98.55% Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss / Chapter 1910: Four-Kingdom Tournament (1)

Chapter 1910: Four-Kingdom Tournament (1)

Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock

"Do you know how the Qi Family in the Liufeng Kingdom met its end?" Yun Luofeng smiled and asked in an absent-minded manner.

Jian Bowen was startled. All of a sudden, he recalled what his subordinate told him. It could be said as coincidence, as that subordinate was in the vicinity of the Qi Family's residence that day. What's even more coincidental was that he witnessed the scene of the Qi Family's destruction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

It was said that during a contest of strength, a woman of heavenly-god level cultivation appeared and assisted Qi Su in seizing the Qi Family's position. That woman had peerless medical skills and even the Emperor of the Liufeng Kingdom who suffered from a terminal illness had been cured by her...

Could it be that woman is the person standing before me? Jian Bowen's expression changed. If she possessed heavenly-god level cultivation, then he was truly unable to deal with Qi Su today.

"Qi Su, let's go." Glancing at Jian Bowen's deathly pale face, she knew that her words had intimidated him. She did not continue to linger as they slowly walked out of the Jian Family.

"Qi Su!" Seeing that Qi Su was about to leave, Jian An's complexion became deathly white. She hastily got up and chased him as he left. Her eyes were filled with despair. "Could you bear to be so ruthless and abandon me without a care?'

Don't tell me… you've forgotten how I helped you in the past?

"Even if you're unwilling to marry me, I'm willing to become your concubine." In reality, the previous Jian An would never agree to become a concubine and was more unwilling to follow her mother's footsteps. However, right now, she had fallen for this man!

She would rather abandon her dignity and become his concubine. More importantly, only Qi Su could bring her out of the Jian Family!

Qi Su's footsteps paused. Turning to take a glance at Jian An, his handsome face was shrouded in an ice-cold aura. "Are you that desperate to leave with me?"

Not knowing why, Jian An felt flustered as she saw Qi Su's expression.

"Yes! An'er will definitely leave with you!" Her mother hastily ran to Jian An's side. "An'er, even if you enter the Qi Family as a concubine, you won't lose your identity. Quickly leave with him, and your father very much wishes for you to marry him too."

Qi Su only asked a question but in the woman's speech, it became Qi Su asking if Jian An was willing to leave with him. She had forgotten how Jian An had schemed against Qi Su and how he treated her.

"Since that is the case," Qi Su coldly smiled, "coincidentally, one of my subordinates has yet to wed. I'll gift her to my subordinate then."

She couldn't blame him for being heartless. Jian An could only blame herself for trying to scheme against him by every possible means! He had never been compassionate towards this type of woman!

Jian An was stupefied. Perhaps she never expected that her beloved man would say such words.

He's treating me like an object and presenting it to someone else?

Jian Bowen's expression also had a drastic change. His gaze swept towards Yun Luofeng, seemingly pondering over something. After a long time, he clenched his teeth. "An'er, leave with him!"

"Father!" Jian An screamed and her face was filled with disbelief.

"Be obedient, leave with him!" For Qi Su to personally act as the go-between for that subordinate, he must regard him highly. After a while, he would convince that subordinate to work for the Jian Family.

"An'er," her mother consoled her, "Your father's words are never wrong. Although you're marrying a subordinate, at least you'll be his wife. Furthermore, the Qi Family is an influential family in the Liufeng Kingdom and they won't treat you unfairly."

What caused Jian An to be heartbroken was her mother's words. Her eyes reddened as she staggered and retreated.

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  • whine13


    They are so stupid, I know she will suffer in the hand of Qi Su's subordinate...

  • xxOljenkaxx


    🧐😶 I just cant find the words to describe this.... Shameless.... Delusional..... Dump???

  • phokinpanda


    What is up with the water this family be drinking?

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