87.81% King of Gods / Chapter 1261: A Name that Shakes the Ziling Zone

Chapter 1261: A Name that Shakes the Ziling Zone

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1261 - A Name that Shakes the Ziling Zone

 The Spiritual Race disciples down below instantly felt a strength that was impossible to defy crushing down on them. Their bodies groaned as they were on the verge of snapping, and their souls were battered and barraged to point of breaking.

 Zhao Feng suffered under pressure not one bit inferior to anyone else's. If not for his formidable physical body, firm soul, and the protection of his God Eye, he would have already bent the knee to this half-step God Lord.

 "Correct; I want a few days to think!" Zhao Feng barely managed to squeeze these words out from between his clenched teeth.

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 These words made the hearts of everyone present freeze. The disciples present cursed Zhao Feng's name countless times.

 In the sky, even some Ancient God Elders broke out in a cold sweat. In front of a half-step God Lord and the pressure he exuded, Zhao Feng still refused. Not even these Ancient God Elders dared to do suc

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  • BattleLord


    Zhao Hui was between classes, Medicine Dao in the morning and Pill Making Dao in the afternoon. Today he was managing his second on campus business, the Physical Fitness Pavilion when a Golden Teenager appeared at the entrance. Immediately his Samsara Eye of Life overlaying an old man on this boys Soul. Zhao Hui exclaimed, "How is this possible!? You are an Old-Man!" Kun Yun smiled, "How is this possible!? A youth who disrespects his elders, I prefer Senior if you don't mind." Zhao Hui annoyed by the teenager/old man answered, "Pervy-Sage, we have a Body Refining Class that is mostly Female Students. Can I sign you up for a one year membership?" Kun Yun while irritated by the persnickety attitude was swayed by his two favourite things Body Refining and Girl Watching. He immediately signed up and went to inform Nan Gongsheng. Zhao Hui having finished his Pill Making Dao was manning the door to 'The Morgue' for the evening when his Samsara Eye of Life overlaying a Good/Evil Soul appeared at the entrance. Zhao Hui exclaimed, "How is this possible!? Never a twitch, then two in one day. Very-Dark, I'm certain with your cultivation we will have everything you are looking for. Just keep your hands off my fiancé Han Ning'er, the most beautiful girl in the room." Nan Gongsheng smiled evilly, "I heard Ziling Zone is giving away beautiful Princesses." Zhao Hui smiled equally evilly, "You want the Spiritual Race Faction. The Faction is closed to visitors unless you know someone in the Faction. For a small fee I can provide you a Letter of Introduction." Nan Gongsheng quickly purchased the letter and raced to find Kun Yun. When they met they exchanged information and chorused, "Mission to find girls solved. Now we just need to find Zhao Feng. That should be easier than meeting girls." Kun Yun paused in thought then said, "I think we both met a person who has one of the Samsara's Eye Bloodline like the guy from the Continent Zone. The Samsara Eye of Life can locate reincarnated Souls like us and Zhao Feng." Nan Gongsheng evilly suggested, "K-Y, I have a plan. We kidnap him and get him to lead us to Zhao Feng." Kun Yun countered, "Or we could ask him for his help." Nan Gongsheng complained, "Always going with plan B over A."

  • KnightWolf1776


    I'm glad the story is updating at least one a day because it could wait for a week. But I will say KOG is my crack and I will give someone some head for a chapter

  • haze_on


    KoG is already ranked high enough on the rankings to release more than one chapter a day, right..?

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Chapter 1261: A Name that Shakes the Ziling Zone


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