25.11% The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe / Chapter 105: Kuafu Dies and Houyi Shoots the Suns

Chapter 105: Kuafu Dies and Houyi Shoots the Suns

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Entering Yingzhou Island, Minghe saw the World Tree, which was around several hundred feet high, with crimson branches and leaves, and the blaze of the Solar Fire was burning on it. Pleased, Minghe put it away by waving his sleeve. He had collected three of the Five Primordial Sacred Roots, including this one.

As the first one to be acquired, Yellow Plum Tree had already borne fruits once. Besides, the Ginseng Tree branch required from Zhenyuanzi had now grown into a small Ginseng Tree after Three Light Holy Water's nutrition and Heaven and Earth Taoist's careful cultivation. Although it could not be compared with Zhenyuanzi's yet, as time went by, it would be mature and able to bear Ginseng.

In the World of Heaven and Earth, the integration of Five Elements Spiritual Beads and the planting of some Five Elements Spiritual Roots had strengthened the Law of the Five Elements. However, it developed at a very slow speed. If all of the Five Sacred Roots could be collected and planted into the World of Heaven and Earth, the Law of the Five Elements could be refined as rapidly as possible. Only when the Five Elements were fulfilled could the World of Heaven and Earth be more stable.

After collecting the World Tree, Minghe left the island immediately as it was a trouble-involved place. He had already returned to the Blood Sea in one step with the help of the Law of Space, which was just grasped by Heaven and Earth Taoist. Although Heaven and Earth Taoist had only understood 10 percent of the Law of Space for thousands of years, it was enough to move to different spaces.

After giving the World Tree to Heaven and Earth Taoist in the Nether World, Minghe focused on the situation of Untainted Land. The ten Babies Jinwu's cultivation was not strong but the Solar Fire was truly troublesome. Thus, numerous creatures would be burnt to death with the simultaneous appearance of 10 suns.

The ten Babies Jinwu's arrival consequently left creatures in Untainted Land suffering and in misery. Fortunately, the Coast of the East Sea was not in the path of the ten Babies Jinwu or it might not have been free from the disaster, as it was beside the East Sea. However, now the Human Clan had spread to almost half of Untainted Land, so they suffered greatly.

Of course, besides the Human Tribe, the Demon Tribe and the Wu Tribe also suffered a lot, but it was comparatively less. Even so, the Wu Tribe could not endure it without protest. The Babies Jinwu's reckless behavior irritated a Great Sorcerer in the Wu Tribe, Kuafu.

Kuafu was a Great Sorcerer in the Ancestor of Wood Sorcerer, Jumang's tribe. His ears were pierced with two yellow snakes and he also held two yellow snakes in his hands. As a forthright man, Kuafu hated injustice like poison. Thus, he was definitely irritated with the ten Babies Jinwu's reckless behavior in Untainted Land, which destroyed numerous creatures, especially when many Humans and Wu clansmen burnt to death.

Galloping at full speed, Kuafu chased the ten Babies Jinwu and shouted, "How dare you hairy brutes commit such severe crimes in Untainted Land. I will not let you off. You will die today!" Then, fetching his weapon, the Peach Cane, Kuafu changed into the Real Entity of Great Sorcerer, which was ten thousands of feet high, and he attacked a Baby Jinwu with his weapon.

The Baby Jinwu was caught off guard and hit by him and at once fell to the ground, uttering a lamenting sound with a piece of feather dropping.

The Babies Jinwu cried in shock, "Eighth brother!" The eldest prince hastily came to lift the fallen Baby Jinwu and then they flew into the upper air together. The second eldest prince shouted at Kuafu, "Who the hell are you? How dare you hurt my brother? Don't you know we are princes of the Demon Tribe?"

Hearing this, Kuafu said with a sneer, "I wonder who is so audacious to make such serious sins just at the level of Golden Immortal. So, it's the 'good sons' taught by Emperor Jun! Then, after today, you can't go back!"

Then, Kuafu attacked several Babies Jinwu near him with the Peach Cane. They fluttered their wings to dodge it, but one was still hit. At once, another piece of feather dropped off. The Babies Jinwu were all irritated, but they could do nothing but fly to the west together.

However, Kuafu would not let them off. He chased the Babies Jinwu at a good pace on the ground and unconsciously tens of thousands of miles had passed. All of them were tired and breathless. Gradually, Kuafu felt the Solar Star was getting closer and a river with a high temperature was before his eyes. Without any hesitation, he bent his height of 10,000 feet to drink half of the water in a few breaths.

Seeing this, the eldest prince stopped and said to his nine brothers, "As princes of the Demon Tribe, how can we be horrifyingly chased by a Great Sorcerer like stray dogs? If this gets out, it may bring shame to our Demon Tribe, especially dishonoring father's and uncle's dignities! We will fight it out with him even at the cost of our lives!"

These words greatly encouraged the Babies Jinwu, so they did not escape but breathed the blazing Solar Fire at Kuafu. "Don't push me too hard! It is presumptuous of you lousy crows to do so! I will fight against you." Kuafu roared and his body swelled up greatly, reaching almost 20,000 feet. He wanted to kill the Babies Jinwu in one stroke.

This time the Babies Jinwu were smarter. Though their cultivation was not strong enough to totally control the Solar Fire, they had learned Arts of Rainbow Transformation, the inherent Magic Skills of the Golden Jinwu Clan, by which they could fly extremely fast. With the help of Arts of Rainbow Transformation and the Solar Fire, on the one hand, they dodged Kuafu's attack; on the other hand, they burnt him with the Solar Fire.

Despite his cultivation at the level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Kuafu was a Great Wood Sorcerer who was restricted by the Solar Fire in nature. What was worse, he was attacked by ten Babies Jinwu together. Gradually, Kuafu was at a disadvantage and in a situation of passive defense, which greatly exhilarated the Babies Jinwu.

Before long, Kuafu could not endure it anymore. With the Peach Cane dropping, he fell on the ground, dead. It was really unworthy that such a dignified Great Sorcerer was killed by ten Babies Jinwu in this way. The Peach Cane was transformed into a stretch of peach woods after falling on the ground and Kua Fu's body was transformed into a mountain for future generations' reverence.

Seeing this, the ten Babies Jinwu were overjoyed. Suddenly, a roar came from not far away: "Dash it all! How dare you burn Kuafu to death! I will take you with him!" Turning around, the Babies Jinwu saw a silver arrow flying at them. Caught unprepared, one Baby Jinwu was shot and fell, with his veridical soul disappearing. It was obvious that he died.

Witnessing this, the Babies Jinwu cried in fear, "Fifth Brother!" Before they could feel sad, another three Babies Jinwu were shot to death with three sounds of shooting in the air.

The rest of the Babies Jinwu were painfully terrified. Not far away, a giant man was fitting an arrow, aiming at them. Seeing this, they were frightened and tempted to flee. Newly born and having never imagined death, naturally they would be extremely horrified after experiencing four brothers' deaths simultaneously.

The giant man was Houyi, who was one of the most powerful masters in the Wu Tribe and Kuafu's intimate friend. Knowing Kuafu was chasing the Golden Crows, Houyi was worried and hurriedly went there. However, it was still too late and he could only see Kuafu die and return to the Earth.

Therefore, Houyi would not be kind to these ten Babies Jinwu, who were responsible for Kuafu's death, so he killed four Babies Jinwu in one stroke. Featuring the most feminine and Yin nature, his arrow was extraordinary, which was exactly contrasted to the Babies Jinwu's utmost masculine and Yang essence. It was the unbearable rival of the Babies Jinwu so it could kill the Babies Jinwu just in one stroke.

Seeing the six Babies Jinwu hoping to run away, Houyi responded with a sneer. Then he prepared the bow and shot five arrows simultaneously this time. Five Babies Jinwu fell to death with five "Swish!" sounds through the air.

The youngest Baby Jinwu was the last one to remain. He struggled to fly high, crying in a trembling voice, "Father, Uncle, Mother, help!" Obviously, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

However, Houyi did not intend to stop and he discharged the last arrow. The Baby Jinwu was about to be shot when a loud and irritating sound was coming from the sky: "Stop!" A huge copper bell fell and shattered the arrow, by which the last Baby Jinwu survived.

Recognizing the person, the Baby Jinwu came to him at once, crying, "Uncle, finally you are here. I almost lost my life. All of my brothers were killed by that guy. Uncle, you must kill him to get revenge for them!"

The person was Royal Demon Donghuang Taiyi. He was cultivating in the Heavenly Court when he suddenly felt unsettled and heard Xihe crying sadly. Then he realized something bad had happened and immediately checked it out, finding that his ten nephews had left Yingzhou Island. Seeing Houyi shooting them, he rushed here at once. However, he was still late and only saved the last Baby Jinwu. Taiyi glared at Houyi with boiling anger and he was bursting to slaughter him into pieces to release his irritability.

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  • Azusa_Aikawa


    I think houyi is heart cultivator?

  • Spfere


    Kill all those arrogant brats! and here's for hoping for more chapters today... doubt it tho as still no word from tl as to what happened

  • kohtet004


    The demon tribe are not destined to own the world tree. They can only make use of it. It's like public fruit tree. and Minghe stole it lol.

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