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A Barbaric Proposal

Fantasy 91 Chapters 1.2M Views
Author: Rimuruuuuu

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“I already have a child with another man.”

It was a lie made in order to refuse the proposal of the leader of the most feared mercenary company in the entire country. But his response was unexpected.

“It doesn’t matter who the child is. Just birth it.”

She couldn’t understand.

What could this man possibly want with the princess of a failing nation?

!!!warning this story is not mine!!!

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I really recommend this story. What's the most important - the main characters are talking with each other about how they feel etc - its really rare in most of romantic novels. The translation is soo good :)

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I have loved this story from the start❣️. Two hurting, lonely leaders trying to find trust and care in each other while turmoil & mysteries swirl around them. I am rooting for them and love their banter & chemistry❣️The added illustrations are amazing and the vile, comical & additional characters add spice & entertaining moments. Just one chapter a week has been the only hard part. ♥️‼️♥️

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I would recommend reading this novel. It might not be for some people, but personally, I like it a lot. The development is nice and the writing quality is also very good.

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I really like this novel the development of the story make me waiting for the next chapter , so thank you for the effort that you making to adapt the novel ❤❤❤

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Nice and cozy to read before bedtime. I found this novel on the internet and i was amazed by their artwork and pictures. I hope this novel reach more viewers and somehow It may have become comic version.

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It's such a good novel, and I just hope to see more chapters being uploaded [img=recommend]

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Excelente... quiero leer más por favor[img=update][img=update][img=update]

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Soo soo amazing! love the artwork that goes with each chapter! wow Black is the definition of tall, dark and handsom!

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I really like this book but I want the rest of chapters please 🥺 The story is amazing and exciting. The characters are very interesting, it's a great book.

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Highly highly recommended. ❤️ This couple is gonna be my favorite for the lifetime I swear. ❤️ Plot is really thrilling and I've read the 90 chapters in 2 days just because it was really engaging. Male and female lead's conversations draw more attention than any other part of the novel. The way they interact and share their feelings is really relatable and heart warming. ❤️ Phermos's reaction to the way Black behaves around Rienne is also hilarious 😄 and I love Rienne's Nanny too 😄 I'm really looking forward to further story. Thanks for translation ❤️

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Love it! really cute story. I know alot of people dont like the FL but i think it's so sweet. She is strong in a diplomatic way and knows that as a ruler it always best to be benevolent than cruel. Makes me wanna protect her too. And the drawings for each chapter are such a PLUS

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Really love Black's character and how he feels towards Rienne. The politics are interesting and I am hoping they increase more as the story continues. Rienne's character I want a little more from though. She shows some great personality when she is having a political discussion with someone. Especially when those people are her enemies. I cannot stop laughing on how petty she is. So I'm hoping too see more of that because Black overshadows her in certain scenes when she is suppose to shine the most.

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The story development is superb, highly recommended! Also, the best thing fascinates me is the way the words were rightly used by each character, it really matches the the plot. The anti-climax gives more suspense in the story. I reallyyyy love it ❤️❤️❤️ HATS OFF to the author, translator, and proofreader 🙌🙌

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Author Rimuruuuuu