80.18% King of Gods / Chapter 1271: Intercepting and Killing a God Eye Descendant

Chapter 1271: Intercepting and Killing a God Eye Descendant

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1271 - Intercepting and Killing a God Eye Descendant

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"Eh? Underground…" Zhao Feng focused his gaze on an area a hundred thousand-some li underground.

 A wicked-looking man wearing a black robe that only showed his face was rapidly shuttling through the earth. This person had taken great pains to conceal his aura, and the activity he created while traveling underground was so little that he was almost undetectable.

 Such a superb Earth Escape art was something that even Zhao Feng would find difficult to pull off.

 Suddenly, this black-robed man seemed to sense something and look in Zhao Feng's direction.

 "That is…!?" Zhao Feng's face suddenly froze in shock.

 "What's wrong?" Han Ning'er noticed something strange about Zhao Feng and couldn't help but ask.

 Zhao Feng ignored Han Ning'er and continued to stare at the black-robed man's right eye.

 "The Eye of Myriad Forms!"

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  • BattleLord


    Part Vb-Ziling Zone Institute Ranking Competition.* Zhao Hui was sweating from his sprint turned to exist the stage and lighting quick attacks. The stimulant he used appeared to have short term benefits and had run its course. Rank Six True God Zhang Yutong yelled, "What cheat did you just do?" Zhao Hui simply explained, "I sealed his Heaven Earth Yang Qi." Zhang Yutong suddenly realized the implications and rushed to aid Guan Long but it was too late. The Spiritual Race required the constant flow of Heaven Earth Yang Qi to survive, even minute amounts was sufficient. As Guan Long's Soul began to leave his body, Zhao Hui realize he had made an error. Zhao Hui appeared slightly remorseful and offered an explanation, "If the Spiritual Race had provided a few corpse for medical dissection this incident could have been avoided. I created a Legendary Heaven Earth Yang Qi Sealing Technique using Medical Dao Expertise. I would have realized my technique is Spiritual Race lethal to your Bloodline." Universal Salvation Hall Patriarch cried, "Disqualified and expelled for breaking the rules and spirit of this competition!" Zhao Hui complained, "How is this possible!? Can't I just get a demerit, pay a fine, or hold a benefit banquet? I appeal to the Arbitration Committee and promises not to do it again?" The audience and Patriarch were shocked by Zhao Hui's poor impression of the Ziling Institutes adherence to rules and regulations. Zhao Hui cursing his bad luck stated, "Since you don't seem to want to make an exception or consider rewarding innovation, I seem to have no other options." While the audience was waiting for Guards to drag him from the stage he kneeled beside Guan Long and said, "Old-Man is not going to be happy if I get expelled a third time." Zhao Hui's Jade right eye began to glow and Heaven Earth Yang Qi from several dozen thousand li gathered. All but Ancient Gods were forced to take a knee as the Samsara Eye of Life Bloodline used the gathered energy to power the Eye of Rebirth ability. Moments later Quan Long stood fully restored on the stage. Zhao Hui sarcastically asked, "Does this count as a win or do I have to kill him again, and again!?" Both Kun Yun and Nan Gongsheng facepalmed saying, "Definitely doesn't comprehend the meaning of Low-Profile!" *Hopefully this's a more enjoyable read. Thank you all for your patience and encouragement and understanding.

  • BattleLord


    Part 1 Wild Ancient Secret Dimension 125th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races – the Blood Flame Qilin Race, was a peak four-star faction and occupied a large region in the middle of the Ancient Dream Realm. This area had many more resources than the outer edge. Now, the territory of the Blood Flame Qilin Race had become Zhao Feng's main base in the Ancient Dream Realm. In the future, Zhao Wan could use the power of the Blood Flame Qilin Race to expand and harvest many times more resources than before. Before Zhao Feng departed he left and Interspacial Ring filled with Intent Crystals. He also handed seven Quasi and True Gods, with Dark Heart Seals to Zhao Wan's command. At this moment Zhao Wan was soaking in one of the Blood Flame Qilin's few luxuries. Magma pools feed directly from a medium-quality God Crystal vein beneath the volcanic mountain range the Faction occupied. While Zhao Wan's rainbow Eyes twirled he absorbed the high quality resource directly through his skin. Four Quasi and True Gods cultivated naked as close to the pool as they could withstand. Sweat steaming where it dripped from their bodies to the stone floor. Little Ling soaked in the Magma pool adjacent, separated by a low stone partition offering some modesty protection. Three Quasi Gods also sat naked with perspiration dripping from their nubile bodies. They could not stop glancing enviously as Little Ling's breasts bobbed alluringly with each magma ripple. Meanwhile Iron Fire in his natural form entered the chamber with Zhao Wan. He had no intention of serving as Zhao Wan's guardian of Patriarch had instructed. He was a Rank Seven Ancient God, not a Quasi-Gods underling. He made a great display of 'fluffing' his equipment before strolling into the pool causing magma to flush over the sides. Ekes and slapping of feet patting on stone as the Five Gods cleared away. The large form of Iron Fire stood before Zhao Wan, waiting to be acknowledged. Zhao Wan sighed heavily, while the girls listened in, "Before I discuss our future, it appears their is a 'small' matter that needs addressing."

  • BattleLord


    Part VI, Homecoming* Having won the Ziling Zone Institute Competition and securing Origin of Life Sect as Rank One Institute Zhao Hui was very excited. The remaining members of their Team had worried expressions. Elder Yu looked fearful as he hustled them from teleportation array to teleportation array without any time to sight see or purchase souvenirs. There was a noticeable space separating Han Ning'er and Elder Yu from the Demonic Trio. Though Elder Yu had originally agreed to bring Han Ning'er along to win her favour, he completely misjudged Zhao Hui. The Dean indicated Zhao Hui had likely cheated or bribed his high Prodigy Ranking. The Dean enticed him to participate and earn additional resources if he could fathom how Zhao Hui cheated. No student with such a poor attitude could be top ranked. Though it was widely rumoured Zhao Hui was interested in BL, and Han Ning'er's BFF. He always was seeking Han Ning'er's company. Having witnessed his Competition performance, its obvious The Dean and he could not see this youth's depths. Nan Gongsheng's experienced being hunted while a Demonic Duo with Zhao Feng allowed him to sense pursuit. The sooner Zhao Hui was united with Zhao Feng the better. Away from prying ears he whispered, "Zhao Hui, you are now nearly as famous as Zhao Feng in the Ziling Zone. Every Medical Dao is at this moment attempting to duplicate or counter your sealing technique. Every Pharmaceutical Dao is rewriting their curriculums to include your advanced combat techniques." Zhao Hui laughed proudly, "I am confident they will fail, they don't have the Samsara Eye of Life. Old-Mans breakthrough or the pressure of competition may have evolved my eye. I can detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in living beings I can exploit with my Medical and Pharmaceutical Daos." Kun Yun sighed, "Not good, when the Factions discovered this truth they will have two options. Kidnapping or execution! If they can't control you they will destroy you." Eeeek! Nan Gongsheng smiled evilly, "Zhao Feng will hear this information and is definitely coming to protect you. I can't wait to see his combat abilities now that he is an Ancient God." Kun Yun happily said, "Zhao Hui your goal of getting Han Ning'er to notice you has been achieved. She no longer sees you as a BL'g/BFF, you are now a scary MONSTER!" A Month Later...in The Dean's Office again... The Dean exclaimed, "How is this possible!? Your Old-Man is Rank Six True God Zhao Feng! Every Ziling Faction is knocking on our doors to educate their prodigies. Your rewards and invitations to join their Faction is in the Interspacial Rings. Here is your diploma and I advise you to breakthrough to True God as quickly as possible to protect yourself. You are now the most famous alumni of the Origin of Life Sect. Please announce any visits so I can plan vacations." Before they had a chance to depart, a powerful presence passed over them before stopping at Elder Yu's Palace. Zhao Hui soul-linked, 'Old-Man, why have you brought Seniors VD and K-Y to your Spacetime Robe Dimension?' Zhao Feng answered, 'To reward them with cultivating resources and nurture them in this Dimension. If they can keep up I will bring them with us. You... need to cultivate a better understanding of low-profile before I let you out again.' Zhao Wang who was cultivating a short distance away opened his right eye and winked at Zhao Hui, whose right eye twitched in response. In a conspiratorial voice whispered, "Old-Man is so proud of you Little Bro, you must tell me all about your adventures. First relax and enjoy the show. Creator is going to ascertain Elder Yu's motives towards Han Ning'er." Zhao Hui cradled Little Thieving Cat's egg as he waited for the fireworks to begin. *NG and KY may return either in the main story or a future side story arc. Thanks again KoG Fans.

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