felt the blood rush down the side of his face.

"what's wrong with me?"

He looked up and saw that weird thing with glowing eyes across the hall once again but instead of just looking at It he looked at the passengers. They did the same as they did before ignoring him. Then he spotted that man staring straight at him but before Jason could do anything he blacked out again.

He woke back up again in his seat.

Elle looked at him again. "didn't sleep much"

Jason realized what was happening. "it's going to happen again. How do I fix it?"

Elle looked at him in confusion. "what?"

Jason snapped out of it. "oh um nothing. it's fine."

Elle smiled. " just go to the restro-"

Jason interrupted her. "No that's not- I'm good I don't need to go."

Elle stared at him for a moment "uh o- ok."

Jason hoped that if he didn't get up it wouldn't happen again but he was wrong. He felt the pain rush back into his head.

he grabbed his head again. "no no this can't happen again."

Just as the other passengers Elle didn't seem to notice Jason in pain. He tried to pull threw the pain but he passed out again.

Jason woke up again up right in his seat.

Elle saw him awake. "didn't get much sleep?"

Jason realized the only one that could see him pass out was that man and the thing in the lane.

Jason stood up. "I have to go."

Elle watched him leave "Oh ok."

Jason made his way over to the man. "I need your help."

The man smirked. "I thought you wanted to stay away from me."

Jason felt a bit wobbly. "as much as I hate it I need you to tell me why I'm passing out."

The man shrugged. "I don't know what your talking about."

Jason felt the pain coming back. "please I know you saw me. What's happening to me?"

The man grabbed a news paper out of his pocket. "what if I just let you feel that head ache happen over and over again as I watch you desperately in pain trying to make it stop. Now that sounds like some real fun."

Jason tried to stay standing ,but his knees buckled and he fell to the ground. "please... I can't stop it."

The man looked up from his news paper. "see you in a bit jason."

Jason passed out again. when he woke up he wasted no time. He didn't even let Elle have time to say anything. He walked back up to the man.

"you have to help me."

The man raised his eye brow. "I have to?"

Jason paused for a moment. "who even are you?"

The man smiled. "call me Dave."

Jason fake smiled even though he was dying to punch that dirt bag in the face but he knew that would do him no good. "ok Dave. Then could you help me get out of this hell hole?"

Dave looked across the plane "did you see it?"

Jason knew he didn't have much time before he would collapsed again. "see what?"

dave pointed to the front of the plane. "That thing across the plane"

Jason looked over and saw the thing he saw when he first passed out but this time he could see it much clearer. It looked like an alien to Jason. It stood on its hind legs. It was as big as a cat. It looked kinda like a person but it looked half starved to death and it's skin was pure black like someone tried to burn it to death but failed.

Jason looked back at dave. "yeah I see it."

Dave smiled in a creepy way. "I need you to kill it."

Jason was off balance so he sat down so he wouldn't fall down when he passed out again.

"what!? why?"

Dave rolled his eyes. "it doesn't matter why just do it."

Jason felt him self drifting away. "o..ok"

He woke back up and walked over to Dave. "how am I going to kill it?"

Dave pulled a knife out of his bag. "with this."

Jason stared at the knife in shock. "how did you get a knife on a plane?"

Dave handed the knife to Jason. "I have my ways."

Jason looked at the knife then back at Dave. "why are you helping me?"

Dave smiled. "ha if you think I'm helping you. you've got another thing coming. I just hope you make it out alive ,or not I don't care. But that's not for me to choose. Now go and kill that thing before you black out again."

Jason stared to head off but Dave stopped him. "and one more thing be prepared if it bites you."

Jason didn't understand what he meant but he had no time to ask about it. As he walked by still no one cared that he had a knife in his hand. He got close to the monster thing but every step he got closer it would hiss and snap at him. Jason poked at it with the knife being careful not to be bit. He had to kill it before he passed out and he was running out of time.

Jason lunged at it and got a hold on the little thing. He thought it would be harder but it was easy to hold. He was about to kill it when he felt like his arm was on fire.

"ahh" he threw the monster away from him.

Then he looked down at his arm. His arm had small bite marks on it. It was super irritated and red even though it just bit him. His vision went blurry again but this time it was different. He felt more delusional then dizzy. He looked up to look for the monster but he was distracted by something strange. He saw black dots on the floor heading straight to him. He looked closer at them and realized they were thousands of spiders.

Jason backed up against the wall trying to get away from the spiders. Jason wasn't afraid of spiders but the spiders were no normal spiders. Jason could tell they were Black Widows. They had a red spot on the bottom side of there belly.

They were now an inch away from Jason. Jason knew he wouldn't be able to get away. They started climbing up Jason's legs they didn't bite at first but they started biting once they got to his neck. Jason frantically tried to hit all the spiders off but every time he did they would climb back up. Jason screamed in pain as the spiders continued to bite him. Jason had never felt this pain from a black widow before because he had been bitten by one before but it didn't even hurt at all until later on when it swelled up. These spiders felt like they were sticking tiny needles in his skin every time they bit.

Jason could feel him self passing out again but this time he didn't resist it. He just let it take over. He had to do what ever he could to get the spiders of him. He collapsed on to the ground.

He woke up breathing hard ,drenched in sweat.

Elle stared at him. "what's wrong. did you not sleep good?"

Jason stood up. "no I'm fine."

He walked to Dave. "give me the knife I didn't kill it."

Dave shrugged. "ok"

Jason hated how careless this man was. "why didn't you tell me about the spiders."

Dave handed the knife to Jason "I did I told you to be prepared when you got bit."

"That was from being bit? But how"

Dave laughed. "The bite can make you go a little crazy. so try not to get bit again."

Jason was uncomfortable. "but was real I mean it felt real."

Dave stared strange into Jason's eyes. "Your brain can control your pain and if your brain believes something will be will be."

It oddly made sense to Jason but he didn't have time to think about that. Jason didn't want to go and try again. He didn't show it but he was more scared then ever.

Jason took two steps to the front and stopped.

Dave saw him just standing there. "is there something wrong?"

Jason looked back at Dave. "um.....if I get bit can it..... kill me?"

Dave didn't seem to care that Jason was freaking out. "yeah but your fine. Just don't get bit and get it over with. It really isn't that hard."

Jason walked up to the tiny monster. He had to take another approach to not get bit. Jason slowly reached behind the monsters neck. Once he got a hold on the monsters neck he slammed it against the ground. He pulled out the knife when the sharp pain came back. His hand with the knife began to shake he was getting to weak. He felt the blood drip down his ears.

"No come on just a little longer.."

He slowly pulled the knife up and as hard as he could he brought it down into the monsters chest. The monster squealed and then went limp.

Jason's body felt better immediately even though he was still exhausted. Jason flopped down onto his back. He continued to breathe hard. The blood dripping out of his ears didn't disappear this time.

A man noticed Jason laying on the ground. The man got up from his seat. "are you ok sir?"

When the man got closer he realized Jason was bleeding. "oh my god. Your bleeding."

The man knelt down next to Jason.

Jason looked up at the man. "do you mind helping me back to my seat?"

"no not at all...but you should get something for the blood. You know what I'll just get the flight attendants to help you out."

Jason put his arm around the man's shoulder. "No I don't need the flight attendants help just take me back to my seat."

The man looked at Jason as he helped him off the ground. "no way are you crazy. I'm taking you to get help."

They walked down to the back. Once they got to the forth from the last row Elle saw Jason.

she stood up and walked over to him with a weird look. "Jason what- what happened!?"

Elle grabbed his face turning his head to look at his ears. "why are you bleeding from your ears. That's not normal."

Jason smiled. He was just happy that things were normal again. "I'm ok I promise."

Elle pulled his arm over her shoulder. "let's just get you cleaned up."

Elle looked at the man helping Jason as well. He looked oddly familiar "oh hi my name's Elle."

They continued to walk to the back were the flight attendants were. "and my name's Josh."

Elle stared at him in shock. "wha- what did you say?"

The man looked at her confused. "do I know you from somewhere you look familiar?"

Elle didn't know what to say but he was the man who saved her life on the day of the robbery.

"i- um no I don't think so"

The man raised an eyebrow. "oh really? I swear I saw you from somewhere."

Elle laughed nervously "ha nope I just have one of those faces."

Once they got to the back of the plane one of the flight attendants gasped. "oh dear what happened to him?"

Jason laughed and looked at Elle. "Is it really that bad?"

Elle shrugged. "kind of."

Another one of the flight attendants walked up to Jason. "hi my name's Christy. would you please take a seat as we see what's wrong."

Elle and Josh put Jason into one of the flight attendant's seat. Christy grabbed a first aid kit from a basket.

She walked over to Elle. "do you know him?"

Elle nodded. "yes I'm his girlfriend."

Christy opened the first aid kit and pulled out a small towel. "If you'd like you could help clean him up as we check if he has a concussion."

Elle grabbed the towel. "yeah sure"

She sat next to Jason. "so you mind telling me what happened?"

Jason shrugged "honestly I have no idea but I'm glad it's over."

Elle started cleaning his ear with the towel. "did it hurt?"

Jason smiled. "ha more than you know."

The Christy came back with a light. "ok I'm going to shine this light in your eyes ok?"

Jason nodded "ok"

She flashed the light in Jason's eyes but he shut his eyes and put his arm up. The light seemed to be as bright as the sun.

"I'm sorry the light just seems really bright." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Christy looked at him in confusion. "it seems you have a concussion but I've never seen someone bleed so much from a concussion and even if you did I don't know how you would get one in a plane. There's not really much that can do that type of damage in here."

Elle seemed nervous. "is he gonna be ok?"

Christy nodded. "for now but I think you should take him to the hospital when we land."

Elle looked at Jason. "ok I'll do that."

Jason was about to say something but he was stopped by the sharp pain coming back to his head. Jason stumbled out of the chair.

"no no I can't go back."

Elle watched horrified as she watched blood drip out of his ear. "Jason!!"

Jason grabbed and squeezed Elle's hand so hard it made her hand hurt. "Elle don't let me pass out. please I can't go back."

Josh stared at Jason for a moment then mumbled to him self. "crap. He killed it didn't he."

Josh yelled "where's the water!"

Christy pointed at a mini fridge. Josh yanked the fridge open. He pulled out a ice cold water bottle. He opened the bottle and sprayed the ice cold water on Jason. It seemed to work. Jason stopped bleeding and his head ache went away. The shock of getting sprayed with cold water helped stopped him from passing out.

Elle hugged Jason in relief. "how'd you know to do that?"

Josh shrugged. "I didn't."

Jason tried to stand but Elle stopped him. "no your not going anywhere. I don't care if your on the ground I don't want you to risk it."

Jason looked at Josh. "Thank you. you have no idea-"

Josh interrupted. "but I think I do."

Jason stared at him. "what?"

minty_mint360 minty_mint360

I hope you enjoy reading it as much I liked writing it!!

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