7.7% MMORPG: Martial Gamer / Chapter 36: Bounty Time! Unrelated People Please F**k Off!

Chapter 36: Bounty Time! Unrelated People Please F**k Off!

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

The next day when Wang Yu logged in, he received a message from Sanguine Primrose saying that she wanted to sit down for a chat and express their sincerity. She even let him choose the location for this meet up.

Wang Yu very casually sent back: "No need to choose. Let's just go to the inn from yesterday!"

Wang Yu wasn't afraid that the Sanguine Alliance would try to ambush him. If the Sanguine Alliance still refused to change their ways after everything that happened yesterday, then Wang Yu would have no choice but to teach them a lesson again!

The patience and tenacity of a martial artist wasn't something that a normal person could imagine.

When Wang Yu arrived at the inn, it was obvious that the Sanguine Alliance weren't a bunch of brainless fools. Although the inn was crowded, there weren't any members of the Sanguine Alliance in sight.

In a secluded corner, Wang Yu saw Sanguine Primrose sitting alone sipping a cup of cheap malt liquor and seemingly deep in thought.

"Hello!" Wang Yu greeted her.

"Ah Great God Iron Bull!" Hearing his voice, Sanguine Primrose snapped out of her thoughts and hurriedly greeted him.

"Just call me Brother Bull. What's with this nonsense about Great God anyway?" Wang Yu laughed.

"En… Yes, Brother Bull…" Sanguine Primrose lightly nodded.

"Quickly speak then. What do you plan on talking about?" Wang Yu immediately cut to the crux of the matter.

"Our Sanguine Alliance is willing to apologise to you and your friends about this whole matter."

"That's only natural!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Furthermore, if those four girls are willing to remain in the Primrose Militia, we will transfer them to an elite squad and pay them the highest salary." She continued.

Sanguine Primrose was a smart woman. After the incident, she could tell that the relationship between Wang Yu and the four girls wasn't as simple as it seemed on the surface. Pulling the four of them to their side would be equivalent to pulling an expert like Wang Yu into their ranks!

Even if others didn't know the true extent of Wang Yu's power, the Sanguine Alliance did. Forget about joining the Primrose Militia's elite squad. As long as Wang Yu was willing to say yes the for girls could even be elders in the Sanguine Alliance!

"Hmm… I think you should ask the girls themselves about this." Wang Yu replied.

"Well ok then. Even if those girls don't want to remain in the Primrose Militia, we are willing to consider it as our side breaking the contract and pay them double the severance pay!"

Based on the actual contract, if the girls insisted on leaving the guild then it would have been them breaking the contract and they naturally wouldn't receive any severance pay. Yet now the Primrose Militia was willing to pay them twice the normal severance pay. It was very easy to tell how much they wanted to rope Wang Yu in.

Wang Yu naturally understood the intentions of the Sanguine Alliance and lightly laughed: "Then I'll thank you in their place first!"

"No need to be so courteous." Sanguine Primrose giggled as she took out a coin pouch and said: "Leader Warflag said that his younger brother really caused you too much trouble. This money is just a small token of his sincerity."

Wang Yu had originally wanted to reject this offer. However, after giving it some thought, he concluded that such reparations were only natural and unreservedly accepted the pouch.

Upon inspection, Wang Yu realised that it contained exactly 200 gold coins! This was a really large fortune!

"Leader Warflag is really quite generous!"

"It's only natural. We just hope that in future when Brother Bull meets the members of our Sanguine Alliance you'll be merciful." Sanguine Primrose replied.

"That's only to be expected. I'm a pacifist after all. As long as no one antagonises me I won't intentionally find trouble with them." Wang Yu answered.

The Sanguine Alliance was a very large guild and they even paid him such a large amount of gold coins as reparations. Wang Yu wasn't an unreasonable person to begin with. Since he had achieved his original intention of getting an apology, Wang Yu naturally wouldn't find trouble with the Sanguine Alliance.

"As if there's such a thing as a pacifist who kills without even blinking like you…" Sanguine Primrose silently thought.

"Well, that's that then. If there's nothing else then I won't take up any more of Brother Bull's time!" With that, Sanguine Primrose stood up and left.

"See you around then!"

After Sanguine Primrose left, Wang Yu wasn't in any hurry to go anywhere and continued to drink alone.

When Li Xue and the rest logged in, Wang Yu explained to them what Sanguine Primrose had offered.

Right now Li Xue and the rest had two choices.

They could either just play the game for fun every day and still earn money, or they could quit and take the severance pay.

Although it was very clear that the first option was much better for them, they still chose to leave the guild.

Why did gold farming groups need to join a guild in the first place? The main reason was to secure a safe environment.

The Primrose Militia was one of the larger guilds within the country and was also an all girl guild. This guild was the most ideal one Li Xue and the rest when the first entered the game.

Who would have thought that when they were being bullied and hunted down, the Promise Militia didn't even pretend to try and protect them?

How could they not be disappointed in such a guild?

Though the conditions and salary offered by the Primrose Militia was very extravagant and enticing, it was only because Wang Yu had stepped up and fought for them!

If it wasn't for Wang Yu, the girls would have only been able to swallow this humiliation or worse!

"Are you sure about quitting?"

"Yes, I'm very sure!" Li Xue determinedly answered.

"We'll go wherever big sis goes! Even if it's the ends of the earth!" The rest agreed.

"Don't be so negative! I'll find you guys a guild where no one will bully you!" Wang Yu chuckled.

When Wang Yu relayed the girls' decision to Sanguine Primrose, she merely expressed some regret. It wasn't very shocking that the girls wanted to quit after everything that happened.

After closing the chat window, Wang Yu took a big gulp from his cup shouted: "I know you guys are there! Stop hiding and come out!"

Seeing that there was no movement, Wang Yu took a sachet of limestone powder out of his bag and threw it. When the powder scattered, the silhouette of an Assassin slowly appeared.

Although the Assassin remained motionless and Wang Yu couldn't see his face, he could still feel how shocked and afraid he was. The Assassin had clearly thought that Wang Yu had been talking to someone else.

Turning around, Wang Yu scanned the surrounding players and loudly said: "You've all been sneakily staring at me for half the day! What are you all trying to do?"

These players didn't have any guild emblems on them so they couldn't have been from Apocalypse or Sanguine Alliance. Wang Yu didn't have any conflicts with any other guilds or players either…

"Are you all here to worship me?" Wang Yu shamelessly asked.

When this thought surfaced Wang Yu nearly scared himself death. Having spent so much time with those clowns from Quan Zhen Sect, Wang Yu had begun to think like them!

In the face of Wang Yu's question, no one dared make any sounds.

In fact, these players really weren't from any guilds. They were just trying to complete a bounty quest.

In <<REBIRTH>>, there were only two ways to get rid of PK points. The first was to hide in the wilderness until they dispersed naturally. The second was to complete bounty quests!

Since the time taken for PK points to disperse in the wilderness was very long, the PK fanatics usually chose to complete bounty quests to cleanse their own points.

When these players first logged in today, the habitually went to accept some quests and realised that there was a mass murderer with 57 PK points! This caused their hearts to itch and instantly accept the bounty.

When hunting those with PK points, players would be rewarded based on the number of points that their targets had. The higher the points, the greater the rewards.

However, after accepting the quest, the players were all dumbfounded.

Their target was in an inn in the city…

Everyone in Twilight City knew who the only person with some relations with the city guards was. For someone with over 50 PK points to be walking around the city so casually meant that he was definitely the beast who had single-handedly fought the Sanguine Alliance everyone in the forums was talking about.

These players quickly thought to themselves: "Against an expert like this, brute force is definitely useless. I just need to seize the right moment to act. The Sanguine Alliance was too arrogant yesterday so the ended up getting played by him. This lord isn't so retarded. As long as I conceal myself and act at the right time I'll definitely kill him!"

Hence all these players didn't try to leave and instead sat around Wang Yu, occasionally glancing at him and trying to find an opening.

Who would have imagined that Wang Yu had already discovered them from the start?

After being revealed, the players didn't even have the time to react before someone walked through the door and tossed a gold coin to the owner while shouting: "Bounty time! Unrelated people, please f**k off! Those without insurance and those who suck too, please! If anyone wants insurance I know a guy…"

Hearing this long winded and annoying voice, the faces of the surrounding players turned incomparably ugly as they retreated several steps.

"F**k me! That f**king magician is here to steal our business again..."

"Quickly run! That madman kills without batting an eyelid! He's doing bounty quests anyway so he's not scared of a few PK points!"

Within seconds, the players that came to kill him opened up a large empty space in the middle of the inn.

Wang Yu turned around and looked at the newcomer who was dressed like a magician.

The magician wore a long black robe and held a staff with a faint blue glow around it. The staff even had a gem embedded in it that occasionally flashed with arcs of lightning. Although he appeared very flashy, his appearance was rather horrifying. His stare was filled with excitement and boundless killing intent.

"So it's you then! After killing so many people you still refuse to repent? Alright then… eat my lightning!!!!"

After droning on and on, the Magician suddenly explosively shouted and kicked up a table to block himself. Even though he had shouted "eat my lighting", he had cast [Fire Ball] instead...

Wang Yu didn't even bother to dodge and simply used [Rippling Wave] to cancel it out.


A bolt of lightning suddenly descended from the sky and struck Wang Yu on his head!

<System Notification: You have been attacked by player "Ming Du". Since the player is on a bounty quest, you have no right to defend yourself. >

Wang Yu was greatly shocked.

Right now, Wang Yu had at least 100 magic resistance. Most Magicians now would only have around 110 magic attack. However this bastard Ming Du was able to reduce Wang Yu to half health with one attack! Even [Spirit Guard] had almost been activated!

This Magician's magic attack was terrifying!

What was the most horrifying was that although [Lightning Blast] was an instant skill, it would have a "boom" before it struck.

The moment Wang Yu heard the "boom" from Ming Du, he had immediately dodged to the side. However, he still ended up being hit directly by the [Lightning Blast]! This kind of predictive ability and accuracy were truly terrifying!

"Oh? You're still alive? Not bad kid, you should be proud! There's no one in this game that can take even half my spells! Looks like you really are an expert!" Seeing that Wang Yu was still alive, Ming Du was shocked as well.

[Lightning Blast] was the strongest early game skills that was able to deal 230% of the caster's magic attack as damage!

The staff in Ming Du's hand was able to raise the levels of skills by 2 and increased the damage of [Lightning Blast] to 350%!

With the boosts from all the top tier equipment that Ming Du had, during this era where no one had much magic resistance, there really wasn't anyone who could survive one attack from him! Even tanks would have been instantly killed by his attack and yet this little Pugilist was still alive and even had half his health left! How could Ming Du not be shocked?

"Truly worthy of being the man who f**ked the Sanguine Alliance! You really do have some skill!"

With that Ming Du raised his staff again. But how could Wang Yu possibly let him cast his spell again? Thus, Wang Yu immediately shot towards Ming Du.

"Boom!" another thunderclap sounded out.

Wang Yu knew that Ming Du was very accurate so he immediately halted and raised his hands to block his head.

However, the spell still hit him directly in the head!

The [Energy Shield] in Wang Yu's hand shattered and he was only left with 33% health!

However, Wang Yu was now three metres away from Ming Du.

"Motherf**ker! You're still alive? Why don't you come with big brother and we can find a nice open area and fight a few hundred rounds..." Ming Du's face changed.

Wang Yu laughingly interrupted him: "Luckily I was prepared this time. Forget about going to an open area, let's fight to the death now!" Before Wang Yu had even finished speaking, he stretched his hand out and a small energy vortex pulled Ming Du into Wang Yu's hands!

Uncommon skill -- [Void Seizing Palms]!!


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