94.7% Starting from Zero / Chapter 161: The Mysterious Angel [Vol 5 Chapter 12]

Chapter 161: The Mysterious Angel [Vol 5 Chapter 12]

Translator: kunkunkunkun Editor: kunkunkunkun

Without their mounts, the Players tried their best to climb up on the slippery ice surface. Although the two Dragons did not burn any Players to death, most of them were left with a third of their HP. Right when they were screaming all around, my third dragon, Crystal, arrived. Faerie Dragons that were not proficient in direct attacks did not usually use Dragon Fire. Crystal suddenly had a Spell Vortex appearing in front of her, and with a flash, a white crescent light burst forth. It spun at an extreme speed like that of a Boomerang, and when this crescent light was a meter ahead, the Spell Vortex unleashed its second crescent.

Beside me, Aldeina started muttering to herself when she saw the crescents: "As expected of a Faerie Dragon, they are able to use such an exaggerated dancing wind blades!"

While Aldeina was complimenting Crystal, the spell vortex continued to unleash the crescent wind blades, which was at the same time becoming increasingly concentrated. The storm of wind blades flew through the human crowd, and the already low HP Players could no longer stand as they clashed with the wind blades. As the white lights flashed past them, the soldiers started to finally die.

But following the massive Player deaths, the League of Qin's main forces finally reacted. After all, they had the upper hand in numbers, they had other groups preparing to siege the city but due to the sudden appearance of the black fog, they were startled momentarily. After calming down, some of them were already reacting to it.

I could clearly see a Staff being raised inside the black fog, which suddenly emitted a bright light. The culprit was a Light Priest, and he had actually mixed in amongst the cavalry to take the vanguard. The Priest had cast a medium level Light type spell - Expel Evil. It was a spell that could illuminate and dispel and negative buffs. The white light blinked for a few seconds before disappearing, but the darkness remained. The Bewitching Butterflies' fog was a Poison Type Spell, the darkness was merely formed by the dense toxin within the sky and not due to a Dark Spell, thus the Light Spell was ineffective.

Right when this Priest lowered his staff, another staff was raised. A white halo of light flashed and a tornado suddenly appeared from within the black fog. Upon its formation, the tornado started to move and the surrounding black fog was sucked into it and flung into the air above them, causing the black fog on the ground to disappear.

When the black fog disappeared, the soldiers immediately regained their movements. Although they no longer had their mounts, they could still fight. Upon regaining their vision, the Priests that were mixed amongst the soldiers immediately healing the Players around them, and started to cast their buffs that had disappeared.

Crystal's spell quickly stopped, she had killed a number of Players, but now that the Priests were back in business, she no longer held the advantage and quickly flew back to me.

The duration of the [Ice Plains] that the Snow Demoness had cast was over and the ground quickly turned back to soil. Scott pointed his lance ahead and shouted: "Phantom Knights, attack!"


10 Phantom Knights on their Heavy Armored Dragon rushed towards the 'foot' soldiers that had brandished their weapons. These soldiers were unaware of how their companions' death due to the black fog, and figured that the 10 approaching enemies were merely Players that had slightly better armor, thus were unafraid of the Phantom Knights.

But it did not matter to us whether or not they were afraid, the assault of the Phantom Knights would not be affected because of that. The moment both parties clashed, the difference in strength became apparent. How can anyone every compare Level 850 Phantom Knights on Level 750 Heavy Armored Dragons against Players that were only Level 400-500? The Heavy Armored Dragons' roars forced the Players to cover their ears with their hands, but at the same time, the Phantom Knights were already among them.

Scott took the lead, every strike took a life, none of the Players close by could take a second attack. The Heavy Armored Dragons' mouths were also powerful weapons, without being controlled by the Phantom Knights, the Heavy Armored Dragons would chomp down on the Players, causing them to bleed all over, and throwing them up a few meters into the air before being smashed back down onto the ground.

While the Phantom Knights and enemies were tangled, Tank rushed into the formation. Tank was the best ultimate weapon against such a large group of enemies. Tank's high defense and ultra high HP allowed him to ignore the possibility of being ganged up on, but as for the enemies that dared to go close to him, they would be in huge trouble. The scythes on Tank's two forelegs were able to unleash devastating attacks, every swipe enough to cut down a group of Players. A few of the soldiers used their spears at Tank, but were blown a few hundred meters away from its Vacuum Cannon. A few Players started rushing at Tank from behind. Their spears stabbed onto Tank's body, but aside from the few white marks on Tank's black shell, nothing happened! Angered, Tank turned back and unleashed an acidic liquid from its mouth, pouring over the Players and turning them green which started to corrode excessively, and they disappeared from the battlefield.

With my command, Rosa started to grow fervently and instantly covered the entire underground of the battlefield. One after another, strange large pits started to form beneath the enemies' feet, and the groups of soldiers all started falling into them. Before they could even crawl out of the pit, they were instantly buried alive.

Dart was so fast that it became a burst of white light. Many people were only able to catch a glimpse of a white light flashing past their feet, and before they could even react, it would have disappeared. Dart's task was to seek out the Mages, Priests, and other backline support Players and put an end to them.

All my Companions were busy in battle, so I could not just idle away. I unleashed the claws on my arms and rushed into the battle, the movements from using my sword was too troublesome, and in such a chaotic battlefield, using the claws on both my arms were still more practical. An enemy rushed at me, to which I retaliated with a punch straight on his face.

Suddenly, I felt a gust of wind from behind. I turned to look, only to see a staff coming down onto me. Even before I could raise my hand up to block the attack, a silver light flashed from my body and a silver ball suddenly appeared in the trajectory of the staff. The staff was instantly blocked by the silver ball and stopped in mid-air, to which the owner of the staff was still trying to subdue.

I stared at the little girl holding onto the staff, and after she realized that I was staring at her, she immediately laughed and retracted her staff. "It was not intentional, really, don't…..don't…." While speaking, she constantly retreated, then suddenly turned and ran. I raised my hand out and shot her with my crossbow.

Splurt, the arrow produced a blood fountain from her neck after piercing in from behind her. It was a critical hit, the little girl instantly died, and her body fell into the pool of blood. To think she still wanted to backstab me!

Due to me turning to face the backstabbing mage, I left my back open to the enemy in which I had punched. He came up at me once again with his large hammer that was swinging at me. The silver ball in front of me suddenly split into countless of little drops that moved around me and appeared once more behind me. The hammer struck right onto the silver liquid, and although it had diminished most of the force, the hammer's power was too great, causing me to fly out from the impact.

Upon landing, an old spear immediately thrust towards me. I rolled to the side and dodged the attack and got up. Before I could even stabilize myself, a large ax swung over, I knew for sure that If I were to get cut by the ax, my entire body would be split into half! Fortunately, I was still in werewolf form and had considerably more strength. I grabbed onto the ax by its handle, the other party's strength was nothing to me, and his attack was instantly stopped.

In my werewolf form, I held the advantage in both speed and strength. I easily grasped him by the neck and lifted him up. I threw him behind me, which was within my calculations, as he easily struck the enemy that was rushing towards me.

"Move out of the way! The Hunter is here!" Someone shouted from within the enemy formation. I did not know what that meant, but I noticed that everyone was retreating away from me.

As the crowd scattered, my vision suddenly widened. The opened pathway allowed me to clearly see a man dressed in all out talking to Sword Saint behind the soldiers. Sword Saint pointed at me, to which the man clad in white armor nodded to, then rushed at me.

Is that man in white the 'Hunter'?

I immediately sensed something amiss when I saw the man move. He was not running but flying, he was actually flying! This Player was actually from the Angel Race and knew actual flight. There were many races in [Zero] that had wings, but many were for aesthetics purposes like mine, without the actual Dark Dragon Wings, I could not actually fly. But this man actually had real white wings from his back that allowed him to fly. All of the people around scattered and fought against my Companions and Servants, while the man in white flew straight at me.

I retracted my hands and kept my claws back, and unsheathed the Dragon Monarch Sword. Against one man, the Dragon Monarch Sword was much stronger. The man in white was extremely fast, but the height at which he flew was actually not that great, and maintained close distance to the ground. As we drew closer, I saw the large broadsword in his hand but no shield, which meant that the weapon he used was a two handed sword with high damage output.


I suddenly found the weapon extremely familiar, it was the Seraphim Sword that I read about from the materials I found at my Dad's! It was an Artifact Grade Equipment! The man in white gave me no time to think as he appeared in front of me. With both my hands on the Dragon Monarch Sword, I shifted one leg back and prepared for the attack. The enemy obviously planned to use the momentum to strike my sword. Be it fast or slow, he had already collided with me. Both swords quickly parried each other. Strangely, there was no sound of metal clashing, but a heavy thunder boom came out. With both of our swords collision as the center, a black and white cyclone emerged. Both vortices conflicted against each other, the friction caused between the two unleashed an extremely distorted sound and dazzling light.

The silver liquid floating beside me suddenly expanded and formed a silver ball that enveloped me and protected me. In the past, this silver liquid only knew how to block against an enemy's targeted location, but after being tampered with, it was actually able to envelop me. Upon its complete formation, a BANG came out, and both air masses exploded at the same time. The powerful force flung me towards in the city, where I remained helpless in the air as I was dragged by the momentum.


I felt myself being plunged into something hard. The protection of the silver liquid suddenly burst and I started falling. Due to its protection, I did not suffer from much damage. After adjusting myself in mid-air, but I found my surroundings weird.

I was standing inside the moat beneath the city that protected it, but there was no more water. Along with me was a large number of cavalry from the League of Qin, but none of them were standing, most of them were actually struggling on the ground, trying to stand. I expanded my wings and flew up the wall to gain a better a vantage point.

Sadly, this vantage point shook me, all the Hundred Flower Valley Players on the City walls was gone, while the roofs on the buildings and the streets were littered with the bodies of Players. There must definitely be some large explosion that unleashed a shockwave powerful enough to strike them off the city wall, and all the Players outside the City was flung straight into the moat. My Skeleton Army was completely wiped out, the shockwave was too powerful for the level 200 War Skeletons, and their remains littered the entire battlefield.

On the city wall were many beautiful things, my Bewitching Butterflies did not make it as well! Luckily, my Snow Demoness was still intact, the explosion could not harm these monsters that had no tangible bodies.

Lucky climbed out from a building that no longer had its roof, and shook his big head and looked at me in confusion. Beside him, a pile of debris moved. Epidemic climbed out from the debris, beneath his wings were actually Phiona, Aldeina, Dart, Ling, and a few of the female Players. Loong'er was also buried beneath the debris, while Rosa who was underground, remained safe.

Only Crystal, Tank and the Phantom Knights remained standing outside the City. The Phantom Knights were high levelled enough and the shockwave was unable to do much to them, but the ground actually had a few large and deep ditches formed by the Heavy Armored Dragons being pushed, although the shockwave did not blow them away, to resist it, the Heavy Armored Dragons had dragged themselves across the ground, forming two ditches per Dragon!

Crystal reacted faster than any of us when the explosion occurred, she immediately formed a spell barrier, thus she was not affected. Tank was not affected by the entire thing, with its streamlined and heavy shell, it simply crawled and stuck close to the ground.

I considered my damage as reasonable, and jumped down the city wall and landed on the ground. At the location of where my white armor adversary and I had clashed was a large pit due to it being the center of the explosion, and was affected the most! I took out Dragon Monarch Sword and was prepared to summon the Swords of the Flying Dragon back, but right when I lifted up the Sword, it actually cracked! At the center of the sword was an arched crack that looked like a lightning bolt that originates from the center of the sword to the tip. Although it was not broken, how could such a large crack not break my heart!

"Repay me my sword!" A female voice filled with killing intent suddenly woke me from my pain. I turned to look, it was actually the 'man' in white in armor standing across me, furthermore, her helmet had disappeared. A head of golden hair landed down on her armor, revealing her beautiful appearance and delicate lips, she was an Angel sent from Heavens! Oh! No! Wait! She's originally from the Angel Race!

This beautiful Angel held onto the Seraphim Sword and stared at me angrily, and we glared at each other in that position, across the pit. I regained my Human form and took off my helmet. Ever since I was affected by B13 and after my transformation inside the capsule, my appearance had clearly become more masculine, although my skin was still flawless and clean, no one would mistake me for a girl anymore. The game Character took the appearance of the Player, thus after my 'transformation', my game Character changed as well. So when I took off my helmet, no one would ever mistake me for a beauty anymore.

"Miss, have you mistaken something? I didn't take anything from you?"

Miss Angel shifted her Seraphim Sword to me. "You look! If not for you, why would my baby become like this?"

Although we were separated by the large pit, I could clearly see that the Seraphim Sword also had a similar long crack to that of my Dragon Monarch Sword, from the center of the, it spanned across the entire blade, its crack clearly more severe than my Dragon Monarch Sword. Dragon Monarch Sword was formed from two Artifact grade weapons , with over ten thousand different types of alloys mixed into it, so it naturally tougher than the Seraphim Sword. With Dragon Monarch Sword like that, it was natural for the Seraphim Sword to be in a worse state!

I took out my own Dragon Monarch Sword. "My Sword was almost hacked into half by you! And you were the one who initiated it!"

"I'm an assassin hired by the League of Qin to kill you, of course, I have to attack you!"

"So you want me to pay you back your sword? Which Assassin actually asks their targets to pay for their weapons?"

"I'm not going to argue with you over this, I'm just going to ask you, are you going to or not?"

"Bullshit, I must be crazy to pay you!"

"Then you can just die!" Miss Angel suddenly kept her Seraphim Sword that looked like it would shatter upon a single touch and took out a strange object from her back. It was a short wand that was less than 30 cm long with a handle at the bottom, and at the tip of it was an octagonal gem, which was rather unique. She drew a circle with this object.

"In the name of Athena, I will seal your power! SEAL!"

From within the circle that she drew in the air, a hexagonal seal suddenly spun and flew towards me. From her words, I reckoned that she had cast a sealing spell or a curse, and to be hit by it would not be beneficial to me in any way. I activated my werewolf form once more and dodged the hexagon seal and put on my Helmet once more. I kept Dragon Monarch Sword, although the crack did not affect its durability, I did not want to take any risk with the Sword, so I chose not to use it and let Clark check it out. I kept the Sword and swung my arms, the triple-bladed Claws were unsheathed once more.

Miss Angel was unrelenting, she drew another circle with the wand.

"In the name of Olympus, I will seal your mobility! SEAL!"

I wanted to run from this new sealing spell, but a pity it was actually tracking and chasing after me! My body flickered, I not only knew how to run! Phantom immediately activated [Blink]. I easily appeared behind the seal, and it pounced at air once again.

Miss Angel became furious.

"In the name of Athena, I will seal your Wisdom, in the name of Olympus, I will seal your mobility! Imposing dual seals!"

What the f*ck, seal my wisdom? Could that make me go full retard? I don't believe you!

Two seals flew over at the same time, to which I casually dodged them and was about to mock her when I saw the smile on her face. Right when I became suspicious, a yellow line suddenly appeared beneath my feet, I was actually standing on a formation! This time, the flying seals were a distraction, and the seal was actually laid in a position that she lured me in to jump into! It was actually on the ground

Seals belonged to spells, while the silver liquid shield seemed only capable of deflecting against P.ATK, and could even absorb the damage from spells. But seals did not do damage, thus the silver liquid was useless at that moment!

I wanted to run, but I realized that my movement speed had turned slow, extremely slow! It should be the seal of Olympus, although I was not completely stuck, my speed was so slow that I looked extremely pitiful! Seeing that my speed had dropped, Miss Angel retracted her smile and took out a Sacred Grade Sword. She had plenty of treasures on her, that's for sure!

I watched as she prepared to rush at me, yet I could not run! I immediately got Phantom to use [Blink], but the answer I got was that due to the Seal, we were unable to blink! Phantom and I were considered one body, and the seal had actually sealed the both of us. Athena was a Goddess of Wisdom and warfare, she had sealed my intellect, thus all my spells were temporarily sealed!

Seeing my panicked-stricken face, Miss Angel actually laughed while approaching me. She raised her Sacred grade Sword and hacked down on me, she was resolved to cut me in half!

"Go and die! You, an asshole from the faction of Darkness, I will represent the Light to pass judgment unto you!"

As the sword got closer to me, it seemed to have felt the Darkness within me as the holy light around the sword actually became more intense. I could only watch as this sword, that was releasing a dazzling light, came down towards my head. At that moment, I felt that it was over, unexpectedly, I was the one to lose, and to a little girl at that!

kunkunkunkun kunkunkunkun

Hi guys, sorry for the late update.

As a few of you have asked about the updates of my Finals, I'll end on the 25th of May, with my remaining papers on the 21st and 25th, and truth be told. I hardly studied for my 5 papers, so for the past month of April and May, I had to spend a lot of time trying to study. I apologize for the slow-er updates, but will get back on track to 3 and possibly even more once my finals are over. (Y)

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