17.64% Spare Me, Great Lord! / Chapter 57: Liu Li's Ambitions

Chapter 57: Liu Li's Ambitions

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After selling his stinky tofu, Lu Shu headed to school. When he arrived, classes were already starting and he noticed a sense of excitement in the atmosphere. Instead of the usual unmotivated looks, everyone was busy discussing something.

Lu Shu thought that he must have missed something important.

He asked his deskie Jiang Shuyi, who was reading a book, "What are they talking about?"

Jiang Shuyi silently took out his phone and showed Lu Shu a video.

The video was a commercial by a leading overseas sports brand. In the video, there were 11 people playing a game of soccer and all of them seemed to have some kind of special ability, playing the game with all kinds of beautiful techniques.

This leading overseas sports brand had hired 11 metahumans to appear in their commercial!

The commercials ended with the words- 'nothing is impossible'.

Oh my god. Lu Shu was stunned. He had been too caught up with discussing training methods with Lu Xiaoyu the previous night followed by his routine night training and in the morning, he was outside selling stinky tofu. He had no time at all to surf the internet and who knew such an incident would happen.

The content and the last words of this commercial only emphasized one point. That's right, with the appearance of metahumans, nothing was impossible anymore.

While the local situation was still conservative, foreigners had already started using metahumans as part of commercials!

He returned Jiang Shuyi his phone, took out his own and started surfing online forums. Indeed, everyone was talking about the commercial.

In fact, there was another similar basketball commercial but it wasn't as exaggerated as this which explained why it wasn't as hot a topic for discussion.

In that commercial, a strength type metahuman was featured leaping from the middle line of the court and dunking.

The scene was absolutely ridiculous. Previously, no one could have ever thought such a feat was possible but now, metahumans could.

Lu Shu had a sudden realization that those two commercials represented the way metahumans could be absorbed into society- their commercial value.

It was proven that foreigners were better at making use of the commercial value of metahumans. Striking while metahumans was a hot topic worldwide, they allowed these attention-seeking metahumans to be the center of attention.

In the forums, everyone was coming up with crazy ideas such as whether the NBA this year would be dominated by metahumans!

And from now on, the Olympics will be a stage for metahumans too!

There were some truths in this. Based on Lu Shu's enhanced body, even if the Olympic gold medalist was twice as good, he would still run slower than him.

In badminton, if a normal being faced off with a metahuman, there was no doubt that the awaken would wipe the floor with his opponent.

The appearance of metahumans might not incur a war after all.

But Lu Shu was thinking about something else. Every country had around 100 thousand metahumans and was it possible for all of them to be satisfied with earning money this way?

Probably not. Not everyone was so peace loving!

Based on this point, Lu Shu was leaning towards the methods of the black coats to prioritize the country's stability and safety instead of riches and prosperity.

Some also said in the forums that large companies overseas were trying to get their hands on the limited number of metahumans by offering a very attractive price. Even if they had no plans for them yet, the companies just wanted to recruit them first.

This was never going to happen locally. Be it metahumans or the trainees, they were all under the control of the black coats.

But someone did mention that in their Daoyuan class, there were cases of big companies recruiting the metahuman trainees. Some class A aptitude student had leaked his abilities and was offered an attractive deal by a big company. As of now, the Daoyuan class' confidentiality regulations only prohibited the sharing of contents taught in class but did not mention anything against sharing about your own powers as well as having any form of employer-employee relationships!

Not only class A aptitude trainees were targeted. From class A to F, those big companies did not seem to discriminate and some were recruited as spokesmen while others, as bodyguards.

Amongst the metahumans, a special kind had appeared. This kind of metahumans had enhanced brain powers and was just as good as a calculator. All kinds of big companies deemed them as a must-obtained resource but they were very rare.

This feeling was just like when the internet first started becoming popular and it was the main topic of almost all conversations. Everyone wanted to experience using the internet...

Now it was the metahumans' era. It seemed like the norm for every company to have at least 1 or 2 metahumans with them.

Lu Shu did not understand one point. Even though the government had become more humane and lenient when dealing with societal issues, why would they let metahumans, this kind of valuable resources, be taken away from under their nose?

Anyways, Lu Shu was not interested in being in the limelight as the saying went, 'the ones in the lead usually bear the brunt of attack'.

If he were to be part of a commercial, when the day of chaos arrived, everyone would know about his power and his advantage would be gone.

On the forums, a new topic was started regarding the pros and cons of awakening.

The pros mentioned that metahumans could further improve society, speed up the process of science and production, as well as provide lifestyle entertainment.

The cons mainly talked about the fear of metahumans misusing their abilities.

Lu Shu was more concerned about the cons. His opinion was that there were definitely bad people out there and most metahumans also had a sense of superiority.

While Lu Shu was still reading the forums, Jiang Shuyi was curious, "What are you looking at?"

"The forums! I'm interested in what other people have to say about metahumans and seems like some of their information are quite accurate," Lu Shu explained.

"Send me the link. I want to read too," Jiang Shuyi requested.

"Sure," Lu Shu replied. He was surprised that Jiang Shuyi had never read the forums.

At this moment, the class representative Liu Li walked over, pulled out a chair and sat beside Jiang Shuyi and Lu Shu. Lu Shu was baffled and wondered what he was up to.

"Let's cut to the chase," Liu Li said, "My family owns a company and after some discussion with my dad last night, we are interested in signing agreements with some metahumans. You will be paid a monthly income and in other words, we would like to recruit some metahumans as our employees."

Lu Shu was annoyed. Did he think metahumans could be recruited just like that? Metahumans willing to become bodyguards were already the minority and not to mention being a normal employee. He must be joking. Lu Shu felt that Liu Li's dad could be serious in recruiting metahumans but somehow hearing it from Liu Li, it all seemed like a joke...

Having said those words, Liu Li stared at Jiang Shuyi and Lu Shu with a serious face.

"Ahem," Lu Shu cleared his throat, "Your look of seriousness, it looks so fake..."

Liu Li, "???"

"From Liu Li's distress, +377!"

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  • Venge


    Meta human sport does indeed sound more interesting than most. Perhaps there could be meta human battle tournaments too.

  • GuraduGilgida


    So fake!

  • TheCrab


    More like a troll than a villain. He's enjoying trolling people. He doesn't seem to have the personality or desire to be a villain.

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