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Chapter 2 - --_-------_ - Chapter 2 by nkcthereaper full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

[Few hours later]

On the green field a person in black coat could be seen lying down.

He layed there like a corpse showing no sign of movements at all.


Suddenly a white flash passed through the dense grass.

It's small body was filled with agility and it's long ears were a perfect tool for detecting hunters.

With its red eyes the white rabbit curiously looked at the unmoving corpse.

With alert steps the rabbit made it's way towards the dead man, without making any sound the rabbit reached the dead human.


The rabbit kicked the man using it's leg and quickly moved back.

Seeing that the person showed no reaction even after being kicked the rabbit grew bolder as it went towards the person's head and looked at his face.

It was the face of a young body, his cheeks were sunken while dark circles could be seen under his eyes.

From his apearence it looked like the boy haven't eaten anything for weeks, his breathing was almost non-existent, thinking that the person was dead the rabbit turned around.

But just as it was about to run away.

A black shadow covered the rabbit catching it off guard.

A pair of white teeth accurately dug themselves inside the rabbits neck making it squeak and shake in terror.

Unfortunately the rabbit was a weak being to begin with, now having it's vital body part attacked it wasn't able to last long.

After some time the rabbit finally stopped moving.

With a pair of dead eyes, William looked down at the unmoving rabbit in his mouth.

That last jump took all the strength he could muster, fortunately he managed to catch the rabbit in the end.

William was barely staying awake right now, he didn't even have enough energy left to pull out the meat inside the rabbit.

He placed as much power in his jaws as he could and tightly bite down on the dead rabbit's neck.


The rabbit's neck bone broke as William's teeth dug inside it's flesh.

Turning his head, William pulled the dead rabbit above his face as rabbit blood started flowing down his mouth.

The scene of carnage continued, after the blood stopped coming out, William relaxed his jaw as the dead rabbit fell to the side of his face.

With his mouth covered in blood, William once again closed his eyes and focused on recovering his energy.

Time passed.

Almost an entire day later.

Finally William's eyes quivered and slightly opened up.

'The hunger is still there.....'

He parted his dry lips and took in a deep breath.


Using his hands William supported himself, with a quivering body as he somehow managed to get himself above ground.

'Its doable.'

William grabbed the dead rabbit by its ears and started making his way through the green field.

His body might be extremely weak but right now but his each and every move was filled with conviction.

He might have lost his powers but his determination isn't something which can be broken.


[In the middle of the night.]

"Dammit Zeke! I told you to keep this b*tch under control!, do you even know how hard it was for me to kidnap her? Huh?", A muscular shouted as he hit the person named Zeke mercilessly with his fists.

After he was done beating Zeke till he passed out the muscular man turned towards the little girl surrounded by his gang members.

"And you little b*tch"

With a distorted expression on his face the muscular man walked towards the little girl with strong steps.


The little girl's body shook as tears formed at the corners of her eyes, her body unconsciously moved back in fear as she fell down on her back.

Seeing her crying face, the muscular man shouted in anger.

"Piece of sh*t"


A red handprint appeared on the right side of the little girl's face as her head blanked out.

The pain was so great that her hearing went numb, a trail of blood dripped out from her ear as she couldn't see the world clearly with her eyes anymore.

She unconscious raised her small hand and touched the side which was slapped just now, the sheer pain coming from her face made her regain her vision as the muscular man once again appeared before her.



It appeared that she was unable to speak as broken words came out of her mouth while tears started falling out of her eyes.

Jus then.



A hand as big as her face grabbed her mouth sealing it shut, as a pair of dangerous eyes stared straight at her.

"Make another sound and see how I kill you!"

The little girl's eyes enlarged as she tried her best to control her tears from falling out, making her eyes turn red.

The muscular man let go of her mouth as he stood up and said in a threatening voice.

"If you dare to run away again then I'll make sure to make you suffer a pain way worse than death! understand!"

Sealing her mouth with her small hands the little girl repeatedly nodded her head.

Looking at her acting all pitiful, anger once agin rose up in the muscular man's mind.

"This little!"

Seeing the muscular man raise his hand, making the little girl covered her head with her arms, too scared to look at him again.

Just then.


The muscular man and his five underlings simultaneously heard the sudden sound.


It was like someone stepping of twigs.


In the middle of the night.


The sound continued to grew larger.

"W-What i-is that!"

One of the man holding a dagger said in a quivering voice as he pointed at a particularly dark side of the forest surrounded by huge trees.


Under the cover of the night they saw a black figure sliding something across the ground.


One of the members loudly gulped loudly.

Although they couldn't see it clearly, whatever it was could not possibly be a human.



A pair of small blood red eyes appeared on the corpse the monster was dragging.


"R-run a-awy, run away!!!!!"

Even the man Zeke who was beaten black and blue suddenly jumped up from the ground and quickly started running away.

"You idiots! N-no way can there be a ghost!", The muscular man shouted in anger as he pulled out the short sword from his hips.

He tightly gripped the short sword in his hands and pointed it towards the unknown monster coming his way.


"I-It i-isn't a ghost...."

The muscular man muttered in a small voice as if trying to convince himself.

But his shaking legs said otherwise.


Finally the monster stepped out of the dense forest and entered the range of the camp fire.


The muscular man stopped shaking as he managed to make out the apearence of the so called monster.


'That's not a monster!'

His confidence came back as the muscular man took huge strides towards the person in black overcoat, carrying a dead rabbit in his right hand.


Seeing the black coat which was torn from several places the muscular man let out a disdainful humph.

'Dammit it was a begger!'

Standing in front of the person, Muscular man said in a threatening voice.

"You ba*tard, how dare you enter my camp? do you not want to live or something?"

The muscular man placed his short sword on the person's shoulder.

Being unable to see this bastard 's face due to his black hood, the muscular man grew even more angrier.

"Look at me when I am talking to you ba*tard".

As if following the muscular man's order, the person slowly raised his head.

"Hmph, that's right you should........"

The muscular man's voice grew smaller and smaller till he fell silent.


A trail of blood dripped down William's bloodied mouth as he looked at the muscular man with hollow eyes.

His cheeks were sunken almost exposing his bones.

He opened his mouth to say something but, due to his current state only few unrecognisable words came out.

The muscular man on the other hand....



Screamed like a little girl as he fled the place in a hurry, even falling down several times on the way.....

William raised his eyebrow when he saw the scene, why was a grown up man like him shouting like a little girl?

Not paying much attention to the unusual behavior of the muscular man, William dragged the rabbit corpse to the camp fire and started cooking it up. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He really needed to eat something and replenish his energy.

Everything else can be put on hold.

On the other hand, the little girl finally raised her head after she felt that her surroundings have fallen silent.

To her surprise all the people who kidnapped her and beat her up suddenly vanished, she looked around and her gaze unknowingly landed on William who was cooking a dead rabbit using the campfire.

Seeing an unknown person, the little girl quivered as she quickly hid behind the nearest tree.

From behind the tall tree she kept sneaking glances at William's back, she didn't know who this unknown person was but now that the bad men who abducted her has vanished, she wanted nothing more than to run away from this place.


Turning her head, The little girl looked at the dark and silent forest.

Her body shook as she placed her forehead on the tall tree, tears started flowing down her cheeks as she sobbed silently.

She was scared of darkness.

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