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Chapter 3: Demon Immortal Continent

Demon Immortal continent was named by the Demon Immortal who shook the Planet Chun Li with his might 20,000 years ago. He was recorded as the most powerful cultivator in the history of planet Chun Li.

On planet Chun Li, he started a massacre everywhere he went. Many people lost their lives in his path of slaughter. Even the ancestors of the three great Xuan, Liu and Tian families was scared to fight with him alone. Demon Immortal was so powerful that none of the cultivators in the planet Chun Li was able to deal with him.

Demon Immortal established a sect called Demon Immortal sect in the Holy Spear continent. He United the whole of Holy Spear continent and renamed it as Demon Immortal continent.

The Demon Immortal continent's strength was raising day by day and finally the three great families were becoming anxious of the Demon Immortal who wielded absolute power in the Demon Immortal continent.

If one day when the Demon Immortal achieved a break through, he would set his sights on the Divine Spirit continent and it would be the end of the three great families.

Fear started brewing in the Divine Spirit continent and the three great families knew that if they didn't act when the time is right, then they would have to face a potential catastrophe in the future.

Thinking about this, the three great families prepared an ambush for the Demon Immortal expending a lot of resources.

They plotted against him, and in they were successful in their scheme. The Demon Immortal died. Before he died, the Demon Immortal casted a forbidden spell and the ancestors of the 3 great families were seriously wounded by the spell.

Then the 3 families wiped out the whole of Demon Immortal sect, not leaving any descendants or inheritance's, so as to avoid any future risk. All the cultivators in the Demon Immortal Palace and the bloodline descendants of the Demon Immortal were extinguished.

After the Demon Immortal sect's imperial palace was massacred, the various commoners and ordinary cultivator's dispersed all together forming their own small sect's and local tribes.

2000 years after the Demon Immortal sect was dispersed, two powerhouses came into existence. Thousand Leaf sect and Mahayana Buddha Valley. They united the whole of Demon Immortal Continent together, while 75% of land belonging to Thousand Leaf sect and 25% of land belonging to Mahayana Buddha Valley.


The Silver Winged Eagle was travelling high in the sky. Fang Lin and others sat on the eagle and started observing the various scenery which they never would have seen in their entire life.

Fang Lin would occasionally come to Green Bamboo country with his Uncle Wei to buy things or eat a meal. He had already seen much of the scenery from a carriage while travelling. But this was his first time seeing the nature from the sky. Fang Lin was marvelled at the view and he indeed admired it.

After a while the Instructor turned around so that he could see the Fang Lin and 5 others.

He said in a solemn voice, "This beast is called as the Silver Winged Eagle. It in an Earth rank fierce beast. Do any of you know about the fierce beasts?"

Xue Ji, when she heard the instructor's question, suddenly opened her mouth and said, " Fierce beasts are classified depending on their their strength, a mortal rank fierce beast is as powerful as a Qi Condensing stage cultivator. An Earth rank fierce beast is as powerful as Qi Transformation stage cultivator and a Heaven rank fierce beast is as powerful as a Revolving Core cultivator." With that said she smiled at instructor. The instructor also smiled back and nodded at her.

"Indeed fellows. It is as the little girl has said. All of you should make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the cultivation world before you step into the path of Cultivation." said the Instructor and he became silent.

It took nearly 4 hours to come back to Green Bamboo sect.

When the Silver winged eagle entered the Green Bamboo sect, everyone on the eagle saw the lush Green environment around them. They saw the tall mountains of the Green Bamboo sect and Green Bamboo growing everywhere around the sect.

It was a fresh experience for everyone and nobody on the eagle would forget the view while entering the sect.

It was already late at the night. But bright Pearl like objects illuminated the whole of Green Bamboo sect. These bright Pearl like objects were everywhere around the sect.

The Instructor introduced them, "These bright Pearls like objects are called the Illumination Pearls. Their only use is to illuminate."

With that, the Silver Winged Eagle landed on the ground and the Instructor waved his hand and the kids on the back of the eagle were helplessly flung down. Then the eagle 'cawed' indicating the owner that it has returned and flew deep into the Green Bamboo sect.

The Silver Winged eagle's owner was not the Instructor but another elder who had allowed to use the Eagle for recruitment process.

The Instructor had landed out side the gate of the sect, so that he could lead the participants to the final trial and the positions of various disciple will be allotted depending upon the results of the trail.

The Instructor led the participants inside a Bamboo house, after they entered the sect outskirts.

When they entered the Bamboo house, a loud laugh entered the ears of everyone, and with that, "Instructor Luo, it seems you are back from the recruitment. Well well well, I only see trash here. And you only selected these poor little children who haven't known what Cultivation is, really laughable, really laughable."

Suddenly everyone around looked at the newly arrived group while some disdained openly while others couldn't help but laugh at them.

Instructor Luo who saw them suddenly had an urge to spat at them, but still remained silent with an stiffened expression.

He knew that he had obtained something back at Mylan village which could even create quite a sensation among elders when he told about that 'something' to the elders. Fang Lin had triple attribute of Wind, Light and Dark. He knew that he would have rendered meritorious service to the sect when the elders would come to know about Fang Lin having rare attributes.

Fang Lin and the 5 others who heard what Instructor Kong said, had various expression on their face's. Xuo Mu saw them and fumed with anger. Xue Ji stared at them but didn't say anything. Fang Lin looked at them without taking another glance at them and then looked at instructor Luo.

Instructor Luo said nothing and went straight to the clerk handling the trail with Fang Lin and others trailing behind.

Instructor Kong had been to Blackwater river isle and had selected quite a handful of people with good Elemental attributes and even quite a few of them at Qi conjunction stage.

He was very proud of this thinking back about how the sect would reward him, he was already in ecstasy.

Suddenly Instructor Luo went up to the clerk and whispered a few words in the clerk's ear. The clerk who heard this, nodded back at Instructor Luo and went inside to inform the higher officials and came back to his seat.

Instructor Kong who saw this, suddenly had a sceptical expression on his face. He didn't say anything but was silently watching from the side.

Just after 10 seconds had passed since the clerk came back at sat on his seat, a middle aged person appeared out of nowhere and stood behind him. When that person appeared, everyone around stood up and respectfully bowed at that person.

Instructor Kong when he saw that person appear out of nowhere recognized that that person had used Teleportation, when he suddenly appeared. He silently bowed and said respectfully,


Then others simultaneously said,

"Elder Feng"

"Greetings Elder Feng.."




Since the instructor Luo and Instructor Kong was also bowing at them, everyone other's and the participants also bowed at Elder Feng respectfully.

Elder Feng laughed out loud and waved his hand signalling them to stop bowing.

Instructor Luo went up to Elder Feng and bowed again respectfully, he said, "Luo Hengsha greets Elder Feng."

Elder Feng expressionlessly said, "Disperse with the formalities. I heard that you wanted to tell me something."

Instructor Luo wanted to speak, but realizing that everyone was around, he didn't say anything and shut his mouth.

Elder Feng who saw this, frowned and signalled Instructor Luo to follow him. Instructor Luo silently followed Elder Feng into a room.

After 50 seconds had passed, Instructor Luo and Elder Feng came outside and Instructor Luo opened his mouth and said, "Fang Lin, come and greet Elder Feng."

Instructor Kong was already stumped as his eyes widened. Usually elders would never interfere with Juniors and much less a someone who haven't cultivated yet. But, hearing Luo Hengsha's words, Instructor Kong became nervous and his heart started beating faster.

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