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Chapter 1: Fang Lin

Long ago, in the history of Chun Li planet, a Demon suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wreaked havoc throughout the planet. The demon's aura was so ferocious that anyone who is standing before it, feels like their blood, energy and soul is being devoured. Weak cultivator's bodies rapidy turned into blood mist which was then absorbed by the Demon. There was no one who was a match for it. Even the combined forces of the planet Chun Li, Xian, Liu and Tian was not a match for them.

The Demon who appeared out of nowhere started devouring all the humans and beasts. Finally after gathering all the experts of the Xian, Liu and Tian empire, the Patriarch of the Tian family setup a sealing formation known as Heaven Sealing Earth Locking formation.

The Demon which was already gravely injured the moment it appeared. Else how could the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking formation hold it down? Within the Demons strength, extinguishing the Planet Chun Li, is just like eating a simple meal for it. If it wasn't seriously wounded, then all the people on the planet would have becomes it's food long back.

Finally after expending all the resources of the 3 families, they sealed the Demon deep in the Yanzhou river which flowed next to the Capital of Tiandao with the Heaven sealing Earth Locking formation.

Tiandao was the capital of the Tian Family and the headquarters of the Tian family military.

When the Demon was sealed inside the Yanzhou river, only the 3 family Patriarchs knew where the Demon was sealed, so that no one would tamper with seal, or there will again be a destruction on planet Chun Li.

Millions of martial artists and mortals died due to the rampage of the Demon. The lingering fear about the Demon were engraved deeply in the hearts of all the experts of the planet Chun Li.

Later on, Martial civilization flourished, Cultivation thrived, people were competitive amongst themselves, more resources were being poured on the youngsters of the family or people with potential. All for withstanding the disaster which may happen at anytime like the appearance of the Demon before.

If the strength of the Martial artists of their planet is decreased, then the Cultivation families of the other planets will eye on Chun Li. If they are defeated by the Invaders of other planets, then their only option will be eternal servitude.

Once an invading family descends from the other planets, all the resources will be snatched without mercy. If it's normal, then they will be subjected to slavery. If the Invaders are cruel, then the male offsprings with potential bloodlines will be cut down. Women will be snatched away from them and will be used as Cultivation furnaces and sex slaves.

This was something that none of the Xuan, Liu and the Tian family wanted to see.

All the 3 families had only one goal, to produce an expert of the Divine level. To produce a Divine Realm expert was as tough as reaching the heavens. There has never been an expert of the Divine realm from planet Chun Li.

Qi Conjunction, Qi Expansion and Qi Assimilation were the first level of a martial artists when anyone starts cultivation. This realm is known as the Qi Condensing realm where one condense the Qi from the surroundings and integrate it within their bodies. Each Qi Condensing stage is further divided into early stage, middle stage and late stages. The cultivators cultivate Qi within their bodies. The cultivated Qi courses throughout their bodies, flowing and assimilating inside the flesh, blood and organs.

After a Qi Condensing stage cultivator breaks through, the next is Qi Transformation stage, which is subdivided into Qi Siphoning , Qi Building and Qi consolidation which is divided into early, middle and late stage. The Qi transformation stage builds the Qi foundation in the body, solidying the Qi within their bodies, which increases the resilience and strength of the body.

Once when a cultivator breaks through the Qi transformation stage, next step is the Revolving Core realm. Revolving Core realm is the realm in which a cultivator forms a core Qi in their bodies in the region of their abdomen. Revolving Core realm is sub divided into Single sealed core, Dual sealed core and Triple sealed core, which is further divided into early stage, middle stage and later stages.


9500 years after the Demon invasion.

In the village of Mylan, there existed an abandoned house around the corner.

Fang Lin was an orphan, looked after by his Uncle Wei.

From a young age, Fang Lin looked very charming and handsome, just like a sculpted Jade. People who look at him, would have thought that he was some Scion of some Noble family, if he was wearing any royal clothes or a garment.

Uncle Wei was a sculptor who makes a living by sculpting rocks and selling them for silver in the Mylan village. His aged face looked around 35-40 year old middle aged man. His sculpture was dazzling and always had an enigmatic feel. Even the trading organization from the town of Green County, Pearl trading Company personnel, once in a month will come to Uncle Wei's store and purchase a lot of sculptures from Uncle Wei to sell it in other Towns. That's why the head of the village Ma Liang, respected Uncle Wei a lot.

Fang Lin always used to be in a daze, thinking about his parents.

Who are my parents?

Where are they?

Why haven't they come to see me?

Will they come or not?

Will I ever be able to see my parents?

When ever Fang Lin used to see other kids with their parents, he used to stare at them thinking about his own parents.

Uncle Wei who always saw the expression of Fang Lin, used to sigh in his heart. There was an unlifted burden on his head which he never could tell Fang Lin.

Fang Lin was 12 year old this year.

one day Fang Lin walked up to the store from his house, went to his uncle's sculpting shop, went inside and saw his Uncle Wei sculpting a Three headed lizard. The Sculpture was 80% complete and Uncle Wei's hands moved along the Sculpture within a thin chisel in his hand, neatly removing the excessive stone from the sculpture.

Fang Lin watched in a daze, when Uncle Wei finally finished sculpting, Fang Lin who in a daze looking, got up, "Uncle Wei...."

Uncle Wei turned around his head, faintly smiled at

Fang Lin, "Lin'er, get me a wine Jug."

Fang Lin suddenly went to the table around the room and got the Jug and a glass, poured down a wine and gave it to Uncle Wei.

Uncle Wei faintly smiled at Fang Lin and took a huge gulp and burped.

Fang Lin watched by the side, and immediately he made up his mind, there was a resoluteness on his face, "Uncle Wei .... I.....I want to know about my parents."

Uncle Wei carefully kept the jug of wine down and looked deeply at Fang Lin, after a period of time, he let out a sigh, and began walking out of the store.

Fang Lin suddenly got up, "Uncle Wei...."

Uncle Wei suddenly stopped his footsteps, without turned head around, said In a low voice, "It's still not time."

Previously, when Fang Lin always asked about his parents, Uncle Wei always said the same thing.

When Fang Lin asked 'when Uncle Wei would talk about his parents', Uncle Wei always used to stare at the sky for a long period of time. Fang Lin never again used to ask him so that he wouldn't hurt Uncle Wei.

Uncle Wei walked out of the shop, a voice drifted into Fang Lin's ear, "Dinner will be prepared in 30 mins."

Two streaks of silver streaked across Fang Lin's cheek's when he closed his eyes.

He ran out of the shop, not slowing down, ran into the Forest behind the village. After running for a period of time, Fang Lin came near a black rock which was around 9 cubic feet and sat down on it. There was a black rock on ground where he used to lay down on and look at the sky many times and would often falling asleep. Uncle Wei often comes here and picks up the sleeping Fang Lin's and goes back.

Today's night, the stars were shining very brightly at the night, like a Heavenly Emperor was having a grand feast. Fang Lin looked up at the starry sky thinking about his parents.

Today's night past 12, it would be 12 years since Fang Lin was born.

Fang Lin didn't care much about his birthday and when the time was about the past midnight, a bright shooting star suddenly streaked past the Starry sky, it travelled from who knows where and after a long time, it was streaking in the orbit. It was so bright that the whole of Planet Chun Li saw the shooting star streak across the sky.

Various murmurs could be heard from the experts of all over the planet. But all of them were related to one word.



When the shooting star passed by the Planet and Fang Lin saw, he opened his eyes wide, and suddenly felt that the shooting star was him. He felt some explicable connection to it.

Thinking about it, Fang Lin suddenly felt a wave of drowsiness and he fell asleep on the rock.

During his sleep, Fang Lin was in a dreamland. He saw so many stars, he saw the milky way galaxy. He was drifting in the Endless space, seeing numerous stars. He drifted for a long period of time and finally arrived near a galaxy. There was no physical body of his, just a vision. Whereever he saw, he could see nothing but heavenly bodies.

He saw the Nebula, the Galaxies, the asteroids, the dust and crater fields. After a long period of time, he came across a planet. When his vision fell on the Planet, he sensed a sharp, stabbing pain in his brain, and he was suddenly ejected out of the vision.

Fang Lin suddenly woke up and felt a tearing pain in his mind. He couldn't be awake and immediately fell unconscious. He woke up after a long period of time and saw around him. It was already early morning and the sun was showing the signs of appearing. He was sweating profusely and could feel his whole shirt trousers completely covered in sweat. But his face exuded a charm that had never before.

He suddenly thought about the screeching and tearing pain in his mind and by he could suddenly sense all the things 30 feet around him very keenly and this sense was crystal clear. He examined the area around him, and he could feel every movement of worms and caterpillars.

He could see the mosquitoes moving around the Forest. He could even hear the mosquitoes buzzing and worms moving in and out. He could clearly hear the birds chirping and playing.

Inside Fang Lin's mind, there had formed a small spiritual sea. It was the size of a small lake and was silver in color.

Fang Lin didn't know whether to be happy or sad. He got from the rock and started running towards his house. He came back to his house, opened the door and shouted, "Uncle Wei...Uncle Wei..."

But there was no reply from the house, he searched the whole house, but couldn't find Uncle Wei.

He went back to the shop to find his Uncle Wei, but the shop was locked and no one was inside. He came back to the house pondering where Uncle Wei might have went. He went back to his room and sat down on the bed.

He opened his spiritual sense again and saw a Letter and a stone that was placed under the pillow.

He held the stone in his hand, and without taking another look at it, he opened the letter.

Inside, there was the handwriting of His Uncle Wei, which was like a neat sculpture.

"Uncle Wei.."

"Lin'er, there are many things I have to tell you, but Its still not the time yet, I am giving you a spatial stone, it's a gift from your Uncle Wei for your birthday.

Drip a drop of your blood on the stone and it will recognize you as it's owner. There is a token inside the stone. If you are facing any problem, Go to the Town of Green County and show in the Pearl Trading organization.

I will be going on a journey to a very far place. Always take care of yourself.

-Uncle Wei"

After reading the letter, an unknown amount of sadness coursed through Fang Lin, and two streaks of tears fell down on the bed.

He held the letter in his hands and fell asleep.

Fang Lin awoke next morning due to blabbering and chatting of other people on the outside. Suddenly, there was some one knocking on the door. Fang Lin went to the door and Opened the door, and suddenly a laughter enter Fang Lin's ear, "hahaha kiddo Lin, still getting up now? Call out your uncle, there is an important event that's going to take place in our village." It was Ma Liang, head of the village.

Fang Lin suddenly thought about his uncle, a very sad feeling arose inside him, "Uncle has left due to an important work." He didn't speak about the letter or Spatial stone.

Ma Liang asked, "Oh? When will he be back?"

Fang Lin's shook his head and said, " I don't know."

Ma Liang frowned and said, "Alright it doesn't change anything for him if he comes back or not. Kiddo Lin, the Green Bamboo sect of the Green County is coming to our village for conducting an entrance test for the people within 15 years of age. They will be conducting a trial here to select a few participants who they require from our village to participate in the main trail of the Green Bamboo sect. If anyone from our village gets selected into the Green Bamboo sect, it will be an opportunity to both the village and participants. And an instructor from the Green Bamboo sect will be coming in a few hours from now, make sure u get ready and you have to dazzle in the competition. I will be looking for you to get selected and bring a name for our Mylan village." After saying this, village head Ma Liang turned around and left to another house. The hubbub outside gradually increased and didn't stop and it seemingly will increase further more until the Instructor from the Green County arrives.

Fang Lin didn't care about any of this and went back to his room, sat on the bed and held the letter in his hand.

Suddenly Fang Lin thought of something, and held up the Spatial stone in his hand which was lying on the bed.

He looked at it and it didn't seem anything special but an ordinary grey stone.

He stopped thinking about it, bit his finger and drop of blood oozed out of his finger. He carefully put the drop of blood on the stone.

As soon as the drop of blood fell on the stone, it immediately absorbed the blood and the stone glowed for a second before it shot towards Fang Lin's glabella.

Fang Lin was startled suddenly and came back to his senses. He stared at his hand only to see the disappeared stone. He touched his glabella with his fingers and nothing had changed.

He suddenly thought of something and opened the spiritual sense and scanned within his body. He found that inside his spiritual sea, he found the Grey color stone floating inside. The spiritual sea was absorbing the energy from the stone very slowly. He thought of something and pushed the stone out of spiritual sea and the Spatial stone suddenly came out of his head and he caught it with his hand.

Fang Lin's eyes lit up and muttered, "Interesting".

Next what he did, immediately it was like a burst of a thunder in his head. He injected his spiritual sense inside the stone and what he saw was another space!

Inside that space, there was 100 coins of gold, a short sword in a sheath and Jade slip. He took out the Short sword and examined it. It looked like an ordinary sword and he felt nothing special about it. On the Sword, there were 6 markings which he couldn't identify.

He kept the sword back inside the stone and saw the Jade slip, he was about to take the Jade slip out of the stone when suddenly the door in his house burst open and a gaunt kid who looked like 14 years old came in and shouted anxiously, "Fang Lin.....Fang Lin...."

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