30.47% My MCV and Doomsday / Chapter 149: Advancing Bravely

Chapter 149: Advancing Bravely

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The interpretation of "evolutionary state" offered by Starseed was that the boa’s level of mutant energy was shifting from 1+ to 2. Having eaten so many people, among which paranormals, the boa was breaking through the critical point of its mutation.

Jiang Liushi didn’t expect that he would encounter an evolving mutant beast. He was really lucky! The boa was about to break through to level 2, so it was indeed very scary! Its speed allowed it to attack and successfully hit its target. That poor soldier pulled out a tri-edge bayonet hastily with the desire to survive, but it simply failed to break apart the mutant boa’s scales. The boa had a very strong defense!

If that mutant boa had really reached level 2 for some time, its speed would increase explosively. Jiang Liushi was badly in need of mutant nuclei, especially for level 2 ones. Jiang Liushi noticed that the mutant boa was moving fast in the zombie sea. It was likely to enter the surrounding buildings, but once it got into a building, Jiang Liushi would be unable to act.

"Ying, speed up! We’ll go over there!" Jiang Liushi said decisively.

"Okay." Ying didn’t need time to react at all. Before Jiang Liushi’s voice had died away, she had already stepped on the gas! The minibus had long been charged, so it suddenly issued a huge roaring sound, instantly rushing into the zombie sea!

That captain was ready to go out, but he found that his speed was too slow before the monster. Even if he jumped into the corpse sea, it would be of no avail.

But they couldn’t sit still and await destruction. The captain had to fight against the horrible monster. It may still be able to fight for some time. However, he suddenly heard the minibus’ roaring sound, which sounded like a sports car.

The captain was stunned for a moment, and then followed the sound. The rest of the soldiers had also been shocked by that loud noise. They saw that minibus far away but after the roar, it suddenly rushed to the zombies!

The zombies standing before the minibus were sent flying like bowling pins. Those zombies issued a roar and tried to defend, but they were obliterated.

"This car is amazing!" The captain was surprised because he did not expect that minibus to be a modified vehicle too.

However, what did they want to do!?

"They are crazy! They want to hunt the mutant boa!?" A soldier said with his wide-opened eyes staring the minibus. Hunting the terrible mutant boa? How could they be so reckless? Unless they were ignorant fearless idiots, or they just didn’t know how terrible the mutant boa was! These survivors were extremely audacious.

Perhaps that team was very powerful, but the captain and his subordinates all thought they were reckless. However, even so, seeing the approaching minibus, their hearts were racing, and their eyes closely followed this minibus!

The captain had been prepared to die, and the other people were really scared. Seeing the roaring minibus massacring the zombies so suddenly, they could not restrain their excitement.

That grandpa and grandchild also saw that scene, so their faces showed the thirst for survival. Jiang Liushi was naturally aware of the mutant boa’s fast speed, but he did not intend to fight with it face to face.

Continuously using the "Accelerate" and "Collision" functions, his minibus’ speed had been raised to the extreme. Not to mention, Jiang Liushi could clearly distinguish the mutant boa’s route. Jiang Liushi directly rushed to the place the mutant boa was going to be next. That lead to a head-on collision with the terrible mutant boa!

This mutant boa was hit badly and the whole minibus shook from the impact!

"Zhuying!" Jiang Liushi shouted loudly. The mutant boa's scales were very hard, so the collision did not leave any injuries to it. But after such a heavy hit, the mutant boa almost fainted from the pain. It felt extremely uncomfortable! Jiang Zhuying did not wait for it to get enraged, more than a dozen of electric lights had turned into a power grid, covering the boa’s face.

'Hiss-!' The mutant boa suddenly stood up; it was the first time it had shown its appearance!

It had a flat triangular head and a huge mouth, which issued a very sharp 'hissing' sound. Its huge body was swinging in the light crazily. It was more than ten meters long, so the shaking was almost incomparable. Before the grid disappeared, a shot suddenly came!

'Woo-!' One of the mutant boa’s eyeballs was destroyed and a large amount of fried blood started surging out.

'Hiss-!' Its tail was slamming madly at every direction, and heavily hit an abandoned car on the roadside! The terrible crashing just occurred in the twinkling of an eye! Until that car was smashed with a loud "bang" noise, the soldiers had just reacted.

It was amazing and unexpected! All the soldiers were shocked. Although they hoped that the minibus could do something, they originally believed that it would be useless.

However, facts speak louder than words. The minibus hit the terrible mutant boa with the force of a thunderbolt. The blood-boiling scene gave hope to everyone!

Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan

Release 2/2

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